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You are a box in this Lemmings-inspired puzzle platform game from Games Northwest, and you're going to have to use your special box powers to jump and slide to guide the little box buddies (called "Nabbles") to the exit of each level to progress. Push crates, create paths over spikes and use yourself as a means to reach higher areas. Collect power-ups and use them wisely because you'll need to be perfect as you reach the more difficult later levels.

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I like how the clouds move as you speed up time. It reminds me of Braid.


Cute game, but now all that's left is to wonder if...

the cake is a lie.

TiredOfYouCake October 17, 2011 5:40 PM

Can you please stop that cake phrase it got old quick and so did the space phrase. The game is good but repeating it like a kid is annoying.


I'm just started the game and played a few levels. It's nice, so far, but it could start paused so we have some time to analize the situation.


hehe.. Turns out I was near the end. Nothing too fancy, but nice game nonetheless.

I began feeling a bit uneasy with the level start messages. That soothing song was becoming creepy. Seriously, I thought the game was going to flip into a horror-like game and the box would make killing the little guy its new objective. Or something like that. I'm glad it didn't :P


You know the most annoying part of this game? It lies. It lies through its boxy little teeth. It says to hit Esc to restart. This is NOT TRUE. To restart, you actually have to hit Esc Esc Space. With just the right timing. Over and over and over and over and over again.

I mean, really. It's one thing to make your game ridiculously hard. Why oh why do you have to make restarting a level ridiculously hard?


Relax man, take some cake ;-)

Nice little game, although it was a bit too casual (too easy) for my liking. 3 or 4 of them took me a few efforts (

Although it was indeed a truly casual game, I would like to have seen the difficulty ramp up a bit steeper.

zbeeblebrox October 18, 2011 4:16 AM

What's the trick with Duality? I can't think of a way to save both guys

Anonymous October 18, 2011 7:57 AM

Jay, I *still* can't get any games to work on any PC here.

In Chrome the games won't take focus. You can click them but the arrow keys still get sent to the browser's scrollbar.

In IE the game plays a video ad and then disappears ! The whole flash window just vanished.

Standard install of both on windows 7. One of these PCs is brand new.

[I'm sorry you're having trouble. Try updating your Flash Player, updating your OS and browsers to the latest versions. Disabling any browser extensions and OS accessibility options you may have turned on. The games pages work in all browsers on both Windows and Mac OS platforms, and I cannot reproduce the issue you're seeing. -Jay]




Transport the guy on the left across the hole, so that he travels on the top rather than the bottom.


@Reka: The version at Kongregate does use Esc for restarting. Just Esc, no tricksy Esc Esc space.

@Zbeeblebrox: It's hard to write spoilers without easily being able to replay a level! But, anyway.

I worried about the guy on the left first. I got him to follow the same path as the guy on the right. Also, the little guys can bridge a narrow gap.

[I've updated our version with the version from Kongregate. -Jay]


I can't finish Duality. I can get both to go on the top, but that uses up my jump so they can't get to the door. I've tried falling right when the guy on the left is gonna go down so I can get him across without using the jump, but it doesn't work.

Anonymous October 18, 2011 3:14 PM

With Duality

Move a bit to the left, pick up the left guy and time your drop so he walks onto the top platform, then drop down and dash over so you can collect both of them. They can cross small gaps so you don't always need to be directly under 'em.


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