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Best of 2005

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Best of 2005

Well it's that time of year again, a time to look back over the great casual Web games we all enjoyed playing throughout the year and select the very best ones for the coveted Jayisgames' Best of 2005 awards.

Vote buttonAs I did last year with the Best of 2004 awards, I will be compiling a "Best of 2005" feature that will be published here for the new year counting down the top Web games of 2005. In fact, you can help me decide which games were the best of the bunch by casting your votes now.

On the voting page you will find a list of the games reviewed here throughout all of 2005—that's roughly 250 games(!). From there you can read a short description of each game before you vote, or follow the link to see the entire review and even play the game, too.

Vote for up to 10 games that you thought were a cut above the rest, or for the ones you keep coming back to time and time again. I had a difficult time picking only 10 since there were many excellent games released this year. You will only be able to vote once, so make your votes count by choosing wisely.

And, I thank you kindly for participating. Click.


Wee~! This will be fun ^_^ May I ask to see the url for the 'best 2004 games' list from last year?


Sure thing, ktq... I should have linked to it in the post. Fixed.

Here you go... Best of 2004


Yay! Now I get to go back and replay every game that you've posted this year.


Woah, this is awsome! Wd Jay....good Luck Counting Votes :] Lol


Wow another year ha? Definately hard to choose 10. I think I'll have to play through them once more. Cheers!


Looking at last year's winners, I voted for some very similar titles this year >_>


That took me so long. I had to go back and change my choices a few dozen times.


LOL. Yes, for me too, Wulfo. It's a very looong list. The first time I tried to vote, I had 10 already picked before I was even through "H".

Cheers, Melissa. =)


Jay, first I must say: I love your site. I can't pass a day without entering in it... Secondly: probably I'm asking too much, but i want to ask if there is a possibility of creating different categories of games (like point and click, action e things like that), because sometimes when i want to play some game that i don't remember the name is very dificult to find it, but with differents categories it should be easier... well thanks for the attention. BTW, I'm brazilian so excuse for my bad english...


only ten.. what a decision! it was hard picking from the ones i play the most, or the most original, or the best artwork, etc...


Jay, have you considered having a page where you sort games by types? Like Escape the Room, Shooter, Platform Jumper, etc.?

Sometimes I discover a new category of games here that I've not really seen before and then I go combing through the archives for games of a similar type. It'd be neat to be able to see them categorized like that!

And oooh yeah, I voted! (Still playing "Net - The Game of the Mind" like it's goin' out of style!)


Yes, Tiago and Eyebrows, it's an excellent suggestion and one that is way overdue.

The good news is tagging is already under way and should be implemented soon. So, hang in there - it's coming! =)


Doh! Tiago, I didn't see your question before I posted! Didn't mean to be redundant ... but obviously I agree, and I'm looking forward to Jay's tagging!


Tiago's comment wasn't there when you added yours, Eyebrows, as it was still waiting for me to approve it. =)

No worries, message received. I'm always happy to hear feedback about what people want to see here. And believe me, tagging is of highest priority on the list of new features for the site.


Even though i have been veiwing this site for some time i had to post to say how excited i am for the best of 05.


Jay....quit being so damn awesome.
Have a great holiday :)


Thanks, Rich. You do the same! ;)

Luckdragon December 18, 2005 9:56 PM

It was very difficult to choose ten. I also wished there was an option to cast multiple "points" to a single game *cough*Cry_Wolf*cough*

Anyways, your site is fantastic as usual Jay, keep up the amazing work.


hey jay! now that littlefluffy.com is no longer posting new games, your site is my first stop for distraction.

i loved voting for my top 10 favorites... any chance there could be a vote for worst 10 too?


Luckdragon - you rock! ...as usual. =D

Thanks, Scooterboy, glad to have you. And I'll consider that for next year's voting. ;)



Er...That's not true, is it?


Now lets see if I can get that old jedi mind trick to work over the internet and get everyone else to agree with me.

Merry mince pie, happy crimble & groovy new year to you Jay. (and everyone else, natch).


It would be good if we could vote for games and their sequals as one vote, ie the 2 happlands or the 3 grows etc

Otherwise "its all good mate"

About setting the site up with catagories... it would be cool to have that in an archivy way, but its best to leave the main page as one fat conglomerate (as it is) so that people who may only (think) they like point and click games will still see the other games and perhaps be swayed into trying them by the awesome reviews :D


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