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Words and Physics

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4.1/5 (128 votes)

Wield the awesome power of language in this innovative physics puzzler. Click on different areas of each level and use the keyboard to change the environment, either by typing characters or deleting them, in order to remove the specified text from the screen. You can watch the text plummet by deleting the platform it's resting on, type "water" to make the text float away, or key in "fire" to ignite bombs and blast the text from the screen.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Words and Physics Walkthrough

Level 1:

  • Delete the "Deleteme" text.

Level 2:

  • Add text to "PushType" line until "RemoveMe" falls off.

Level 3:

  • Delete "Deltype" to bring "RemoveMe" text down,

  • Type on that same line until characters push "RemoveMe" text off the level.

Level 4:

  • Change "MoveRight" to "MoveLeft."

Level 5:

  • Change "MoveWhere" to "MoveUp."

Level 6:

  • Change "MoveWhere" to "MoveRight," then delete it when text to be removed is positioned over drop-off.

  • Type a few characters to finish pushing "RemoveMe" into hole and off the level.

Level 7:

  • Delete "Deltype" to bring text down, then type characters until "RemoveMe" falls to next platform.

  • Add text to "RightAligned" until "RemoveMe" falls again.

  • Repeat by adding text to "Deltype" line until "RemoveMe" falls off the level.

Level 8:

  • "DeleteMe" text is invisible. Highlight section under the word "Dynamic" and delete, then when "RemoveMe" stops sliding, highlight section under that and delete it as well.

Level 9:

  • Type "Fire" on the line next to "Bomb."

Level 10:

  • Type "Water" on each of the five lines, until "Plank" floats to the top and knocks "RemoveMe" text off.

Level 11:

  • Delete "DeleteMe" text on top of bottom "Plank."

  • Delete "DeleteMe" under "RemoveMe."

  • Finally, remove "DeleteMe" below other "Plank" to catapult "RemoveMe" off the level.

Level 12:

  • Type "Fire" below the cage holding "Bomb."

  • Type "Water" on each of the four lines on top of "RemoveMe," so it text floats to the top.

  • Type "Balloon" on line under "Switch."

Level 13:

  • Type "Pin" to pop the balloon.

Level 14:

  • Change left "MoveWhere" to "MoveUp" until it reaches about half-way, then change to "MoveRight" to block laser.

  • Delete a character from "MoveRight" to stop it where it is and block the laser.

  • Change "MoveWhere" on the right to "MoveLeft" until it pushes "RemoveMe" text from the level.

Level 15:

  • Quickly delete each line of "DeleteMe" before the laser hits the "RemoveMe" text, going from top to bottom.

Level 16:

  • Delete almost all of the "DelType" line, leaving just "DE" so that "RemoveMe" is propped up at an angle.

  • Type any characters to continue pushing "RemoveMe" until it slides off the level.

  • When done in this way, you shouldn't have to adjust your keyboard settings at all.

Level 17:

  • Type "Fire" on line below "RightAligned."

  • Add characters to "PushType" until "RemoveMe" is right up against "Fire."

  • Delete all of the characters to the left of "RemoveMe."

  • Delete "DeleteMe" under "Bomb."

  • Delete the "RIGHTAL" of "RightAligned."

Level 18:

  • Delete the "RIG" of the bottom "RightAligned" to make the "Bomb" fall down.

  • Delete "DelType" to bring "RemoveMe" down, then add characters to push it next to "Bomb."

  • Remove all characters to the left of "RemoveMe."

  • The "Bomb" should detonate when the laser touches it, and "RemoveMe" should fly off to the left, completing the game!

Hope this helps!


the pushing box are too difficult to use...


My $.02: I found the game a little disappointingly straightforward. (Part of that is that there were 18 levels, which means a significant percentage of the game was tutorial.) I also found that, on some levels, where you had to

type really fast, and in fact more or less had to just hold down a single key and let it repeat, that my personal keyboard settings aren't set to repeat keys quickly enough

...which I found intensely frustrating. (I ended up using workarounds on both of those levels.)


Agree with Tahnan.

Personally, I was very disappointed that you could only type what they wanted you to in each box. For example...

A box meant for "fire" couldn't be used for "water." And if you were meant to move a word "right," you couldn't move it "up."

It just felt overly restrictive, but maybe I've been spoiled by games like Scribblenauts.


Got linked to this the other day via Nodwick and liked it up until the stage where you had to delete a bunch of lines as a laser chased you down. The laser moved far too fast for me to get past that stage.


@tenzhi: That stage frustrated me too until I realized I could

double click on the text lines, instead of highlighting with the cursor

. Then it was pretty easy to pass that stage, although I still never beat the last level because of the problems with strong-moving or whatever.


Good idea - kept me entertained for about... 5 levels?



I liked this one until the 18th level. I didn't really love the arcade-style "type quickly!" puzzles all along, and the last level just felt like an average example of one of those.

Cool idea though, and I'd play a sequel.


Nice but too short :/ it ends just when you feel like you're getting to the good part


Great concept, dodgy execution. Hopefully we'll get a more refined sequel... or a level editor.

A level editor would be awesome, come to think of it.


I call shenanigans on Level 18. I managed to get the REMOVEME off the top of the screen and the level didn't end.

For those interested, here's how you do it.

Add three letters to line under the bomb, type the first few letters of the BALLOON, then quickly delete the DELETEME and move the REMOVEME under the bomb platform.

Remove the line above the bomb and let the laser blow it up. Fill the line completely, then remove the bottom line. Move the REMOVEME as far to the right as possible.

Complete the BALLOON and let it rise until it's waiting under the top line. As soon as the laser passes over it, moving left, remove the line, then watch as the BALLOON carries the REMOVEME off the top of the screen.


easy solution to level 15:

delete top line, but leave the first character, then hold spacebar to push it to the side.


JqlGirl's solution to level 18 is interesting, but I think not what they had in mind. My solution follows:

Type PPPPPPP in the Balloon field, then replace the DeleteMe with lots of PPP to push the target under the shelter of the RIGHTALIGNEDs. Now, one letter at a time, replace PPPPPPP with BALLOON (i.e. select the first P, type B; select the second letter, type A; etc.) When the target is aligned with the BOMB, change one letter of the BALLOON so it stops rising but still supports the target. Then delete both RIGHTALIGNEDs so that when the laser comes over, it'll blow up the BOMB and send the target flying to the right.

It did feel a bit odd that the target was labelled "REMOVEME" but destroying it with lasers didn't count. It was also rather sad that you could only type what they wanted you to type in each box.


Wait, sorry, I didn't read JqlGirl's post properly. I see she was saying that the level didn't end if she did that. That is indeed dubious.


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