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Thule Trail is a re-imagining of the grade school classic, Oregon Trail, but instead of playing a family of 19th century immigrants, you play a group of 20 somethings road-tripping to a music festival. Instead of going to Oregon, you're going to Santa Barbara. The game takes its name from the 20th century occult society that sought the road to Atlantis; the music festival you travel to is called Atlantis, so it works. The rest of the game follows suit like a friendly slacker.

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Broken link alert!


Top link works, but not the bottom one.


I never beat the Oregon Trail, but I got a penalty in this game for making it early.

Apparently you get a 'Slacker Bonus' of 300 or so. I haven't tried the others, and likely won't... fairly boring, although it's still quite nostalgic.


lol.. i didn't know choosing to be a slacker would award you 300 points..[student gives you 250 anyway to save money, you can buy pellets and hunt instead of buying food which cost 15 bucks..

this game is easy and enjoyable.

fyi, being on time gives you a bonus of 1k points.

you can move around while you hunt / change your position when you're hunting by pressing 'enter'.

i delayed my journey by sleeping to reach there on the 19th ^^


I have got to admit that there was some...Uhh.. "Weird"Humor in there, such as, "Took a wrong turn" And you se the Pyramids. We're in Nevada. NOT Egypt...There was stuff like, "____ has taken to playing tic-tac-toe on the windowsheild" It was enjoyable, but, I wouldv'e liked it to be a little better. In the hunting mini-game, you hunt fries. I mean, SERIOUSLY. "Ok then, Honey. Go shoot some of those tacos for the kids!"


Meh. A lot of driving, sprinkled in with random events.

But why the repeat review?


We don't consider the mere mentions we give games in our link dump features full reviews.

Some of these games eventually get a full treatment by us and a page of their own. This is what you're seeing here.


Thanks for that note at the end. I had absolutly no clue where it was posted, but I knew I played it! If it wasn't for the note, I would have never figured it out.


To be pretty honest, this is an extremely scaled down model of Oregon Trail, and fairly easy as well, since you get actally win money in this game, whereas with Oregon, what you have to start with is it. Oh, and I definately miss the river crossings.

I've finished playing this, and tried Oregon again. Got creamed badly. How I miss the days... :P

Gotta give credit for the game anyways. Nice introduction for players who have never played Oregon.


What the deuce? How is the top score over a hundred million??? Hell, the score below that is almost as insane. What do you have to do to achieve that kind of score??


I submitted this game for review! W00t! I'm proud.


I can't get this game to load properly, tried using firefox and explorer but all I see is a white screen. If a use my mouse to highlight text it appears but I can't do anything.


jolly - I'm not having a problem with it. Perhaps try updating your Flash Player? That's usually the issue when a game doesn't appear correctly.

Kratospie June 25, 2009 7:58 PM

I love this game.


This game does not work for me either, I'm having the same problem as jolly. I updated my flash player and rebooted to no avail.


I agree with all the above comments (at least the ones that talk about the nature of the game) and definitely agree about missing the Oregon Trail river crossings. What I can't figure out though, is how some of the people on the Top Ten score list got such high scores! As far as I can tell, the maximum score for this game is around 7000 to 8000 ... so it baffles me that the top three players have scores of 112,549,165; 7,424,325; and 999,750. The other 7 Top Ten scores are all under 9000, ranging from 6836 to 8349. Soo... if anyone has any tips and tricks as to how to maximize scores, I'd be happy to hear them! My best is just below the number 10 score.


I'm not sure, but I think the outrageously high scores are ones that got hacked. It happens a lot with games that have numbered scores.


8349 is an insanely hi score for Oregon Trail. In order to break 8000 in this game, you have to choose the farmer (duh) then get rich on he road by hunting and trading the food for goods. It takes a few 'years' to complete the trail this way. That's the secret tho!


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