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Jay99 Rooms99 Rooms is a beautiful Flash point-and-click adventure of the 'escape the room' variety. The object is to make it through all 99 rooms to the end.

The game makes use of gorgeous photography for visuals, and a moody atmospheric soundtrack for effect. Add to that a bit of Flash interactivity and the result is a memorable experience that will entertain you for an hour or two.

The game is not new. It first surfaced on the Web in June of last year. I passed on it back then since there is not much to the gameplay at all. Moving from one room to the next is often just a click away. Some rooms require a bit more interaction, such as clicking or dragging, though none of them are very difficult. There is at least one room that will likely scare you, so consider yourself warned.

The project was created in Germany by Kim Koester, Richard Schumann, Johannes Buenemann, and Stephan Schulz.

Lately, I have received requests from people suggesting that I create an entry for it, and so, due to popular demand, prepare to enter the 99 Rooms.

Play 99 Rooms


Very interesting game! It's a shame it was so short.


This isn't so much a game as a slideshow.


This is a nice game but its.....too hard. Finding your way is hard you know what I mean?


I don't really get this game that much...


Is the scary part one of those things where you're supposed to intently study something and then a hideous/grotesque image suddenly flashes scaring the beejeezus out of you? I hate those...


Not much of a game. Would like to have had more things in each room to play around with.


More like interactive art than a game. The music is very moody, the variations can really get you tense.
It's clever the way they lure you into bringing your face close to the screen looking for details and then something leaps out at you.

Really terrible ending though. You see these sillhouettes in room 99 and you're expecting something great. A last shot of fear. Then you get rubbish music and credits. Needs work.

Apart from that it's a great experience. though I would say it needs more of a storyline, nothing complicated, a simple explanation of what the 99 rooms are, "can you explore the 99 rooms...?"

Kinestra June 15, 2005 12:03 PM

It's like clicking around the set of a Japanese horror movie. It gets quite haunting after a few dozen rooms. It would be nice if there was a little more of a challenge, though.

Deathbaron June 15, 2005 5:41 PM

first of all, i really like Arbiter's post, no i dont think anyone knows what you mean, maybe add a bit more sarcasm.
And then Talps, you started talking about interactive art, which is what this is!
not a game. the whole meaning is to go through 99 rooms looking at 99 different pieces of art. what you people are getting stuck on is the part that you actually have to interact with the art to progress through to the next art room, thus labling it a game.
the music is a part of the art, yes it is moody, which helps to create the environment the artist was looking for, thus happy art will have happy music, and sad art will have sad music. this does NOT make it rubbish music.
this game does not need a story line, because it is art and art dosnt need a story line.
and an explanation of what it is: its art!!!
just because its on a computer, and uses flash dosnt mean its a game.
it would look rather silly if you walk into a art museum looking for a jolt of fear and exitement.
in closing, 99 rooms is very artisic, creates a great experience, and even puts in the creators in the end!
almost everybody who posted on this, added something negagive about 99 rooms. i say they dont know what there talking about
please think before writing inane discussions about a game, that isnt even a game at all.


I liked that game though it was short, which disappointed me and made me sad. I like the art espectally.


This reminded me of the "zoomquilt", another strange artistic creation that could only exist online. The original site for it is down, these days, but there is still a mirror to be found here: http://www.eviltree.de/zoomquilt/zoom.htm

It isn't quite as intensive or frightening, but comparably artistic and surreal.


woa...I clicked into this game hoping it to be another fun puzzle solver and...it wasnt...it was fun and very insteresting though. A tad dark creepy too.


This was lovely! Really a lot of fun!! Some of the animation was gorgeous, and the music fit very nicely.

Quite a shock on one of the levels, though!


I really loved this game/interactive art piece. I have a great interest in abandoned buildings and industrial leftovers and because of that the art used in this really attracted me.

JohnBoy July 3, 2005 11:25 AM

This was beautiful. I blew through the game aspect very quickly, and then went back through very slowly to look at the art of each room intently. The artistic value to this "game" was great. The music was very well themed with the art. I do agree that I would like to have seen a bit different ending, because the characature art of the designers didn't fit the rest of the art anyhow... Overall though, I will be going through each room many times though, because I enjoyed them all.


Found on Metafilter at the time of its release
I love the artwork & the music is eerily haunting.
Playing it then, I could not go thru the warehouse rooms at night. Too creeped out..:p


like the game, very original


wow, uhhh, it was kindof interesting... its no "not pron" though


Very dissapointing... Though still yet, it was very different, which made it enjoyable. I didn't see the part that was would have been scarier than any other really... To me the whole thing was creepy. I wouldn't doubt it if this game takes part in a dream or nightmare I may have some day.

If these same guys made a more difficult, more strategic game, I would definetly be there.

Genious art.


Beautiful art, I loved it.
I played this with my friend via phone connection. The words "Creepy", "gross", and "weird" appeared quite alot in or journey, yet in the end we decided is was fantastic!

P.S. Watsup Maya??!!

The Shark August 3, 2005 4:37 PM

Hmmm.... yes.........

not really a game, more then a group of people showing they can edit still images, make them move and put music to it!

Still it made me laugh that the four guys showed their faces. If it was my creation, I doubt I would.

Then again, you see all the other wonderful games in this collection and wonder why there are no "faces" in them.

Oh well, keep up the good work scouting them out Jay!

The Shark

KumikoDee August 8, 2005 2:14 PM

wow... at first it was like wtf... go along with, ok, fine then... then after a while, i started getting this sickening feeling in my stomache... gya, it's creepy... still have yet to get past 20... o.O still cool tho, but i'll have to wait until after lunch... ^_^

christine August 10, 2005 5:03 PM

The interactivity was the most fun for me, especially the bird that jumps up and down the ladder/scale depending on where you coax him with your mouse, and the vertebra that moves with the mouse. I wish there were more rooms like that. Artistically speaking, I couldn't help thinking a lot of rooms reminded me of the Monty Python opening, and I kept expecting something to go splat or suddenly show can-can legs. But no such humor is there, just things that are supposed to be creepy or scary, and they aren't all that scary, not even the one where something jumps out at you, so to speak.


is there only one room with something that jumps out at you?


Yes robby


for those who are new to this game im jus sayin right now when we say beautiful we mean we like it but who knows u might not and yes their will be things jumpin at u it will say like look at this closley and all of a sudden BAM....... right in yo face that image goes but awseom game it was beautiful if u liked this game and u havent played exmortis go give it a shot thats if........ u like getting scared like a little girl lol!!!!! well catch u all later bye bye now


The photography was... decent. The drawing's were what's really amazing. The interactivity of the rooms was fun. I agree with others, I don't like the OMG POP OUT AND SCARE YOU stuff. But this wasn't as bad. I didn't find it as creepy as everyone was saying. But the pop out and scare you stuff doesn't happen often, and it's not as bad as other stuff, trust me, I'm one of the people who had to play Exmortis with the sound off and it still scared the living hell out of me.


what room does somthing pop out at you


josh370, if you really want to know. The only two where stuff pops out at you is 26 and 58 (which isn't scary). 92 has abrupt movement, but it's pretty obvious what's going to happen.

violet_girl October 18, 2005 5:44 PM

The art and photography used in the game was simply amazing! I felt that some rooms were like surreal visions, and so it really scared me sometimes, it gives you flops in your stomach. I admit that the ending was disappointing, though, I thought there would be something really mind-blowing based on how wonderous the rest of the game was. I really recommend this game, it is beautiful, but you may feel like it will freak you out for life, but it doesn't. =)


the rooms were ok because they built up tension and the graphics were good too BUT the ending was soooo crap, that i shot myself out of bordom.

signed ghost


have i never commented on this before? it's lovely. people interested in 99 rooms might find this interesting:



I really enjoyed this "game" as well. I'm not sure I would classify it as a game, maybe "interactive pictures" would be better. Whatever you call it, I enjoyed it. One of the rooms definately gave me a jolt!!

It was a great way to spend 15 minutes.


Wow! amazing, amazing, amazing! Really beautiful images mixed with really clever ideas. Thanx Jay for this little jem of a find.


This work of art is very similar to Samorost One and Two, perhaps not as engaging, but very beautiful all the same. To continue the comparison, Samorost has a lot more interactivity, and looks very different, but the games are both in the surreal, dream-world style. 4.5 out of 5.


beautiful game 26 and 58 gave me a scare i even had a nightmere about it.


a little bit psycho! but very exciting!


Ooh! If you hold tab you can select a room. A slide'll come down. :) Very interesting, but I've got to say that room 99 broke it or me. Hahaha.


I'm not going to say it was beautiful and go on about how much I understand it, because even though the purpose of it was to be more "art" than game, it was still poor. Photography is not an artistic quiality. It's something that's there and you've caught it on camera, not thought about it or made it yourself. This was photography with poorly drawn creatures and animations placed into it. It is not beautiful, just drab and samey. I can't remember any individual room except obviously the jumpy-out ones, because they were all practically the same. I'm sure some of the sketches were even used more than once. There was also a very low level of interactivity. All in all a poor attempt in expressing any artistic qualities in the developers.


Personally, I hate hard games. I want to be amused. This game was great. Easy but not too easy, amusing, beautiful and with, biggest surprise of all, a lovely sound track.

Cherry Vhie August 11, 2006 11:31 PM

i haven't watched or played the "game"... though I still feel that its great...


Found this utterly compelling--what a use for an abandoned industrial site! Art everywhere-granted some of the images are puerile or gross. Wish I could determine which actions of ours, if any, affect things further along. I.E., if we shake the odd flowers many times in one room, do the next set make more of those little white/transparent bubbles, etc.
Anyway, very imaginative & well worth a posting.
Thanks Jay.


Be careful of room 25... it scared the life outta me!

I had just got into the game so i was really concentrating and then BAM!!!


not scary enough


I can't seem to be able to get past room 91. I've clicked on three things, and I get the cursor with three arrows, but when I click nothing happens. Can anyone help?


Try pressing tab during that. A grey window thing comes down and shows you all the rooms.

I found thhat quite frightening.


I tried that, but there are no images in the grey window after room 91. It's like any of the rooms after 91 didn't load. Am I the only having problems with that?


I read this game was actually made as sort of an art thing rather then a game.


Thought that this was interesting, loved room 18 though with the black and white Graffitti on the wall of a guy

great :) was a bit put out though that you only had to get through the rooms without actually doing anything just click on the pics in different places nothing to find

anyway cool i liked it smilexxx


Wow. It was kind of creepy at first..but then I got interested, and it was really cool. But then, all of a sudden...WHAM! Some thing scary pops out at me, and I got so surprised i closed the window and started screaming. Now I'm too afraid to go back..


how do you beat room 7? it has the pointer with the 3 arrows but it wont let me go any further


How do you get past the room with the goldfish it shows three arrows too but it wont go either
i've been playing for a while but havnt been keeping track of rooms is it the last room???


Wow~~ incredibly creative game!
sounds a bit creepy..
can't believe that only a short time, u can tour round all these special rooms...100 of them!
I would like to play it another time, to see more details…


iz this a scary game????
(i really have no idea)
i didnt' play it though....

BonnieDog October 29, 2006 7:18 AM

It wouldn't load for me. I probably haven't got the latest thingy. It keeps asking me if i want to install sommething but i can't remember what it is. Can anybody tell me what to do. I've been clicking 'don't install' by the way.

BonnieDog October 29, 2006 7:20 AM

it wants me to install adobe flash player 9, but my virus protection is telling me it's a potentially harmful proram and not to take the risk. HELP!

BonnieDog October 29, 2006 7:23 AM

the publisher is 'adobe something incorporated'

BonnieDog October 29, 2006 7:24 AM

ah stuff it. who cares it's just a game never mind

BonnieDog October 29, 2006 7:25 AM

on second thoughts what an activex control?


This game was very interesting and I thought the graphics were really cool.


Some of the rooms remind me of the newer Adult Swim bumpers


Hello, it seemed very dark and creepy... but am I the only one that closed the browser at room 4?

the one with the creepy human back that shivered?


omg ..
didnt get thru all 99 rooms
got 2 26 or 25 and closed the window


cus there was a SCARY MAN , pressed against this glass window, and u hav 2 clik on it 2 go 2 the nxt room. i clicked on it , and it jumped up and screamed at me, making me scream my arse off and close the window. trust me, it scares the hell outta u

Shiroboshi December 7, 2006 6:43 PM

Really? What happens in room 96?
I don't wanna go into it xD;;


omg when you get to room 26 turn volume down before scrolling over man scared the bejesus out of me even with volume off whew!

Dont go to room 26


in room 96 six Shiro theres this creepy gargoyle thingy on the wall but it doesnt pop out or anything it just looks creepy *shivers*


striking and certainly 'art.' it seems east berlin is evocative of concentration camps. deeply disturbing for me.


I dont know what is wrong with my computer, but nothing jumped out at me on either of those rooms. 26 did nothing, I guess it was because I just madly clicked the screen. It was the same for 58 aswell I think, that time I actually sat there staring at screen rolling my mouse over everything. Hmmm, this game gets stranger and stranger...


The game never started for me. It would take half an hour to load the I was left with a black screen. Am I missing something or is my computer crap?


yes the screaming man scared me a lot. I thought it wouldn't do something that scary

Overall, this is good. Great atwork..

and talking about the room where the man approaching you..it made me shock and scared me a little. But when I reply it again and again and again.. I ended up laughing hard. It was fannehXD

Will Farquhar February 16, 2007 12:23 PM

I was just about to post a message syaing im on room 24 and im not scared, but then i got a real fright when that damn face popped out at me! 'o'


Man, that was cool, and also quite creepy. Well, I didn't find the pictures of animals or plants at all scary, but the faces... man, they creeped me out.

And when that damn face ju,ps out at you with that screeching noise... I just closed the window.

Great artwork, I liked the way the artist looms you in with the detailed artwork and moody music and then BAM! Something jumps out at you. I should of played it at night instead of the middle of morning, though.


It's not a game, it's called a "Click-a-ma-jig". Not how you spell that but whatever. That's what it is, I like these type of "games" it had one scary room, that I was happy about. Why? Because it really wasn't one of those image poppers things, and I'm glad. I did get a jolt, and enjoyed it.


Wow... I don't know really whether to play this game or not! Haha! For what I've read, I'ts scary AND I'ts great at the same time... I actually got to the 3'rd level and decided to read some of the summaries. I read that it is scary and it is VERY great but disturbing. Can someone get back at me and tell me what the scary part looks like, because I hate those that *POP* up and scare ya with the screetches! My friend always tricks me with those and I hate that so I just leave the room... Don't make fun of me because i know other people do that too! Someone just get back with me on that please. Tell me why I should and shouldn't play this game. Thank you.


._. Room 25/26 was not scary... :3 If fact, the game isn't scary. It's just plain bizarre, but really cool.

Stephanie March 11, 2007 4:07 PM

This game is more a slideshow than a game. But, i got scared at one point.


this game is a masterpiece, it combines the wario ware style (mini games that are challenging yet short enough to keep you interested ) i found that it was an awsome display of how online games are not all about shooting or action, it is an insperational piece of art that i will show all my friends, my only concern is the sad and somewhat depressing artwork,(still beutifull) it is a combination of puzzle,suspence,and art,and as a fellow tagger i must say bravo!


Does this actually qualify to be categorized as a game? All I did was press tab and looked at the pictures, it was kinda boring.


I"ve played this game before, like 2 years ago. I came across it again today so Im playing again, I am totally STUCK in room 41!! can anyone help me??



Anime Vixen May 11, 2007 5:58 AM

Very Very nice art! I loved it. Although I do agree with some of the others, it could have had a better story line. Not at all scary but fun. And I must admit that I LOVED the ending, I laughed so hard. It was cute...what? It was lol


I remember going through this a while back, but I don't think I ever finished it. Of course, I went through all the rooms this time. May favourite is the creature in room 38.


What happens on 58?

beauty of bk June 23, 2007 4:51 PM

this game was very nice not so much of a game though but all in all very artistic

my favorite room though is the 84th the peacock and all its colors were very ingenious

stargazer July 19, 2007 6:23 PM

yeah, seriously, right after hearing about your comment i was scared as hell also..
but come on.

i mean all there is in room 26 is a stupid head and then there appear another head (apparently the same) and draw a red line...
i mean that's not scary at all...
perhaps it would have better affect if i played this at night time...
and the rest of the room only showed a bunch of power wire and u gotta click on them to make weird things happen..
all there is are some pictures of a old power plant and some spooky grafity..

jeez and i thought i was gonna see massive murder and body part.


nice slide of subliminal messages :P

puppy101 August 4, 2007 2:36 PM

when I went to room 25 I freaked out! room 25 is the scaryiest room out of all 99 rooms


I think my attention span is simply too short for this. Did all the rooms, but I was so bored by the end that even some of the cooler art just didn't make up for it. I am glad that there are other people who do have better attention spans than mine, cause it's just nifty to see when other people enjoy things. Then again, maybe it's my mood lately, cause I also did Ex Mortis, and got bored out of my mind with that as well...yeah, I think it's me.

mistysand August 11, 2007 12:15 AM


I didnt finish. hearing all that talk bout room 25/6 gives me the creeps.

i'm stuck somewhere between room 10 and 20.

one of the rooms with a head, i thought it was creapy


this game was great, just kind of pointless.


It's too simple. Maybe make it more suspense?


I accually got stuck on the level AFTER the "scary" one.

sillybuttons September 2, 2007 8:01 PM

cool game. surreal, i like it


room 26 was pretty creepy and the graphics were awesome. the creators are geniuses. I wish i could program a game like that.


Very nice game! My favorite room is 26, it scared the hell out of me. The music in room 25 is very scary, but i suppose 51 is also scary. The 84th room is beautiful!


the game is good. as a matter of fact, some scenes are so sad. almost to cry


Is that a reference to Naked lunch in there? Could be... forgot which room it was though. The one with the

Brain Bug


Honestly people are expecting way too much out of this.

It's beautiful, the photography from the drawn on art.
To those that thought this was a game and approached it from that point, go through it again, like you would an art gallery.

And for those of you saying the photography wasn't that great quality? That was rather the point, it has meaning behind each photograph. Think of the feeling you get from looking through each picture, the clever little things they added. The pop out and scare you. It's meant to make you think.


I agree Roberta. They're not meant to make sense, they're meant to evoke feeling. That's what Dali and Picasso's art were all about.

My personal favorite was 84. The peacock was gorgeous. And to those of you having trouble-- sometimes just waving your cursor over the picture will do something. If you get really stuck, you can always skip the room by clicking the room number on the bottom.


it is really annoying when it just pops out and scares you out of your socks literally like the pic of the man, then he just POPS out on you i almost died lololol


I enjoyed this very much, and I love the way that it hasn't stood still but gone on and changed since the last time I explored it. The start and the whole feel of it is still there and that means that we are able to recognise it as coming from the same artists, which is really what art is about. I wish that I could find a signature piece like that, I am still looking...

The totally unexpected, is what I enjoy above all and that is what keeps me coming back to 99 Rooms.

Has anyone visited The Hospital recently, that is another on line form of art that you would enjoy if you liked 99 Rooms.



OMG! cool but stating =/


Spoiler ALERT Do not read unless you want the surprize to go away

Room 99 is the producers room


Wow. This "game" is creepy/gorgeous... But as soon as I got to the room where stuff was poppin' out at me, I quit... I'm already too anxious of a person to deal with all that. I just don't think it can be classified as much of a game--Most of the levels, you can just click right through. There's not much too it to interact with. I would say, though, that the art is more than enough reason to visit.


I enojoyed looking through all the pictures of this game but the very dissapointing moment came last...i think u guys should decide to change the ending its really sad it ends like that i was expecting something chilly...but overall i loves the painting it reminded me of my paiting lovely!!!!!


for anyone who has not beaten the game. on room 99:

when you continue it brings you back to the first room :(

Softbagel14 April 9, 2008 7:15 PM

I am personally unhappy with what Ryan said above: "Photography is not an artistic quiality. It's something that's there and you've caught it on camera, not thought about it or made it yourself."

It is in fact art if you take pictures from an artistic standpoint.Im not talking about the kind of pictures where you make a peace sign and snap a shot for your myspace. If you actually paid attention in your art class you would know that artists that draw or sculpt dont just sit down and start coloring to make a work of art. They have to think about composition, emotions, contrast and many other things that you are probably not aware of. Photographers must think about these exact same things. Therefore photography is art, just newer type of media.
Sorry to rant, I'm just sick of people who think artists pull paintings out of nowhere. Art takes an awful lot of thought, and sometimes people do not accept things that they do not like or understand.

Now my thoughts on 99 rooms:
Definitely conveyed a confused, not exactly 'dark' but strange atmosphere. I'm not very diisapointed with the 'ending' as you put it, but i understand those who are, as they were expecting more of a game... with an ending. If you look at it as 'the last room' rather than an ending, it makes it feel more complete. Nice effort.


i cant get past room 13.im srry but 2 creepy

Michelle May 25, 2008 8:20 PM

Very nicely-animated 'game', with great art. ^^ I was pretty shocked at one time (I hate when people pull that trick in an immersive game...-_-) but it was still great. ^^


the artwork is veryamazing,
but its not scary at all.
im a lil' bit confused what to do..
some of the room got nothings more than just a picture..
but its a great art anyway..

Solaris June 2, 2008 10:49 PM

O_o... Creepy.
EX. of Creepy:

Graffiti of a man with no eyes (bloody Rimmed, dark holes)


I played this game just until the scary room to see what everyone was talking about.

It's a great game so far from what I've seen, but really it isn't much of a game, it's not really scary either, but there's a depressing atmosphere and very great art!

Anyway in Room 26, the scary room, there's this guy pressed against a window. I read the spoilers and they said he was scary so just remove your headphones if you are scared and all he does is to just flash past drawing a red line. It seriously isn't scary!

Good "game"!


I didn't get it.

Beautiful pics, but I was on room 9 before I knew I had even done anything. ????

As a slide show, it was great. As a game, it was lacking.


okay i'm on room 35 and it won't do anything somebody help me

Anonymous July 12, 2008 3:23 AM

OMG! i like it but it freaks me out, i had to close after only a few room cuz the art was scaring me...like the dead dog thats hanging upside down from its legs... *shivers*


Dumbest game ever, but scared me in room 28.


That kid when

you rattle the door handle was the scariest for me, I found myself yelling in my head "Don't let him in!". The one near the start with the man walking was quite scary as well


I wish that this wasn't made to be slightly creepy so that I could enjoy the art and interaction more. This isn't -too- creepy but I'm sure someone very young would have problems sleeping over this. xD;. Some are slightly unsettling with the music and with some paintings being eerie. Not all of them were creepy and some even made me smile. It was mostly me fretting if there were any parts where a horribly mutilated thing pops up and gives you a heart attack.

Not really a game like a click fun fun game in my opinion, it's mostly enjoying the art and some interaction with the art. :3

I'm afraid I'm stumped at room 73 with the vertebrae. I know it moves with the mouse, I just don't know what to do with it...

Overall it was quite interesting and kept me entertained. <3 People are expecting too much out of this. xD


Some of the people commenting seem to have rather anorexic brains, especially those here who are downrating it for not being a game.
Do you nimrods realize the creators never even called it a game? They called it a project. That is the word they used.
Also, there seems to be a misunderstanding. Apparently someone thinks photography isn't art. What if it's photography of your art? Does it count then? Checkmate.
So it isn't a game. Let's face it, if you're on a flash site, you're not looking for hardcore games, you're looking to be entertained. This is not the place to be a gaming Nazi. You want hardcore gaming, get an NES or an NES emulator. Emulators run better, anyway.

Shattered May 29, 2009 5:16 PM

I definitely agree with some, 99 rooms isn't really in the "gamers" mood. But it is a beautiful game with some complexity - and in my opinion something to be noted, if not for the game, for the art.

Verdeamia June 10, 2009 11:44 PM

It's more or less like a tour, not a game.


Room 26 scared the crap out of me, and room 57... dude, that was just plain adorable.


i like this game
i played it for 3 0r 2 times already
well i like the room

with the bird that follows our mouse on the stairs


Jannie Baby March 25, 2010 12:07 AM

This is truly interactive art. It's surreal, with a good dash of creepiness and a bit of whimsy in the mix. Thank you, gentlemen--it's one of my all-time favorites. You rock!!

PandaKnight May 11, 2010 8:56 AM

It 404'd.


Your links to the game don't work anymore (on their end).

[Thanks, I've updated the links. -Jay]


Very creative and seemed like they had the right idea but you need more things to do to in each room. After about room 40 you kind of loose interest. Just saying.....great idea though dont think that anything like this and to this extreme has been done. Good work!


"...there is at least one room that will likely scare you.." Yeah, that must be that room, literally scared the shit out of me.

Berry January 15, 2015 2:58 PM replied to Sy

Many people seem to be scared of Room 26. It was indeed scary, however, the Room that really made me feel weird was Room 96.

I could not find any comments on Room 96, however. Is it just in my head or anybody else got weird too?

Berry January 15, 2015 3:02 PM replied to Sy

Now I am not sure anymore if

Room 25 really was the "scary" Room...


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chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details We already know that Colorbomb (Studio LOOK) from time to time create excellent escape games - the links to all their escapes you find below - but they...  ...
jayisgames.com Age of Origins was already one of our favorite mobile games before the Titan Equipment update came along. Now, it's a contender for the throne. Before we start delving into exactly what Titan Equipment is, how it affects the...  ...
jayisgames.com Without a doubt, AAA games are excellent and provide us with hours of fun playtime. However, independent games have long played a significant role in our gaming lives, giving us incredible experiences on PCs, home consoles, and even mobile...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here! We start with Selfdefiant's two escapes and then comes cute and lovely puzzler by octobass in which you need...  ...
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