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Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon 2

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JerradAlan Probe 2: Amateur Surgeon(Warning: This game features excessive cartoon violence, adult themes and potentially offensive language.)

Alan Probe is back! In the new sequel to the popular surgery simulation game that we all fell in love with back in 2008, the good people at Adult Swim have come up with something gorier, more excessive, and far more satisfying than any of us could have ever hoped for. Currently, only the first two chapters of this planned three-part installment are available; keep your eyes peeled for the final chapter in the weeks to come!

The story picks up exactly where we left off... well, ALMOST exactly. 51 years after we left off if you want to be specific, but who's counting? Although the doctor may have gotten gotten as rusty as his dubious tools over the years, the methods for performing the operations have changed little: choose the necessary tool with either the click of the mouse or pressing the corresponding number key on the keyboard, and then use your mouse to slice, zap, and knit your way through an increasingly freakish cast of patients. You're given a slew of tools to work with, mostly familiar from the original, although some of them have been slightly modified. This time around, though, the tools can be upgraded between patients, making them faster and more powerful. The game has a surprisingly enjoyable story to go along with it that ties directly into the plot of the original, and some of the tools have been updated for smoother gameplay, but the heart of the original can still be seen in every crazy operation and lunatic patient.

Alan Probe 2: Amateur SurgeonAlan Probe: Amateur Surgeon 2 blows the original out of the water in almost every respect. Although graphics haven't changed much, the gameplay has been given a number of tweaks to remove some of the frustrations we experienced in the first installment. In fact, the developers seem to have taken audience feedback to heart when creating the sequel, and even make a clever in-game nod to one of the more frustrating utilities of the original. Although the game can be difficult at time, there's really only one point where it can seem unreasonably difficult, and that's due to lack of instruction more than anything else (you'll know it when you see it, but remember that they mouse is not the only input source that the game recognizes). But overall, Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon 2 stands out as the sequel fans of the original have been hoping for. A gory, over-the top game of the highest quality, the esteemed makeshift doctor's return from retirement is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon 2 walkthrough
Here is the complete walkthrough. I hope this helps!

Overall Tips

  • When the heart rate drops to 0, your patient dies, so keep his heart rate up is critical.

  • Open wounds, poison clouds, insect bites, and squid ink (yes, squid ink) all drop a patient's heart rate fast, so getting rid of those things first is critical.

  • Learning to use the needle and using it fast is also key.

  • I have increased a patient's heart rate to over 100 bpm, and I haven't killed a patient yet by increasing it too much (and no patient in Alan Probe 2 has a too-high heart rate problem, as in the original).

  • To get an A on most patients, it is imperative that you don't use the wrong tool, operate on the wrong area, or mess up using the needle. This will rack up your number of consecutive "AWESOME"s and go a long way toward an A grade.

  • Also, solid yellow lines sometimes require the pizza cutter and sometimes require the chain saw, black lines get the lighter, and green lines require the gel.

  • Oh, and remember that the number keys on your keyboard are your friends, and it's much easier to switch tools using them than with the mouse cursor.

Act 1

Tommy Gracefuls

  1. Burn and gel his 3 outer wounds and cut him open along the yellow line to get to his inner cavity.

  2. Extract the 3 pieces of glass and use the new knitting needles (replacing the stapler) in a zig zag fashion across his larger wounds to seal them before burning and gelling them.

  3. Burn and gel the minor wounds, stitch up the cut you made to get to his inner cavity, and you're done!


  • This one is pretty easy to get an A on, so if you're having trouble, just keep practicing so you don't have any "WRONG"s.

Tony Alias

  1. First, you have to use your new body scanner (replacing the Etch-A-Sketch) to discover some hidden maladies.

  2. If you didn't choose to upgrade your scanner after Tommy, the scanner will emit a red, yellow, or green ring that changes color depending on how close you are to the hidden object (red=far away, yellow=getting warmer, and green=cut here).

  3. If you've upgraded, you will also get a directional arrow that points toward the object.

  4. After you have a sense of where an object is, use your pizza cutter to cut out a roll of money, then use your tongs to remove it.

  5. Then stitch, burn, and gel the wound.

  6. Repeat for the 2nd roll.

  7. Now use your pizza cutter along the yellow line to get inside, and use your scanner and pizza cutter again to find the fake ID(?).

  8. Tongs, stitch, burn, and gel the wound.

  9. Stitch, burn, and gel the wound you made on his exterior, then use the pizza cutter on the new yellow line to get at his intestines, and use it again to get inside the intestine itself.

  10. Scan again and cut to find a fake passport, then use tongs, stitch, burn, and gel on the wound.

  11. Repeat the tongs, stitch, burn, and gel routine on the cut you made on his intestine, and the exterior cut you made. That's it!


  • This one isn't too tricky to get an A on either.

  • When there are multiple things to find in one area, I would advise getting at them one at a time to avoid losing too much blood. Other than that, this isn't too difficult. Just make sure to rack up all "AWESOME"s.

Richard Thimble

  1. He has a lot of deep cuts and low heart rate to begin with, so you want to stitch up the cuts fast.

  2. Remove the 2 objects with tongs, then stitch up all of the deep wounds on his torso.

  3. Use your pizza cutter on the yellow line to reach his kidneys.

  4. Use tongs on the shard of glass, then stitch up the major wounds, and burn and gel all wounds.

  5. Now use your scanner on the kidneys to find and cut out 2 segments of barbed wire (although I recommend attacking the 2 separately).

  6. Stitch, burn, and gel the wounds, then stitch, burn, and gel the outer wound.


  • I can't remember when you get the needle that can increase heart rate, but you don't actually need it on this level to complete it and get an A. Stitching up major wounds fast will get you there.

Dick Masterson

  1. It's time to break out the chain saw again! But first, use your pizza cutter on the yellow line to reach his clavicle(?).

  2. Then grab the chain saw and cut along the solid yellow line. (Alan Probe 1 players will appreciate how much easier it is to use the chain saw with the "AWESOME" seal of approval).

  3. Use tongs to remove the brittle clavicle, then the tongs again on the new clavicle.

  4. Burn the new clavicle along the dotted black lines into place, then seal it along the dotted green lines with the gel.

  5. Don't forget the bone shard in the surrounding tissue: use tongs, stitches, lighter, and gel to heal those new wounds.

  6. Stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound, then use the pizza cutter on the new yellow line.

  7. Chainsaw the brittle pelvis, use the tongs to remove it, and the tongs again to replace it.

  8. Burn along the dotted black line and gel along the dotted green line to heal him. Then stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound.

  9. Cut along the final yellow line, chain saw the vertebrae, use tongs to remove and replace them, and burn and gel along the appropriate lines.

  10. Finally, remove the 2 bone shards, and then stitch, burn, and gel them.

  11. Stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound and you're done!


  • Using the chainsaw isn't as tough in Alan Probe 2 as it was in the original, and some errant chainsawing can still get you an A.

  • Time doesn't seem to be as big a problem as it was in the original either, so take your time and cut along the lines for an A.

Miss Distress

  1. Miss Distress doesn't want your pain-reducing gel, so you won't be using it at all with her.

  2. Cut along the yellow line to get to her lungs, where you will cut a yellow line and use tongs to insert a piercing in the wound 2 times.

  3. Stitch and burn (but no gel!) her exterior wound, then cut along the new yellow line to get to her heart.

  4. Cut, then use tongs to insert a piercing in the wound 4 times.

  5. Now just stitch and burn the exterior wound and you're done!


  • Keep track of the tool you have in use here, since you have to do a lot of switching between tools. An A isn't too tough here.

Scarlett Throbbing

  1. Creatures in the interior are the toughest levels in my opinion, so this one is a bit tougher than the others.

  2. Stitch up the deeper exterior wounds, then burn and gel all of the exterior wounds.

  3. You'll notice that Scarlett's heart rate is low to begin with, so I would suggest using the needle a few times to get her heart rate up before you go after the crabs inside.

  4. Use the pizza cutter to reveal one crab roaming the inside of her heart.

  5. It's important to know that crabs run from the mouse cursor, so it's best to attack them when they are in the middle of the screen.

  6. Scarlett also has 2 deep wounds, so it might be best to stitch them up while you're waiting for the crab to go to the middle of the screen.

  7. You need to use the chainsaw on the crabs, and by use I mean click and hold your cursor on top of the crab.

  8. The crab should emanate this little sunburst of its impending death, and then it will lose its shell.

  9. KEEP HOLDING, though, even after it loses its shell, otherwise you have to chase the crab (which is faster due to its utter terror), and it's much harder to get an A.

  10. If you hold the chainsaw too long, though, you'll cut Scarlett and possibly ruin your chances for an A, so it's important to look for the blue gunk splatter and/or the X's in the crab's eyes, both of which tell you the crab is dead.

  11. Now use the tongs on the crab claw and stitch up any deep wounds you have, then burn and gel all wounds. (Note: As far as I can tell, blue crab gunk does not lower heart rate any faster, so there is no need to vacuum it up unless it's hiding some cut you need to heal).

  12. Stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound.

  13. Now might be a good time to use the needle to up Scarlett's heart rate before you head into another crab-infested area.

  14. Use the pizza cutter on the yellow line to reveal 2 crabs on her liver.

  15. I prefer to kill both crabs before I heal any of the wounds because live crabs make new wounds, so repeat the same procedure on these two crabs (hold the chainsaw on a crab, watch it lose its shell and keep holding until you see blue gunk and/or X's for eyes).

  16. Stitch any major wounds, then burn and gel all wounds.

  17. If it looks like you're done but the game isn't bouncing you back to the exterior, you probably have a small cut hidden under all the blood and crab gunk. In this case, use the vacuum to suck up that stuff to find any remaining wounds.

  18. Stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound to finish!


  • This one is tougher to get an A on, and it requires that you don't slip with the chainsaw, as well as use of the needle several times for health on Scarlett's exterior.

  • The exterior is best for using the needle because her heart rate doesn't drop as quickly as it does in the interior.

  • Also, if you misclick and get any "WRONG"s, you will likely be downgraded, so wait until the crabs are in the center of the screen and click with confidence.

  • It's also really important to hold your click on a crab after it loses its shell and you see its tiny, frightened face.

  • I had some difficulty finding the right angle at which to excise the crab legs, so it may take a few tries to successfully pull this surgery off without dropping a crab leg.

Uncle Chuckles

  1. First up, use your pizza cutter to explode Chuckles's nose, then vacuum up the blood (enough to see) to reveal a deep wound.

  2. Stitch, burn, and gel it, then use your pizza cutter on the yellow line to get to the interior.

  3. The dove needs 3 separate zaps with the car battery to kill it, and it's important to only zap on the dove, otherwise Chuckles's heart rate will drop to 0, and when you zap him (Chuckles) again, it won't bounce back to where it was before.

  4. The bird gives you quite a bit of time between on screen appearances, which should give you a lot of time (between appearances 1 and 2) to heal all wounds and vacuum up any feathers and bird dung than may be cluttering your screen.

  5. Once you've done the bird in, you may need to vacuum up the splatter to reveal some hidden cuts, but once all cuts are mended, you to stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound.

  6. But that's not all! Use the pizza cutter on the new yellow line and use your scanner and pizza cutter to reveal a rope of colorful handkerchiefs...attached to a dead-looking rabbit.

  7. Due to the location of the rope, you will have to use the tongs, then lift your tongs, then grab the rope again closer to the wound before it retreats back inside to reveal the rabbit at the end of it. (Fortunately, the rope doesn't retreat too quickly, and you should only have to life your mouse once).

  8. Use the tongs on the rabbit to place him/her on the tray, the stitch, burn, and gel the wound.

  9. Stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound to finish!


  • You have to be careful where you zap when you're dealing with the bird, as a false click will place Chuckles in cardiac arrest, as well as decrease your chances for an A.

  • If you accidentally zap Chuckles instead of the bird, zap him again, then use the needle to get his heart rate back up.

  • Everything else is fairly straight-forward.

The Shame-Rock

  1. Stitch up the deep exterior wound, then burn and gel all exterior wounds to reveal the yellow line you have to cut.

  2. I like to use the needle in the exterior before heading inside, raising his heart rate to 70 or 80 bpm.

  3. Once inside, you're dealing with poison, which will multiply if left untreated in either gas or droplet form.

  4. Unlike the original Alan Probe, here poison is dealt with the needle (NOT the pizza cutter).

  5. Grab the needle, click on top of a poisonous cloud, then follow the dotted line without touching the sides to the goal at the other end. This will splatter the poison into some greenish drops that must be vacuumed up.

  6. I recommend using the needle on all of the clouds (and you'll probably get some that multiply because there are so many) before grabbing the vacuum, as you have less time with the clouds before they multiply than un-vacuumed poison gas.

  7. Note: Make sure you get all of the droplets! It will say "AWESOME" for each time you vacuum up all of the droplets from one cloud.

  8. Once you needle all of the poison gas bubbles and vacuum up the droplets, you head back to the exterior to stitch, burn, and gel the cut.

  9. Next, you must cut another yellow line to replace his knee. Use the chainsaw along the solid yellow line, then the tongs to remove it, and the tongs again to insert the knee replacement.

  10. Burn along the black line and gel along the green line to seal the new knee.

  11. Don't forget to use the tongs to grab the two bone shards in the surrounding tissue, and to stitch, burn, and gel those wounds.

  12. Stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound, then head to the thigh and cut along the new yellow line.

  13. Again, use your chainsaw on the solid yellow line, then the tongs to remove the old femur, tongs to insert the new femur, and then the lighter on the black line and the gel on the green one.

  14. There are 2 more wayward bone shards that need to be removed with tongs, and the wounds must be stitched, burned, and gelled.

  15. Stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound and you're done!


  • There are a lot of steps here, and the key to an A is keep track of which tool you have and not make any mistakes.

  • Using the needle (especially in the exterior) is important, and learning to use it well even more so.

  • If you hit the sides on your way through each mini needle maze, you may end up with a new cut that you have to heal, and the poisonous gas has more time to multiply.

  • One really tricky thing about using the needle in this level is that the needle will flip directions (up or down), depending on where you've inserted it, so if you think you need to move your cursor up but you actually need to move it down, you will see a big "WRONG" on screen and lessen your chances for an A.

  • One other needle/poison issue to be aware of is that when the needle is being used to destroy the poison, it does not raise the patient's heart rate.

  • So if you want to use the needle to accelerate Shame's heart, you have to do it somewhere that isn't a poison bubble.

  • The poison part is the toughest part of this level by far (in my opinion), so if you can master the needle and its tendency to flip directions, you'll be golden.

Mystery Boss

  1. The trick in this level is that you're essentially operating in the "dark," which means you have an opaque screen with a circle of light surrounding your cursor. This isn't actually all that bad, although it's probably helpful to survey each screen you have before you start with any operating.

  2. Actually, before starting anything at all on the exterior, you should probably use your needle a couple of times, as the President's heart rate is already low at 20 bpm.

  3. Cut along the yellow line, then head to the poisoned interior.

  4. You'll start with 2 poison clouds, and if you're quick, you should be able to needle them to droplet form before they multiply.

  5. Vacuum up the droplets (and be sure to get them all!), then burn and gel all of the wounds before heading back to the exterior to stitch, burn, and gel your incision.

  6. You may want to use the needle to get his heart rate up before cutting along the yellow line to reveal a bee that flies by and 3 poison clouds.

  7. Deal with the poison first with the needle before it multiples (and even if it multiplies), then vacuum all droplets.

  8. Now you're left with 2 problems: some small incisions (left by the bee) and the bee itself.

  9. The bee isn't on screen all the time, which is annoying, but most of that time you'll want to spend waiting for the bee or using your needle to get his heart rate up.

  10. There are also a few small wounds you can burn and gel, but taking care of the poison and taking care of the bee should be top priorities (in that order).

  11. To get the bee, select the car battery, then move your cursor around to search for him, as he/she lands randomly and can only be zapped once each time he/she lands. It will land somewhere, and you need to zap it.

  12. You have to zap the bee 3 times for it to die, and each time it will leave behind poison you have to take care of.

  13. Once zapped, the bee will fly away, and you need to zap up the poison cloud and poison droplets it left behind.


  • Poison is tough because it can multiply, and poison coming from an interior creature is doubly tough.

  • Make sure you only zap the bee and not the patient, and use your needle quickly and accurately when you can to get the heart rate back up.

  • You need to rack up the "AWESOME"s and not miss with the needle to get an A.

Bonus Patient Act 1

  1. The Bonus Act 1 patient will appear after you get an A on each of the other Act 1 patients.

  2. The Bonus Patient in Act 1 is Vladimir Ampire, and he is a non-sparkly, poorly disguised vampire who needs some serious help.

  3. You will be operating in the dark as you did for the President, but Vladimir doesn't have a heart rate that you need to watch.

  4. In fact, Vladimir doesn't need to be healed in the same way that other patients do. To heal any of his wounds (deep cuts, shallow cuts, or burns), use the vacuum to pour blood on them.

  5. At the outset, Vladimir has 2 stakes in his torso that need to be removed very slowly and carefully with tongs.

  6. Once removed, those wounds (as well as any others) need to be vacuumed with blood (the vacuum will spit out blood on its own without you sucking up blood first, so don't worry that it will suck up blood on accident, or worry about not having cuts to suck blood from, as was the case in the original).

  7. Use the pizza cutter to head to the interior, where you must remove 2 cloves of garlic with tongs.

  8. The garlic is emitting poisonous gas clouds, and you deal with poison clouds with the needle, just as you do with patients that have a pulse (although now the needle is red with blood instead of bluish-green).

  9. After gutting the poison bubbles with the needle, use the vacuum to suck up the poison droplets. Use the vacuum again to heal any wounds or burns.

  10. Now you must use your scanner to reveal 2 hidden silver bullets that must be cut out with the pizza cutter, then excised with tongs and their wounds healed with the vacuum.

  11. Vacuum the exterior wound to reveal another yellow line you must cut.

  12. Now we have 3 bats. The bats need to first be burned with the lighter in their cute faces to wake them. (I recommend dealing with each bat one by one, as I'm not sure you can win by waking all of them at once).

  13. Once awake, use the needle on their cute mouths to fill their bellies with blood. You must use the needle 3 times on each bat for its cute belly to burst.

  14. After dealing with the bats (and any small cuts you may have left from missed needle use with the vacuum), just vacuum the exterior wound to finish.


  • Good needlework is the key to an A here, as you have to use the needle a lot here.

  • Not having a heart rate that you need to worry about helps.

  • Just take care of the poison quickly without hitting the edge of the needle, then deal with the bats one by one and you should be set!

Act 2

Ringo Fixit

  1. Remove the 2 shards of glass with tongs and stitch up all of his major wounds.

  2. Burn and gel all exterior wounds to reveal the yellow line you have to cut to get to the interior.

  3. Before cutting, though, I would probably go to the needle a few times to raise his heart rate before dealing with his very cut-up lungs.

  4. Here the story is very much the same as it was on the exterior: remove the 2 shards of glass with tongs and stitch up all of his major wounds before burning and gelling all wounds.

  5. You'll now return to the exterior to stitch up, burn, and gel your incision, and then reveal another yellow line you need to cut through.

  6. Now is a good time to use the needle if your heart rate is low.

  7. Here at the liver, you'll see another 2 shards of glass that you need to remove with tongs, then stitch, burn, and gel the two wounds.

  8. Since you haven't been bounced back to the exterior, this means there is something left to do, so get out your scanner and find the 2 hidden objects (again, I typically deal with them separately).

  9. After using your pizza cutter and removing the 2 wads of cash with the tongs, you have to stitch, burn, and gel the two incisions.

  10. Then you'll be bounced back to the exterior, where you stitch, burn, and gel your incision. This should reveal the final exterior yellow line you have to cut.

  11. Here is Ringo's kidney, which you need to chainsaw over 2 separate lines to break the kidney into removable pieces you excise with tongs (you can make the two cuts at once, or cut and remove, cut and remove).

  12. After removing the old kidney, use the tongs on the new kidney and place it in the middle of the screen.

  13. Now, just burn along the black line, gel along the green line, then stitch, burn, and gel your exterior incision. That's it!


  • No tips here that I haven't said before. Just make good use of the needle, don't drop the kidney or any shards of glass, and you should have an A.

Napoleon Trotterski

  1. So this is a weird surgery, and will require some quick typing skills on your part.

  2. First, use the chainsaw on hoof 1, then use the tongs to discard the cut hoof piece, the tongs again to place the thumb where the hoof piece used to be, then burn along the black line and gel along the green line.

  3. Repeat this process with hoof 2.

  4. Now at the pig exterior, use your pizza cutter along the dotted line.

  5. These are the pig's vocal cords, which you need to cut with the chain saw (again, you can cut all three then remove all three, or cut, remove, repeat, repeat).

  6. Use the tongs to remove the vocal cord remnants, and the tongs again to insert the type 'n tell that is now going to serve as the pig's new voice box.

  7. Burn along the black line and gel along the green line to seal it in.

  8. Now comes the unique part. First, vacuum up the blood so you can see the screen of the type 'n tell.

  9. Now use the car battery to zap the type 'n tell (I think anywhere on the device is fine).

  10. Now you will see words crawl across the digital screen of the type 'n tell, and you must type them in before they crawl all the way to the left.

  11. If a word gets all the way to the left (i.e., where the bomb is) before you type it in, a few flames will erupt, causing damage and probably blocking the screen.

  12. You can, in theory, use the mouse to click the alphabetically-arranged keys on the keyboard to type in the words, but I'm not sure it can actually be done, as the final few words are very fast. However, you can use your actual keyboard on your actual computer to type them in as they crawl across the screen fairly easily (easily, that is, if you are a fast typer).

  13. There are 10 words you must type, all of which are somehow related to your patient, and some of which initially look like other words (e.g., you must type both "PIGGY" at one point, as well as "PIGLET," so be careful about not anticipating and typing in each key correctly.

  14. A wrong key will start a fire just like the word getting to the bomb will.

  15. After that, just stitch, burn, and gel the wound to finish.


  • The toughest part here is typing in the 10 words, and the last few may go by very quickly, depending on your typing ability.

  • Be cautious and avoid making incorrect keystrokes, and things should turn out okay.

  • Getting at A here isn't the hard part...it's just finishing the level at all amidst the fires on the type 'n tell.

  • One quick note: a slow connection for me made this level completely impossible, as I couldn't tell what the word was before the game had already determined that the word had hit the bomb.

Capn' Splinters

Note: some people have reported extreme difficulty with this level due to a bug in the game. I haven't experienced this bug using a PC with Chrome version 7.0.517.44, so I don't really know what to do if you're experiencing the bug.

  1. First off, you have to burn each of the belly barnacles this pirate boasts. (Vacuuming the barnacle sludge doesn't seem to gain you anything, so don't worry about it).

  2. Next, make your incision with the pizza cutter along the yellow line.

  3. At the heart exterior, you already know it's going to be bad when you see 5 tentacles stick out through open heart wounds. Use your pizza cutter on the yellow line to head inside the heart, although you might want to use the needle a few times before you do.

  4. Once inside, you can see the squid that has been plaguing the capn'.

  5. There is nothing you can do to the squid when it is just looking around; you can only attack the squid when it is inhaling(?) or when it is dazed. Its looking around phase will be a good time to use the needle to replenish health and vacuum up squid ink.

  6. Wait for the squid to do its inhaling thing, then use the car batter and zap its uvula (the dangly thing in the back of its throat), then grab the chainsaw quickly and use it on one of its tentacles (and you can only cut one tentacle at a time).

  7. While the squid throws a tantrum and then returns to its looking around phase, grab the vacuum to suck up the squid ink.

  8. Grab the needle to replenish any health you might have lost. You should be able to use the needle once or twice before you need to grab the car battery again to repeat this process for each of the other 4 tentacles.

  9. Once you've zapped and cut each of the 5 tentacles, you simply zap the uvula one last time when the squid inhales, then, when it's dazed, instead of chainsawing a tentacles, just chainsaw its face. (Note: if you are more concerned with getting an A on this level than simply finishing it, jump to the Tips section before completing this step).

  10. It will explode and leave behind some squid ink you need to vacuum up before you'll be bounced back to the heart exterior.

  11. Now, stitch, burn, and gel the incision you made.

  12. Next, use tongs on one of the tentacles to remove it to the silver tray, then stitch, burn, and gel the wound.

  13. Repeat this process for the remaining 4 tentacles. If you want an A, be careful not to drop any of the tentacles.

  14. Once you've removed all of the tentacles and healed all of the heart wounds, you simply need to stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound to finish!


  • Another user alerted me to the fact that it's impossible to get an A on this level without dragging out the squid's death a little bit.

  • After you have cut off all of the squid's tentacles and all the remains to be done is to zap it a final time in the uvula and then chainsaw its face, you should actually hold off on chainsawing its face and just keep zapping and vacuuming ink (and using the needle to accelerate the heart rate) until you have about 1 minute remaining.

  • Then chainsaw the squid's face and vacuum up any remaining ink and proceed through the rest of the steps outlined above.

  • It is also important to vacuum up the ink whenever you get a chance, as a lot of exposed squid ink will decelerate the patient's heart rate very quickly.

  • Using the needle when the squid is just looking around will help a lot.

Princess Starla

  1. Finally, a cosmetic surgery! This one is a bit confusing, since there are not interior creatures to zap or anything obvious. Anyway, cut along the yellow line with your pizza cutter to head to the interior.

  2. Use your scanner to find 2 hidden(?) fat bubbles(?), and (one at a time), cut them out with your pizza cutter, burn them with your lighter, put out the fire with your vacuum, and heal the burns with your gel.

  3. To leave Starla's belly, you have to then vacuum up any remaining fat globs, and once you've done so, you'll be bounced back to Starla's torso.

  4. Stitch, burn, and gel the incision, and now you're at Starla's lips.

  5. Use your needle on each of the 4 quadrants of her lips (i.e., lower left, lower right, upper left, and upper right) to enhance them, burning and gelling any cuts you might accidentally make by hitting the needle sides in the mini needle maze.

  6. Now you will be bounced to Starla's face, so use your pizza cutter where her nose should be.

  7. Use your chainsaw on her nasal bone(?), then the tongs to remove the old bone parts, and the tongs again to pick up and place the new bone parts where the old ones used to be.

  8. Next, burn along the black line and gel along the green line to seal the new bone in place.

  9. At Starla's face again, first stitch, burn, and gel your nose incision.

  10. Next, you must use your lighter in between her eyebrows (no, I don't know why it's the lighter).

  11. This will start a fire, which you must put out with the vacuum.

  12. Now use gel on any remaining burns and you're done!


  • The trouble with Starla is figuring out what to do. Once you know what tools you need to use, it's fairly easy (as long as you don't mess up with the needle at any point).

Chewtoy Chuck

  1. Chuck's heart rate is at 20 bpm to start with, so you might want to use the needle on him right away, or maybe after stitching up some of those major wounds.

  2. Remove the 3 dog teeth from the open wounds, then stitch all major wounds, and then burn and gel all wounds.

  3. Now use the scanner to reveal the locations of 2 hidden dog teeth, use the pizza cutter on them (I prefer separately), and remove them with tongs, then stitch, burn, and gel the wounds.

  4. Before gelling the final wound, you might want to use the needle a few more times, because this guy is losing a lot of blood.

  5. Now at Chuck's leg, remove the 2 dog teeth, then stitch, burn, and gel all wounds.

  6. You now have to use the scanner one more time to reveal another hidden dog tooth, which you must excise with tongs, then stitch, burn, and gel the wound.

  7. Now you're at the patient's...ahem...rear, where there is another dog tooth to excise with tongs, and a few more deep cuts that have to be stitched.

  8. Next, burn and gel all wounds before breaking out your scanner again to reveal one additional hidden dog tooth (tongs, stitch, burn, and gel, just like all of the others). That's it!

  9. (Note: Chuck has an unsightly butt mole, but you're not here for cosmetics this time, so don't bother with it).


  • This is a straight-forward patient who is losing a lot of blood fast, so just be quick and make use of the needle when you've burned all of the on-screen wounds and you should be able to get an A without too much of a headache.

Jimmy the Spider

  1. Use your pizza cutter on the yellow line, and the pizza cutter again on the intestine to reveal 2 flames and 2 flies that are cutting your patient (Actually, you might want to use your needle a few times before entering the intestine). The flies need to be zapped with the car battery and the flames need the vacuum to put them out.

  2. I recommend zapping the flies first and then dealing with the flames. This is because a zapped fly will leave behind a flame anyway, and it's easier to deal with all of the flames at once then switching tools a lot.

  3. If you can do that (and it's not easy; those flies jump around a lot), you'll be left with a few things still to do, the most important of which is dispose of the remaining LIVE fly eggs.

  4. There are 3 sets of eggs on the screen, two of which are LIVE and will respawn as flies again, and one of which is DEAD.

  5. The live eggs change shades of red, move a little bit, and are a bunch of circles together, whereas the dead eggs are grayish and don't move at all.

  6. Use the tongs on the live eggs, but don't drop the eggs or move your cursor too quickly, as either will result in a new fly that you have to zap, then deal with the flame.

  7. Once you get both groups of live eggs back to the tray, move the dead eggs over (which you can do much more quickly; dead eggs will never respawn) and heal all of the burns with gel.

  8. Now stitch, burn, and gel your incision before using your needle many times (get the heart rate up as high as you dare) before using your pizza cutter to deal with the mess in the upper portion of the intestine.

  9. Here you have 6 flies and 4 existing flames, and there doesn't seem to be a great way to go about this.

  10. The flames need the vacuum (just as before), and the flies need to be zapped (just as before).

  11. If too much time passes after killing a fly and the live eggs respawn, another fly will reemerge and you'll have to zap it, too. It's a lot to keep track of, and a lot of flames to put out while Jimmy's heart rate will be plummeting. (Some advice for doing this successfully is down in the Tips section).

  12. Once you've zapped all bugs with the car battery, put out all fires with the vacuum, removed all eggs with tongs (live and dead), and healed all burns with gel, you should get bounced back to the intestine to stitch, burn, and gel your incision.

  13. Now just stitch, burn, and gel your exterior incision to finish.


  • I thought this was the hardest of all the levels because of the 6 fly part. First, in dealing with all of those flies, flames, eggs, and burns, it's critical not to miss zapping a fly, especially if you haven't upgraded your car battery.

  • Once you miss zapping a fly, even if you zap Jimmy again to get his heart going, his heart rate will be much lower than it was, and his heart rate drops really, really fast, and there isn't much time to use the needle to get it back up.

  • Second, it's important to get good at removing those live eggs, although I'm not really sure what triggers them to respawn. Sometimes eggs that seem to have just appeared respawn, and sometimes they seem to remain eggs for quite some time.

  • Dropping live eggs will definitely get you another fly, but I'm not really clear on what types of movements that eggs can't tolerate.

  • My advice is to see how fast you are able to move them to the tray back in the 2 fly portion of the surgery so that if you manage to zap all 6 flies in the later portion (as well as put out all of the fires), you'll be able to get the 3 groups of live eggs to the tray without respawning any of them (although I think it requires a lot of luck).

  • One nice thing about the eggs is that once they have respawned and you successfully zap the fly and put out the fire, the eggs will be dead and can't respawn again.

  • Jimmy's heart rate is really the problem here, since it drops so fast, even after all the flies are gone and the flames are put out.

  • Practice removing the eggs, get Jimmy's heart rate as fast as it will go without killing him before you head into the upper portion of his intestine, and don't zap Jimmy when you meant to zap a fly.

  • It's actually difficult to get any grade but an A in this level, as doing non-A work will probably get you killed before you can earn a subpar grade.

Peeping Tom

  1. Like Starla, the trick with Tom is figuring out what to do, not how to do it.

  2. You start out looking at one of Tom's 2 closed eyes (which is not obvious), and you need to use the tongs, first to lift his upper eyelid (you have to drag your cursor to your tool menu to do this) and then to drop his lower eyelid.

  3. Now use your pizza cutter to make an incision on the yellow line down the center of his eyeball.

  4. Use the chainsaw on the damaged retina, then use the tongs to remove it, and the tongs again to grab and drop the advanced retina where the old retina used to be.

  5. Next, burn along the dotted line and gel along the green line to seal that new retina in.

  6. Next, use your lighter on each of the two purple dots (scar tissue?) in the surrounding tissue.

  7. Put out the flames with your vacuum, then heal the burns with your gel.

  8. Now stitch, burn, and gel the eyeball incision.

  9. It might look like the eye you were working on just closed, but you have actually switched eyes and must now repeat the whole process, starting with the tongs to open the eyelids and finishing with the stitch, burn, and gel on the eyeball incision. That's it!


  • After Jimmy the Spider, Peeping Tom is a piece of cake. Just don't open his eyelids too quickly or drop them, and put out the fires quickly. It shouldn't be too much trouble to finish the level with an A.

The Aide

  1. The Aide not only starts with a heart rate of 10 bpm, but he also has a lot of different sharp objects in his torso, and they all must be excised with tongs.

  2. The wounds they have left also must be stitched, burned, and gelled, but whether you should do them one at a time or all at once depends on whether or not you're going for the A (see Tips).

  3. One at a time is safest, but won't be as fast as all at once. Either way, you have to use the needle at some point because his heart rate is in the toilet.

  4. Once you've removed all of the sharp objects with tongs and stitched, burned, and gelled all of his wounds (and used the needle to get his heart rate up a bit), use your pizza cutter to head to the interior.

  5. His liver is the wrong color, so slice it with the chain saw along the 2 yellow lines.

  6. Now use the tongs 3 times to move all 3 pieces to the silver tray, and use the tongs one more time to move the transplant liver back to where the old liver used to be.

  7. Now burn it along the dotted outline and gel it along the green outline.

  8. Now stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound, and then use the pizza cutter on the next exterior yellow line.

  9. Here's a green kidney that needs to be chainsawed twice, and then the 3 pieces need to be moved individually to the silver tray with the tongs.

  10. Next, use the tongs to insert the new kidney where the old kidney used to be.

  11. Burn it along the black outline and gel it along the green one.

  12. Now stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound before using your pizza cutter on the third and final exterior yellow line.

  13. Heal the three burns on his green heart, then head inside the heart with a pizza cutter.

  14. Uh oh. 3 poison-marked tombstones in the walls of your heart muscles can't be good. You need to burn the tombstones with the lighter, and each will leave behind a poison cloud that must be needled and then vacuumed up once in droplet form (But if you want to get an A, skip to the tips below).

  15. After dealing with the poison, heal the burns with the gel, then stitch, burn, and gel the heart incision, and then stitch, burn, and gel the exterior incision. That's it!


  • Just as in the Capn' Splinters level, you have to prolong this man's illness to rack up lots of consecutive "AWESOME"s to get an A.

  • This means you have to let the poison clouds multiply a little, so you have more clouds to rupture with the needle and more poison droplets to vacuum up.

  • Take care of 2 of the 3 poison-looking tombstones (fire, vacuum, needle on poison cloud, vacuum, gel on the burns), but when you get to the third tombstone, heal the burns but let the poison cloud multiply to give you a second poison cloud.

  • When you have 2 clouds, needle the first one, then vacuum up the droplets, then wait for the other cloud to multiply. Repeat.

  • You only need about 20 seconds (if that) to stitch, burn, and gel his heart incision and his exterior incision, so repeat this process until you have about that much time left on the clock. Or, wait until you have about 110,000 points.

Mystery Boss 2

  1. It's Dwayne Pipe! Dwayne starts out with a heart rate of 20 bpm and 3 small incisions, so burn and gel those 3 cuts, then use your needle a few times to get his heart rate up before using your pizza cutter on the yellow line.

  2. Dwayne's heart has 2 poison clouds that need to be needled, then vacuumed up after they are in droplet form.

  3. Next, stitch, burn, and gel the one deep cut, then burn and gel the remaining shallower cuts.

  4. You might want to use your needle again, but the interior of the heart is a doozy. Inside is a scary-looking centipede-type insect that can only be killed with the chainsaw. Notice that the rear segment of the insect is red, and that is where you need to use the chainsaw.

  5. Once you've done one segment, the insect will be shorter, and the red segment will now have moved up one.

  6. Repeat this process (you can hold your chainsaw down on top of the insect to try to kill it quickly, but this runs the risk of accidentally chainsawing Dwayne, which isn't actually what you're supposed to do) until you've chainsawed its red head, then use the needle on the poison cloud that it left.

  7. Now, quickly vacuum up the remaining poison droplets (some from the cloud, and some from the insect) before healing the small cuts with the lighter and gel.

  8. Again, before gelling that last cut, you might want to use the needle because what comes next really zaps Dwayne's heart rate.

  9. After healing the last cut, get your chainsaw ready while the screen will shake and you'll wonder what's going on when ZOMG! It's a big bug/lamprey thing which I'll call the big bug.

  10. While the big bug seems to be eating your face, use the chainsaw or car battery on it (all over the middle).

  11. That should daze the big bug and make it retreat, and you need to grab your needle and place it over one of its 3 eye-type things.

  12. Use the needle successfully and that eye should pop and make the big bug really mad.

  13. The popped eye leaves behind some poison droplets, so while the big bug is fuming and plotting, vacuum them up.

  14. Now that regular brown/red insect is back, so use your chainsaw on the red segments again, then use your needle on the poison cloud it leaves behind, and the vacuum on the poison droplets.

  15. Now stitch, burn, and gel the major wound and burn and gel all the minor ones, but use your need several times before gelling that final cut.

  16. Get your chainsaw or car battery ready to repeat this process for the next 2 eyes.

  17. Once you've used the needle on the third and final big bug eye, it will spit out a bunch of poison droplets that you need to vacuum up, as well as 3 of those brown/red insects that you need to kill with chainsaws.

  18. I think it's best to deal with those one at a time; otherwise you'll get a bunch of poison clouds that will multiply as you're trying to kill the other insects.

  19. Once you deal with those insects, stitch all major wounds, then burn and gel all wounds.

  20. Next, stitch, burn, and gel your heart incision, then stitch, burn, and gel your exterior incision and you're done!

And a note for players of the original Alan Probe: In the final level of the original game, you needed to use your chainsaw to anticipate where the spider was going to emerge, If you did this successfully, the spider would emerge, but a brown segment with legs would also fly out...a brown segment that looked a lot like the insects here. AND, if you used the car battery in that level, you would see the insect emerge, but you could never attack it. Well, here it is! It's been living in this guy the whole time.

  • This is nowhere near as difficult as Jimmy the Spider, but the big bug does spit a lot of poison in your face when it's attacking, so it's important to keep Dwayne's heart rate quite high.

  • Always deal with the poison before dealing with any creatures and you should be able to ace this level, too.

Bonus Patient Act 2

  1. Now it's time to resurrect Dr. Bleed! Use your vacuum on the dirt on top of his coffin, then use your chainsaw on the yellow line to get to his corpse. (Now you'll see a prompt about keeping Dr. Bleed's heart rate about 30 bpm for more than 30 seconds to resurrect him).

  2. You'll notice, too, that you have new tools: cough syrup instead of gel and vampire tears instead of stitches.

  3. This is tricky, and I'm sure there are more ways to do this, but this worked for me: Pour cough syrup into his mouth, use the needle on him, then use the car battery.

  4. Now pour cough syrup into his mouth, use vampire tears on his thumb, use the needle on him, then use the car battery. Repeat.

  5. It really helps to be able to use the needle fast, and it's hard not to watch the clock, even though watching will slow you down.

  6. The vampire tears may also work on a few other wounds (I poured them pretty much everywhere, then would switch to the needle after a second, whether or not I'd gotten an "AWESOME").

  7. If you repeat this process and can use the needle quickly, you should be able to finish the level with an A.


  • Just be fast with switching your tools and using the needle (and don't mess up with the needle).

  • This level (like a few others) is easy to get an A on, but hard to finish at all.


MarkDizzle June 28, 2010 3:27 PM

How do you beat the octopus?


What do you do with the squid?

Chojiro June 28, 2010 3:40 PM

I've had it with the typing portion. The letters scroll by way too fast, and if you miss so much as one word, you might as well give up and restart.



shock his tonsils, then when he's stunned, chainsaw off his limbs. QUICKLY hoover up the ink, cos it saps health at an alarming rate.

Now, how do I ace the woman with crabs?

Cassandra June 28, 2010 3:45 PM

stupid wasp...



yeah i was at the wasp too when i realized i couldn't beat this game with a touchpad. but fun though.


For the squid zap the dangaly thingy in it mouth then cut off its tenticals then after all the tenticals are cut off zap it one more time. then vacum the ink then you will know what to do

Grant Thurston June 28, 2010 4:18 PM

I'm having trouble with one surgery...

In act 2, on Jimmy, I'm having a hard time getting the eggs out without having it suddenly burst into flames and have the moth hatch. Is there some way to avoid this? >_>;

It's really frustrating trying to do certain stages. I can NOT get anything above an F on certain surgeries. >:|


Fun game, although can be annoying at times.

For the letters with the pig ...

You can use the keyboard too.

The crabs ...

Keep you mouse away from it until its near the middle, then you can chase it back to the edge.

I'm personally stuck on the last level of Act 2. How do you beat the giant leech/worm?


"For the squid zap the dangaly thingy in it mouth then cut off its tenticals then after all the tenticals are cut off zap it one more time. then vacum the ink then you will know what to do"

...funnily enough, no i don't! what on earth do I do once I've destroyed the squid?! I've tried everything except the correct solution!

This is a fairly good game but there needs to be more indication of what you are expected to do at times


ok then if you dont know what to do then pull out the tenteculs after deystroying the squid. then patch up the cuts. after all that you should be done.

Randomname June 28, 2010 5:16 PM

David :

Once you've destroyed the squid, make sure you've vacuumed every drop of ink and healed any cut you may have made with the chainsaw.
Then you'll be taken back outside the heart, and at this point you'll be able to remove the tentacles.

I'm also going to repeat my comment from the Link Dump : IMO the reason this game is better than the first one is that you're not required to perform your actions perfectly and extremely quickly.
More puzzles, less dexterity, makes it much more fun to me.
Hope to see a third one!


I'm not sure what to do with the

piglet and its board.

It just gets too fast after a while!

fuzzyface June 28, 2010 7:21 PM

can some please explain scoring to me?

e.g. i cannot ace scarlet, altough in my terms im doing pretty good.

Tracian June 28, 2010 7:37 PM

Once you learn the indispensable "quick syringe trick" (keep left click down, right click, ignore the menu, point to the endpoint, left click) this game becomes very, very, very enjoyable and fun. Much more so than a "similar game series" on the Nintendo DS, in example.

I found the difficulty level jumping all over the place (the crabs were next to impossible, the beauty treatment a breeze even if it was a much more advanced stage), but the later puzzle levels in particular were great. And the clown stage is simply pure genius.


For anyone having issues finishing the squid

zap the mouth one last time after cutting all the arms and then use the chainsaw to cut along the row of stars on its head, that will finish it



It's mainly being quick, and not making mistakes. If the guy goes 'OW!', you start again :)

Get those combos rockin'!



Scoring is based on a combo system. You get an 'awesome' for doing something correctly. You get a multiplier for doing this many times, +1 for each awesome. So 4 awesomes in a row = 10x the points (1x + 2x + 3x + 4x). If you mess up in a serious way (drop an object with the tongs, touch out of bounds with the syringe), it drops the multiplier back to zero. Also, 'fixing' any mistake you make, like a pizza cut or a chainsaw gash, does not add to your multiplier or points. Lastly, it does not appear that time adds to your score.

So the key to getting a high score and a better grade is to not make mistakes, and to do as many awesomes as you can...

Which can be 'farmed' by certain tasks that spread damage over time without your involvement, such as poison and fire burns. Let the damage spread, keep your health up, cure some for the bonus points and added multiplier, and just make sure you end the level before time and your patient expire.



For the Dwayne level on Act 2:

After you've done the first bit, chainsaw that insect thing, and pick up the green fog with the syringe. Then when the big worm appears, apply the pizza slice to his face. While he is dazed, pick one of his eyes and give that mother an injection. Do a couple more to keep up your heart rate, and then heal the wounds. Repeat for each eye, then sew up and get the hell out of there. Simples :)


I'm stuck on Peeping Tom (the eye surgery guy) in Act 2 - I don't even know where to start...can't seem to find any clues either! :(

Bob Blah June 29, 2010 12:52 AM

What do you do when you get to the lips of the 4th woman on act 2?

Anonymous June 29, 2010 1:02 AM

For Act 2, the last stage, how do you beat the worm?

Acidifiers June 29, 2010 1:15 AM

Well, I believed I've finished the game, with varying scores for each of my patients. Difficult but doable on my touchpad. But there seem to be a "?" blank at the end of each act... are they some kind of secret unlockable surgery I've yet to uncover? Must I ace all the previous surgeries?

Some hints:

Use your keyboard.


Electrocute the wobbly thing in the back of it's throat (do octopuses really have those? Really?). Then saw off a tentacle. Repeat that until you've only got the head left, which you then saw at until it explodes into death. Er, yeah.


Zap them, clean up the mess, heal the guy, and wait for more moths to appear. When they've finished (ended up white and bloated and unchanging) pick them up and put them into your surgical tray thing.


Bob Blah:

use the green injection on each half lip(4 total)


For Act 2, the last stage

Cut the worm with the pizza cutter, and then when it's busy, pop one of the three pustules on its head with your syringe.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

fuzzyface June 29, 2010 4:21 AM

Thank you very much Mr. G, with this info I could already ace whole act 1.

And we learned an important lesson for medicine, you do not want to heal as fast as possible, you want to maximize dollars ... ehh points!

fuzzyface June 29, 2010 4:45 AM

Any hints for the captain? I've done a perfect OP and still only get a C. Also dont see any places here where you could farm...

Annihilatopia June 29, 2010 7:04 AM


Zap the squid repeatly even after you sawed off its 5 arms, aka don't kill the squid too quickly, also making sure you have enough time to clean up after you're done

score for A in the captain stage:


ThemePark June 29, 2010 7:05 AM

@Acidifiers: Yes, that's exactly what you have to do.


Each time you shock the octopus, you get another awesome combo. So at any point before you kill it, you can shock it and then wait for it to rage, then rinse and repeat. Do that until you have just enough time to kill it, remove its tentacles and close all the wounds. I kept shocking it until there was about 1 minute left.

SwimCeej June 29, 2010 10:37 AM

BTW, Amateur Surgeon 2 has only 2 parts (both of which have been released now), not 3. :)


Nope,there are three -- there are two "regular episodes" and a Christmas special.


Having problems once I get to the lips on the woman (stage 4) ... Princess something. Any help would be much appreciated...

fuzzyface June 29, 2010 12:50 PM


Thank you, after tantalizing the octopus long enough I assed him as well and got the secret end patient!

maliciouslove June 29, 2010 1:02 PM

how do you do the lips on the princess im kinda stuck


The first secret mission is

Vladimir Ampire

This guy is in a perpetual state of dead, so don't worry about health for this one. Simply remove his stakes.

Here comes the gimmick for this one. You may notice that the injecion tool is full of red liquid. Simply grab the vaccuum and douse his injuries in blood. Using the pain-away on this guy will do a grand total of nothing, and constant use will break your combo.

Cut him open. Remove the garlic, one, two, use injection on poison, three four, more blood-on-injury action and finish off with a nice round of metal detector.

Now comes the hard part. You should have put the injection tool to max by the end of the second mission, so this shouldn't be too hard. Use flame tool on the head of the vampire bat, and quickly inject it three times before it gets angry and sprays you with blood. Repeat twice more, vaccuum any stray cuts or accidental burns, repeat for the exterior wound and BAM, you're finished.

Not a hard mission, by any stretch of the word. It's just one big gimmick level with an interesting mechanic. I thought it was pretty good, anyway.


"So you zap the squid's tonsils with the car battery and then use the dustbuster to clean up? Gotcha! But what do I do about the clown's intestines?"

This is by FAR the most hilariously bizarre game strategy thread I've ever seen :)


For the second secret person

Dr. Bleed

Use the tongs on his finger, and then fire on the attachment, the pink bottle on his mouth, and the blue vial on his heart, inject him with the syringe, and then frantically switch between these to keep him above forty, quickly reattach his finger when it falls off, and you should be good. This is possibly the most nerve wracking of the operations.


If you are having trouble injecting, simply right click right after inserting the syringe, and click on the goal point. Simple.


And to clarify, the "Attachment" is the stitches on the finger. I meant to put "The place where it attaches"

Evil8296 June 29, 2010 11:32 PM

Hmm... I was on the guy you have to use a torch on, the one with the wasp. I killed the wasp, sucked up the poison, cauterized and cured every wound, but I didn't leave his chest... what's going on? Was it just a glitch, or did I have to do something else?

fuzzyface June 30, 2010 2:49 AM


You can also use the electrohits for another + once in a while. Its pretty easy combining all these.

Anonymous June 30, 2010 5:13 AM

i can't seem to type the word using my keyboard! nothing's coming out! and what's the word anyway? [pig level]


Evil, That place is tricky, red wounds in a red background can be hard to spot.

Ke$hafan28 June 30, 2010 2:07 PM

For the lips on princess scarla use the injection tool to increase the lip size


with the pig

no matter what I type, I never do anything! what are you even supposed to type? what's wrong with my keyboard?


I'm having the same problem as several others with the pig... I'm reading all these hints about typing something, but there's nothing to type! Please help, I have no clue what to do...

scrundle July 1, 2010 2:07 AM

FWIW, re: the pig, I got the keyboard to work (i.e., to accept typed inputs instead of having to mouse click keys on the screen) on IE but never on Firefox 3.6.6.


The pirate that swalloed the squid

How do I start? There are eyes on his body that keep following the cursor. I honestly don't know what to do.


Princess Starla

What do I do with her skin?


OK forget all that, what do I do with Peeping Tom?


I am completely stumped. What on earth are you supposed to do with the stiches? I "stich along the length of a cut" but nothing happens.


Okay, now I've finished with the final boss. I've killed all the bugs, sewed up all the wounds, but I can't leave his chest. What do I have to do next?


Dylan: WIth the squid,

think of the eyes as wounds. Try another tool.


Ok, what am I supposed to do with the syringe? I click and hold, and it does nothing. If I move, it hurts the guy


Finally I got full 'A's. In order to unlock bonus stages u need to get full 'A's in each act. Sadly there is no more bonus stage after getting 10 'A's.


after you zap and took off all the tentacles you shock him on "the dangly thing" you use the chainsaw and run it against the stars and he will squirt ink

Chaotick July 2, 2010 1:16 AM

Syringe: you're supposed to move your mouse over the dark green track, but you can just right click and go straight to the other end of the syringe.

I'm now occupied getting the bonus patients. Act 2 is out of the question at the moment, but in Act 1, that's a different story. The very last patient is predictably the only one which I can't achieve an A on. Any special exploits, or is it the classic "Do it as quickly as possible" fare?



I believe the problem is the bee. Always handle the poison first and quickly suck them up and then either cure the small cut or use injection. The bee will land every 2nd time it shows up, so you can keep your work at hand if you know it's not the time he gonna land. After being shocked 3 times, the bee would be dead with one last poison. U can leave it there and handle it last to get some extra combo if u got enough time and health (I didnt cuz I got enough score for A).
P.S. I will use injection at the beginning of the game, keeping the health over 200. It makes your life easier in the bee stage. Use the injection fast and accurate.

Should not be hard since u beat ACT2. Good luck.

Shannon July 3, 2010 11:03 PM

Where do I start with Peeping Tom?


For Peeping Tom:

Open up his eyelids with the tongs.


what do i do with the guy in the striped suit? i dont know what to do after i zap the green bugs and put out the fires. i have tried to syringe, cut, vacuum, and buirn the little bubbble clusters, and they dont go away


I finished this a week ago, and I've just come back and done the bonus stages.

Definitely an improvement over the original.

One possible bug I found - if you accidentally cause a burn wound on the first bonus patient, it doesn't seem possible to heal it.

Giggity July 6, 2010 3:21 PM

Im expecting a part three or a game 3. I want MORE!

Anonymous July 6, 2010 7:42 PM

I need help! I can't beat the Mystery Boss at the end of act one. Help please----

Anonymous July 6, 2010 10:14 PM

I don't know why but on the first guy in the barn on act 2 I can't get the money out properly in the second section.....I have tried multiple times but it just doesn't want to work right..Is there something I am not doing correctly..He is my last one before I get the last bonus mission.


how to beat the woman with the crabs mission please anyone tell me

Anonymous July 7, 2010 1:17 PM

so what do i do after putting the electronic eye in peeping tom?


For Peeping tom, after you implant the electronic eye, you have to set the purple spots on the left on fire, then douse it out.

jasonz777z July 7, 2010 11:53 PM

Oh, great, what do I do with the massive rumbling thing in the president (The bug after the centipede)?


How do you beat the squid? I got the tentacles off, but when I zapped the thing again, it didn't die. So, how do you kill the squid itself?


For the pig,you take the car battery and zap the "Type 'n' Spell" thing. Not like your trying to electrocute anything,just two small little zaps.Then whatever words come up on the Type n Spell,you have to type on your keyboard,if you dont do it fast enough the pad catches on fire.

michelle July 10, 2010 12:56 PM

ok ive read all the comments for the pig one. you guys say you can use your keyboard but everytime i try to use my keyboard it doesnt work. do you have to press a button or something?


Okay so in act two on jimmy the spider im stuck. ive already killed the bugs and got rid of the fires and healed the little blisters but what do i do with the big groups of blister type things?


how to you kill the centipede in the president for act 2? i've been trying for about half an hour already... :/


how do you finish the president one on act 2 i have been struggling with it forever!!!


I have no idea how to beat alan the president which is the last stage. i keep trying and i can never do it in time.


Princess Starla: Use the syringe in her mouth

Anonymous July 16, 2010 5:08 PM

you pick up the blisters


How do you beat the worm thing in the president on act two? I CAN NOT figure it out!! OMG!!! HELP!!

Anonymous July 17, 2010 2:20 PM

how do I start on peeping tom in act 2?

ShinStrike July 18, 2010 5:10 AM

For the pig-keyboard issues:

Try reloading the page and try again. I did that while playing on Google Chrome and it worked. Hope this helps

ShinStrike July 18, 2010 5:38 AM

For the spider

Use the elec to zap the flies, then use the vacuum to put out the fire. After killing the flies, there will be either broken eggs or yet-to-hatch eggs. For broken eggs just remove them using the thongs. For unhatched ones, use the thongs also but lift it and take it away slowly, if not it'll hatch and them you'll have flies again. Hope this helps =)

Anonymous July 18, 2010 5:44 PM

Okay, please help me! I cannot beat the mystery boss at the end of Act 1! Come on!

ShinStrike July 19, 2010 4:59 AM

Yay~! Finally cleared all with "A" ranks. =D


What problem are you facing? The wasp? If that's the root cause, then you should try to heal all the small wounds when it flies around and then wait for it to stop for awhile to electrocute it. I think it flies around twice before it stops for a while on its 3rd time. Good Luck!

Anonymous July 19, 2010 10:03 PM

Thank you so much! i finally beat hhim!

Anymonous July 20, 2010 11:25 PM

If you get an A Rank on all of the surgeries on file 2 you get to Ressurect Dr.Bleed! pull his thumb back on Cauterize it together cough syrup his mouth holy water his heart and continuously do so, put thumb back on fast if falls off the cauterize will keep form falling below 30... also you must inject him do all this repeatedly to keep the heart rate above 30 for 30 seconds and ta-da Dr.Bleed is Zombified? maybe i odnt really know he was sorta an angel.

Anonymous July 21, 2010 11:41 PM

how do you get past the worm on act 2?


What I must do with the calculator?, when you are operating the pig...

hahaha :) July 29, 2010 3:32 PM

the pig typing -

electrocute the typing thingamagig then type the words as the come along

im stuck after that?!

Anonymous August 1, 2010 9:17 PM

how do you get passed the clown i shocked the thing but im still inside his body


i don't know how to beat the bug inside the heart on the last level in act 2. am i supposed to shock it or set it on fire? i've lost that level several times because of that bug.

Anonymous August 4, 2010 10:12 PM

How do you get passed the part where princess starla... its like it show's her lips and I dont know what to do.


When I try to do the easy syringe cheat thing, two menus show up and the syringe disappears. If I move the mouse and click again it hurts the guy.
I'm using Firefox, could that be why?


To beat the worm thing in the mystery boss (president)After its all dazed, use a syringe on one of its eyes and so on and so on, then use the chainsaw on the crawlers and clean it up, then your done!


To get the bonus levels you must ace all sugerys in that act.

Hint: For the first bonus level use the vacum to heal his cuts and burns with blood.


Does anybody have any idea on what to do with the bats in the vampire dude??? please helppp!!!

Anonymous August 11, 2010 12:54 AM

I can not figure the clown out


How do you get rid of the CRABS?
I keep dying with them.

Brain confused August 18, 2011 1:49 AM

How do i complete the brain?!?! I can't get the wire in!!!!!!!


I'm trying to get an 'A' on Marvelous Manfredd and I've done everything perfectly (or so I thought) but I still can't get an 'A'. I have noticed the slower I play the more points I get. Can anyone help me?!?


The president stage I still can't get rid of the big bug thingy anyone can help?


How to destroy that biggest wasp in the ringmaster mission?

the last stage for circus.

Death striker September 3, 2011 11:31 PM

Can someone help with the pig, I use iPhone to play this game and some methods of this game for computer doesn't work at all so pls can send me another method


How do i beat Boris Power in the circus stage?I'm stuck at the part abs.


About the brain: first wire goes in the left slot, second goes in the right, third one goes in the middle. Now I just have to figure out the giant bug.


I can't figure out how to get an A on MannFred. I've done everything right and I'm only getting a C. Any tips? I've read others seem to he having the same problem.


So I finally figured out how to get an A on ManFredd. Doesn't make sense but don't kill all the "flying ticks" all at once. Shake, zap one or two, let the others land and repeat. Then inject the green spots, vaccum, sew, burn, and ointment. Gets you more points. Hope this helps!!!


If someone played this on ipad, i cant pass the level with the strong guy in the circus, i get to his abdomen, and i dont know what to do next


K. So I'm having two problems. I'm playing on the iPhone and when I play miss distress, I can only pierce her heart three times. I can't get an A. Is this normal. Also, I can't seem to get an A on miss starlet, the one with the plastic surgery thing. I don't know why. So what am I doing wrong?

zach reece October 19, 2011 4:52 PM

i am having trouble with the fires i have a max vacum and i stay at the base of the fire but it just wont go out plz help!!!!!


on the game amateur surgeon 2 on the circus freak-out part how do i beat the brain. i put in that metal red thing like it says to but then it dies right away


How do you beat the brain level in the Circus Freakout part?


How in the heck do you beat the rumbling worm
Thing inside the president its the last stage
In act 2?


Ugggggh my keyboard doesn't work for the pig


I have done everything right on shame rock and I am always just shy of an A. What else can I do to get the points? It's the only one I can't get an A on! Help Plz

Mr.Dontnow December 31, 2011 5:11 PM

After I beat the squid and fix the cuts i of course leave the octopus, but there should be the squids tentacles. Is it just some red dots or something like that? What do I do to get the tentacles instead? Or how do I make them disappear? Really want to know!!

stephanie January 5, 2012 7:29 PM

how do i pass the pig level?

Hideous perfection January 14, 2012 5:22 PM

You people need to READ the other comments!! The Answers are right here on this page..

Anyways, I need help with the brain in the jar on circus freak outs. I already got both levels but that black box after I burn it, I don't know what do to do, can anyone help?


I'm stuck on the president. I'm doing everything the walk through says to do, but I keep running out of time.


I am having trouble with the squid. When it goes back to the heart after all the squid stuff there is no tentacles hanging out, there is a red line instead. What do I do?


what shall i do on the macho man's abs on act 2?

gemarielawan August 26, 2012 12:40 AM

what about the circus? :( i'm stuch on the strongman's abs

Giraffasaurus December 25, 2012 7:46 PM

I need a walk through for the carnival part please

Dragongal May 18, 2014 11:33 AM

I'm having trouble with act 2 princess Starla! Tried for 2 days but I'm always 100 to 200 point from getting a grade A!! How to farm for more points. Pls help n email me at [email protected]. I'm wondering if I'll be getting a reply since everyone seems to have moved on to amateur 3.

I just started n it's really fun. But unfortunately I cannot seem to find part 1 on iPhone anymore. Sad case. Wonder why.


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