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Blacksmith Lab

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Rating: 3.8/5 (93 votes)
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Blacksmith Lab

Also free for iOS and Android, AumGames' simple sim Blacksmith Lab is an incremental clicker game designed to give you the big, burly muscles of a blacksmith... at least, in a finger. The goal is to mine ore, turn it into weapons, and then sell those to fulfill orders and unlock higher levels, as well as generate sweet, sweet cash you can spend on upgrades, or invest in the bank or the stock market. Click the material to generate ore, then, when you have enough, click the piece of weapon or armor below to create it, and then the button below that to sell. As you unlock more materials and things to make with higher requirements, you'll be able to buy upgrades that can help you automate the process or improve your clicks or prices. Periodically you'll be given special orders to fill, and if you can do so in time, you'll graduate to the next level. Blacksmith Lab is simple for its genre, and perhaps too clicky for some, but its clean, sleek presentation and voice overs let me pretend I'm on How It's Made, so that's alright by me.

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A quick play with an auto clicker but fun none the less. There's a pretty bad glitch in the "market" feature though. Sometimes when I go to cash in my super profitable investment (a few billion), the game just takes all my money. Possibly social commentary?


@alfredk, it's probably just overflow.


Nice and relaxing background music. Add to that the nice sounds clicking makes, and you can click a lot without feeling bored. n_n


"Overflow"? OVERFLOW!?!? I just had over a billion dollars glitched out of my wallet! Overflow my bum!

OK, I logged out before the auto save, and when I logged back in my cash was still in the market, so I was able to cash out.

But that's not my only issue. I've reached a point where it may literally be impossible to continue. I need 15 steel knives of agility, and even with every upgrade maxed out, it is not possible to click fast enough to generate 15 steel knives in the time limit. And I'm not talking about "just one more", I'm talking about I still need 6 knives. The formula for calculating how long it takes to make a thing does not take real limits into account.

Also also, it's "chef" not "chief".


I noticed that too. I gave up with max upgrades on the enchanting and clicking. It was physically impossible to complete that last steel knives of agility job. That's a rather significant bug.


My order for 29 level is 15 Steel knives of agility...

I upgraded everything to the max, but I can't make 15 steel knives in time.

Should I use some auto click program for this ?


I figured out pretty early that the best way to make most orders is to turn off auto enchanting. Make up enough of the base item to enchant the entire order in one go. Agility would only need 15 unenchanted knives, though this works with orders like 15 swords of speed (6 swords per enchant) - make 90 swords first, then wait for the order to refresh, turn auto enchanting back on, and go crazy. I could be missing something, though. Perhaps about to get a case of foot in mouth, but hey. If this helps? nice.


Nah Mutevampire, that's how I handled it when I played for a bit on Kongregate even before I got to that level. It feels like abusing mechanics, but there's nothing else that works.


You could also wait for a wildfire to stop work.

But it doesn't make a difference, the knives are slowed down so much that even at my fastest, I still had 3 left over. That's including forging one right at the beginning of the order period. It's definitely a significant bug. The way it's set up, it's a RSI invitation.


@Shudog nono, if you're forging during the order period you're never going to make the order. Forge ahead of time, then only enchant during the order period. Since only the enchantment itself effects how fast things enchant, it's really easy to pop out any number of anythings of agility really fast. I did the 15 knives of agility after posting the above, and popped out all 15 in under 1/3 the time allotted. All you need to do is forge 15 knives with auto enchant turned off, wait for the order to refresh, then enchant the 15 knives you have ready, waiting, already forged and ready to go.


This game was tons of fun for MOST of it. However, I can't get past the 15 Steel Knives of Agility, which is really frustrating. I have every single upgrade purchased and I'm setting it up so that I'm one click away from finishing a knife when the countdown starts (meaning it becomes 14 knives right away) and it still doesn't work. It's a bummer because I've been so invested in the game and really enjoyed it. But unfortunately, it's broken past this point.

Shudog February 13, 2016 12:26 PM replied to Mutevampire

Mistyped, I meant enchanting. Y'know, I got to the same level as everyone else, I do know how to play.


The game made me genuinely smile with delight from the very beginning, and made me think hard about challenging obstacles, (yes i mean you agility knives) but after I maxed out all upgrades and bought all possible ores forge items and enchantments, the game just stopped giving me orders!! I never wven got to make any sabers :( but i digress, I loved the game anyway, especially the market feature!


I am on level 44 and the only problem I have is making money taking too long.


15 Steel Knives is a problem? I had to look it up, but that's level 29. I am on level 44 (Vampires want 4 silver rings of health) and I just could not be bothered with the levels any more - they are no longer challenging and waste money making time.

Iron, Stone, Copper, Silver, Wood, Steel, Ruby, Gold, Crystal.

Shield, Axe, Sword, Bow, Boots, Ring, Knife, Helm, Sabre

Agility, Luck, Magic, Might, Fire, Speed, Light, Health, Ice

So, the secret of this game is how you manage "Auto Enchant". To fulfil orders you need to stop enchanting and work on building up a stock of items. Then enchant to order.

If you want to make cash, the market is the key. Buy at under 20 gold, sell at over 60 and you will triple your money each time. If you are lucky, you'll get pay 1,000,000 for 100,000 apples or wine at 10 gold each and sell at 70 gold for 7,000,000.

As for item making for cash, there are some tricks - but turn off Auto Enchant.

If you are doing nothing else, make gold rings. On Wedding Day, when gold rings are are +50% to +150%, turn on enchanting and churn out rings.

On Lumberjack Day (bonus to making wood) make wooden swords as fast as you can.

When the Gorgon is in town (bonus to mining stone) make stone swords as fast as you can. (I've had over 1000 stone swords on hand ready and waiting for enchanting)

When the bonus to swords is on, switch to wooden swords of ice, sell off your wood sword stock then switch to selling your stone sword stock. Just churn out the swords for stacks of gold.


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