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Block Quest beta

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Rating: 4.6/5 (25 votes)
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blockquest.gifJohnBFans of the previously featured Block Action have cause to celebrate! Block Quest is the sequel to the insanely challenging online action game and features more of everything you love. Jump, climb, wall kick and dash through the ever-expanding selection of levels (30 at the time of writing). Stages are created by fellow players and showcase a tremendous variety in design and difficulty.

Block Quest has received some minor visual upgrades and ditches the in-screen level select for a more straightforward web interface. Browse, search and sort through the levels right from the home page and click to play the stage. Use [the arrow] keys to move and [space] to jump. It's quite simple to play, but once you see some of the stages the players have designed, you'll realize there's much more to it than simple platform hopping.

Block Quest is still in beta, so there may be some hiccups in the interface and the design may change in the near future. The forums can help if you have any questions/problems with the game. Otherwise, dive right in and let the craziness begin.

Play Block Quest beta

Cheers to Qwertyuiop, Newbie, Aloloo and Woohooii for sending this one in!


is it just me, or does he move at 5845693 m/s?
i cant do anything cause as soon as i push left he flies into a mine
i cant even wall jump....
so far i only have beaten the levels with > 75% completion o_O
oh well :P

WooHooII March 7, 2007 9:07 PM

My level is in the picture! I wondered why it suddenly got over 1200 plays...


It's a nice idea. However, in my opinion, it suffers because all the levels are player designed. It's as if they are all competing to make the hardest level possible. Thus there's no learning curve and you just get thrown in at the deep end.


Hint to zeroster-

This game was created by daigo. Try searching his name! he has a few levels with a learning curve


Ahhh! thank you.


OfficiallyHaphazard, I think it might be an Intel Mac thing - It's totally unplayable on my Core2Duo, but I can play on a Core2Duo PC and it's absolutely fine.


Yay, finally a game to entertain me during my breaks at school, and its quite fun. I love how people can make their own and put them up.


I'm having the same control issues on my Mac G5. The character moves so fast, that precision jumping is impossible. It would have been better to have the character center itself on each block when you stop. As zeroster said, almost all of the levels are so difficult that they're basically unplayable. Maybe I'll design some easier levels for the rest of us ;-)


Can anyone tell me if this is the same Daigo from the famous Street Fighter video? Because if it is, I will freak. The again, Wikipedia is saying that it's a fairly common surname, so maybe not. Great game, none the less.


I dunno. This is kind of amusing, but N was so much better, and it is somewhat similar to this. So if you like this, N is worth the download.


thanks--i was feeling kinda bad about my complete lack of skills :P


Try searching qwertyuiop. Those are my levels. Same in old Block Action.


Wow. I am finding it ridiculously difficult to jump inbetween walls now. I dunno if I just don't have that timing touch down today, but this seemed much more frustrating than the previous version. Oh well, I will give it another try when I seem to have more coordination. :)

I loved this old version though, so I will def put some levels up here eventually.


Whenever I try to post a level it gives me the message 'Level save failed:NotAuthenticated' Someone help please? I don't want to have to erase my whole level. >_

Ace Of Spades March 14, 2007 11:22 PM

I've been looking around the high scores on every level, and usually the person on the top is someone named


It seems like he's got impossible high scores, because i've tried to beat them.


Hey, check out my levels. There are tons! search TaladorPhoenix on the User tab.



I'm happier than a... a particularly happy person.

Btw, there's someone on there called "Uncle Bibby." Any relation? -MANAX


GarGar: I think that's because someone has, at least once, made the EXACT SAME LEVEL!!! Either make something more complex, or just put an ice block where a castle block is. -MANAX


The Block Quest and Block Action games are some of my favorites on this site. I always go back to and play them when I have a short break. My only problem is that I could never wall jump. :P


I really want to register but every possible username is taken! help :*(


no purfume has impossible scores

Blue_Blazer August 11, 2007 12:45 PM

Jay, I don't think it's a beta version anymore!


lol i have a big plan called block quest school, search for me, my create date is 2007/8/28, there are some level called tests, try it and i still got a surprise map going to make later, i make 4 of the plan, but the surprise level is the 5th level of the series, anyone played kol? (kingdom of loathing) the first 4 level is just mario, but the 5th mario vs the ns! (naughty sorceress, she is the last boss of kol), well and i am going to make the first lesson of block quest school now, pass all task and you are trained! (wall kick training isn't hard, the block test isn't hard too, and tips for wall kick, when you reach the left wall, press right, for right wall, of course , press left, it take timing, but i don't know why that i can type arrows so much good)

[Edit: Please, for gosh sakes, but spaces after your punctuation! x_x I've added them here, but next time your comment might not make it through. -Jay]


Where are the levels? There are none to choose!

gsaddfs2 June 19, 2008 3:16 PM

search my name(gsaddfs) to find a variety of levels, from easy to hard to impossible!!!


Check out Caecenno, I only have one level as of now, and it's pretty tough too.


Have one level up right now. It's a training level called learning blocks. If you are new to the game, this is for you! My username is DareYouToMove (song I was listening to while creating my account).


The "Hardcore" games are some of the hardest, while "Training" are some of the easiest.

JoshIsAlsoGames January 15, 2011 11:46 AM

Infuriatingly difficult, but original idea.


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