War Of Cells

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Global warming is going to be our undoing, but not because we will suddenly run out of polar bear pelts or ice for our afternoon drinks. Thanks to raising temperatures, more ice starts to melt, unleashing a virus that has remained frozen for millennia. But this is not any virus. It is alien in origin and it plans to evolve and destroy us. It is also intelligent, because it is who you are in this action/strategy game.

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Mystify July 12, 2010 7:05 PM

I played this recently, and I found it to be poorly balanced. Some abilities where extremely, overwhelmingly powerful, while others of the same tier were practically useless. It theoretically allows you to switch strategies by redistributing your upgrade points, but if you pick the wrong upgrades from the levels(and it is hard to tell which ones are the right ones the first time through) it is impossible to switch.

I played through focusing on one class, and even with the high-tier abilities equipped, I was impotent. I played again with another class, and I was tearing through levels with low-level abilities.


So, where is the game? All I get is an advertisement. It appears to load fine but after 5 refreshes no game has loaded.

[What OS/Browser/Flash Player versions are you using? -Jay]


Ugh, I didn't like this one. Beat most of the bosses, got most of the awards, but it really was just time spent trying to like the game. Personally I found the keyboard "relative" control scheme, the mouse "absolute" control scheme and dealing with the different firing arcs clashed pretty horribly. The upgrades were underpowered, repetitive and the descriptions deceptive. Like the, "Gain health when enemies bump into your cells". Never did get that one to work. Then that whole cell division thing. Was there a point to that? I'll give it a 2 for effort.

RandomGai July 13, 2010 1:56 PM


You're right. Morphed Spike = pwnz.

Dulcibella July 13, 2010 2:06 PM

Sorry, one nit to pick: it's not a virus. It's way too big/complex, has a membrane & organelles, synthesizes its components from nutrients it takes in, and reproduces. Definitely a single-celled organism.

See: Cellcraft (recent review) Learning is fun! :)

Science nerd out!

PadanFain July 13, 2010 8:53 PM

I have made the game with a friend of mine. We have been working on it for several months in our spare time (as we have normal jobs, family, etc.)

It is really nice to see that the game has been reviewed by Casual Gameplay - big thanks for that!

Find it kind of funny to compare a flash game with spore, though ,-)

Happy gaming!


Kind of hard to control. I wish you could use the mouse instead.


I have absolutely no idea how to create pods. The in-game instructions didn't help at all. Anyone help me out plz?


@ Andrew:

There is a triangle in the bottom center of the screen. At its corners are three squares. They will be empty if you have no pod in that slot.

To grow a pod, click inside one of the squares and select an available pod icon. The pods take a few seconds to grow at the beginning of the level, when changed, and when certain kinds "expire."

Each pod must be individually selected. The triangle itself, when filled by consuming nutrients, can be clicked in order to divide. To arm your remote cell, you must again select its pods, then a control scheme.

Hope all this helps and sorry for the obsessive detail. :)


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