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5 Online Classroom Games for Students

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Today, we talk about remote interactive activities that engage students and teachers alike. The dull classroom environment isn't always ideal for learning, so teachers rely on interactive activities online to entertain the learners and enhance their learning ability. Without further ado, let's look at these remote online activities for students.

Alphabet Chain

Working with spelling and vocabulary isn't the most vital point for many students. Varying spellings form different words that sound similar but have different meanings. It might not be complicated for an expert, but people often struggle beyond bounds for such tasks. So, to rid you of this dilemma of word choice and understanding of different words, many online classroom games enter into play to ensure you never have to suffer from a lousy vocabulary and lose your grade.

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Alphabet chain is here to expand your vocabulary more than you can ever imagine. It is an easy-to-play game--what a terrific way to have fun and learn simultaneously. Let's look at how you play the game and improve your vocabulary.

● First of all, choose a category;
● Now that you have a topic, you have to select the words that suit it;
● The catch is that the new word must start with the last letter of the previous word the student chose;
● If, for example, you are unable to come up with a word, you lose the game!
● The last player standing at the end of it all wins.

Geography Puzzles

Do you remember how challenging studying the topography of different parts of the world was? Or which crops earned the most income for the country? Geography isn't always a delightful course for people because it contains plenty of information, most of which seems similar! There is not a single person who has always had the best experiences with geography lessons at school. Thankfully now you have online class games to help you walk through the challenges of this subject.

Geography puzzles come to test your knowledge about different geographical topics. Get ready to know the world with this enjoyable app! Do you want to know how it starts? Let's begin!

● When students open the app, they receive a blank copy of the world map;
● Next, they have to fill out the map completely, of course, as much as they can correctly,
● If teachers want learners to work in teams and put in collaborative effort into the work, they can also pair them up into groups;
● The team that finishes first can receive a reward from the teacher.

We never thought learning geography would be easy and could have been done as a team. Wow! It saves extra effort and gives people a chance to learn from their peers.

Desert Island Intelligences

If games related to natural disasters seem exciting to you, this is your chance to shine. It is one of the best virtual activities for students because it is based on Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. You don't know about it? Don't worry, and we are here with a pool of knowledge for you. So, Gardner suggested that there isn't a single type of intelligence instead of multiple types. Here are the different varieties he proposed:

● Body-Kinesthetic;
● Linguistic-verbal;
● Logical-mathematical;
● Interpersonal;
● Visual-spatial;
● Intrapersonal;
● Naturalistic;
● Musical.

Now let's see how it all comes together in classroom games online. Desert Island Intelligences is set in a natural disaster that leaves eight different students on a desert island. These individuals each represent a unique intelligence. Now, the game is that each member continues to vote as the game proceeds depending on the limited resources they have with them. They vote out one member depending on the use and importance of their intelligence based on how much it helps in their survival. It is one of the teachers' favorite online student activities because it adapts well to the virtual setting and allows them to start conversations quickly.


Virtual Show and Tell

Fun virtual activities for students remain incomplete without a virtual show and tell. In the olden days, students used to bring any item to the classroom and explain its significance to them in detail. It was a great way to make classes interactive back then and help them know each other better. In the modern world, this activity shifts online and is pretty suitable for younger classes. Such virtual classroom games are fun and unique. Let's see how it works:

● The teacher sets a theme for the show and tells of the entire class;
● They then help the students decide which item they should bring to the virtual space;
● The students then share their thoughts and experiences that make the thing memorable.

It is a fantastic educational activity that can help bring the class closer together. Countless virtual classroom games target old students; however, this one remains one of a kind because it enhances the speech and confidence of younger students. It is a great delight to see younger children share their thoughts and get to know each other in ways other than dull educational environments alone. Ensure you have this app installed for any younger person like your siblings, children, or cousins. It will undoubtedly result in an improvement!

Utilitarian Test

Interactive online games for students include the Utilitarian Test too. But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this test, let's discuss utilitarianism first. It is a concept that values the choices that bring the highest amount of goods. Now, the test comprises groups of students that focus on and talk about ethical nuances of popular utilitarian questions like fat man, Heinz dilemma, trolley problems, and transplant surgeon. It is one of the most interactive virtual games to play with students.

Teachers can use the test to see how learners made their choices. That way, they can understand whether the student understood the topic and if their reasoning and logic make sense. Teachers have found these online games to play with students one of the best learning methods with more straightforward instructions. That way, the task doesn't get too complicated and engages the learners deeper.


Make sure you have these apps on your phone if you want to touch new heights of educational success while having a chance to entertain yourself through such unique methods. It will take some time for you to get used to it, but it's all worth the effort. Good luck!

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