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Rating: 4/5 (40 votes)
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Simple arcade game Agar.io, created by Matheus Valadares and also free for iOS and Android, is one of those weird little games that's hard to really pitch to someone. You're a dot. You eat little dots to grow bigger. You want to be the biggest dot you can! But everyone else, because this takes place online, is also a dot, eating other dots, in a quest to become the biggest dot... and they're trying to eat you! Avoid other, larger dots while eating other, smaller dots, and try to get the highest score you can. Your dot follows your cursor, and since the smaller you are, the faster you move, so if you need to zip off, consider hitting [W] to poot out some mass. You can split your dot in twain with the [spacebar], and all dots created like this will move with you in unison, and though this makes you much more vulnerable, crafty players can use the size change and numbers to their advantage... or their downfall if they get cocky. The big, green spiky dots (the word "dot" has now lost all meaning to me) are viruses, and if you're bigger than them, they'll split you apart if you collide... something that you may be able to use to save yourself if you're being chased by another, bigger player. You can play in a free-for-all against other players, choose team mode to work together, choose party to generate a link to play with your friends, or try experimental mode, which offers new gameplay elements. The game does offer optional microtransactions, which allow you to buy more of the coins you earn by leveling up, and these in turn can be spent on cosmetic skins or temporary experience point or starting mass boosts. Agar.io is one of those games you either find fiendishly addictive like a good chunk of the population, or just don't get the appeal of. If you've ever craved an action game that'll leave you breathlessly racing from a giant pink dot painted to look like a banana, this is the game for you.

Play Agar.io

Download on the AppstoreAgar.io (iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch)

Google PlayAgar.io (Android, Android Tablet)


Oh, I love this game. But I think that I'd give it an age rating higher than Green. Do you know how console games that have an online mode will have a little notice saying that the ESRB can't rate online interactions? It's kind of like that. In this case the only thing people can do other than play is name their cells, but... they get pretty CREATIVE with that.

Rob Glass January 5, 2016 4:38 PM

Best lag ever!


The game is simple, but gets the work done. However, I won't recommend to play it because as Rob Glass said : it's incredibly laggy.

It was playable at first, but it's now impossible for a lot of people. And it's been so since many months now. It's a shame since the game is funny otherwise.

fuzzyface January 7, 2016 1:37 AM

Its over 10 years ago, but anyone remember the singleplayer version?


fuzzyface January 7, 2016 1:39 AM

Ps just seen that above link is the crappy one where they had to introduce levels later on.

This is the better more natural:


Loved Fishy and the sequels

Lets not forget about flOw that has a whole other level of strategy, literally.

I will be trying out Agar.io soon enough, lets hope the lag isn't too bad.


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