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Following the success of the first game in the series, Totem Destroyer 2 is bigger and better. In each level you must bomb all of the destructible blocks, without allowing the golden idol(s) to touch the ground. It's a beautifully executed follow-up to the excellent original, and it should not be missed. There's way more levels, new types of blocks, new types of idols, and even a level editor!

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yay! the original was one of my favorite games! that hammer shaped idol is kicking my butt though :(


i also noticed

i did the same sort of thing with the small angular ones, they can hook on to one another to help them stay put.


Great game! It is certainly better than the last one!
Just one thing, now this is gonna sound real dumb but, please help me on level 4!


I LOVED the first game, and in fact it was the first to make it onto my favourites list.
And now this! So excited!
Forget work...


I should be writing, I really should. But this game just pulls at me. Off to play it.


Brilliant. The first was incredible, but this is a masterpiece. I can feel my level of productivity oozing away even as I type.


Also, level 16 is killing me.


This game is MUCH harder to play on a fast computer.

Anonymous February 9, 2009 3:40 PM

This game is so good, the only way I can think to improve it would be a level sharing system, so you could download new levels that others had made.


Gah! I am SO STUCK on level 31...little help, please?


So anyone know any of the cheat codes?


This game actually lags terrible on this one computer, I'll have to give it another try on the other one.


Any help with level 11 anyone


Or I could switch the quality to medium and it now runs so very smoothly. Ah, teach me to try stuff out before I talk. Great game though.


for 31

i got rid of the small ones to start with then starting from the bottom took away the rectangles next to each other alternatley, but leave the explosive ones till the end

if you press shift + c on the main menu you get to put in cheat codes :S


Am I the only person who prefers the original game? It was less complicated, and focused more on the core mechanic. It seems like you need luck & randomness to pass some of the new levels.


Level 34

take the 6 single blocks out up top - then the red blasters - let it all fall to the middle and clean up - carefully




highroller : Unlocks the Luck Level.


idontwantchallenge : Unlocks the Easy Level.


idowantchallenge : Unlocks the Hard Level.


ronislevel : Unlocks Roni's Level.


beka : Unlocks Beka Level.


thisisnotalevel : Unlocks (not a) Level.


therealimpossiblelevel : Unlocks the Real Impossible Level.


iamevil : Menu song plays backward.


werealldoomed : Inverted colors.


resetcustomlevelsmemory : Deletes ALL custom levels.


resetallmemory : Resets ALL the game memory (be careful on this one).


aimayhem : Frenzy menu AI.


showstatus : Shows some stats on the main menu.


theblackmonolith : Shows the ending again IF you had already beat the game.


pico : Pico!

Logic Boy February 9, 2009 7:17 PM

Cool - the first one left me wanting more. One feature I'd like to see is a "kill all remaining blocks" button - I often get the idol(s) on to safe ground with a bunch of blocks left over I have to click through to advance.


Is the unlockable level "the real impossible level" really impossible? I've tried it many times and had no luck. Can anyone do it?


I don't see how Kyle can say that there's less luck involved in this game than in the original. What with the explosions and floaters and whatnot, I'd say at least half of the levels are 100% luck-based.


I agree with Reka and Z: this game depends too much on luck, and I much prefer the original. Which is not to say I haven't been playing this obsessively.


I'd agree with Kyle here. Luck isn't really the right word - it's best to think in terms of probability. The trick is to work out what combination of clicks will be most likely to have the desired effects.

Having said that, there are some levels where you have little or no control over the physics AND the probability of solving it on any given attempt is really low. I found that these detract from the experience - what's the point of playing a level in which a bot or computer player would have an equal chance of success?


The strategy that worked for me was: start by removing the floaters beginning with the second row down from the black block, and continue down about 2 rows. If you get lucky :p the floaters below will rise up, hitting the black block and its immediate supports with the right timing to keep it more or less level as it falls.


I'm stuck on 47...

What I did so far:

I removed the flat piece (second from the bottom) to stabilize the structure, and I found that detonating the explosives below the middle idol just sends him up


I'm really flabberghasted at how many people actually like this game. When I played it a couple days ago, my first reaction was 'this is awful'.

How can you have a game based on physics that has such a flawed physics engine? I quickly lost count of the amount of times I had to replay certain levels because I had to wait until the idol fell in the correct direction.

You cannot possibly have a successful puzzler that is so very random! Not only that, but the idols are built so poorly in connection with the engine that most immediately begin to sway upon the start of the level.


I was excited for this and it was looking good until the 3rd level (with the floating blocks). Sorry, I can't get behind a game that feels like it sets out to frustrate the player.


Could use some help with 33, please.


I'm stuck on 50. I get the feeling that I'm just going to have to keep doing the exact same thing here over and over until I'm lucky enough to get the result I need.


Got it! Yay!

I will agree that this is more frustrating and luck-based than the first one. I think I prefer the old one to this overall, but I still really enjoyed this one.


While I do agree that the sequel is more frustrating than the original, in my experience, the issues described (luck, waiting for the idol to fall the right way, etc.) can all be circumvented with observation and careful timing. There have been a few levels that have had me pulling my hair out, but the level of satisfaction I get from beating them is well worth it.


For anyone who uses Kongregate, and hasn't started yet, there is a Kongregate version. No badges yet, but you never know.

I remember playing through GemCraft about a week before they released it on Kongregate with badges. That was harsh.


The really impossible level
is not impossible


Cheers for the heads-up Fuzzyevil... The Kongregate version also runs much faster/smoother.

Now let's see if that makes it any easier though... :)


They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result...unfortunately that's exactly what you find yourself doing in this game. The game physics are so delicately calibrated that they are extremely vulnerable to chaos theory, i.e. a very small change in starting conditions can lead to a very big difference later on. So you find yourself repeating the same strategy over and over, on the basis that if you just get the timing right...then you abandon it and go for a random, let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may blast--only to find all the idols stacked neatly on top of the black block. This makes it a rare example of a game where solving a level can be almost as frustrating as failing.


This game won't even load for me. I click on "play" and all it does is go to the opening screen with all the different animations of towers/totems falling, even though it looks like its loading. I _wanted_ to at least try this game, but I am severely disappointed that it didn't work, and as such will likely not go back to it.


I agree, it seems like this one relies on luck as much as the skill of the player. For that reason i haven't bothered playing past level 5. I agree the first one was better.


The Impossible Level:

I beat it by clicking the top right of the top-est most right-est explosive box. It took a couple tries, but the blocks laid flat and the head landed on top of it. Sometimes one will slide off the right, but a few (dozen) tries got it.


I did not play the first version, but this one is great! There is some luck to it, but you know if you're on the right track and sometimes you just have to keep on retrying the same level until you finally nail it just right. I'm at level 37, and I love the variety of puzzle types. Great game!


could someone help me on level 10...and yes, i do feel stupid asking for this lol

blockheadjr March 4, 2009 6:34 PM

It would be nice to have a code for each level. I had made it up to Level 45, then the next time I played, the game failed to recognize me as a returning player and started me back on Level 1.



I'm stuck on level 50 and I agree that I'm probably going to keep doing the same thing until I get lucky. Haha, but I don't mind.

This game is so addicting, I can't not play it. :D


level 48.....HELP!!!!!!!!!!


I have actually done the impossible level!!

SERIOUSLY! It requires A LOT LOT LOT LOT of luck!

Have A Go!


Help on lvl 8?


Here's an idea for a great game. How about you take a pair of dice and every time you roll a seven or eleven you win!

Asinine luck games...

This could be a really fun puzzler if they'd tighten up the physics. As it is it's 90% luck and 10% planning.

What fun is that??


Does anyone know the name of the classical song at the end of the game????

It'd be awesome if someone did!!!!


deglmann May 28, 2009 3:48 PM

Mordum - the song at the end is Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zoroaster) from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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