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Jayaudience prizeNow that we've seen all the entries, and while the judging is underway, we invite everyone to take part by voting for your favorite(s) of the competition. Each game entry is represented by its icon along with a "vote" button next to it. The vote button will take you to a PayPal donation form where you may donate $1 (USD) or more to the respective game. (You do not need a PayPal account to vote, PayPal accepts credit cards as well.)

We are limiting voting to only those who donate as it discourages ballot stuffing. And besides, it's only a dollar and these fantastic games are all worth more than that, don't you think? No one is obligated to vote, and all we are asking for is a single dollar from each of you.

At the end of the week, all of the votes will be tallied and the game that receives the most community votes will be awarded the Audience Prize of $200!

All proceeds* from the vote donations will go directly to each respective game designer(s). Of course you may donate more than a dollar when you vote, though your vote will still count as just one vote. (*Your donation less any fees PayPal deducts prior to our receiving it. For reference: PayPal takes $0.33 from a one-dollar donation, but only $0.45 from a five-dollar donation.)

The deadline to vote is this Sunday, July 29, 2007 at 11:59 PM (GMT-5:00).

To cast your vote, simply use the PayPal ("Vote") link next to the game icon you wish to vote for, and then enter your donation amount in the PayPal form. Thank you kindly for your anticipated contributions of support for this very talented group of Flash game designers. =)

Total from voting... $543.43
Wooty! We surpassed the previous competition's donations! Thank you kindly for your support of these competitions! =)

Update (07/30/07 12:00 AM): Voting had ended! And the winner is...

Wouter Visser will receive $289.06!! Congratulations, Wouter! And cheers to everyone who voted! =)

(Looking for the competition entries that used to be here? They have been moved to the Game Design Competition #3 announcement page for easy access via the Favorites feature.)


I would vote, but my parents would say "Paying a dollar to vote for a game, and getting nothing in return, is a waste of a dollar." But if I could vote, and i'm just saying this for no real reason, I would vote for Time Raider. Now, why i'm saying this, i'm not sure.


I'd gladly give a buck, and I'd love to vote - but (and forgive the possible ignorance of this question) is there any relatively easy way to use PayPal without a credit card? I'm one of those no-credit idiots. or maybe it's a good thing, i don't know.

thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out. I realize that i could look this up myself, but I'd prefer hearing from someone who has perhaps figured it out themselves.

thanks again. excellent games, everyone. and thank you, Jay, for the site itself: it consistently brings me enormous pleasure.


Tipping a waiter is paying for something without getting anything in return, too. But one does it anyway, especially if you're ever planning to eat at that restaurant again. In this case, I feel like the money will encourage the designer of the game to keep creating. So indirectly, you benefit by getting to play the next game from the same author, because your money was part of their motivation to make another game.


You don't need a crtedit card to use paypal, just a bank account. Unfortunatly by the time you set it up and transfer the balance to your account the deadline will be over.

My dollar went to Rerun :)


The strange thing is, my parents once gave a tip in excess of $20. They're odd like that.


I am gonna vote, I just have to play 7 more of the games.. (Its not that ive been slacking... just... so... busy :P)

So far the finalists for me include:
Gimmie friction
maybe Yelpeyelper
and Time raider...

will post why when i vote :)


It feels good to give back at least a little for the hours of fun this competition gave. When you give, more developers want to enter, which means more fun for you....

think about it
2 Quarters
3 dimes
3 nickles
and 5 pennies

honestly, is that too much for hours of fun?

A movie costs 10$ for 2 hours -> 5$ an hour
this competition for me was over 4 hours of fun,
so thats a 0.25$ an hour.. (except I will probably vote for my favorite 3 games = 0.75$/hr :P)

good value i say


To be honest, I didn't fall in love with any of the games in this competition. A lot of them started fun, then got way to complicated.

So last time, I paid for a few votes, but this time, I will abstain.


Well, I'll just vote twice in your place, Measure, to make up for it then because I fell in love with more than a handful of this crop.

It just continues to amaze me the raw creativity expressed in these competitions from the suggestion of a simple word.

And it's certainly not easy taking an idea from conception to fruition, and especially not in just 4 weeks time. And yet here we are again with 19 original and complete works by game designers from all over the world, representing: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, the UK, and the US.

Yes, I shall vote several times for certain. ^_^


I would vote if my paypal account contained more than 23 cents in it (/.').

If I could, my vote would go to Gimme Friction Baby- simply because I've now played it so much that I've honestly considered finding Wouter Visser and having him shot for taking up so much of my free time.

Good job to all '.'b


Hey, can we discuss who we voted for and re-hash the competition here, or is there a better place for that?


I really like how you did the voting for the audience prize thing -- I think it's a great way to discourage ballot stuffing, and at the same time getting some donated money to the authors.

Maybe you would consider a donate button where people could donate to a general fund that would be divided among all of the authors?

It's amazing how high quality these game submissions are, just outstanding work by everyone involved.


I got quite some money on my paypal, but I never touched it. Now that I want to touch it, it seems they first need verification of my real-life bank-account :?. I hope they make this before the 29th.
I'll vote in the first place for remaze. Most attractive gameplay in a multicharacter-puzzle during this competition in my opinion. Then timeraider for the nice graphic/story implementation.

CharybdistheBard: I understand it's meant positive, but I must say I feel somewhat uncomfortable now :(


Psychotronic - hash away! :D

Mouser - thank you for the encouraging words! If you are interested in making a lump sum donation, please use the top "Vote" link on this page, it is for a multi-vote entry. Just indicate in the comments section ON THE 2ND PAGE of the PayPal form how you want the money divided and we'll take care of the rest. =)


Last competition I believe we got to the awesome total of $428.40 for the Audience Prize, it would be absolutly outstanding if we could get even higher this time!!!
\o/ \o/ \o/


I donated $1 to wouter for superb originality, $1 to andy for excellent interpretation of the theme, and $2 to rey for both of those things. Really fantastic entries all around, folks.


Wouter- completely joking except for the part about the game taking up much of my free time. Maybe I'll send a noogie squad after you instead >;]


Voted for Gimme Friction Baby. Although it was a little off-theme (and the author won't add any of my clever ideas to update it) it's still the game I keep coming back to. Well done!


I voted for Gimme Friction Baby, too. There were definitely some games that implemented the "replay" theme more cleverly, but Wouter did focus like a laser on making his game as replay-able as possible, and in the end, I've got to go with the game that just feels right to me. I'm still playing it obsessively days later.

But honorable mention to Remaze for sheer coolness and Timebot for best implementation of the theme. Best Concept prize goes to Time Raider, but as much as I love the style and imagination that went into it, the awkward controls made it barely playable for me.

Dr. Pepsi July 25, 2007 4:15 PM

I don't mind making a donation, but not to paypal.


Send me an email and I'll give you a postal address where you can mail a money order to. Use the contact email address at the bottom of the sidebar on the left.

Please be sure to indicate what game(s) you're voting on.


I would donate, but I'm just a kid with no bank account :)

If I could, I'd vote for

Gimme Friction Baby

Super Earth Defense Game!

I couldn't really get into any of the others.


Has to be Wouter's Gimme Friction Baby - it's the only one I've gone back to to replay again and again and again.

It's simple yet fiendish and makes me swear VERY loudly when I take my eye off the ball and it crashes and burns.

All the entries were marvellous but didn't grab me in the way Wooter's did. Yeah, I play while I work, run the house and look after aged parents so a game has to grab me pretty quick to make me spend time on it and, as is the theme, replay!

Very good entries all round and many which I will return to when I have time and can explore at leisure rather than against the competition timescale.

To quote Mr Grace, 'you've all done very well!' ;)

I now have to overcome my innate distrust of paypal and work out how to spend a dollar without it costing me several pounds!

Congrats to Jay and his team for continuing to provide a superb website which is free for all and has introduced me to a whole world of casual gameplay.

kellyhalia July 25, 2007 6:49 PM

I like Rerun the most, definitely :-)


"Now that I want to touch it, it seems they first need verification of my real-life bank-account :?. I hope they make this before the 29th."

Wouter, I seem to recall that when I did this, it seemed reasonably quick (you recieve a snail-mail letter and have to follow the instructions). However, I didn't have a deadline of a few days!

Good to see wouter getting some love this time around, maybe you'll be able to throw us the garter yet!

Also, I only recently realised that the title is a Turbonegro reference. You rule!


Well i clicked on the top vote button as i wanted to donate to gimme friction baby and speck oppression. never did see the comment field in paypal on the second page so i think it all went to wouter for gfb. ah well it was my favourite game anyway.


ok Jay - i just got an email from you asking which games i wanted my multiple vote donation to be for. it's 2-thirds for gimme friction baby, and 1-third for speck oppression :)


Shame, i wanted to vote but i'm anothe rone of those kids with no bank account. Oh well...

Wouldve voted for Parley though.


All taken care of, Andy. Thank you! ^_^


Jay, Oh lord of the game!

I Humble in thy greatness and bask in thy unending flow of gaming goodness, and humbly ask of thee... Is there any way of seeing a way of how the votes / money is devided up so far? a sort of running as you go view, kind of thing? Just wondered, cos like many here, I can't vote, but would love to know how the cash is devided up, how the votes are going, so far :) (I'm a number freak.)


Yeah, I was able to vote! Paypal was indeed reasonable quick.

I like the idea Deadlock puts up. It would be exciting to see a bar graph creeping like a slowmotion horserace these days.

It could benefit in getting more voters too. Maybe people don't vote now, but when they see their favourite in second place right after the leader, they decide too vote anyway too push their fav forward. It gives a competitive element between the voters too, which might be good for the amount of votes.

Nevertheless I feel there can be downsides, maybe you don't vote on the game that already has 100 votes for instance, and that's not a good criterium imo.

I like the idea, but if I was Jay I wouldn't implement it before I was sure it can't cause big manipulation.


Deadl0ck - for the last competition I posted a spreadsheet, following the announcement of the results, which contained the numbers you are looking for. And I will do it again this time.

Wouter brings up the point that I am afraid of if posting intermediate voting results: negatively influencing the voting process.

However, I do see that there could be some good from revealing a little information about the current standings. So, I will list the order only that the entries are in currently with respect to the number of votes each has received. In a short bit, once I get caught up with that. xD


Following are the standings so far (as of the time of this comment GMT-5:00). I decided to post dollar values (net) as that still leaves some uncertainty regarding the actual number of votes cast for each, and yet it shines some light on how close the voting actually is:

Gimme Friction Baby....$53.14
Time Raider............$40.10
Speck Oppression.......$16.55
A Bark in the Dark.....$10.93
Space Pilot............$ 9.75
Yalpeyalper............$ 8.34
Super Earth Defense....$ 8.18
Music Dodge............$ 7.81
A Good Hunch...........$ 5.68
The Turtles of Time....$ 4.95
JIGorbit...............$ 4.77
Parley.................$ 3.63
Replay 2 : The Sequel..$ 3.63
Paracaidas.............$ 3.63
Robot Goal.............$ 3.63

Dr. Pepsi July 26, 2007 2:19 PM

Hello Jay.

I hate to be the cat that ate the cheese, but I don't think you should have posted the dollar amounts. A confederate could donate $200 to the bottom games and win the whole prize pool. Just a heads up good buddy!


That's not the way it works, Dr.Pepsi.

The winner of the audience prize is determined by number of votes received. Each donation, regardless of amount, accounts for one vote only.

So, while I posted the standings so far in terms of donations received, the actual votes behind those amounts are what will eventually determine the winner.

Is there some correlation between donations received and number of votes for each entry? Yes. However, the actual number of votes for each entry may be much closer than what is revealed by the numbers above.


Typekey's being positively annoying lately, I have to sign in every single time I want to comment.

Anyway, Jaymeister, Thanks for the heads up!

I find it very intresting to see four games take the lead, money wise, with the rest lagging far behind... and the money isn't going where I expected it to, so far! :)


My parents think spending money on virtual things is a waste, so I can't vote, sadly. My pick would have been Speck Oppression (by far my favorite, the visuals were amazing!) Gimme Friction Baby is a very close second, though. I'm amazed that Tonypa managed to make 2 games for the competition, and they're both pretty fun! Congrats in advance to the winner (whoever that might be. ;)


Deadl0ck - sorry about typekey misbehavior. I swear that never happens to me. Are you checking the box "Remember personal info" after signing in? That should save a typekey cookie for your next visit. It works all the time for me.

Valut - Tonypa submitted only the one entry: Yalpeyalper. What other one were you thinking of?

It might be interesting to note that he *did* submit two entries to our first competition, however. ;)


*slaps forehead* Oh man, I misread. I thought Tonypa made Gimme Friction Baby as well... heh, I need some more sleep. Either that or caffiene. Zzz.


Valut, you could tell your parents that you enjoy spending time on virtual things. and that since time = money, they should reconsider their opinion ;-) (p.s. - hope i'm not overstepping the mark here).


gogo remaze! what a great interpretation of the replay theme... im stuck god knows where or what level.... but i can't stop!!

hats off to all the participants... amazing work...

btw.. im going to donate a dollor for ProfessorZ89 and vote for one time for TimeRaider.... (im still rooting for remaze :) )


Andy - I'm not sure that would work with my parents :P. Great analogy though! (And you're definitely not overstepping the mark.)


Yay! I voted.

Here is what I voted for.

Remaze: this game was great. Never mind the fact that it did not run too well on my computer. The fact is this game was a lot of fun, it was very polished, and I feel it had a great implementation of the replay theme. I thought it was great how levels from my past would keep popping up again, but the next time they came around they were so much harder than the first time :). I really appreciated the sliding transitions, and the ripple was nice too. I am a big fan of the minimalist colors too. The one suggestion I would have is that the game be made less CPU intensive.

Timebot: Absolutely wonderful. The other me's playing this game along with my current bot made it a lot of fun. It was hard to do the timing, but it made it even more rewarding in the end. THe teamwork with yourself was much more pronounced than others, and it was funny to see how sometimes my movements were so erratic :). This game too was very polished, and had an excellent implementation of the theme. But just as importantly it was a lot of fun to play!

The last little (meager) bit is for your site jay--as a big thanks for all of the fun you have provided me with.
How I voted.
For me 3 factors were important.
First was that the game had to have a VERY GOOD implementation of the replay theme. I wanted to feel that the game I was playing was made just for the competition, and that the author had thought a lot about how to make the theme come out to its fullest extent. It did not matter how the author interpreted the theme, just that it had REPLAY written all over it.
Second was that the game was fun. Honestly. It just had to pull me in during the 10 minutes minimum i alloted to playing each game. I didn't have too much time to play, during this competition, so some games, although they may have been awesome, just didnt capture me right away.
Third was the game had to be polished. I know that there is not too much time in these competitions, but when I play a game that is polished, I feel like the designer really cared.

I just also wanted to say that All of the games were great. Thanks for entering and making these competitions so much fun (hopefully next competition, I will join you guys as a designer o.O).

and thanks jay (& team)


p.s. I was going to click on an ad in the spirit of good will and fun, and I saw an ad for "egg donation" for women... hahhahaha
Oh google adsense.....


This time I find it muuuch harder to pick a favorite than last time.


jay: Yep, I do. Have to sign in once a day, but any further comments I make that day, I have to re-autorize my email bieng sent. And every morning I need to sign in again. It's freaky.

Might be firefox going gaga, Dunno.


Deadl0ck - It's not just you. Typekey signs me out at least once per day and often multiple times.

And no, it's not a browser bug. Examining the actual cookie Typekey's sent me, the "Expires" field reads "27 July 2007 18:38:58", which is ten hours from when I logged in despite the fact I ticked the box asking for two weeks.

Linda Wireman July 27, 2007 9:02 AM

Everyone needs to vote that played the games. Do not listen to your parents or your friends. If you played you need to vote. Just look at all the fun provided for free. All the games are super. I was really amazed by the number of submissions. Maybe even more the next time if everyone votes.

Linda M. Wireman

Three Cheers for the game designers!!!!!


That Typekey shenanigans is baffling. My typekey cookie is set for June 8, 2008, and I never have a problem with it. And technically, I'm a normal user when commenting like everybody else.

Soon we will allow site registrations that will make typekey unnecessary anymore. In fact, we have a lot of community oriented changes planned for the near future, so hang in there until then, please. :)


Here's an update on the standings so far (as of the time of this comment GMT-5:00) for those interested. Yes, it is based on dollar values (net) instead of votes, as that still leaves some uncertainty regarding the actual number of votes cast for each (since there have been many people who are donating more than a single dollar to the games they're voting on):

Gimme Friction Baby....$72.57
Time Raider............$54.39
Speck Oppression.......$27.21
A Bark in the Dark.....$22.77
A Good Hunch...........$21.45
Super Earth Defense....$19.11
Replay 2 : The Sequel..$13.04
Space Pilot............$ 9.75
Music Dodge............$ 7.81
The Turtles of Time....$ 4.95
Paracaidas.............$ 3.63
Robot Goal.............$ 3.63

Every vote counts in large amounts, please get out and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

Mandypoo July 27, 2007 1:05 PM

This whole competition has been exceptionally great! I've had hours of fun playing all the games and I can't wait to hear the results. Good Luck to all you wonderful game designers and hope to see more work from you in the future!


Linda - I'd LOVE to vote... but there's no way for me, sadly. My dad checks those transactions like a hawk. Ah well.

If someone from Komix stops by in my neighborhood I'll be sure to drop them some cash. ;) [/sarcasm]


Oh: and Jay, you misspelled "Yalpeyalper" as "Yelpeyelper". :)


Thanks, Vault. I can't believe I did that. It's fixed now.


No worries Jay: I got the authors confused! :P


This is interesting - two of my favourites are doing really well (Wouter of course is basking in it, and Karma is doing respectably if not at the top of the chart), but the other games I voted for are last and second last. Although Robot Goal is not my kind of thing, I thought it was a pretty interesting game. And Paracaidas was really gorgeous, although perhaps a tad repetitive (and yes, that is ironic given the 'replay' theme).

I liked Speck Oppression as well, but frankly I was spending too much time with an envelope trying to work out how much I wanted to give each game, so I just threw up my hands, made sure GFB and Karma got a big chunk and the rest, well, whatever. SO seems to be doing OK without my help, though :)

funkyfuturist July 28, 2007 8:33 AM

From the Karma team:

Thank you for all your comments... we really appreciate them and if you've loved this game we'd appreciate it even more if you voted for it!

This is our first attempt at an international contest and we'd really like to take home the trophy as much as you liked playing our game!

Thanks again and keep playing.


funkyfuturist July 28, 2007 8:34 AM

From the Karma team:

Thank you for all your comments... we really appreciate them and if you've loved this game we'd appreciate it even more if you voted for it!

This is our first attempt at an international contest and we'd really like to take home the trophy as much as you liked playing our game!

Thanks again and keep playing.


ben5555525 July 28, 2007 10:28 AM

wanna vote but have no credit card T_T
i am made of fail >:

Carl Foust July 28, 2007 12:37 PM

Hrm. I wish I knew whether I had a chance of winning the prize. That way I'd know whether It would be worth paypalling a dollar to myself. Either way I plan on sending a few bucks to my favorites.


Hey Karma team, it's not all about the money and the prizes, it's about the, er .. karma ... right?

funkyfuturist July 29, 2007 2:47 AM


You are right its about the Karma (deed) and not the prizes (the result).

Ancient hindu texts state:
"It is the deed you should do without worrying about the result"

It is my job to remind you'll about the game, my Karma, my deed (just incase it has been lost) without worrying about the result, either being voted in, or voted out :)

Thats exaclty what I am doing, reminding youl'll about the game and result is in your hands.

So... VOTE NOW :)

Linda M. Wireman July 29, 2007 9:57 AM

Vault--Tell your father you donated money to the Men's movement via paypal. That should do it.

Sadly, I do not have a credit card either. I do not believe in them, too easy to spend money. So, I just filch my better half's card and use it and pay him back. In case you want to know, he does not belong to the Men's movement, but occasionally he does wear a skirt (just kidding).


Heh, I thought Rerun would have done alot better than it seems to be doing. Oh well.


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