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Be Rich!

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Be Rich!

JohnBBuild-a-lot has a new competitor in town: Divo Games' Be Rich!, a strategy-oriented casual tycoon game of real estate planning, building and investing. The game's title gives away your ultimate goal of raking in cash by constructing and upgrading houses in various cities to increase your profits and up your credibility. It takes a more real estate-centric approach to building than the Build-a-lot series does, although the similarities between the games are hard to ignore.

berich.jpgYou begin with a small neighborhood surrounded by quaint scenery. Each level has a number of goals you must meet in order to proceed. Tasks such as raising your rent to a certain level, constructing a number of buildings, earning a specified amount of cash, etc. can all be accomplished with a few mouse clicks. Navigate the menus at the bottom to construct houses, other buildings, and decorative items, then build on the grid where you see fit.

Raising rental income is as simple as building more houses, upgrading existing units, and purchasing lots that occasionally come to market. Bonus buildings such as shops and workshops boost your income and keep houses under good repair respectively.

Unlike the Build-a-lot series which focuses on resource management, Be Rich! is more tycoon-centric and ditches several arcade-style ideas in favor of cold hard simulation. You don't have to worry about managing materials or workers in this game, only cash flow, freeing your mind to worry about the singular goal of the game: get rich.

berich2.jpgAnalysis: When you're going toe to toe with a heavy hitter such as Build-a-lot, you can't pull your punches. Be Rich! smacks the established series right in the kisser by following the same visual direction, gameplay setup, and keeping a number of conventions the same. In fact, if you've played any of the Build-a-lot games, you can skip the Be Rich! tutorial!

Fortunately for us hapless players, Be Rich! doesn't come straight from Cloneville. The game's design may be similar, but there are key differences that break it free from that Build-a-lot mold. For starters, the visual style comes across as quaint, serene, and in many cases, beautiful. Just look at those mountains surrounding the lake! The little touches like people walking on the streets and cars driving on the roads add a human aspect to the experience. You aren't some nameless tycoon slinging boards for cash, you're constructing homes for people to live in. It's a small but welcome touch.

Other differences between Be Rich! and Build-a-lot include the ability to create roads (SimCity-style), and more freedom what to construct and where in general. The game allows you to choose what to build and where, opening up the simulation aspect without making things too complicated.

It may follow in the footsteps of Build-a-lot, but Be Rich! strikes a path of its own. More sim, less time management, same strangely addictive fun.

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bronze732000 January 11, 2009 12:34 PM

Love this game but.... I'm stuck on level 32 can't complete the task. Help!!!! Please

StuckOn32 January 11, 2009 4:05 PM

I am stuck on level 32 as well, although I love these games.


I haven't gotten to level 32 yet, but I'll post some help when I get past it. :)


For level 32:

Don't forget that you can bulldoze unnecessary roads and buildings to crowd as many apartments around the shop as you can. Also, when you upgrade residences such as apartments, the number of tenants goes up.

Hope that helps!


For level 32: ... Don't forget that you can bulldoze unnecessary roads and buildings to crowd as many apartments around the shop as you can...

Don't forget! Please, don't forget!

nobody ever lives anywhere! Yay!

bronze732000 January 12, 2009 11:16 AM

Thanks for the help


To Bronze732000 and StuckOn32:

Here's how to finish level 32 -

Build 3 star apartment blocks on all four corners around the shop. You'll have to buy and bulldoze the house on the upper left corner. The last trick is to bulldoze one of the park things that are next to the shop. Also destroy some of the street. Now you have enough clear space to build a duplex!! And this will give you enough people to win the contest. I also built a couple of workshops nearby. Here's a screenshot to help.


bronze732000 January 12, 2009 5:47 PM

I've completed the career game, but need to go back and try to get all red flags. Thanks again for all your help.


Ok so I'm kinda stuck. Can someone please tell me how to have 3 star bungalows with no less than 60% bonus? I have no clue what that means. Please someone help!!!! Thanks


To Missi:

You get the % bonus added when you put decorations next to the house. For the bungalows -

I'm going from memory, but I believe you have to buy and demolish a house or two that sits on the premium lots. Situate the bungalows so that you can put Chinese Gardens next to them, plus whatever else will fit, like fountains and such.

If you still have problems with this level, let me know and I'll replay the level and get some specific details for you.


Thank you so much Pam .. I'm going to try it now. I really appreciate it!!

elaine clemons January 13, 2009 8:43 AM

Could someone please post a screen shot for level 30, the 60% farm house deal?


Blah. This wasn't worth it for me. I enjoyed the demo, but the later levels disappointed me.

Most levels are were stupidly easy (even the expert badges) with the simple strategy of build as many of the latest house as you can and wait for the money to pile up. Later missions had a very odd difficulty curve. I either finished them in the first try without problems or beat my head against them, barely meeting the requirements a day or two after the time limit, despite different strategies.

Level 30 is especially frustrating. There's a very strict time limit and both goals (build the special bungalows and demolish the old ones) require you to buy houses that come up for sale every so often.

I like the ability to build and remove roads at will. I also like the interesting choices between building more houses, upgrading current ones, and building special buildings that depend on population for profit.


Any suggestions for level 36 ... supposed to have 3 chateau's on premium lots and I can't figure out any way to make them fit ... just not wide enought to slip in there and can't stack two on top of each other either ... stuck, STUCK!! ughs

elaine clemons January 14, 2009 11:08 AM

thx, pam, for the screen shot of level 30. you're the best


To Jennie:

For level 36 -

You only need two chateaus with three stars on premium lots. Here's a screenshot of level 36.


elaine clemons January 14, 2009 9:04 PM

I've lost track of the levels, but it's three
3* chateaus with 50%. pls help.


To Elaine Clemons:

I think you're on level 37. Here is a screenshot.


elaine clemons January 15, 2009 7:18 AM

To: Pam

Again, you've saved the day. thx so much. my best wishes to you.



I've finished all levels, but want to get red flags for all. How do I get to specific level without replaying all? Also missing award for building best house available, but I built several! I need this award to unlock last sandbox levels.


Pam -

On your screen shot of level 40, it looks like you had 31 days to complete. For me, it was 21 days for expert. Did you somehow get an expert rating with 31 days?

I've come close in 21 days (2,700,000) but only with lots more property, having demolished lots of roadway.


To Louise:

My level 40 had 21 days to complete to get the expert level. The 31 you see on my screen shot showing that it took me 31 days to finish the level. I did not get the expert ribbon for it.


Hey, I'm having trouble getting level 27 (Redmond) expert level. I've managed to get it down to 34 days, but you need 30 for expert. Any tips?


I'm stuck on level 30. How do you get the farmers' to sell their farms?


I'm also stuck on 27, got it down to 31 days, but really struggling to manage any quicker than that


Does anyone have walkthroughs for the first levels up to 29?

[Edit: I have screenshots for levels 2 through 16 that I haven't posted yet. Is there a specific one you're looking for? -Pam]


I cannot get expert on level 21. Can someone help?


Help for level 27 (Redmond). I STRUGGLED with getting expert on this level too...I FINALLY got it!!!! I am new to posting stuff like this...so if someone can tell me how to post a screenshot...I have one!


Level 27 Redmond - EXPERT...hope this helps!!!


I hope this comes out right.


Level 38 - South Beach EXPERT!!! This is another level that I struggled with to get expert...but FINALLY got it...here is a screenshot...it was at the VERY end of day 17 before it switched over to day 18 (non expert). Now I just need to figure out how to get expert on level 40 King Fisher...GRRRRRR I am frustrated with this level!!! Any tips for expert would be appreciated :)




Thanks for the offer - I was looking for levels 9 and 21 to obtain expert....


hi i am stuck on level 21 i can do it in 25 days but need to do it in 23 to get the expert ribbon plz could you help thx


To Susan:

Here's a screenshot for Level 9. I'll see if I can get one for Level 21.



I finally managed to get level 27 expert, but now I'm stuck on 30. I can get it in 20 days, but you need 15 for expert. Help!


How did you get screen shots of this game without the pause pop-up menu showing?


At the end of the level if you click continue level instead of finish you can get a "clean" screenshot.


Has anyone gotten expert on level 40 (Kingfisher)? I can not get expert on this level...can anyone help?


To LemonDrop:

I captured the screenshot at the very moment I won the level, just as the confetti is starting to float down from the top. :)


Does anyone have any tips on how to get expert on level 21? It's the level with the airport.


how do you sell your homes for no less than 60% not sure what level it is. but it is the one with the big mountain in it. i have tried to seel the bungalows at different prices and still nothing. Pleae help me out!!


hi i wrote a few days ago to see if you could help me with level 21 with an expert ribbon have you had any luck as i am still stuck thx zoey x


hello, I have help for level 32!

Build 3 Apartmentblocks: one with 1 star, one with 2 stars and one with 3 stars (all around the shop). demolition of the two parks and the streets around them. Buy the two story house and 2 new two-story-houses with three stars. then you have enough costumers ans can buy the shop. I reached the expert-level with this.

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


the game keeps freezing when i get to the level to build the hotel... i need help please.. it says my resolution is too low.. i increased the resolution on my computer and it still says the resolution is low..
Please help


I can't get expert in level 31 can anyone help?


Need help on lev 31 too!


Level 38 this worked for me

I built another cinema in the space where you would expect to put a chateau and an apartment block to the right of the original cinema. I deleted the two vertical roads to enable this. Then I just kept improving the apartments and buying new buildings. I put a store to the right of the head office I achieved expert on the second try. I hope this is okay it's the first time I have made a spoiler


I've gotten expert on all levels except 40 (kingfisher) and 37 (Lewisville). I can't get enough money to complete the task within the allotted number of days. Does anyone have suggestions?


Have finished game, but going back for expert levels. Anyone have ideas for expert on level 21 where you have to build the air strip?


Level 40 Kingfisher Expert Walkthrough: (worked twice in a row for me)

Alright, first some bulldozing.

1. The two squares at the very end of the top left road and the decorations outside the chateau.

2. The decorations outside the bottom-right chateau.

3. The left connecting road beneath your HQ (reconnect with a single road square towards the bottom) and the trees in between the two roads.

4. The bottom right hand horizontal road (including the square that is just beneath your 3 buttons on that side).

5. The 3 squares at the end of the road directly to the left of your HQ and all of the decorations there.

Okay, done yet? Now we get to the real tricky part, which is why I suggest doing the bulldozing before the timer starts.

Build Order:

1. Chateau (immediately quick build to get income before the first day runs out). This gets placed with a square between itself and the HQ on the left side. There should be a 3x5 block clear on the left for the next couple of steps.

2. Place a China Garden at the end of the road while your Chateau is building.

3. Immediately upgrade Chateau #1 to 1 star as soon as construction is finished.

4. Before day 2 is finished place a statue and garden to the upper left and right (behind the HQ) so that they effect the chateau and get a fountain and tree down. This should give you 41,000 in income.

5. As day 3 starts, build a workshop directly beneath your HQ in the space you created by eliminating the trees and vertical road. This workshop should reach to all 4 areas on the right side of the map including your chateau.

6. Place a fountain in the lowest-right hand spot underneath your 3 buttons.

7. Before day 4 starts, click on your chateau and RAPIDLY press the upgrade button. As soon as day 4 begins your chateau will begin upgrading to 2-stars and the upgrade should be done before day 5, this nets you an extra 19,000.

8. Place a park and statue on the upper portion of the lower-right hand area (they should fit side by side and leave enough room for a chateau beneath).

9. As Day 6 starts, you once again want to spam your upgrade on your chateau to 3-stars (it won't complete by the end of the day, but best to get it out of the way).

10. Wait till the start of day 8, and QUICK BUILD a chateau in the lower right hand block. If you do this properly, you can get the chateau done before the end of day 8 and net yourself some more cash.

11. Build a China Garden directly across the road from your newly built chateau and upgrade this chateau to 2-stars immediately.

12. Now, unless a fantastic price comes up on the left 2 chateaus (don't buy the cinema immediately) you're going to build a chateau directly to the left of the China Garden as soon as you can. Decorate with fountain and tree.

13. Keep an eye on checks that come in from your chateaus as they can substantially help, but are random in this whole thing.

14. Build a workshop at the end of the upper left hand road (the one you bulldozed two spaces for), and as soon as it's completed, bulldoze the two road sections to the left of it.

15. Buy the two left hand houses ASAP, decorate only after you've purchased them. Place a statue immediately to the left of your top-left workshop, and a statue and garden beneath them for the bottom-left chateau. Trees and fountains are important here too.

16. Buy the cinema as it comes up.

17. Upgrade all 3 of your houses on the bottom to 3-stars as soon as you have spare cash. Collect checks, and you should be good to go.

I had the following when I finished:

Income: $438,250
Houses: 5 Chateaus (Upper Left:35%, Lower Left: 50%, Low Center: 45%, Lower Right: 75%, Premium: 90%)
Buildings: 1 Cinema, 2 Workshops
Decorations: 2 China Gardens, 4 Statues, 3 Gardens, 5 Fountains, 4 Trees

Final Cash: $3,413,750 on the start of day 21


Has anyone gotten expert on level 34? The best I could do was 32 days. You have to get 300 population in 18 days. Seems impossible!!


Anyone get expert for level 33?

PenniePotts February 10, 2009 9:06 PM

Has anyone gotten through level 20 in expert?
I have tried it about 15 times to no avail!
anybody have any tips? Thanks PenniePotts


I'm stuck on getting expert on level 31, I have expert on every other level, with the help of some of u great people, but can someone please help me with getting expert on 31, many many thanks in advance :-)


I can't seem to get level 21 in expert time. Can someone help me out with some spoilers? Thanks!


Help me earn my last trophy. The english translation is a bit rough. I need the luxurious house trophy. can anyone help me with the requirements?


answered my own question on the luxurious house... here it is if someone needs it

Its a Chateau on premium real estate with a statue, a park, a fountain and a tree.


I am stuck on lvl 31 trying to get expert, can anyone please help with some ideas.
Thanks in advance.


does anyone konws how to get the "luxurious house" trophy which says "build the luxurious house possible for this trophy"?


I'm stuck on level 21 expert, anyone have any hints?


any help with level 31 on expert? i have tried selling apartments/chateaus but i can't get the required daily income by day 23 :( any help would be greatly appreciated


I have gotten all the way to chapter 35, Midland, with the help of these wonderful screenshots, however I am completely stuck now. I have built the roads exactly like the screenshot shows, but it still says my houses aren't connected to the road, when they look like they are! Completely frustrating for me - anyone have any helpful tips? I'd really appreciate it.


I notice a lot of people in the BigFish forum who claim to have beaten this on expert all the way, but there remain several requests here for help on Level 21 Expert that have gone unanswered.

Shall I draw the conclusion, then, that no one involved in these boards has successfully completed Level 21 with an Expert rating?


Help -

I've managed expert on all the levels. Here's a screenshot of level 21 finished in 23 days, just hitting the expert level.

I Got It! July 1, 2009 2:49 PM

I totally rocked Level 21 on Expert Level!

This is how I did it! All that business on other walkthroughs about deleting roads and all of that - forget that stuff. I tried that and didn't even get closer than Day 27. If it worked for them, great. Didn't work for me.

- Build an apartment block on left premium lot
- Build a car dealership directly above
- Build a shop on small square to left of apartment
- Build another apartment building on a premium lot to the right
- Purchase the amusement park when available (the first price is generally the lowest price)
- Upgrade the apartment blocks to 3 stars each and decorate with a tree
- Build 2 mansions in the long narrow lots, placing them so you can build one with a park and the other with a statue
- Upgrade mansions to 3 stars
- Purchase bungalow when available, demolish and build an apartment block
- Purchase 4 construction wagons while working on above tasks
- Build the airport
A couple of things: First, it might take you a few run-throughs to get it, because for me, I finally got a run-through where my amusement park went on the market early for $70k and that made a huge difference. So, I think you may need to keep trying until you get a scenario where it lets the amusement park go cheap early. Second, I had all of the bonus stuff when I did it. Getting the construction vehicles cheaper really helps. Third, I never buy workshops. As far as I can tell, so far, they just cost money, and I am quick with eye-hand coordination and I get on top of my repairs as soon as they happen and don't need the additional help. Third, keep that bungalow earning money until it breaks down. That's when you don't repair it, but demolish it and put your apartment building on the lot. Fourth, don't forget those trees and parks. They are small, but they count for a lot. Last, don't forget to buy construction vehicles when you have extra cash along the way. Oh, one final thought - when you are close to getting your $800,000, don't use your "hurry up" button. Wait until you click on that Airport. The Airport usually takes two days to complete, so you are probably going to need the "Hurry Up" button for that. You should be able to have your $800,000 by Day 21, which allows you to have your Airport built by Day 23. Good luck!

I Got It! July 1, 2009 6:48 PM

Level 27 is kicking my tail. I saw Jen's screenshot, but that didn't help me much. I've also followed a couple of walkthroughs to the letter, but can get no closer than Day 31 of 30 on Expert.

Can someone here provide their proven Level 27 expert?

I Got It! July 1, 2009 9:15 PM

This is maddening. I am on Level 30. It is incredibly easy. I have gotten it completely finished and am sitting and waiting for the two bungalows to sell by Day 7. I sit there waiting as day by day clicks off and those freaking houses don't come up for sale. I have done this level probably 10 times, and every time, I am finished with everything by Day 7, and sit and wait for the bungalows to sell, only to have one sell at Day 15 and the other sell somewhere around Day 18.

I've liked the game up until now. This doesn't make sense and I am ready to chuck my laptop through the wall. Does anyone know how to trigger the houses to sell any sooner? Is this a bug?

I Got It! July 1, 2009 9:20 PM

One thing I will say about this - the screenshot provided in this walkthrough is WAY harder than it has to be. You don't have to delete anything but road. If someone could tell me how to post a screenshot, and once I get these idiotic farmers to sell within the required amount of time, I will post the easiest walkthrough for the entire game. I'm sure the creators didn't mean for this level to have a walkthrough this easy. I think it is something they overlooked.


I Got It! -

Here is my screenshot of level 27. It's a bit clunky, but it seems to work for me most of the time. As for how to do it:
Put the construction on speed and build that apartment building to the right of the amusement park first, followed immediately by the two duplexes next to the headquarters. As soon as these three buildings are finished hit the amusement park for the event. Demolish that fountain by headquarters to build the workshop and shop. Build the three duplexes (with the workshop between them at the lower left) and place the two fountains. Immediately start upgrading everything. Next comes the duplex above the mansion and the shop just to the right of where the hotel will go. From there it's a frenzy of building the cinema, the other three duplexes, the apartment building on the upper right, the two mansions(built last, first the mansion by the amusement park[don't forget the fountain] and then the other one), and upgrading everything.

The trick for me is to have everything upgraded to three stars by day 17 if you can manage it. Once day 17 hits you should also have all 10 trucks, and don't run any more events or use the speed button(or do any more upgrading). If it all works out you should have the money for the hotel at day 20. Hit it immediately with the speed construction. Once the hotel is built then hit all events (cinema, both stores, and the amusement park) immediately. What you are trying to do is get at least 2 events for each commercial building in before the 30 days hits. Also collect checks immediately.

It's a bit chaotic, but it works for me 9 times out of 10.


Help on level 31 expert!! The screenshot shown is not for expert anybody have any spoilers? I have done it at least 50 times.


Nady -

Here's a screenshot of my expert level 31. The thing to remember is to demolish all the extraneous fountains and parks inside the premium zone and fix your roads before you lay down the first building. Build your first mansion in that spot right behind headquarters and fast build it so it is done by the end of day one. Immediately build the statue, fountain, and tree right next to it. Upgrade as soon as possible and buy at least one more truck. Also remember to put your first mansion up for sale on day 17 to give it enough time to sell by day 18. This configuration works for me about 7 times out of 10.

Anonymous July 16, 2009 7:01 PM

I got through the career mode, but I'm stuck on level 2 of the sandbox mode - I can't get anywhere near 200,000 a day and I've built brick houses everywhere! Help!


JIGuest -

Here's a screenshot of the configuration I used for sandbox mode 2. All you need are four 3-star mansions with china gardens and a couple of businesses. This configuration nets something like $340,000.00 a day.


How for god sake you do Level 34: Lewistown, in expert, i have spend hours and hours trying different ways and i concluded that it is imposible.
I have tryed everything, if someone is godblessed and know a way please tell me ASAP, that lvl its driving me crazy.


Rodol-Level 34
Try this strategy:

You need 7 apartments, 2 of them 3 star and the rest 2 star.

  • Build an apartment on the top left of HQ. Now leave two slots for workshop and build another apartment on the right. Here is a trick: delete two slots of the road at the bottom the two slots that you intentionally left empty. It doesn't break the transportation. When you do that you have two 2X2 slots. Build a workshop on top and a shop underneath.

  • You have to buy one of the mansions on the bottom right of the screen, and preferrably the one on the left. So as soon as it is on sale and you have enough cash you should buy it. It depends purely on luck when you can buy it and it is critical for final success. This may change the order of actions explained below.

  • Delete all the decorations.

  • Try to build a second shop as soon as possible. A profitable one can be achieved if you are able to buy the mansion on the left. You can again demolish the road underneath the right mansion and two more slots towards left. You again save two 2X2 slots where you can build a workshop and a shop on top of each other. Don't build that workshop right away, you will need that when you build other apartments.

  • If you have already bought the mansion on the left, demolish it as it is standing on premium land. Build two apartments side by side. You can build another one on top of the right mansion, where you deleted a park (or statue, I don't remember which).

  • So now you have 5 apartments.

  • Next step (or if you still couldn't get the left mansion do this before the above step) is to build an apartment to the remaining slot on top right of HQ. You can place another workshop to the right across the road where you have deleted a fountain.

  • Extend the road on the top most slot and there you can build your final 2 more apartments. Remember you have to get 5 of them 2 stars and 2 of them 3 stars.

  • As usual keep track of sales as you will need alot of cash for upgrades. Buying the right mansion on the bottom of the screen early helps a lot, as the apartments generate much more cash.

Greetings, Kayleigh


i cant get expert level on 26 - any ideas how to do this? I can do it in 26 days but i need to do it in 22


This game would have to be one of the few that has left me soooo frustrated lol. But, I love it. Ive copied a majority of the screenshots that you guys have put on here, which is great, but I think my problem is Im just too slow!!! Im having a heck of a time with the level where you have to build an airport, so if anybody has any really wonderful ideas, please let me know. Thanks to all for the help you've given with your screenshots and instructions on how to do some levels. It has been so very helpful. Fingers crossed I actually get through this game before the year ends lol.


For RDS-45F

I did like you wrote on your Spoiler for Level 40 Be Rich Game, didn't work for me.
Do you have a pic of the End Result?

Greetings from Finland


I am new at playing these games. Can anyone tell me where the level number is so I know where I am. Thanks


Can anyone tell me how to get expert on 33? I've gotten expert on all so far except I'm stuck! I can't get the income high enough in time...thank you!


Ok I have seen the screenshots for level 36.. but Can someone please break it down a bit on how to obtain expert.. is there something I should build first then sell ..I have been trying for days and I have gotten the mansion and shop to sell early even but still cant get the expert level.. GRRRR

thanks for any help

tonythecaveman May 10, 2010 11:33 PM

Be Rich! Stage 40 Kingfisher Finished in 19 Days


hahaha I am so glad that I meet so many fans


I'm stuck on this level that requires 130 people to going shopping in one shop. how do you do that?? I tried putting modern apartments, I don't have enough space to build the modern apartments. any suggestions be great thank you in advance.


I cannot figure out how to get roads to the houses on level 35...any help appreciated...thx

Kathie Hansen March 11, 2011 4:18 AM

I would love it if people post their final worth....I think I rock but not sure.
I have beat all the levels expert and still love to play it

Msmarymac252 October 31, 2011 8:07 PM

Is there a walkthrough for level 33? I've seen the screenshot but still cannot make expert level. Please help!



Level 33, using the screenshot from the walkthrough (above) as a guide, build the cinema as soon as possible, then build the shop. Build apartments, then build cinema and shop again. Keep running sales as soon as they're available. Keep building apartments, especially if you can buy and demolish bungelows...

I got a faster start by building and selling; timing is everything, so sometimes good strategy is marred by an ill-timed problem. But if your strategy isn't working, try building in a different order.


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