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Noah1Up1UP is a great Flash Web toy from Tanaka U over at Nextframe. In a twist on traditional scoring, the 1UPs you collect are representative of your progress while coins and points are a means to that end.

Grab the monster with the mouse and shake coins out of him, or fling him against a wall. On each bounce you'll gain points and a scoring multiplier will increase, so throw him as hard as possible! 1UPs are earned for each 100 coins and every 50,000 points. I had some trouble with the right wall; on three occasions the monster got stuck inside it. Sometimes he will slowly drift out on his own but, with some persistance, you can pull him out. In addition, grabbing the monster when he is near the ceiling is more difficult than it has to be, due to the fact that only his head is clickable.

Select the first option on the main menu to play without a time limit. In this mode you're free to toss the monster around until you get bored, but if you want a little more game with your 1UPs try the second selection, where you're given 30 seconds to rack up as many lives as possible. A short online high score list is available for the most gifted monster tossers.

1UP is wonderfully tactile and remains fun far longer than one might expect. Tanaka definitely has a great ear; the maddingly repetitive carnival soundtrack is somehow appropriate, and the chaotic mass of bleeps and points produced as the monster rapidly bounces around the room is simply perfect.

Play 1UP


Cute game, but damn the music is annoying !!!


great! i would of made it so that it detected the sides of the head on the walls but none the less.... great! shame i accidentally closed the window with my mad clicking and thrashing of the mouse ;)

stupergenius April 6, 2006 2:17 PM

Nah, the music is the best part, goes great with the addicting repetitive nature of flash games.


nice fun game a good waste of time a quite cute i got like 100 lives :)



I had to close the window before it went on too long.

My score was about 1,200 something lives.

I began to get such high combos that each time it hit the wall I got a life because each hit gave me 70,000+ points.


After a point, Oak, you can also just shake out coins that will each give you a life. I don't know why, it may be a bug..


The music sounds like one of those electronic slot machines, and it matches the sound effects to a T. It's a lot of fun, but pointless.


someone has to ask Tanaka either the mp3 for the songs or a romanji source of it.


Sorry Noah, this one didn't thrill me.

Didn't really get much of a thrill out of throwing the puppy.


shaking it isnt a good strategy but smashing it into corners works alot so if that helps like jay said stay away from the ceiling and the right wall id say the lower left hand corner worked best for me and hold click when you smash it so you take the cursor off the game screen so ... go get on the high score page!


I liked this game but found that the creature would always get stuck in the sides or corners when I didn't catch him fast enough. Otherwise, Very Entertaining

Sarafina Pekkala April 7, 2006 1:00 AM

Er, what's the point of getting 1ups if you can't lose lives?

(Not that it's not fun anyway.)


Fun, and it's possible to retrieve him when he gets stuck in the side by just repeatedly and quickly running your mouse between what portion of his head is visible (even if 1 pixel, I've done it twice with only 1 pixel showing) and the middle while clicking whenever your cursor is over his head. I hope that made sense.

Also, there is a really easy and cheap way of getting him to go flying around the screen at an insane speed... But if I said it, it would just ruin the game for you.

Random Bob April 7, 2006 4:23 PM

I liked it... it was fun and all... but it just seemed to be lacking something. Maybe if the lives could tie into something? The 30 second mode as a minigame to set lives in a platformer would be much coolness. As is, it kinda reminded me of Nanaca Crash in a way.


hehe this one is great, 216 in 30second mode...


I finished with 2680 lives but he got stuck at the top of the window.


i got over 1 billion points and 2000 1ups


The best way to do it is to drag it from one corner to the opposite corner as fast as possible. INSANE!


aww.. I only got 334 lives before the little monster got so stuck that I couldn't get him out of the top right corner :(

haha what a great waste of time!!


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