Vortex Point 7 - Waddington Swamp

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Events rarely unfold as you'd hope when you're stuck in a swamp, and that isn't about to change in Carmel Games' Vortex Point 7 - Waddington Swamp. If you live in the UK it probably won't have escaped your...

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Thanks Dave for having reviewed this one. Again if some readers want to do the same feel free to contact me: [email protected]


Awesome!! I look forward to see more game reviews :D :D



(I’m going to try and follow the sequence that is most logical for the story. That may or may not be the one that is most efficient.)

Office – Opening scene

Click through the fun dialog between Dr Prescott and the team, and then get ready to head out to the swamp.

Take the dirty boots from the right side of the desk

Notice the stuck drawer (lower left)


Swamp Entrance/Dock – In front of Diner and Gift Shop (1)

Have a look around. Notice the boat has a hole. Click the No Swimming sign (screen right) to find out why the swamp is closed to the public.
There are currently four ways to leave this screen:

1. Left back to the Office
2. Far left and up the path to the Cemetery
3. The left hand door to the Diner
4. The Right hand door to the Gift Shop

You must unlock the fifth and enter the Swamp
Enter Diner.

Diner – 1st visit

Introduce yourself to Sheila behind the counter. She will ask you to help out with stocking the freezer.

Finish the job and she will reward you with a hammer.

Use the hammer on the cork in the wall on the right.

Talk to Sheila some more.
That’s it for the Diner for now.
Exit and head next door to the Gift Shop

Gift Shop – 1st Visit

Talk to Norman at the register

Pick up the cork and the screwdriver.

Norman isn’t giving up much else.
Exit back to the front.

Dock – (2)

Use the cork to fix the boat.

Talk to Dr Prescott.

He wants boots.

Not a problem, right? You have boots.
Offer them to Dr Prescott. Well imagine that! Amazing, he’s such a NICE guy too.

Exit scene to the left and go back to the Office.

Office – Return

Remember that stuck drawer?

Use the screw driver on the stuck drawer.

Take the straw.

Exit back to the Diner

Diner – 2nd Visit

Notice you can peek through the hole in the wall to the Gift Shop next door.

Use the straw to drink Norman’s milkshake so he’ll leave the register.

Exit Diner and go next door

Gift Shop – 2nd Visit

Norman has left his post so you have the run of the place.

Take the fish from the wall.

Take the flute from the shelf (upper right)

Wash the dirty boots in the bucket of water

Exit shop

Dock – (3)

You’re nearly ready to head for the swamp.

Give the clean boots to Dr Prescott.

Go up the path to the cemetery

Cemetery – 1st Look

Take a good look around

Take the pipe from the side of the tomb

Notice that there is a 7 digit code needed to enter the tomb

Make a note of the constellation in the sky on the left side of the screen. (It looks a little like a reversed check mark)

Go back to the dock.

Dock – (4)

Talk to Dr Prescott.
Click on the boat and sail into the swamp.
The boat will stop at a wooden barrier.

Use the sawfish to cut it down.
Nothing is that easy though,

now there’s a giant ‘gator waiting for you.

Use the pipe to defeat the ‘gator.

Proceed to the right, you’ll end up at the cabin.

The Cabin – 1st Visit

Before you go in notice the pink Frisbee on the roof

Use the flute to make the snake climb up.

Grab the Frisbee (climb up the snake.)

Go inside the cabin.

Inside the Cabin – 1st Visit

Talk to the man in the bed.

Look at the chart on the wall over the bed. Remember that constellation at the cemetery?

It looked like a big reversed check mark. There’s one on the chart that matches it. Make a note of the number associated with it.

59-696-45 (I don’t know if that stays the same every time or not.)

Leave the cabin and go back to the dock and into the diner

Diner 3rd Visit

Give the Frisbee to Sheila, she will give you a crowbar.
Now go out and up the trail to the cemetery.

Cemetery – 2nd visit

Now you have a 7-digit number from the chart in the cabin,

use it to open the tomb.

Use the crowbar to open the casket and take the necklace from the skeleton.

Head back down to the dock and back to the Cabin by boat.

Inside the Cabin – 2nd Visit

Give the necklace to the man in the bed.
Click through the dialog to learn the story of the swamp and the identity of the man.
Click through to find out what happens to Dr Prescott.

Congratulations, you survived the swamp.

(But how are you getting home??)

RamblinRob June 2, 2016 5:36 PM

I just came here in a depression hoping beyond hope something would have changed and by some miracle I see this.



Cannot believe my eyes! Now I have to raise my monthly donation.
Looking forward to seeing more reviews!


It's a new review! *does happy dance*

CasualAce June 4, 2016 2:32 AM

Thank you for posting another review! Love this site!

Patreon Crew SonicLover June 5, 2016 1:00 PM

I'll be honest; this installment of Vortex Point was fairly underwhelming. Maybe it's because the ending was a foregone conclusion.


Glad to see a new review here, can't wait for another new review.

Patreon Donator talanpoe June 6, 2016 10:54 AM

Wow; dare I hope JIG may rise back up?? (rushes off to Patreon...)

extremeblueness June 6, 2016 7:30 PM

Woah. A new review! Does this mean that JiG is back?

jcfclark June 7, 2016 12:26 PM

Oh Happy Day! A new review. Suddenly my spirits are lifted. Thank you!


Yay! A new review - I'm very hopeful this site will continue! I hope my donation makes a difference....


i love this review site!


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