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Amazing Dare-Dozen

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Rating: 4.2/5 (32 votes)
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What is particularly nice about casual games is they facilitate a need we all have: to escape from our daily stresses and routines, if but for a moment, so that we may observe ourselves in a different light. It is through this observation of self that we are able put things into proper perspective and get back on track. The problem with 'doing' all the time without this needed break is that we can lose touch with 'being'. And all things considered, being is infinitely more important than doing.

The Amazing Dare-DozenOne of my favorite casual games that I keep returning to when I have just a few moments to spare is an early Orisinal game called The Amazing Dare-Dozen.

The object of the game is quite simple: climb as high as you can by repeatedly landing an egg into the basket above. Click the mouse or press the space bar to launch the egg. With each new level attained, the vertical scrolling game presents a new basket above it moving slightly different than the one before. You may miss up to a dozen times per game.

Ferry Halim does a remarkable job with all his games at delivering an exceptionally refined experience, from aesthetics to gameplay. And with an elegantly simple and accessible interface, this light-weight casual game offers just the kind of escape I need when things get hectic. Click.


Oh, this one's my favorite of all the Orisinal games. Err, except for Bubble Bee and It Takes Two. But I *really* love this one.

Thanks for maintaining such an awesome blog, by the way!


Thank you, Snails. It's a pleasure, really, especially for people like you. =)

Irashtar May 26, 2005 3:00 AM

There is just so many! there is the single level, limited games, to the meditative, infinite games.
Just, why must it re-size my browser with every game, to such an arbitrary size?


Irashtar - of all the things that Ferry does right with his games, resizing the browser window is the only thing I can see that he does wrong. As far as usability issues are concerned, changing something that may have been set to a preferred size or position by the user is just not good design.

Maybe Ferry will hear our plea? =)


Use better browser that will ignore such resizing codes :)


Yes, Tonypa, that is certainly one way to avoid it, but at what cost? By turning off javascript, I thereby ignore desirable functionality from many other websites.

Furthermore, no one should have to tweak their system or browser configuration for every website out there just to get it to behave accordingly. Just because you can do anything you want with a website doesn't mean you should.


hmm...i guess its ok, but i felt the game was just a little to simple, after a little while there was no challenge and i couldn't shake the felling the the whole game was on a loop.


Am I the only person that can never get to this website? I never have any problems with any of the games you post here, except the Orisinal games. I can't get to 'em.



albert ngg May 11, 2006 5:29 PM

I have been playing the amazing dare dozen for a couple of months and my high score for one game is 1578 , I see some 1579's and today I saw one at 1597 , can you tell me how thet are doing it , I can not find a short cut in the second half of the game , thank you for your time .


I beat it after like 20 tries with a month skip period.
On of the best Orisinal games.

john mckenzie December 11, 2006 3:52 AM

i love the game and it's simplicity and ease of in and out.
the PROBLEM; i've been to 1577, 78, 79 dozens of times, but i've occasionally(rarely) seen a score of 1596. well
i've tried every angle of skips and pauses etc., but can't seem to find the trick. c'mon, how about just a wee hint!!!!!
thanks a bunch for the game.
[email protected]


I will go to any and all websites looking for the amazing dare dozen; I just love this game so much. Thank you


I must be a real loser. My highscore is 360. How do you all reach such amazing scores?!


Joyce - you're not a loser, 360 is a fine score. The problem with Flash games is there is always a way to cheat, and the highest scores are almost always due to cheaters. So don't compare yourself to them, for they don't even count. =)

Debi Davis May 30, 2007 11:42 PM

Wow, Jay, what an eye opener--so Flash games are always open to cheaters, and those ultra high scores are nearly always due to cheating? How sad! I've been playing this game for a year, and like others who have posted, I can get to the 1579 easily, but never have hit that elusive 1600 I once saw on the scores. But my hand-eye coordination has certainly improved from trying so hard for so long. Thanks so much for turning us onto this great game!


I can get through the first set and a score of 500 and then it says to start again. How do I get above 500? Is there another way for the 2nd round?


I am the Omlette King... goo goo g'joob!


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