Babylon Sticks: Divine Intervention

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Babylon Sticks: Divine Intervention comic

A custom casual gameplay comic created exclusively for JIG by Babylon Sticks creator, James Francis. Follow Babylon Sticks on Twitter: @babylonsticks.


Patreon Crew SonicLover May 20, 2010 1:20 PM

The ultimate ragequit.


As an artist I have to say that the mix between the all white stick figure character and the fully fleshed out Zeus was jarring to my eye. I was looking at the picture for about 30 seconds before I realized there was a guy behind Zeus talking to him. I thought at first it was some time of off ancient Greek pillar and his face was a mathematics equation, or maybe the manual. I know I know, I'm not making a good case for my cognitive abilities, I just know what draws my eye in and what I ignore. I ignored the stick figure. No reason Zeus couldn't have been a stick figure too. Bearded with a lightning bolt we would have got it.


I like mythological accuracy here: Zeus never was assumed to be omnipotent in a full capacity.

...That said, that was one swanky-looking laptop.

Anonymous May 20, 2010 3:42 PM

These are really terrible. They could almost be considered a type of anti-humor, except the artist actually intended it to be funny, and failed miserably in every single attempt.

stephan May 20, 2010 4:51 PM

speak for yourself jiguest, i happen to like them. just because you don't think they're funny doesn't mean they're not. just means your sense of humor is limited.


I find these funny, especially the cake one at his site. Keep going James Francis.


ooooo Zues, temper temper....
This is hilarious, I just love all the creativity Babylon sticks put into these! And yes, I would have used the walkthrough to.
Keep em coming!


Oh, and I agree with Stephen, I think these comics are ingenious, and not terrible at all, the only terrible thing about it is that someone as jealous as Jiguest needs to make themselves feel better by putting down creative and unique art!
so there!


These comics were made to share one's work, we can say the same for games and videos.

Anonymous May 20, 2010 6:23 PM


I was thinking more along the lines of two people from different worlds with the stick figure being from James Francis' world and Zeus from Greek mythology. Would that be a logical way to put it? Oh well, to each their own....

Anonymous May 20, 2010 8:13 PM

"but i understand, you were playing mystery of time and space..."


I wonder, what were they playing? "Populous", perhaps?

skoodge80 May 20, 2010 10:40 PM

I agree with the guest up there. These comics have never been even slightly amusing. I understand all of the jokes, but they just aren't funny. Why was this comic about Zeus? What was the point of that? I get that he was playing a game and threw a lightning bolt at his computer out of frustration. But... how is that supposed to be funny? How do you all like this? Is it just because you can relate to it, like you read it and think "Hahaha, I've been there! Five stars!"? I mean, I'm not trying to make anyone mad or anything, but I do not understand the appeal of these things at all.


@second Jigguest:
Must have been the wall. (You know the one, don't lie.)


I must be as baffled as you are skrooge, but my bewilderment is with why you don't find these comics funny.

Why do you need to know the point of why it's Zeus in the comic? He's a god, he throws lightning bolts and, as SonicLover says above, he just committed the ultimate ragequit (when he could have just consulted a walkthrough instead). And Hahaha, YES I've been there!

If you don't find this even slightly amusing, nor any of the Babylon Sticks comics we've published (most of which score very high with our readers, including this one), then you apparently require a very specific style of humor to make you laugh, and I'm sorry our weekly comic doesn't appeal to you.

skoodge80 May 21, 2010 12:04 AM

I guess these are not for me then. I like webcomics, but I don't see the humor in just relating to the situation. But I'm still going to come to this website because I like the games, so I guess it doesn't matter. I still don't think this is funny, but if you all like them, then my complaining isn't really helping anything so I will just stop.


I'm glad you'll be sticking around. :)

...But please feel free to skip past the comic each week. ;)


What make these funny is it related to casual gaming and 'I have been there!' I think it won't amuse you if you never stuck at a game and frustrate so much you don't see the walkthrough button ;) .

Gamemastertips May 21, 2010 7:10 AM

Well, just thought to add my opinion: these comics are hilarious. The joke is that got so exaggeratingly frustrated at a video game (something not even from his world) that he "smote" it with his thunder. I think the mixed-in stick character just adds to the fun and random blend that James often puts in the comics--Zeus just wouldn't be the same as a stick figure. Imagine this in a movie; wouldn't you find it funny? Zeus hacking away on some insane Japanese room escape game then finally shouting out in frustration and bringing down his godly might upon the laptop...then some srawny scribe comes up beside him and informs him of this thing called a walkthrough. I'd find that funny :). And it takes skill to be able to put such a detailed joke in such few words and only a single picture. If you still don't like it then, hey, I know--opinion in humor varies tremendously.


If we're doing a headcount, I second JIguest and skoodge. I just don't find the comics funny. The art is nice, but the actual jokes are lazy. I can't understand why they consistently score high ratings.

Yes, I will skip over them, I just wanted to let you guys know.


Ugh. These comics make Garfield look clever by comparison. I don't get how the raters -- which are so reliable when it comes to games -- are so off when it comes to humor.


My $.25 mini-rant follows: If it relates to casual gaming, it belongs here. It's pretty much a given that if Jay and the gang like it, a lot of other people will too. I may not always like and/or 'get' some of the games/art reviewed here, but that's okay. It's not up to me (thankfully). Everyone is going to have their own opinion on everything. Forgetting that one's point of view may not be shared by everyone else and questioning why it's not are, *in my opinion*, incredibly bad form.


And I thought -I- hated pixel hunting!


Just my two cents, i LOVE these comics. They have been consistantly funny and the ones I didn't get immediatly, I laughed at maybe a minute or two later. I don't really understand how anyone couldn't get them.


Your welcome James, it's not your fault people can't understand it.


Great, well that and your comics are one of the things which help me continue my hobby. :D


i don't get it. =/



Try playing "Escape From the Living Room". Then you'll get it.


Yea, I was about to throw a lightning bolt at Escape From the Living Room! Great comic, the ultimate Ragequit.

SaviourV June 23, 2010 12:46 AM

If I could have 1000 lightning bolts to throw at every single wall and enemy in Hydorah for each time I rage-quit, I'd be an omnipotent god in my own right...^_^;


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