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Vox Populi, Vox Dei
(A Werewolf Thriller)

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4.7/5 (293 votes)

You tell yourself you don't care about her anymore. She broke your heart and to forget the pain you throw yourself into your ninja training, pushing your muscles further than any human should rightly expect of their body. You tell yourself it doesn't matter, and for a while you think you might believe yourself. It's not until your friend informs you that she's been kidnapped by the ruling species, werewolves, that you come to understand that it's all a lie. You still love her enough to rip through every single werewolf keeping you from her, or die trying.

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Arrows + space is fail.

When will programmers learn?


Personally, I found the controls just fine. They're so simple I didn't really feel limited by them. What did you find awkward about them, exactly?

I like this game a lot, and not just because I was tickled pink by the itty-bitty werewolf carnage. Only mostly. It's just really well executed, really fun, really short (unfortunately), and really, really bloody.


What a cool game - the developer has obviously spent a load of time on it.

Every screen is different, the progression is really well done.

As said the only downside is the length - Hopefully it wont be too long before a sequel.

The stage is set for some challenging puzzles with the skills obtained here to really make this game great.


Well now that I've actually played it, it's really fun but really short. I loved how the blood was done, like how it would drip through the floors and fill cracks on the walls.


On these Kongregate games, is there a way to disable the annoying chat box going on next to the game?


[Edit: There used to be a setting where you could turn it off. Now it looks like your only option is to click on the "Game" or "High Scores" tab. But then every time you open a new game window the chat will be displayed until you switch it again. I've requested to Kongregate that they allow an account setting to turn off chat completely. -Jay]


i like it but the run and lunge action is quite tricky when theres two of them and you have little space to run :L


Can't get past the level with the two rising platforms... Tried a number of different approaches. I can even get past without the girl but obviously that won't work. Help. Great game otherwise!


I am working on a game. I would like to know what is wrong with arrow keys for movement + spacebar for jumping.

What other buttons should be jump. I need up arrow for climbing.


anyways, this game does not displease me


REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for doubling
but "ggunther"
arrows and space are fine
its just you should never have arrows and mouse, always "wasd" and mouse


This is pure, refined win.

It's one of those games where all the focus is on great level design, and it shows. Every level has its own unique challenges (or is a quick pass-through level, and the various abilities are used for a surprising variety of things to do. One slight problem is that sometimes you can see a clever/awesome solution but it's easier to just go right through, and that despite its charms it's fairly linear - I don't have a problem with a linear run of levels (it's perfect for this sort of game), but it'd be nice for there to be two ways to skin a werewolf sometimes.


The crab has a point,
I really love the minimalistic style. Take the picture for example, with the white background with the multiple whatcha maggigers that are buildings in the background, with the person standing on a cliff, anyways it's awesome.

I have kind of sucked up all the commentation area.


I was on the level with the platforms, as I was trying to get past it, I leapt towards the door, went through it, and disappeared from the game. I can't figure any way to get back in.

And that crybaby won't even help me.


Hahahaha, found another glitch.

Decided to see if I could take out two werewolves at once in the building. Worked like a charm, except that it only killed one werewolf. the other one is now stuck to me, still struggling. :)

You can do it more than once, too. *laugh*


truly great. I ended up with a (living) werewolf stuck to me though... did that happen to anyone else?

Bob Montgomery September 1, 2009 3:47 PM

I agree that using the space key is lame.

Please never use the space key for an action where you have to repeatedly mash on it.

Use Z, X, or C instead.

I hate using the space key for games.

That said, the game was absolutely awesome. Big thumbs up!

Patreon Crew SonicLover September 1, 2009 3:49 PM

Finished, 10 deaths. A couple interesting puzzle elements; could be expanded upon quite a bit, but I still like.

Slightly off-topic: Why do the werewolves always have to be portrayed as the bad guys? Why can't the hero be a werewolf for once? The zombies have gotten their chance to protagonize with the Sonny series, and I'm pretty sure I played a platformer once where the hero was a vampire, but where do I have to go to see a lycanthropic protagonist?


@Dae, you need to do the attack leap rather than a jump, you go further with that one.

I thought the game was fun and was bummed it was so short, is there any way to avoid the big guy at the end or will I always be knocked through a couple walls and off a cliff?


SonicLover - how about Remus Lupin?


Oh yeah, regarding the keys. I agree, repeatedly smashing the space bar gets annoying, typically designers will assign the z, x, or c keys for jumping and action when combining with the arrow keys.

Also, I don't like using the CTRL key at all, I find myself hitting the "Windows" start menu key by mistake all too often.


(sorry to post again but) I'm with Dae, I can't get past the room with the two elevators. Yeah I can jump to the exit with the attack leap but cannot get little beige chap to follow me... hopefully one of you good people might post a walkthrough at some point…

PS I still have a werewolf stuck to me


Remus Lupin = awesome werewolf hero.


In order to get the pink guy to follow you all you need to do is use the platforms, stand on one and the other one raises.....haven't you noticed that the little guy cries and stops following you when you cloak? Just leave him behind and collect him later, when he's in a better position maybe......?


More! More! More!

Key mappings didn't bother me in particular - I found the werewolf-pummeling a little annoyingly repetitive, though.

Love the visuals, the abbreviated storytelling, the varied, not-too-hard puzzles (thank you for not caring how many lives I use!), and the simple play control. It's really more of a puzzle platformer masquerading as a bloody run and gun - I liked that.

Can't wait for the next installment - I could see this turning into an serial epic if the dev can keep it going - like Iji in installments?

Patreon Crew SonicLover September 1, 2009 4:51 PM

Remus Lupin? Never heard the name before.


The atmosphere and gameplay remind me of the amazingly great Another World. Any game that can evoke that comparison is an unmitigated win.


I don't like having to hit a button repeatedly to do an action (ie, space), BUT for this game, I think you can just hold space down and it will perform the same action. Neato!

Cyberjar88 September 1, 2009 5:15 PM

@SonicLover: Since you've finished, would you consider writing one of your famous walkthroughs for this game (or any game, seeing as how you haven't written one in months)?


Ctrl doesn't work form Mac users. Use cmd.

Anyone else's ninja getting stuck in particular actions? My guy sometimes gets stuck in attack stance and ends up hopping around like a frog.


You can hold the spacebar down. There is no need for continuous mashing.


I also had a werewolf stuck to me.


This game is sixteen different kinds of awesome.

It's as if Underworld were an 8 bit video game (and the vampires wore blue ninja suits and had little pink kids that the lycans wanted to kidnap for some reason).


You only need to hold the space bar down. There is no need to repeatedly mash it...except to make a lot of loud brouhahhah in your cubicle.


third and final post on this thread I promise BUT, for those struggling with the elevators level, I just got through it thus:

specifically DO NOT use the attack jump to get out as this makes the little dude cry and not follow. Raise the right platform as high as it will go, go stand next to the little gut until he follows your movements, then jump normally from the floor, to the platform and to the ledge on the right in one sequential manoeuvre. Then he follows you…

Hope that helped.


When I just held my space bar down my guy stopped punching. I didn't keep holding it down to see if he would eventually stand up, oh well.


I had the same problem as dae and blumley. I couldn't see how to get past the two-platforms room -- I could only reach the right side by the attack-leap, and the little pink one doesn't follow you through that, and you can't change screens without.

I discovered that it's just barely possible to make it with the normal jump. But if this is the intended solution, I suggest making it much easier, as it's currently very easy to conclude that approach is impossible.


Fun game!

I don't understand the problem with the spacebar. It worked fine for me. I see that more than one person here dislikes it... but I wish someone would take the time to explain *why*. :)

By the way, the little pink character is a girl, not a guy! (And, is she naked??)


@Bob Montgomery & @Username:
ZXC sucks: On keyboards with a different layout (esp. f.e. german), these keys aren't beside each other. You should hear me cursing the game designers that use the z key :) Depending on the other key's positions, it's more like playing twister than actually playing the game itself.
Therefor I'm fine with the spacekey (or asd + arrows; that's fine as well!)


So cool!

There was a moment in the room where

you have to lift the little guy on an elevator to get him over the pit... I had left him at the edge of the pit so that when I leaped to maul the werewolf I landed directly above him... so the image burned into my brain of the little guy standing there crying as werewolf blood rained down on him from above while I just kept tearing and tearing. Unfortunately I think this was an unintentional image, despite it being so powerful.

This led me to think... given that every time you kill an enemy, you have to do it so excruciatingly violently, couldn't there have been some similar ways that action could have been tied into the storyline or significant? This is an excellent example of good storytelling through gameplay (not alongside it as in so many JRPGs and GTAs), and I think the fact that it has sparked ideas for slight tweaks and improvements in so many of its players speaks very highly of its concept and quality. Good one!


Too difficult for me. It was too hard for me to kill multiple werewolves in the first room with the dropping elevator. I didn't like how when you went back in the level werewolves re spawned, also the wolf sticking to me was annoying.
But the graphics and theme are nice. Also, the feel of the jumping was good. Sometimes in games where you slide after you jump it feels like you have to fight not to fall off the edge, but not this one.


10 stars for this awesome game


Uh, am I the only person who can hold down their spacebar and have it repeatedly accept the command, id est NOT have to pound the spacebar to kill the 'wolves, just press and hold?

And the little character is a girl, and she doesn't seem to be naked, she seems to be wearing a pink suit; perhaps the lead's daughter?

Werewolves as heroes are harder to 'imagine' than vampires/zombies, since a zombie hero has humor value, and a vampire hero has that whole "angst is cool" bullshit. A werewolf hero would be harder to pidgeon-hole, and as such harder to market.


Oh noes! SonicLover not a Harry Potter fan? Remus Lupin is a character who is a werewolf and also a hero. :)


Also, a lot of the hard-to-figure areas are puzzles, the first elevator room, you pounce off the furthest platform and you'll cream the 'wolf at the bottom, then you either run for it or quickly go after the patrolling one.

On my first play-through I only killed who I had to, jumped over all the 'wolves in the first two-'wolf patrol area, ran from the patrolling 'wolf after wiping out his buddy...

I can ALMOST kill all the wolves in the first multi-'wolf area, but my technique (falling off the platform and landing on the stairs below to break line-of-sight after pouncing) doesn't work on the lowest floor.


ALSO, it's kinda funny that people call this "Vox", especially since the title is, in English, "The Voice Of The People Is The Voice Of God."


Wow, this game makes me wanna play Another World again.
Can't wait for the sequel.


One - I also found that all you had to do was hold down the space key and the ninja would rip up his enemies without futher ado.

Two - Nobody mentioned the level with the blinky light. There's a level with a light that keeps blinking on and off.

TO MIGRAINE SUFFERERS LIKE ME - If, like I am, you're prone to migraines caused by blinking lights (I can't watch certain commercials without my head bursting open and spilling my brains on the floor), either don't play this game (the blinky level is *awful* for that, even though the concept is cool) or else go in knowing that it can hurt. I wish someone had warned me before I got into the game. Ah well

Three - I guess Lupin was okay in the Harry Potter *books,* but he looked like an anemic sheep in the movies. Seriously, they didn't spend enough of the budget on making him a good looking were.


I don't even have migraines or epilepsy, and I had to give up on the blinky level. Too annoying to play. I don't even get why it's blinky-no evident in-universe reason.

I'm able to hold down space in Safari on the Mac. Those who can't hold down space and have it work: What are you using?


On the subject of keys to use: If your game is in Flash, don't use Ctrl or Cmd, or any meta keys, really (Shift is a possible exception). In the context of the browser, those keys aren't free to use. Unless that's the only key you use, ever, in the entire game.

I played a little of this game, but since Ctrl + arrow keys change Spaces (virtual desktops) on a Mac, I couldn't do very well in it.


It wont work on Firefox (holding space).

But it's a sweet game, level design is brilliant, but it is too short, and not in the 'oh I can't wait for another episode' short way, but the 'annoyingly, disappointingly' short way.

I would say that whilst repeatedly pressing space to get blood has some great features (like more blood), by the end it is a chore and should be shorter, however I see how that affects the gameplay especially in the level with the numerous teleporters, as I was trying to rush the level and kept tackling a werewolf thru the teleporter, and mashing space to try and kill and escape before the next werewolf shot me.


Holding space works fine on my Mac with Firefox 3.5.2.

Very fun game.


This, I feel, is the gaming equivalent of a poem. The way that this little guy would stop at nothing to get to the girl he once loved, the way that he would go tthrough anything he couldnt go around. Even the blood was evocative of the fact that he doesnt even shy of causing this amount of destruction in order to get to who he loves. Er, but the werewolves having guns in their chests was...Odd.
Oh, and about the people wondering what the little pink person was, READ THE REVIEW AND WATCH THE BEGINNING. ITS HIS GIRLFRIEND THAT (possibly) DUMPED HIM. "daughter"....*shakes head* Nay, you non-readers and impatient persons out there. You know who you were. Okay, thats my rant and review done. Have a good day.


Kongregate Chat Box
For those who are trying to get rid of the Kongregate chat box, and have GreaseMonkey, or similar add-on, try this UserScript I wrote:

It very simply removes the entire chat box section from the page. I've been using it for a while now.

Slanzinger September 2, 2009 6:50 AM

Great game. Really enjoyed it.
The people complaining about spacebar - problem for me comes when you have Z and X as, say, jump and shoot. Responsiveness to multiple keypresses on a laptop keyboard like the one I'm using really isn't that good, so in Cave Story it's actually impossible for me to jump to the right while shooting (Some kind of conflict between the three keys Z, -> and X - any combination of two works fine)
So arrows+spacebar is a better combo for me - if a little awkward when in any game requiring any other keys.

Patreon Crew SonicLover September 2, 2009 8:07 AM

Harry Potter? That would explain it then... I've never touched that series. I don't really go for overhyped stuff like that.

BladeStorm September 2, 2009 9:28 AM

soniclover, you would have enjoyed the series if u read it before it was popular, much like lotr


The problem with arrows + space, is that up + left + space doesn't work on most keyboards. There's a conflict that prevents space from functioning if up + left are held. There's other, more rare, conflicts as well. You can find more info if you Google "up left space".

On the other hand, I jumped the gun as this game doesn't seem to use the up arrow.


what about the bbc tv show being human, one of the good guys in that is a warewolf, another is a vampyer, and another is a ghost, killed by her boyfriend

Crystal_Lucario September 2, 2009 11:32 AM

Okay, here's my guide:

Room 1:

Run to the Right

Room 2 (3 Pillars):

Jump from pillar to Pillar and run right

Room 3 (First Enemy):

Long Jump from the ledge onto the wolf, run right

Room 4 (Building):

Jump on the ledges up to the top of the screen

Room 5 (Building Climb):

Continue Climbing to the top of the screen

Room 6 (Roof Top Corner):

Jump on the ledge, head right

Room 7 (Roof):

Long Jump onto the Werewolf before it can shoot you, head right

Room 8 (Falcon Ledge):

Either Jump on or Over the Werewolf, fall off right

Room 9 (Falling):

You Automatically fall to the next room

Room 10 (Car):

If you leapt on the wolf it should automatically die on impact, either way head right

Room 11 (Multiwolf):

Stealth (Ctrl) and climb the Pipe on the outside of the structure, Be careful not to touch the wolves jumping over them, do not touch them, it will get your ninja killed. Jump in the hole (Bottom Right) and Continue Down

Room 12 (Teleporters):

Run throught the teleporters, until you get to the first Wolf, time going through right, to get in while he is not looking, stealth, and kill him. Do the same on the bottom and exit left

Room 13 (Teleporters 2):

Okay, the first teleporter goes to the TOP floor, time things right and stealth when in, go to the first ray of light to leap, if you are too close you will shoot through the next portal and die, as he is halfway through the light to the left of the one with the pipe through it, pounce on him and kill him. The second one goes to the second floor from the bottom, get in and stealth, stand in the second light, and pounce as he is at his closest. The next portal goes up one floor, repeat the previous steps, and then one more time for the last floor, and exit left

Room 14 (Chain Platform):

Go OVER the falling platform and stand as far to the right on the topmost block in the L-shape group as Possible, Long jup on to the further wolf (This should instantly kill him) Quickly run and jump up the tiny passage and exit left

Room 15 (Flickering Lights):

Jump up to the ledge, there isn't much to say here, but just stand at the steam shooters (About two Ninja lengths away) And run when the steam evaporates, run to the bottom left corner, and fall into the hole

Room 16 (Big Wolf):

Watch the Mega-Wolf run away and exit down

Room 17 (Jail Break):

Fall down (The fall breaks your Stealth, so it's pointless to use it) face the wolf in midair, hold the down key, and very quickly upon impact, leap at the Werewolf, this should knock it through the bars, this should open the bars, take the pink Character with you as you exit right

Room 18 (Lift Room):

Stand on the first lift, it should sink, jump out of the hole, jump on the raised lift, and exit right

Room 19 (Quad Lift):

Climb the tower then, Stand on the first, and then third lifts and lower them all the way to the ground, jump across the second and fourth, and exit right

Room 20 (Were-Lift):

Ride the lift to the qround, walk to the right and stop on the other completely lowerd platform, stealth and leave Pink on it. Long jump the pit, and climb up to where the wolf is. Kill the Wolf, and stand on the rightmost lift. Jump back up, grab Pink, and exit right.

Room 21 (Elevator):

Step on the odd platform on the ground, ride and exit up

Room 22 (Elevator 2):

Continue riding

Room 23 (Outside):

The is a portal, do not attempt to run at it, it is impossible to get to, run right before Mega-Wolf gets you

Room 24 (Outside 2):

Continue Running

Room 25 (Outside 3):

Continue running

Room 26 (Wall):

Run to the wall, and take death like a ninja. This will cause the End Video and Credits to roll, and end with, To Be Continued...

I hope this guide helps!


Well, that's nice up until the 2-elevator room, whereupon it abruptly becomes impossible to continue.

Yes, I've tried jumping from the very edge of the raised 2nd platform, yes I've done it quickly and sequentially, the distance is just too far by half. It's not even close.

Someone want to explain?


Okay, I take it back; that's just a very VERY poorly designed jump. I was way past 20 careful, deliberate tries (so probably more like 35+ tries total) before it just abruptly worked.

On the other hand, besides having to be psychic to guess some of the puzzle solutions (the first elevator room, for example, where the solution blends into the background), is pretty much the only flaw in a really neat game.


I felt kind of bad killing all of those werewolves when they were obviously just planning a bar mitzvah for my little friend.


after the first enemy, did anyone else notice the shiny spinning thing around the light bulb to the left of the crushed car? i tried to figure out if it was anything, but i can't reach it. any clues?

Crystal_Lucario September 2, 2009 12:42 PM

@Gobsmacked: This is in my guide, but, if you still need help just:

Jump from approx. half way from the block between the two (Done right you should land on the edge of the lift) and if you were holding space and right at the same time you should get out ;)


Wow, I found out a way to kill the werewolves on the screen that you stealth past.

You just have to take the lower level off first, and make sure that the other two werewolves aren't close enough to the edge to successfully shoot you


Wyndclaw, get over yourself; children can break hearts of their parents just as easily as any other loved one can, and the fact that she's child-sized would imply pedophilia if she were the girlfriend. As such, it's an easier jump of conclusion that she's a daughter.

Or a gay man. In fact, that's funnier; yeah, it's gay ninja love time.


The first time I played through:

The first time I played through on the last scene where you are supposed to die I lunged and broke through the wall, not knowing that what I did wasnt supposed to happen, I kept running and thinking to guy was still chasing me I lunged off the edge that he punches you off of. I then landed in the water in the very last screen, where you hit the shore, and was under the map (on the bottom of the screen) still able to run around and stuff but I couldnt go anywhere and I couldnt jump back on shore


Is this some kind of ham-handed role-reversal? You leap on your enemies and rip their throats out; they patrol cities and shoot bullets. Am I not supposed to pick up on this until after it is explained to me in Part II that I couldn't possibly have understood the beast's point of view unless it was presented this way?


I honestly have no idea what problems people are experiencing with this game are. Not the glitches, I get those, but difficulty? The "puzzles" in this game are as basic as it gets, and any that do require any sort of help have diagrams on the wall to help you. The lights blink to make it more difficult to get past the bad gas, duh. The elevators are incredibly logical, the transporters are labeled entrance and exit, the whole game is so simple that I can only assume that those people having trouble with it are more likely experiencing a bug.

Offriender September 2, 2009 8:57 PM

I've never written a walkthrough before. Let me try this one.

Screens 1-3:

Just follow the instructions on the signs. Note that it suffices to hold space when attacking, instead of pressing it repeatedly.

Screens 4-7:

Climb up the wall by just standing on the balconies and jumping. Pounce any werewolves you see. They most likely won't see you.

Screens 8-10:

Don't try to pounce two werewolves at once. Although it technically works, it causes a graphical glitch for the rest of the game and it's probably not intended to work. Instead, go into stealth mode and take a running jump over the werewolves' heads when they're pacing over the same spot in the middle. If you accidentally land on one, that's okay because you should bounce off. But you'll lose your cloak, so run to the next level. You can run as fast as their buttlets.

Screens 11-12:

Keep in mind that the teleports make you drop your cloak. So if you're about to teleport onto a level with a werewolf, make sure he's looking the other way before you go. On the second room with the teleports, there are signs that will show you what teleports to where. Unfortunately, they tend to get covered in blood quickly. :| And calculate your distance carefully when you pounce, or you'll drag a werewolf through a teleporter and you'll be vulnerable to the next one!

Screens 13-14:

There's a sign on the background explaining what to do. Stand on the highest point and pounce off. Pretty cool, huh? Just move into the next room.

This one's a little hard on the eyes. You have to move past the puffs of steam while the light flickers. Listen to the rhythm of the steam and you should be able know when to run, even in the dark. The puffs are infrequent enough that you should be able to run past two at a time, but be careful that you don't accidentally run into the next one while you're trying to stop.

Screens 16 etc. (Getting the girl)

The drop will make you lose your cloak, so quickly pounce the guard and free the girl. Moving on is a puzzle with elevators. You have to lower the one on the left to bring the one on the right up so you can jump to the next room. It helps to leave the girl on the right elevator so she's there and ready to follow you while you're setting it up. Just stand on it and go invisible, and she'll stay there. When you're ready, go visible and quickly jump onto the right elevator and then onto the ledge. Jump, and don't pounce, or the girl won't be able to follow you!

Use the same trick in the next room. Stand on the elevator that can bring the girl to the top of the screen, go invisible to leave her there, then go by yourself to kill the werewolf and bring her up. Let her follow you to the next room, where you go up a real elevator. Congratulations, you're almost there!

The ending:


Offriender September 2, 2009 8:59 PM

@Username: I actually had a lot of trouble in one of the rooms, because there's a certain jump that looks like it's so long that you need to pounce it, but really you need to jump it. But yeah, the game isn't bug-free either.


Wow so just started playing, was really enjoying the game so far, and got to the end of the second teleporter level. I went to the next level and saw that I was going down onto a platform and on the ground were two werewolves. I panicked and jumped back to the ledge. I was in the previous level, and tried to ease my way into the next level to get a view of the platform-two-werewolf level and fell in a gap just to the left of the far left teleporters on that level, unable to do anything but restart the game. Lame.


There's been comics with weres as heroes. I sometimes read one called Lucky Dawg on Drunkduck (look, if that's an advert then so are the Harry Potter mentions--I'm not related to said comic in any way except I've read it).

I've not seen any _games_ with therianthrope heroes though. Unless you count that one about Beast Boy.

vole-in-hand September 2, 2009 11:25 PM

How come no one has thought of combining a ninja and a rottweiler before? It's like PB&J. I'm especially fond tackling that one baddie off the cliff and onto a car. Kapow!

Also they did a good job on making that boss scary. I love it when a monster is so dangerous that the only option is to run like crazy.


Great game and yes, I agree with everyone who's mentined it already, beautifully reminiscent of Another World where the challenge and the story progress so calmly from screen to screen without interrupting each other too much.

Want to play it again as I had to pause (paws - ah ah aha) after getting frustrated with the two lift level.


Excuse the double post but having just finished the game (thanks to those people's advice above) there's one more thing I want to congratulate Pablo on which might be a simple thing but the cloaking device is a lovely piece of programming/graphics.

I'm wondering what this was originally written in as I'm a Games Factory person and that's a really lovely device I'd love to learn how to use, not neccessarily for that purpose but for other things too!

Well done the Werewolf team!


This game is amazing, one thing I noticed was the ninja himself acted more beast-like then the actual werewolves. Do I smell a plot twist?


Why does each werewolf have an amazing amount of blood, like ten humans' worth? It amplifies the gore, but wow that's a lot of blood.

As to the role reversal--well, I did get the impression he's using his fists not his teeth :)

And it seems like a very anti-authoritarian theme. The government is literally made up of beasts, and the man is using a kind of guerrilla tactic to fight them, because he hasn't the budget for the weapons they use. Also, ninjas and samurai are famous for not using "easy" weapons like guns.


This was a fun, mostly simple, and fairly interesting game. I loved some of the "tackles"/attacks from a high point to a low one. Also, crazy giant boss was amusing. Lots of blood on the werewolves' part; also, why do they have guns in their chests?

All in all, fun stuff.


...Oh yeah, and I had trouble with the "two platforms/elevators" level too, until I read here what to do. I couldn't make it to the rightmost platform even with an attack lunge at first.


This was a great game, though as many, said way to short. I loved the simplicity of it. This is an example of a game where the creator took time to really think it out and make it awesome rather than just throw up some good graphics but poor gameplay.

PandaKnight September 12, 2009 3:25 PM


Some said you couldn't clear the 7-werewolf room.

They were wrong.

It's all about the staircases; the werewolves can't get a lock on you if you're not on the same vertical level as them, so if you tackle them such that you slide off the edge...

Well, I'll let the blood and bodies tell their story.


Arrow keys+space = WIN. What are you talking about?

This game is amazing. 5/5



Did someone hack into your account or what? In the first comment you said it was fail.

Kratospie October 6, 2009 6:32 PM


JIGuest is the name you get if you comment without signing in.

dragonfire October 7, 2009 5:33 PM

How do you do room 14 with the chain lift? I don't get it. I can't seem to jump far enough.

allen murphy October 29, 2009 9:49 AM

is there going to be another werewolf thriller that was a fun game but after i got the hang of it it only took 2 minutes to complete it

Toxicdoovelacky November 8, 2009 5:03 AM

Ok everyone, the part with the two elevators, it seems a bit annoying to me. I've done it before and I've seen my friend do it but I can't remember how to finish it. I can get on to the ledge but the little pink person with the suit thingy won't come because you have to use the attack leap. I worked on it for ages but it got really annoying..

Does anyone mind giving me a tutorial on how to do it? If you can just send another one in =]

And Remus Lupin is off Harry Potter series (obviously) but anyway, thanks.

Anonymous January 7, 2010 1:56 AM

Holy hell pandaknight, that's just scary...
I absolutely love just, SMAHING a wolf into the ground, it fills me a pure ecstasy. For all the people trying to get past the two platforms, it's really simple. All you have to do is go onto the firt platform until its all the way down, then you jump (regular jump) onto the second platform's edge (which is now raised) (right edge) and jump onto the exit area. It may not work at first, i just press and held spacebar till i got it to work :)

Skin_Walker March 27, 2010 9:17 AM

whoever created this, or endorsed it, is it possible that i could use a screenshot as a cover for my new album?

[Posting a comment on a blog asking for permission is not the way to go about something like this. -Jay]

Keylord111 March 30, 2010 12:18 AM

I just beat the game and was looking for number two when I saw this link. The reason the blue ninja is bigger then everyone else is because in the description it said he trained harder then anyone should. He grew in size and strength. Also the pink ninja is the blues girlfriend how could he fall in love with his sister. Although the fact that she cries every time you leave her side is kind of childish its pretty obvious.

wolfgirl13 April 9, 2010 5:45 PM

It's really cool how you named it with those words. because "Vox populi vox dei" is of Latin origin for "the voice of the people is the voice of God". Cool Name ;)


"the voice of the people is the voice of God" is an interpretation though, not a direct translation. It's not like the Latin was "Vox populi est vox dei". However, it might well be quite an accurate interpreation.


The sequel actually came out today. It took six years, far longer than the attention span of the average flash game fan, but Vox Populi Vox Dei 2 is finally out on Steam today.


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