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A Game with a Kitty 1 & 2

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dancemonkeyAlthough the crew here love games in all of their incarnations unconditionally, we recognize the fact that, as Jay so wisely put it, "Windows-only download games can be very nice, but for every review of one we publish a kitten dies somewhere at the hand of a mean and nasty ogre." Sad, but true. Jay is wise beyond his years.

A Game with a KittyFret not! Thanks to the developers at Origamihero you have a chance to redeem the death of said kitten by downloading and playing the magnificent platformers A Game With a Kitty and AGwaK2: Darkside Adventures!

There are, sadly, no kitties in AGwaK2: Darkside Adventures, so I guess the net loss to the world is one kitten. Oops. The games are also Windows only, sorry.

Nevertheless, beginning at the beginning, in the original A Game With a Kitty (released in June of 2005!) you play a heroic Kitty on a quest to investigate a mysterious tower that has appeared in the south. Using the [arrows] to move and [shift] to jump (and a [Control] run option becomes available during the game as well) you must progress in typical platformer fashion through a series of challenging and exciting levels. You have a bit of non-linear freedom in between levels, as you can choose your next challenge via a Super Mario World-styled map view.

After wrapping up that little adventure you can download and fire up AGwaK2 (completed last October), which as I mentioned before actually features no kitties. The controls are similar, though the [Control] key from the start allows you to fire bouncing stars (that you must collect) at either enemies or destructible blocks in the environment. You can also pick up objects and people in the environment using [Control].

The gameplay and level progression is similar to the first game, but overall the second game is a much more ambitious platformer as well as being a bit harder.

Analysis: Both games have the same NES-era graphics that may turn some people off, but that I found charming and nostalgic. The sound and music are true to the golden age of home video gaming as well, though none of the sounds are necessary for effective gameplay. I found Nine Inch Nails to be a particularly enjoyable counterpoint to the friendly gameplay, giving the Kitty a dark edge I felt he was lacking (though it turns a kid-friendly game into a decidedly adults-only affair). The less than state-of-the-art, uh, art glosses over some very creative and professional-quality platform game design that should not be missed.

Some tips though before playing: don't ever hit [Escape]! It doesn't pause the game, [Enter] does. I also found the controls to be a bit "slippery" especially in the sequel, and by that I mean there's a little float time between when you press a direction key and when you actually change direction. This felt more like you're running around on an icy surface than a programming issue, since the jump and fire keys respond perfectly. It is very slight, but just take it into account when jumping around.

As I mentioned, the second game is overall harder than the first, especially if you're a completionist (made that word up!) and like to capture every coin, star, etc on every level. There are save points scattered through both games and the levels are fairly short, so dying doesn't feel too much like punishment in either game.

One last thing: play them in full-screen, or if you're playing number two you have the option of "2x Window" mode. The standard windowed mode is extremely tiny unless you have your monitor set to a very low resolution.

Again, if you like platformers and haven't already played them, these are not to be missed!

Download A Game With a Kitty Download AGwaK2: Darkside Adventures

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Jack Ohzis April 15, 2007 5:24 PM

Well... hmmm. I definately think this will be interesting. I'll try it out as I wait for someone to tell me that they want to battle me/ goof around in Bontango. Hehe. -C.J.H.

Also: That thing that Jay said is most definately the smartest thing i've ever heard. Cheers!

Jack Ohzis April 15, 2007 5:30 PM

Oh no! I can download it, but it blatantly refuses to open. I've even looked at all the files themselves, but the application won't open either! What is a man to do? -R.J.K.


Sorry Jack, not sure what your issue may be. I even unpacked this game right to my ipod and play from there! Any more details?

I should say, play from the ipod as a drive, not ON the actual ipod!


Um. If I choose fullscreen on the first one, it rotates my image 180 degrees. Meaning it's upside-down. That's an issue for me. Help?


D'oh! Sorry to hear that, MadWithMuchHeart! Yikes!

I played this game on three different windows boxen without any trouble, so I'm not sure how to help you without more details... other than to play in the itty-bitty small screen. It's truly not THAT small, it's just a little annoying.

Or just play it upside down... maybe it's better that way?


First of all, people who are turned off by NES-style graphics are usually under 20 (i.e. grew up in the Playstation era) and weren't old enough to appreciate the NES when it was out.

Secondly, while completionist isn't a word, Completist is most certainly a word.


A control that is "slippery" is generally referred to as being "loose" as opposed to "tight". If controls are tight they are responsive immediately, as with a keypress or movement of an analog stick, which is a good thing. Loose controls are not.

Very nice review, Drew. I'm going to download both and try them out myself. :)


I'm not getting the first "Kitty".

There seem to be four main locations, the city, the cave, the tower and ..umm.. the fourth one.

The city is just scenography. The tower is "closed". The cave has coins but quite a few unreachable areas (kitty doesn't seem to jump too high), and the fourth area has a genie who wants 100 dollars or something like that.

Now since the kitty ain't exactly mario material, he/she can get just a few dollars in the cave. However using my devious and cunning gaming skills I deduced that by entering the cave 10 times I can get the respawning dollars.

Now, I have 114 dollars. The genie doesn't want to talk to me. The kitty still doesn't get any awards for jumping. And all I can do is run left and right and jump. And watch that "charge" bar wondering what the heck does that do.

Can someone enlighten me a bit about this game? What am I missing?


... aaanhh...I get it.. you talk to people by standing NEXT to them.

Now that's a find.


The small version wouldn't be that small, except that my laptop screen is only about seven inches tall. I ended up changing the resolution to make it more playable.

I like it =)


Ok, I need help with climbing. it says to press Left/Right, which I tried, in various combinations, and sometimes it works- usually it doesn't. Any insight as to how to get it to work consistently?


Er, nevermind? Suddenly it's working...

*goes and hides*


A Game with a Kitty Basic Instructions:

Press "up" when standing next to people in order to talk to them. This also applies to using the save book in town. Press shift to jump.

Basic game premise: travel from level to level collecting money to buy new moves and the like. The money bags in each level (the world map tells you how many there are, and are left) are worth the most money, and if you just collect those, you'll have enough to buy the new moves you need.

The charge gauge serves no purpose until you earn a certain special move.

Other skill controls:

Hold ctrl to run (when enabled via a quest). Running increases your speed and jump height.
Wall climbing (enabled via quest): Press up and towards the wall simultaneously to grab on. Up and down climb up and down, press shift to leap away from the wall. This is tricky to do, so don't rely on it when you don't have to.
Hit shift while in midair to glide (requires a special item). Vastly insreases your jumping distance.
Charge (requires a special item): When in the air, hold "up" and THEN press and hold ctrl. Kitty will hover in place. When he flashes, you can charge sideways or sideways and down and break blocks with stars on them. If you have trouble performing this move, remember, it has to recharge between uses.

Also, has anyone figured out how to get the last moneybag in the Alibaba Heights? It's the one sitting next to a clearly visible door in the left section near the top of the tower. I can't figure out where the door is that leads there!

I'll maybe post a full walkthrough on this later today. I've reached what appears to be the final area, but I can't be sure until I manage to beat it.


What I find so great about these games is that you don't really notice how much craft and skill has gone in to making something so simple. It looks great and has a wonderful feeling to it, the characters and backgrounds are great and so far (very early on in playing) a nice, simple and lightly humorous story.

Thanks for making it.


To get the last bag from Alibaba Heights..

...you must find a secret door.

Happy searching!


Oh, and by the way...

If you want to grab all the bags, be sure to do it BEFORE entering the final area. Otherwise there is quite a longish and hardish sequence you'll have to do all over again.

And finally, boy, what a poopey-lame ending! :)

mkelican April 17, 2007 7:36 PM

Hey! No fair! I am the one who invented that word (my friends can vouch for this)!

Anywho, this game takes my two favorite things - Games and kitties! - and meshes them together into one ball of insanely creepy happiness. Another fine DL my good man.

Ps. TypeKey decided to poop out on me so that's why I'm not using my account, sorry Jay!

Invidia Tempestarii April 18, 2007 2:52 PM

Help me, please - how are you supposed to get the 'hat glide' thing?

Gosh, I feel stupid.


I'm playing AGwaK 2, not number one ^_^;

Does anyone know how to defeat the boss at the end of the "Centre of All" level? I believe it's the very final boss, I don't know. I can't even figure out how to harm him, which would be a HUGE help =\

Anonymous April 29, 2007 5:32 AM

i've gotten EVERY bag except the one in alibaba heights with the winds blowing left and the platforms and all. please help, thanks in advance, and i love the game. (:


Anonymous - There is no trick to that last bag in Alibaba Heights. You just have to run and jump your way across as quickly as you can to resist the wind. If you have at least one spare heart left over when you do, you can jump in the pit to get back to the tower quickly.

JiHiro: I just finished that part last night.

The boss is only vulnerable when he opens his mouth to shoot the giant laser at you. When he does this, you can either throw a star in his mouth for 10 hp of damage, or toss in the teddy bear for 15 hp of damage. If you toss in the bear, he'll spit it back out so you can reuse it.

Also, if you hit the top of the stove (left side of the room) with a star, flames will pop out. If you throw the bear in the flames, it'll catch fire, then you can throw the flaming bear in his mouth for more damage. I'm not sure how much, but it killed him when he still had 25 hp left. Good luck!


Wahoo thanks, SirNiko! I had almost all but given up on beating him, I was more focusing on gathering some of the other goodies plus exploring the secret area in The Center of All ;) I found another way to hurt the final boss:

You can throw a star in his chest when he opens it to let some baddies out. I'm not sure if the teddy works, the only attempt I got seemed to be just a bit short of making it in.


I've collected all 42 of the little jewel block things, earned five heart containers, defeated all three of the secret levels, and still I cannot find any "Secret Area" in the Centre of All level. I suppose this secret area constitutes the final 2% I need to get 100% in this game. Any clues to its location?


SirNiko, apparently the entrance is in the very last area of the game; that narrows it down a little... Also, I'm still missing gems from 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4, 3-1 and 4-2, so if anyone's feeling bored some hints would be great!



The secret area is in the last section of The Center of All (right before you get to the boss man). At the very start of that level, at the top of the stairs, use your star guy to jump up and you'll see a tunnel with a block on top, a button to open it, and a sign saying "85%?" If you have 85% of the game completed (which clearly you do ^_^;) the button will work and remove the block, opening the path to Distortion!

I hope this helps =)


SirNiko, i've tried again and again just running and jumping on the platforms in alibaba heights, but i'm always 2-3 spaces short of getting to the second single-block platform. help?



if you try and approach the platform from the right rather than from the left you can take advantage of the updraft to increase your flight length, and you'll probably end up having trouble not overshooting the platform rather than missing it!


i cannot reach 1st diamond at the top of the level 2-1 gloomsilver valley. what to do? please help!

erikred June 2, 2007 8:20 PM

In AGWAK 1, I'm in Tower 2, and I just can't beat that falling floor. Tips anyone?

erikred June 2, 2007 8:26 PM

Ack! Got it! Hint: holding down ctrl even when gliding helps _a lot_.


Hi there !! I really love this Kitty but I don't know how to get through level 2 .... I know I've missed something, but what ... Should someone help me ?


Hi there !! I really love this Kitty but I don't know how to get through level 2 .... I know I've missed something, but what ... Should someone help me ?

Kitty2310 November 3, 2007 3:32 PM

I need help! my game glitched!

and I teleported to Glasses with a giant baloon! I was not very far in the game before this happened, I only have run, climb, parachute and the attack where you charge up and then fly at something!

help! how do you kill him or how do I get back to where I was before! I am crying because I cannot kill him or get back! :*(


That's as far as it goes, 2310. Good luck.


Can somebody tell me, how to get the bags in Ali Baba heights?


I have a problem...
I downloaded this game, and played it. I wasn't very far when I saved and I exited it. When I tryed to play it again, I couldn't find the file! So I downloaded it again, and I have someone elses file! O__o Now I'm in a place called Crystal Moon, and I can't get out!

Help please! ^_^''

Shadow The Hedgehog April 30, 2008 3:13 AM

Can someone tell me in AGwaK 2 where is that lamp thing that is shaded out next to the book on the map screen?


hey read this

1 boss:hit with stars and land on pole to bounce 2 boss:when he tries to shoot them red things hit the cannon i havent got to any more im or aurora road help!


Help!! In GWAK 2...I must be dense since I can't even get out of the first part..I found this little block after using the bomb but can't find anything to do with it..I have been going over the first part for days and can't get anywhere...can someone help a little old lady who loves playing platform games..(keeps me young at heart!)

Weird Jam Face March 8, 2009 6:57 AM

Ive got 100% on AGWAK 2...
But in a game with a kitty 1!...
i dont know how to get the bag in alibama heights that is on the other side of the SECRET DOOR. Where is the SECRET DOOR?

Cy Reb, Jr. December 22, 2010 5:23 PM

TVTropes, of all places, tells you where the secret door is. Hint:

It's close to the door with the last bag, and it does look vaguely like a door.

sabrina2602 January 22, 2011 2:26 PM

Hey, I need some help for AGwaK 2:

1st question:
Can someone tell me where I can find the magic lamp next to the book on the map screen?

2nd question:
How can I defeat the translucent enemy in the secret area (Centre of All)? He grows when a star hits him!

Pleeeaaase help me :)


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