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Aliens everywhere, and Sigourney Weaver is nowhere to be found! Looks like it's up to you and a few of your power-suited buddies to stop them in this good-looking turn-based strategy game. Deal with hostile and increasingly intelligent beasts while commanding a squad of soldiers you can level up and customise to your liking.

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Beautiful visuals, but dang, that's a lot of work for very little payoff.


When the game first started I said to myself "Wow. This looks a lot like Incubation (Battle Isle Phase 4)". Then I started playing it... it is definitely a re-imagining of Incubation in Flash. Not that it's a bad thing I guess, but doesn't seem to have the same level of intricacy that Incubation has.

Icehazard October 27, 2011 5:23 AM

The game is really boring. There is no reason to get anything but the rifle with melee, and all characters max out to the same stats. But I do see some potential. The most interesting parts are when you have to use heavy infantry to kill spawning spots and the large aliens. I wish grenades only had max 3 so after you kill one, you have to move to an ammo crate to reload and kill the next one. Maybe the game would be better if every soldier was specialized and you had to use their strengths to solve levels like a puzzle box. Here's a tip. When spawning spots release infinite number of aliens, get your soldier with the melee rifle and defend to kill aliens as they spawn.


It looks like a PC game in 90's. But I forget the game.


xorms: It's pretty much a clone of BlueByte's "Incubation", which came out in 1997.


As Tome said this looks very much like Incubation.

The game starts off well and in the first couple of mission I got the "Space Hulk" trickle of sweat when my squad's gun heat up and the aliens continue to pour in.

However, as soon as you start gaining levels things get way too easy

A good couple of hours spend, though.


I love this game, it's a very tight and well designed implementation of turn-based squad strategy, a great homage to this forgotten genre, well done in all fields with great attention to detail a very nice play "feel".

Great music and graphics.

Each level introduces new stuff to the game to keep it fresh.

Could have a bit more balancing regarding player and monster stats, but that's nitpicking on an otherwise brilliant addition to the genre.


I kinda liked this game. the weapons all have different pay offs, for instance, the bayonetted rifle is less accurate, less powerful, but can use a close combat attack. My only complaint was the slow pace and that all your abilities are maxed by level 7. ):
All in all, I give it 7.5/10. Good, but not brilliant.


How do I kill that enemy that is:
Health: Low
Attack: Deadly
Attacks Previous Position
Can be killed only in Defence Mode
I click the shield button in the lower right (to the left of the Clock button and the StimPack button), but when the monster shoots his laser at me, my character just dies.


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