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Applicate Vol. 0

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Rating: 4.3/5 (165 votes)
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JayApplicateOn has just released a brand new game over at his Eyezmaze blog, and it's a sign that he's feeling well and back to his usual self. Applicate is a unique and original puzzle game with unusual rules. I won't spoil it by explaining it here since there are, at present, only 5 levels and the thrill of discovery is part of the fun.

Thank you, On! Please give us more levels as soon as you can.

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I'ts tricky.
but I love the fresh gameplay, I never saw a game before like this.


Groogokk May 30, 2008 11:48 AM

Very nice. Not too difficult; plus, the five levels are just right for a little afternoon diversion.


I can't figure out how you even do anything. I accidently finished level 1 and keep falling into the void on level 2


figure it out...stack eaten apples to get the guy where you want him...two uneaten apples make a guy!


It's simple. Here's the basic idea:
(If you want to figure out how to play on your own, don't read!)

  • When you put 2 apples together, you make a walking apple.

  • When you put 3 together (1 walking + a normal one) they cancel each other out.

  • The apple will always start walking right until it hit's something, then it'll turn around.

  • You can pile new apples, or walking apples, on eaten apples.

  • If you eat a walking apple, another walking apple will spawn.

  • You must get a walking apple to the door by blocking the way with eaten apples (if needed).

I think that's everything you need to really know. the only level that really takes some thinking is level 5. But it's fun none-the-less!


Some guidelines:

Click on a whole apple to make an apple fall down. If it falls on an eaten apple, it stays there. If it falls on a whole apple, it absorbs the apple and becomes alive and starts walking to the right. If it then meets an obstacle, it goes the other direction. Apples that fall into the voids disappear and you must reset.

Level 2:

Click on one whole apple so an apple falls on the block on the ground that is closest to where the platform for the door starts. Then click on that apple so one falls on top of it. Keep building a tower of apples until you reach the level of the door. Not just so the top of the apple reaches floor level, but is equal with the door. Then click the last apple on the right and drop an apple on your tower of apples with the whole apple on top, and it will become alive and start walking right, going to the door.

I don't know about level 3, I can't quite figure out how to get to the door because of the gaps.


the first eyemaze game i could beat by myself. still, it was great.


Like Jay said in the review, discovering the game mechanics is part of the fun here, so maybe go try the first stage again and expiriment a little so that you solve it intentionally =)

That said, obviously you know that clicking on any of the fresh apples causes another apple to drop from the "drop target" thing moving across the top.

Clicking any apple...

Not necassarily the apple that is being aimed at by the drop target.

Very explicit giveaway:

When two apples are in adjacent columns, try clicking one of them while the drop target is over the other one. The apples don't need to be right next to each other, just in adjacent columns.

Patreon Crew SonicLover May 30, 2008 12:47 PM


You can click on live apples, too!


Sorry for double-posting- I meant to say, I am having trouble with level 4 -

For level 3-

strategically place apples as barriers so you guide it to the door. Alive apples will "die" if you click them, and they can be a barrier.


Level Three

you can click on an existing live apple to make it a bitten one and to make another apple fall


Up until level 5, I was finding it fairly easy going, once I mastered the game mechanism. But now I'm stuck. Very, very stuck :( Anyone have any hints?


Hint for level 5:

get rid of the apple blocking the entrance to the door first. Turn it live, it will walk off the edge & disappear. Poor apple!

Groogokk May 30, 2008 2:31 PM

Spoiler #1

You must get one apple out of the way. You do that by

making it start to walk.

Spoiler #2

You must change the direction of your new walking apple.

Spoiler #3

You must fill a gap by

walking an apple into it.


For level 5:

Don't be afraid to let a living apple die, there's no penalty. Also, living apples can be walked over by other living apples.

or more explicitly, the apple sitting in the second to the left most column can be eliminated by turning it into a walking apple and having it fall into the hole. Then use another walking apple to fill in the gap towards the top of the screen, from there should be simple enough.


Walkthrough Time!

(This is my first walkthrough, so feedback is appreciated.)

Gameplay Mechanics:

Clicking on an apple will cause the apple to become bitten, making it unusable, and will drop another apple into the column that the arrow is currently in.

If an apple falls onto a non-bitten apple, it gets absorbed into the apple that was already there and becomes a moving apple. Moving apples, obviously, move. They always start by heading right, and will walk until they hit a wall or an edge of the game, at which point they will turn around.

If you click on a moving apple, the apple finishes the tile of movement it's on, then becomes bitten, and another moving apple drops into the column the arrow is currently in.

Get one moving apple to the door to beat the level!

Level 1:

This level is just to teach you how to play.

When the arrow is over an apple that's on an edge (i.e. not the one that's over the door), click on any apple besides that one.

Level 2:

This one is trickier, and where you learn about stacking.

Stacking is the process of getting infinite apples in order to make a tower. You do this by getting a non-moving apple to land on a space, then clicking on that apple when the arrow is over it. Next, click on the top apple of the stack when the arrow is over it, and so on until you have a stack as high as you want.

Given that, to beat this level requires you to stack apples on the green platform directly left of the bottom apple.

Click on either of the apples when the arrow is over that platform.

Use that apple to stack a column up so that the top apple is even with the door.

When the arrow is over the stack, click on the starting apple you didn't click on to drop an apple on the top of the stack, transforming it into a moving apple and beating the level.

Level 3:

This one is interesting because the arrow doesn't move; it also requires relatively quick reflexes.

First, click on the apple on the bottom. This transforms the top apple into a moving apple. Let it walk into the pit.

Now, click on the moving apple. This will turn it into a bitten apple, and drop another moving apple into the maze. Now this apple can walk over the pit, since it's been filled.

Once the apple drops off the ledge, click on it after it passes the first tile. That is, once it's on the middle or right edge of the ledge, click on it. This will make it a barrier to help control the movement of the next moving apple.

Do the same thing for the next moving apple - once it reaches the middle or left edge of the ledge below the last one, click on it.

Lastly, click on the next moving apple when it reaches the right edge of the ledge below that. The next apple will follow the path you've created straight to the door.

Level 4:

This is another level with lots of stacking.

When the column is over the green platform directly right of the door, click on one of the two apples.

Use the apple that falls to make a stack, with the top, non-bitten apple being one tile above the platforms the stack is between. (Or, if you prefer, even with the platforms the original apples are resting on.)

Click on the other original apple when the arrow is over the stack.

Timing is essential here. Just as the arrow passes over the stack, click on the moving apple. It should stop right at the edge of the ledge, and drop another moving apple onto the stack. If you get it right, you beat the level; if you miss the arrow the first time it passes over the column, though, you'll need to restart the level.

Level 5:

This one has lots of apples. You won't need most of them.

First, to clear that apple on the platform above the door out of the way, since it's causing trouble - when the arrow is over it, click on any of the multitude of other apples to make it move and get rid of it.

Next, make a stack on the platform 4 right of the door, so that there are 2 bitten apples and 1 unbitten apple in the stack.

Click on one of the many apples on the sides when the arrow is over the stack.

Once the moving apple falls into the pit, click on it when the arrow is over the stack again.

Congratulations! You've just beaten Applicate ver.0!

hopbitters May 30, 2008 3:02 PM

Great game, as always from On.


another great game from Eyezmaze, took me a while to figure out what was going on, but once you're past level 2 it's fairly easy to work out


Am most definitely looking forward to new levels of this game! Glad to hear On is feeling better. Thanks so much Jay and crew for finding time in your busy schedules to keep up this site and running your contests.

Kezenator May 30, 2008 6:16 PM

It could do with a save option or less advertising - a couple of times now I've clicked adverts instead of the reset button and have to start again!!!


This is a very entertaining game. As always, I wish there was more - maybe user generated levels? As for the uncertainty of level difficulty, a practically unloseable level one sure helped.




Ooo, tough one to figure out. Even tougher to master. I'm still stuck on level 2. I'll tackle it again in the future.


I really enjoyed this one. I got stuck on Level 3 because

I didn't know that you could click on a live apple to "kill" it,

but once I figured that out it was clear sailing.


That made me not want to eat apples. :-(

Still, it was a great puzzle game. I hope On makes more levels.


I think five levels is about right. The game mechanics are pretty simple, and once you've completed the existing levels, you've pretty thoroughly explored them. More levels would just draw things out.

Better to make a new game with new things to discover. :)


Very nice!

I stuggled with 5

because I didn't realize that they won't walk off the edge of the screen, but instead turn back. It seemed impossible at first!

But I thoroughly enjoyed all of it!


Very lemmings-like, when you figure out the mechanics.

Also, good thing it's short and easy, more levels with higher difficulty would water down the gameplay significantly.


So why do the apples only have one eye?

fuzzyface June 1, 2008 2:40 PM

I just love figuring things out, figuring is a great game by itself, instructions are far overrated :)


love short and tricky (but not difficult) puzzles.


Tchakkazulu June 2, 2008 7:43 AM

As an alternative to level 4:

you can just stack them up until 3 blocks from the top, when there's a block directly to the right. This'll immediately reverse the direction of a walking apple. No timing needed


Dang it...I can't beat level 4 with my touchpad! I can't move fast enough, even moving the mouse with one hand and clicking with the other. Sheesh. I really need to start designing games so I can make some that are touchpad friendly!


to dsrtrosy
It doesn't require speed. I beat it with a touchpad.


GOSH this game made me feel smart. I'm so happy I beat it!

Them 'der apples are so gosh darn cute.

universal August 14, 2008 10:38 AM

Awesome gameplay. Please: more levels :-))


This game is a lot of fun. Simple puzzles which add complexity on each level. I enjoy the grow series and this game as well. Keep up the good work.

(And, as others have said - we'd love some new levels!!)


Level 5 has been updated. I can't figure it out!

Hope someone sees this who can help me...


For the new lvl 5 ^^

Put 2 bitten apples and 1 normal in the most left panel.

use the arrow keys to make the drop arrow not move anymore and to choose where the drop goes

now make a moving apple on the left side and let it walk until 8 panels right from the door and fill the gap

(Note: before it drops into a pit by accident just click it to make a new one)

2 panels to the right of the door we also fill the gap

now to get over the gap drop an apple on the panel directly over the door when your walking apple is near the bottomless gap

your walking apple will walk over the other to pass the gap ^^


Thanks Darki! I was pulling my hair out over that one.

For anyone else having trouble, some of the lefts and rights are mixed up in the guide. In the first step and the third step, it should say to the right instead of the left. But it's still really helpful@


I still dont get how do u pass level 5 ??? I mean I get that it will bump in the wall and walk in opposite direction once i fill in the gaps..the problem is that once I fill them in I can't place a walking apple on the top panel...am I doing something wrong??

StrangeQuark December 26, 2009 1:19 PM

@Eve: Here's how to do it:

  • Use arrow keys to move the drop arrow to the rightmost column.

  • Put two bitten apples and one normal apple in this column.

  • Make the top apple walk.

  • Click the walking apple when it falls down for the second time, right before it falls into the abyss. It should now become a bitten apple.

  • When the second walking apple gets stuck, click it.

  • Use arrow keys to bring the drop arrow all the way to the left.

  • Create a walking apple above the door, right when the third walking apple falls down for the second time. If you time it right, the new walking apple will bump into the other one and turn around.

  • There's enough apples lying about to try again if you didn't quite manage to time it right the first time.


Perfect score!
I can't figure out how to post my screenshot.


I think a perfect one is 1+6+4+7+7=25
I just did it.


Can someone help me?
I can't beat Level 5 after the "BUG FIX" released on September 15, 2009.
Level 5 was changed and now i don't know how to beat it, i think it's impossible.


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