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Adult Swim fun

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Adult SwimFrom the Adult Swim website, Cartoon Network's saucy animated programming for adults, comes a series of Flash games featuring characters and scenes from the Adult Swim animated features. Although many of the games rely on rehashed gameplay elements to make them work, each one does so with flair and originality taken directly from its respective animated series. And while all of the games may not appeal to everybody, there's certainly a little something for everyone in the bunch, including: stealth action, strategy card battle, underwater shmup, platform, and even a text adventure. Each game is written in either Flash or Director (Shockwave), and all of them contain much of the same brash humor that has made Adult Swim a favorite with the 18-34 demographic. Highlighted here are just a few of what's available on the Adult Swim site.

Sealab 2021In Time for Trouble! you play as Dr. Quinn out to stop crewman Stormy Waters from installing the wrong cable that could blow up Sealab. Using the arrow keys for movement and the space bar for firing your harpoon, shoot everything in your path while avoiding all the obstacles and grabbing all the power-ups. The graphics, sound and animation make this game special, while the familiar shoot-em-up style gameplay gets the job done. Click.

Head GamesHead Games is a platformer with a twist. Carl has literally lost his head and your job, as Meatwad, is to help him find it. Meatwad movement is controlled with the arrow keys, and special Meatwad commands are issued using either keys 1-5, or simply by clicking the appropriate icon on the screen. Commands such as MeatWall, MeatUmbrella, MeatSpring, and MeatTrampoline are all needed to help guide Carl towards his lost head while avoiding obstacles along the way. An unusual twist to the platform genre, this game is ...uh, odd. From the series Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Click.

JailBirdManThe object of JailBirdMan is to use your powers of stealth to complete five missions of increasing difficulty. You play as Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, where a bad losing streak has landed your last five clients in the slammer. To see that justice is served, you've decided to bust each of them out. Movement is performed using the mouse, with Harvey moving faster as you move the cursor farther away. Avoid the guards, get the key, open the cell... then on to the next. Click.


I was not surprised to learn that Ferry Halim is the creator of both Time for Trouble! and Head Games. If you haven't already visited Ferry's Orisinal site, you need to stop reading this and head on over there right now.


Does this game have an end, or something close to an end? I scored 20,300 points, reached level 23, and my ranking was Captain's Table. I think it took over an hour.


i love the aqua teen hunger force game head games i got up to level 7 or 8 tell me does it have and end how many level's are there.well i just want to say i love the game i like how adult swim made it and it's good that it is a long game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wat up jay i love all your games there off the hook my fav one of course i sent you the one i love already is aqua teen hunger force i love head games it's awsome man and time trouble or somthin i think it's called that i love that too i just want to say somthin time trouble does it end and does head games end too cause i played time trouble and it doesint end cause it keeps on going i think i havint played it as much as head games.and getting too head games does that end i sent you an e-mail saying i was up too level 7 or i think 8.anyway it's good that they dont end or they do for one thing i know there really long and that's a good thing and that's wat i like about them.well that's all i wanted to say halla back at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tod, I am not sure if the games end, since I never got as far with them as you have. Ferry Halim created both of those games, and he will know how they were designed. I will look into it and get back to you about it, though. Thanks for the comment. =)

shayne Campbells February 13, 2005 1:08 PM

Dear adult swim:
I am sending u this email to ask u to bring back Ten chi in Tokyo. A lot of people at my school miss the romance, the love, the comedy, the cool action slashing, and killing of demons, and of course the sexy girls like ryoko. My sister and I used to rush home and do are homework so we could watch it. and now since you took it off the air we have drifted apart. and since you took it off my cousin has been obsessed with looking at hentai that depicts Ryoko. if you bring it back my cousin will stop looking at hentai, my sister and I should start hanging out together and you will help me stay up at night if I don't finish my homework on time. so please respond.
Sincerely: Shayne Campbell

ps: if you cant bring tenchi in Tokyo back then please try to bring in the show Todd McFarlane's spawn wanderer in the dark or bring them both in to adult swim and I bet that you will have higher ratings.


Just finished playing Time for Trouble again, and noticed that the layout goes back to level 1 after level 6 (the one with the weird tentacles at the end) but there are more enemies. So, it probably doesn't end, but repeats the same 6 levels over and over with more enemies. I know Head Games has an end, because I've beat it. I don't remember how many it has, though. Around 10, I think.


Bring back trigun caseclosed and lupin the third


Adult Swim Network

March 25,2005

I have brought to your attention about the Adult Swim shows. I wanted to give you a compliment about the shows. They are very funny but they come on at 10:00. You have to wait until 10ío clock for Adult Swim to start and some people do not have cable or satellite. I thought about putting your shows on the Game Boy Advance Video. So, they can watch it at night or on your Game Boy. They can fast forward, rewind, or anything. Probably people would want to buy the product because people like to watch the Adult Swim Network. You would probably have to rate it Teen or Mature because of the violence and/or language. I was thinking if you would put the funny shows on the hand-held videogame like FullMetal Alchemist, Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, Futurama, Home Movies, Venture Bros., etc.

Thank you for your time and support.


Dear Adult swim i think you should bring back the following shows Tenchi, Outlaw Star, Gundam 0080, Pilot Candidate, Ronin Warriors and reboot.


Head Games is the best flash game ever! Hats off to Ferry Halim.

Spencer Peterson May 29, 2005 3:05 AM

YO Adult Swim people or whatever. I think you guys need to bring the tenchi series n stuff. tenchi was a kickass show. so was pilot candidate. you guys should look into show this one anime called saber marionette j. the show is funny and has some action in it. i can assure you better ratings if you show it. you should really look into it.


hey hey hey,
I have one thing to say......

thanks bro


To all whom it may concern;

Unfortunately, your feedback for Adult Swim has not been received. This is a website called "jay is" which simply posts games. This is not, however, Adult Swim's website. The games do not originate here. Jay Bibby, creator of this site, has no control over Adult Swim's scheduling in any way, shape or form. Adult Swim's website is located at www.adultswim.com. Please do not post further feedback for Adult Swim here, unless it relates directly to the games posted above. Also, if you do decide to write to Adult Swim, I would suggest using more refined writing. In my rather vast experience in writing letters to large companies, it seems the less grammar you use, the less they care. Here are a few other tips for writing letters:

-Make it seem like you used to watch Adult Swim, but now you don't because their schedule is messed up.

-Mention that it's not just you: none of your friends watch any more! They care a lot more about you and your 10 friends, than just you.

-Sound serious. Sign your name. Write directly to them, in a formal manner. Show that you actually care.

Those are just a few tips. Now then. Adult Swim is, of course, a subsidiary of the Cartoon Network. Unfortunately, neither Adult Swim nor Cartoon Network seem to have contact information. Well I happen to know that Cartoon Network is owned by Time Warner. And on Time Warner's site there is, finally, an address for their headquarters. Alright, everyone, get out your pens and paper. Take note here: you will want to address the envelope as follows.

Adult Swim c/o Cartoon Network c/o Time Warner
1 Time Warner Center
New York, New York
Att: Adult Swim Scheduling

Make sure to inform them on my behalf that their address is very hard to find. Okay, everyone, thanks! Hope you get your shows back.

Grant Oyston

NOTE: This message has been CCed to the people whom it concerns.


i really want to get an adult swim post on tv but i can't find out how!!!!!!


Um, you might try Adult Swim's website. Or, read Grant0's comment above.

Comments here should be about the games, and nothing else.


Oh man, these comments make me kind of sad.


i have always wanted to have my own charecter and play that character in adult swim: fullmetal alcomist. they need more characters any ways i want to be eds girlfriend he mets me on an island and i help him with his complacations with his arm then he tells me hes an alcomist and travels i am also a alcomist and a good mechanic and ask him that i can go with him. he dousnt know i like him at first entill he makes a move on me. i laugh and tell him i have liked him ever since the begining so then we both blush and then kiss and go ed goes and tells al and i call eds next door neighbor i forgot her name. and we wont talk to each other because i am imberessed and hes kinda shy then we talk one day and diside to be girlfriend and boyfriend. oh yeah my girl has long straight brown hair that she sometimes puts in a pony tail when shes hot,dark green eyes and her eyes sparkle when shes happy or imberessed, shes a little bit taller than ed, and her name is rose.


thanks for listening i wish my dream comes true to have rose on fullmetal alcomist


That has to be the most precious comment anyone has ever left on my website. And if it were up to me, Andrea, you would most certainly get your wish. =)

What I wish is that you will continue to write down all of your stories, in all their wonderful detail that you have included here, but keep them safe in a book all your own.

If you keep doing that, someday you just may have a show like Full Metal Alchemist of your very own.

Keep dreaming, Andrea, and follow your bliss. =)


thanks i would have thought that everybody would think it was funny and wierd but i have always felt that i was connected to the tv shows always wishing my life was like that exilerating every moment


i didnt think any one would like it but who cares u dont have to have someone to like it for u to love


Rose is supposed to be intellegent but not a geek, she loves animals,she loves a man that knows hes great but not struting it all the time, she feels bad for al and ed, al is all metal and ed has a arm and leg that are metal, but she dousnt show it she dousnt feel too sorry for them because she knows thier strong but she is too and i mean it wow is she good, she has a huge crush on ed when she mets him in a city and they deside that they are bothe state alcomists that they could work together so she travels along with them doing alcomie good everyone knows her but she likes ed and she trys to bring him in the spotlight,she really cares for ed if he died she would want to kill herself just to see him agian, and she likes al like family,and when ed gets a little to wierd she slaps him upside the head and he always yells what was that for, and in one episode she is just done taking a shower and she has the towel rapped a round her and she has to get dressed in eds room because her chothes are there and ed thinks rose is still in the shower and hes searching for her and the he light ly pushes open the door and it comes right open and rose is so shocked that she drops the towel and she is so imberresed and then she and ed blush and then she makes him gert out for awhile so she can get dressed and then she comes out and as beautiful as ever and sits down RIGHT beside ed and says we speak of this to nobody and smiles and then blushes and then they gaze into each others eyes and ... kiss for a minute and a half entill al comes barging in and is really shocked when he sees eds lips on roses and then says in a funny vioce u guys planned this right i saw u guys eyeing each other on the train here. and then says u guys were kissing for how long?then ed says WHAT its none of ur bussiness and then wispers i teel u later and then rose suddenly smiles and says ill be in the bathroom boys and then kisses ed on the cheek and went into the hall way and then al say think shes alot like mom shes caring and loving like her i think mom would have liked her and then ed says yah this time i think ur right an then tells al that rose and him kissed for 2 minutes and it was the time of his like he never liked winry that much wow rose can kiss. blah blah blah


sorry i didnt mean to go all over u like that u havent answered my messages since u havent answered me in 5 days i guess there is nothing to say since im wierd aand i want to create those kind of shows


It's ok Andrea. I think it's great that you want to create shows like that. But I don't think this is the proper forum for that discussion.


oh okay i wont bother u agian in that way lol bye bye

rebecca kyser August 21, 2005 8:30 PM

i am your biggist fan and my favorite show is inuyasha!!!!!!!!


Oooooh rebecca. . .do you remember my big scary long letter way up a few comments above? I'm not sure if you read it, in fact I'm leaning towards guessing you totally ignored it, but this is actually a nice website run by a very kind person called "jay." Um, keep reading plese. Jay owns this website. Jay maintains this website. Jay writes this website. Jay *also* has nothing to do with Adult Swim except that he reviewed several of their games. Now unless you are referring to jay in saying "i am your biggist fan", which I suppose you may well be (except "i am jay's biggest fan and i like inuyasha" seems rather random) then this is the wrong place. Once again, if you want to write to Adult Swim, you're gonna need to contact them, not jay. And once again, their address is (get out pens and paper, children!)

Adult Swim c/o Cartoon Network c/o Time Warner
1 Time Warner Center
New York, New York
Att: Badly Punctuated Fan Mail Dept.

Please be sure to inform them on my behalf that their address is very hard to find.


wassup everybody jay i love your games


I love Adult Swim!!! :D Best shows on Cartoon Network!!!


I want wolf's rain back on adult swim cause it was the best show ever


And I forgot if this has noting to do with what it was saying up there. I'm sorry I post this email


When I played your games I tried to play all night


i wish fullmetal alchemist was on adult swim 4ever! i really do :(

Concerned Citizen January 1, 2008 9:23 PM

These comments are really depressing.


In Kill Yourself in 5 Minutes Part 2, where is the clown? I have seen everyone but the clown. Where are the 4 deadliest things that take off 20? I have found the shark, but what about the rest?


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