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Blacksmith Lab Mine ore. Turn it into weapons and armor. Sell it for a profit, then upgrade. AumGames delivers a simple but stylish clicker game with a medieval theme that's available in your browser, or free for iOS and Android.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector Do you like cats? Do you wish you could take them everywhere? Now you can, in this simple, addictive sim, free for iOS and Android, where you place food and toys outside for cats to come and play with, and then take photos of them and buy more toys. Unlock all the rare cats and befriend them for special achievements!


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Categories: accorpa, alchemy, game, ios, ipad, logic, mobile, puzzle, rating-y, tablet, webtoy

This game is rated :o for content, click through for an explanation
Creation HD - Back to Earth Welcome to another meeting of the society for combining things with other things. ("Hear, hear!") You may have enjoyed some previous games of this type such as the ever-popular Doodle God series. Well, we have now discovered a new game of this type called Creation HD, from Egyptian developer Accorpa. In this game, you begin with four things that are not combined with other things in any way. But by combining these things, we can come up with other things to combine into still other things with an end result of 235 things!

Doodle God Doodle God, Doodle God, does whatever a Doodle God does, clicks some elements, combines them all, which makes new ones, and creates the world, HEY THERE! You should be a Doodle God! Give this relaxing puzzle game a try and unlock your full Doodle Godly potential. And yes, I enjoy saying Doodle God.


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