Twisted Fairytales: Robin Hood

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Remember that one time Robin Hood saw the UFO crash and found the ray gun? No? Well, try this goofy little spot-the-difference game and you'll sure remember it. A strange reimagining of the classic tale with beautiful artwork, a sense of humour, and four different endings.

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Geomancer June 9, 2010 5:04 PM

I was really weirded about by the endings. Both of the 'true' endings were just... wrong.


I <3 difference games so much. I love these fairy tale ones the best.


OMG!! 4th


... The art style is cute. :3


I don't know why my comment didn't show.

I *heart* difference games. Especially these fairy tale ones.


Bah! All the endings are lame! Why couldn't we end up WITH the cute pirate cyborg chick, instead of enslaved! Well, I guess if you're that incompetent as a robber hero, you get what you deserve.


I got the "correct" ending my first time through, but like Dora said, it seemed, well, I don't know if it was inappropriate, but it did seem to come out of nowhere. But the whole damsel in distress thing seemed a bit too convenient, which is why I made the choices that I did.

ShodoKat June 11, 2010 12:12 PM

This was pretty disappointing, though the wonderfully sugary artwork along the way was nice it didn't make up for the dis-satisfying ends.
I want an appropriately fluffy ending!


Wow. I played this three times for different endings.

I enslaved the girl at the end, and I felt bad, so I chose to fight the king, and the girl became a robot that made me work for her?

Robynthegeek October 2, 2010 4:15 PM

Possible endings and how to get them...

First, you can choose to assault the caravan again or go look for the UFO.
If you choose to attack the caravan again you get your butt whooped (Ending 1).

If you choose to find the UFO you are offered another choice:
Do you take the lazer gun?

Either way, you go out looking for the maiden calling for help.

If you took the gun, you zap all 3 ninjas and rescue the girl. If you chose not to, you get beaten to a pulp by the ninjas (Ending 2, see a pattern here?).

Your new friend suggests attacking the castle and redistributing the wealth to the poor! Great idea! You attack the castle. But wait! Just as you are ready to take over, the King suggests teaming up instead.

If you choose to team up with the king, you share his wealth and the girl becomes a slave. (Ending 3)

If you choose to fight the king, the maiden (who, by the way, is actually an alien robot thing) overpowers you and captures the king, taking everyone back to her ship. Now you're the slave of the crazy robot girl! (Ending 4).


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