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Babylon Sticks: It's A Kinda Magic

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Babylon Sticks: It's A Kinda Magic comic

A custom casual gameplay comic created exclusively for JIG by Babylon Sticks creator, James Francis. Follow Babylon Sticks on Twitter: @babylonsticks.


But they do have a physics engine. The most sophisticated one in existence, in fact.


I'm just going to rant here, don't mind me.

I'm sorry, I try not to comment on these because you all enjoy them and that's fine I guess, but this one is just... there is no joke. This is terrible. It's a video game term in a situation that isn't related to video games. But the "physics engine" thing is completely irrelevant to the picture. You could stick that sentence under any image of something bad happening and it would be exactly as funny as this comic. James Francis doesn't understand humor. That's all I have to say and all I will ever have to say. I come back every thursday hoping that maybe he will post something that is actually in some way amusing, but it has never happened and I suspect it never will. I have looked at his comics on facebook, and in his entire three years of cartooning he has never drawn anything funny. This is the worst webcomic.



Yeah, but it's been used by just about everyone for the past...how many thousands of years?

I agree with the audience/horse: we need something new.


Incidentally, what kind of magic act involves a voodoo doll?

masozravapalma September 16, 2010 4:33 PM

Probably an attempt to wake up audience.


Thank you, skoodge80, for perfectly articulating and encapsulating what I've been thinking but laboring to express for a long time now.


A reference is there, it is:

The mickey magician hat on the broom and bucket.

@skoodge80: do you find other comics funny or is this a spontaneous humour issue?


I'm kind of lost here even that I make physic games. Anyone would explains?

TheMusicGirl September 16, 2010 6:04 PM

I don't understand either...so the guy's magic act made everyone go to sleep, so he needs a physics engine? I mean, I kind of get it...because it's saying that in real life there is no physics engine, therfore the magic act was...bad? I feel like such a newbie. :C



Don't worry, you're not a newbie. It's just not funny...or even a joke.


Harsh crowd, I took it to refer to how dodgy physics engines have been over the years.

Surely we've all seen things jiggling around, clipping through walls, flying off from small collisions and even disappearing/teleporting for no reason?

Assepoester September 17, 2010 4:07 AM

Here's what I understood:

It's making fun of the overuse of physics engines in videogames as a "silver bullet" that magically turns your game into something interesting when it's not. So, the act is so boring that the audience fell asleep, but if we just put a physics engine in it and we add a couple of shaders and whatnot, then we would get the interest of the audience.
A bit of sarcasm.

Just my interpretation. Am I on the right track?


@Assepoester: Maybe? Nobody knows, because there's no humor within the comic itself. You might be able to extrapolate something funny from it if you try?

Patreon Contributor kingjulien86 September 17, 2010 6:35 AM

I now understand the comic. Both rc and Assepoester make good points.

Also, why does the comic have to be funny itself? It seems to me this single comic is more along the lines of those found on Op/ed pages in newspapers. The comic itself isn't funny but what you extrapolate from it is.

As for the rest of the series, most of them are funny and for some, like this one, I need an explanation. Saying none of them are funny is an over-generalization that simply shows your humor does not match up to the creators humor or those of us who enjoy the comics. If you don't like the comics, don't read them, it's that simple.


I disagree with that guy, Babylon Sticks has really made me laugh quite a few times. Sure, there isn't always a 'joke' but e.g. in that Tetris one, the facial expressions and absurd situations are far more funny than any conventional joke would've been/


I agree that it has been funny in the past - just that this one has no understandable joke in it, as past ones have.


...Really? If you as the reader/audience have to wrack your brain in order to make the comic funny, it has failed at comedy. A great comedian isn't funny because the audience "found a way for it to be funny."


mm.. no, not funny. There is no joke here, just observation. I had to read comments to understand what was the idea behind these. I often have problems with finding sense in them, and it's not because i don't understand comics (quite the oposite), but because there is so little expression in them, everything is drawn mechanicly, with no emotion; in exchange author spends too much efort for details that don't matter.

So yes, better physics engine might help, or better graphic, or better jokes. yea, i'm mean and critical reader. Maby one day author will make a realy good babylon-sticks-joke, but it is not this day.


@JIGuest: The world doesn't run on your idea of what's funny or not. Some folks like to hunt for the punch line. It makes it all the more satisfying when you figure out the message. But yeah, you can wallow in your immigration and fart jokes. No one is stopping you.


@Assepoester: Thanks a lot, now I understand and it makes me grins!

Well I think these are more like 'critique / make fun of games' than 'a furious attempt to make you laugh'. If the author doesn't stuck with one image and game-related, maybe it will be funnier but I'm sure that is not JIG's intention. Some of you read penny arcades? Those comics mostly are not funny too, and even worse if you don't play the respective game they driven from :) .

Octopus Bob September 19, 2010 6:10 PM

At least he included a chainsaw. :|


i was surprised that the tiger behind the red curtain didn't tear him to shreads.


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