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The Spell Breaker Quest:
A Prince Ivan Adventure

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Prince Ivan is just raring to go for a big adventure. And he's got the right goods for a fairytale in the making what with sisters under a spell, witches, evil monsters and so much more! Playtinum Games' latest point-and-click adventure isn't just using the right item in the right hotspot. You are also tasked in making a catalogue of potions and coins. Let the hand-drawn graphics sweep you away into your very own fantasy story!

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Walkthrough Guide

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The Spell Breaker Quest
A Prince Ivan Adventure Walkthrough

GOAL: Getting Started

Palace Gardens

  • Collect the gear just below the middle statue on the right.

  • Now collect the wooden bow and arrow from the closest staute.

  • Use the bow and arrow on the crow.

  • Collect the statue head you knocked off.

  • Again use the bow and arrow on the crow to acquire him as a companion.

  • Head up the stairs to the Queen's Bedroom.

Queen's Bedroom

  • Raise the curtain over the right window.

  • Click the chair to get a closer look at the desk.

  • Collect the feather off the window and the letter opener off the chair.

  • Use the feather on the ink bottle to write on the blank pages.

  • Collect the missing pages, then collect the ink bottle.

  • Back up and examine the bed.

  • Collect the clippers from under the bed and the gear next to the headboard.

  • Open the top drawer of the nightstand and collect the pearl necklace.

  • Use the letter opener on the middle pillow, then use the missing pages on the book to acquire the Queen's Journal.

  • Back up and examine the left part of the canopy.

  • Pull each cord until the color in the flower matches the panel above.

  • It cycles through the colors in order so the first cord takes zero pulls, the second one pull, the third two pulls, etc.

  • Back up and examine the right part of the canopy.

  • Again, pull the cords to to get the colors to match.

  • Once you're done, collect the blue gemstone that appears in the triangle slot and back up.

  • Use the ink bottle on the urn to the left and collect the iron key.

  • Lift the curtain on the left, then solve the jigsaw puzzle by clicking and draggin each piece to its proper place.

    • The pieces appear in random order, but you can use the arrows to cycle through them if you prefer to assemble the puzzle in a certain order.

    • Use the impression of the image on the wood as a reference, or for a picture of the completed puzzle, use the screenshot below.

    • Screenshot

  • Step through the portal into the Orb Room.

Orb Room

  • Use the broken statue head (knocked off with the bow and arrow in the palace gardens) on the energy below the orb.

  • Step behind the wall to re-enter the palace gardens.

Palace Gardens

  • Use the clippers (from under the bed in the queen's bedroom) on the bush in front of the headless statue.

  • Click the tile that's revealed and solve the stone puzzle by clicking on two pieces to swap them.

    • Same-shaped stones cannot be in the same column or row, but diagonals don't matter.

    • Use the screenshot below for a solution (two stones still need to be swapped as indicated by the arrow).

    • Screenshot

  • Enter the hole to the old woman's hut.

Old Woman's Hut

  • Collect the shovel leaning against the hut.

  • Examine the mule and push the purple barrel.

  • Collect the bowl of grain and back up.

  • Examine the bird in the window and collect the gear in the lower window.

  • Click the roof to collect flint stones, then use the bowl of grain on the bird.

  • After speaking to the woman, collect the gear in the rose bush, then collect a pink rose.

  • Click the gate on the left.

Old Woman's Garden

  • Collect the gear in the plant to the right.

  • Examine the locked door ahead.

  • Collect the gear and empty oil can behind the bushes.

  • Now collect the chilli [sic] seed and carrot seed.

  • Use the iron key (from the urn in the queen's bedroom) on the lock and step through the doors.

Room Full of Cages

  • Collect the net off the lower shelf to the right.

  • Solve the cage puzzles to open each door by clicking the gates on the cages in the correct order.

    • Use the colored circles on the doors to help you determine which cages to click.

    • The colors on the circles correspond to colors elsewhere in the room.

    • Solution:

    • Working your way through the circles, top-to-bottom, for each door, click all the cages with birds of the same color combo (the order doesn't matter for birds of the same color).
      Once you've finished the bottom circle, the corresponding door should open.

    • Annotated image to help the colorblind:

    • Screenshot

  • Collect the patchwork pattern out of the left door and the book arrangement out of the right.

  • Head out the window and back to the old woman's hut.

Old Woman's Hut

  • Examine the mule, then use the empty oil can (from behind the bush in the old woman's garden) on the open barrel to acquire an oil filled can.

  • Back up and head back through the gate.

Old Woman's Garden

  • Use all six gears on the water wheel.

    • The location of all the gears:

      1. Below the middle right statue in the palace gardens.

      2. Next to the headboard in the queen's bedroom.

      3. In the lower window of the old woman's hut.

      4. In the rose bush near the old woman's hut.

      5. Behind the bushes by the locked door in the old woman's garden.

      6. In the plant to the right in the old woman's garden.

  • Now use the oil filled can on the water wheel.

  • Solve the gear puzzle by clicking and dragging each gear onto the correct axle.

    • As far as I can tell, there's no way to tell where each gear goes without trial and error.

    • If you need help, use the screenshot below which shows each gears location (using the size and shape as reference).

    • Screenshot

  • After the water is flowing, use the shovel on the plant beds.

  • Use the chilli [sic] seed on the left bed and the carrot seed on the right.

  • Collect both chillies and carrots.

  • Go back through the gate.

Old Woman's Hut

  • Examine the mule and use the carrots (grown in the old woman's garden) on the mule.

  • Back up and collect the parchment.

  • Examine the hatch and collect the axe.

  • Use the axe on the hatch to collect wood pieces.

  • Enter the hatch to a strange machine.

GOAL: Minting a Copper Coin

A Strange Machine

  • Collect the half copper coin die behind the left statue.

  • Now collect the silver pot behind the rocks in the middle front.

  • Collect the gold pot to the left of the stairs.

  • Finally, collect the copper pot behind the reeds on the right.

  • Place the pots on the correct statue using the picture in the book as a reference.

  • Gold pot on the left, silver pot in the middle and copper pot on the right.

  • Use the wood pieces (from chopping the hatch at the old woman's hut) on the spot below the statues.

  • Now use the flint pieces (from the roof of the old woman's hut) on the wood to start a fire.

  • Finally, use the parchment (left at the old woman's hut after the mule left) on the fire to acquire the map.

  • Use the map to get to the copper forest.

Copper Forest

  • Use the half copper coin die (from behind the left statue at the strange machine) on the man to play the game.

    • While the cups cycle through the same movements everytime, the pip starts under a random cup, so you'll have to watch it to find out which.

  • You acquire the copper coin die.

  • Click the wall of leaves to lift them.

  • Now move the table back and collect the gloves.

  • Collect copper leaves from the ground on the right.

  • Use the map to go to the silver lake.

Silver Lake

  • Collect some silver leaves off the ground.

  • Now collect the half silver coin die off the trunk.

  • Use the gloves on the green frog to collect it.

  • Now use the map to go back to the strange machine.

A Strange Machine

  • Examine the die slot on the right and use the copper coin die (pieced together from the gambler at the copper forest).

  • Back up and use the copper leaves (from the ground in the copper forest) on the copper pot.

  • Hit the red button on the left to mint the coin.

  • Re-examine the die slot and collect the copper coin.

  • Back up and use the map to go back to silver lake.

GOAL: Speaking to Gabriella

Silver Lake

  • Use the copper coin (minted at the strange machine) on the man.

  • Collect some blueberries.

  • Ride the turtle to the mermaid fountain.

Mermaid Fountain

  • Collect the grapes off the left pillar.

  • Pull on the rightmost vine above and collect the stone rose that drops.

  • Use the pearl necklace (from the top drawer of the nightstand in the queen's bedroom) on the mermaid.

  • Examine the door and solve the mermaid combination puzzle by clicking the mermaids until all the columns are red.

    • What each mermaid does (numbered 1-6, left-to-right):

      1. Lights up the 2nd and 4th columns.

      2. Lights up the 1st column and extinguishes the 2nd.

      3. Lights up the 3rd and 5th columns and extinguishes the 4th.

      4. Extinguishes the 3rd, 4th and 6th columns.

      5. Lights up the 6th column and extinguishes the 1st and 3rd columns.

      6. Extinguishes the 1st, 4th and 5th columns.

    • The solution:

    • 5, 3, 2, 1

  • Step through the doorway.

Gabriella's Library

  • Use the book arrangement (from the right door in the room full of cages) on the maid.

  • Solve the book puzzle by clicking two books to swap them.

    • Use the color of the shelf to firstly organize the books onto the correct shelf.

    • Now use the clues from the riddle to organize each shelf.

      • "Blue rises" - put the blue books shortest to tallest, left-to-right.

      • "Black falls" - put the black books tallest to shortest, left-to-right.

      • "Middle of Red counts most of all" - put the tallest (and highest value) book in the middle and have it decrease to each side.

      • "Green starts with a 'B' and ends with an 'E'" - put each of the books mentioned at the ends and work your way inward and down.

    • Use the screenshot below as reference for the solution. One more swapped is required, as indicated.

    • Screenshot

  • Use the half silver coin die (from off the trunk at silver lake) on the maid to acquire the silver coin die.

  • Click the perfume bottle to collect a drop of pink perfume.

  • Pick up the rag of cloth from the floor and use it on the mirror.

  • Speak to Gabriella to acquire a yellow gemstone.

  • Click the lamp to acquire the silver fish.

  • Use the map to travel to a strange machine.

GOAL: Speaking to Isabella

A Strange Machine

  • Examine the die slot and use the silver coin die (assembled by the maid in Gabriella's library).

  • Back up and use the silver leaves (from the ground at silver lake) on the silver pot.

  • Press the red button to mint the coin.

  • Re-examine the die slot and collect the silver coin.

  • Use the map to head back to the mermaid fountain, then dive in the water.


  • Speak to the seahorse, then give him the silver coin (minted at the strange machine).

  • Collect the red rose at the bottom and the bone on the right.

  • Use the chillies [sic] (grown in the old woman's garden) on the octopus and collect the octopus tear drop.

  • Through trial and error, open the clam shells in order to raise the bars.

  • right, top, middle, bottom

  • Collect the blue gemstone, then head into the opening.

Potion Factory

  • Collect the half earth die from behind the cups and the orange by the door.

  • Place the two blue gemstones and the yellow gemstone on the appropriate slots (the gemstones belong to either the right or left side, but there's no way to tell beforehand which one).

    • Blue gemstone locations:

      1. From the canopy in the queen's bedroom.

      2. Inside the last clam underwater.

    • Yellow gemstone: from Gabriella in her library.

  • Now follow the recipe for the Grow Plant Potion:

    • Purple fruit - grapes (by the pillar at the mermaid fountain)

    • Pink flower - pink rose (from the bush by the old woman's hut)

    • Aromatic water - drop of pink perfume (from the perfume bottle in Gabriella's library)

    • Green light - blue and yellow gemstones (use the dials below the gemstones to rotate them)

  • Once everything is lined up, press the red button below the door and collect the green potion.

  • Use your map to go back to the copper forest.

Copper Forest

  • Solve the pillar puzzle to get an opening to appear on the wall.

    • Each pillar has one or two sets of lines on them.

    • These indicate which stone(s) to click on the pillar (counting 1-6, top-to-bottom).

    • The completed form should create a 'V' on its side.

  • Step through the opening to the colored waterfall.

Colored Waterfall

  • Solve the tree rotation puzzle by clicking each square until it's positioned upright.

    • Use the screenshot below if you're having trouble.

    • Screenshot

  • Collect the half gold coin die from the tree.

  • Use the green potion (made in the potion factory) on the white (middle) water.

  • Head through the gates that appear on the tree.

Isabella's Gallery

  • Speak to the maid and give her the patchwork pattern (from the left door in the room full of cages).

  • Solve the patchwork puzzle by clicking the appropriate squares the right number of times to match the pattern.

  • Click submit when you're done to test your answer (it won't accept it if it's not right).

  • Now give the half gold coin die (from the tree in the colored waterfall) to the maid to receive the gold coin die.

  • Collect the stuffed bear off the railing and a drop of milk from the pitcher on the lower left table.

  • Now collect an apple off the middle table, then the carpet pieces off the floor.

  • Pick up a glass of water from the table on the right and use it to extinguish the lamp.

  • Speak to Isabella to receive a red gemstone.

  • Use the map to go to the old woman's garden.

GOAL: Speaking to Daniella

Old Woman's Garden

  • Pick up the empty bucket and use it on the water.

  • Now use the green frog (picked up at the silver lake) on the bucket of water.

  • Click the bucket to collect a green water drop.

  • Use your map to go to the potion factory.

Potion Factory

  • Place the red gemstone (from Isabella in her gallery) on the right wheel.

  • Follow the recipe for the Revive Skill Potion:

    • Red fruit - apple (off the table in Isabella's gallery)

    • Grey flower - stone rose (from pulling the rightmost vine at the mermaid fountain)

    • Green water - green water drop (from putting the green frog in the bucket of water in the old woman's garden)

    • Purple light - blue and red gemstones (use the dials below the gemstones to rotate them)

  • Once everything is lined up, press the red button below the door and collect the pink potion.

  • Now follow the recipe for the Good Luck Potion:

    • Blue fruit - blueberry (from the box at the silver lake)

    • Red flower - red rose (on the ground underwater, behind the seahorse)

    • White water - drop of milk (from the pitcher in Isabella's gallery)

    • Blue light - blue gemstones (use the dials below the gemstones to rotate them)

  • Once everything is lined up, press the red button below the door and collect the orange potion.

  • Use the map to go to the Cave of Maurice.

Cave of Maurice

  • Collect gold leaves from the lower right bush.

  • Speak to the spider, then give him the pink potion (made in the potion factory).

  • Now give the carpet pieces (from the floor of Isabella's gallery) to Maurice to receive a carpet.

  • Collect the fan blade in the alcove to the left.

  • Now use the map to go back to the strange machine.

A Strange Machine

  • Examine the die slot and use the gold coin die (assembled by the maid in Isabella's gallery).

  • Back up and use the gold leaves (from the bush at the cave of Maurice) on the gold pot.

  • Hit the red button, then re-examine the die slot and collect the gold coin.

  • Use the mag to return to the Cave of Maurice, then head forward into the golden mountains.

Golden Mountains

  • Speak to the guard, then examine the slot machine.

  • Use the orange potion (made at the potion factory) on the slot machine.

  • Once the guard leaves, re-examine the slot machine and use the gold coin (made at the strange machine).

  • Collect the green rose, then back up.

  • Now collect the half sun die from behind the stool and the spear.

  • Use the fan blade (from the cave of Maurice) on the hot air balloon and take a ride.

Daniella's Butterfly Garden

  • Speak to the maid, then read the riddle.

  • Solve the rose bush puzzle by clicking two bushes to swap the colored roses.

  • (left-to-right)
    red, yellow, yellow, orange, orange, pink, blue, black

  • Use the net (from the room full of cages) to catch a butterfly.

    • Solve the butterfly match puzzle by clicking two cards to flip them.

    • Use the screenshot below if you're having trouble (though you're allowed as many tries as you'd like).

    • Screenshot

  • You acquire a butterfly from the maid.

  • Now give her the half sun die (behind the guard's stool at the golden mountains) to get the sun disc die.

  • Collect the bag of sand and broken snout.

  • Use the broken snout on the fountain.

  • Speak to Daniella to receive the falcon claws.

  • Search the left lily in the fountain to collect a red gemstone.

  • Use your map to go to the bridge of dawn.

GOAL: Saving the Sun Princess

Bridge of Dawn

  • Collect the half moon die behind the bush and the dog leash.

  • Speak to the painter, then use the bone (from underwater) and dog leash on the dog.

  • Now collect the picture of tiger and speak to the knight.

  • Give the knight the half earth die (behind the cups in the potion factory) and the half moon die to acquire the earth disc die and the moon disc die.

  • Again, speak to the knight, then examine the easel to solve the painting puzzle.

    • Click the color(s) you need, then click the area of the painting to fill in.

    • Use the screenshot below for the solution (the bottom banner still need to be filled in).

    • Screenshot

  • You acquire the coat of arms picture.

  • Give it to the knight to receive his sword.

  • Use the butterfly (from the maid in Daniella's butterfly garden) on the far bush to receive a purple rose.

  • Now use the map to go to the strange machine.

A Strange Machine

  • Examine the die slot and use the sun disc die (assembled by the maid in Daniella's butterfly garden).

  • Back up and activate the gold and copper pots.

  • Press the red button, then re-examine the die slot and collect the sun disc.

  • Now use the earth disc die (assembled by the knight at the bridge of dawn).

  • Back up and activate all three pots.

  • Press the red button, then re-examine the die slot and collect the earth disc.

  • Finally, use the moon disc die (assembled by the knight at the bridge of dawn) and back up.

  • Activate the gold and silver pots, then press the red button.

  • Re-examine the die slot and collect the moon disc.

  • Use the map to return to the bridge of dawn.

Bridge of Dawn

  • Use the bag of sand (from Daniella's butterfly garden) on the water.

  • Click the small ladder hanging off the right.


  • Use the spear (left by the guard at the golden mountains) on the crocodiles.

  • Examine the bowl to solve the planetary puzzle.

    • Click the discs on the right to rotate one of the levels.

    • (numbered 1-4, top-to-bottom)

      1. innermost level

      2. third level out

      3. outermost level

      4. second level out

    • The levels start in random position. You'll need to arrange them so the planets are upright (use their faces as reference).

    • Once the levels are properly aligned, click and drag each of the discs in the slots based on what they represent.

      • earth disc in the upper left slot

      • sun disc in the center

      • moon disc in the lower left

  • Step up to the gate and make note of the order the dragon tail lower and raise.

  • Now click the dragons in the order you observed so you can pass through.

  • (numbered 1-6, left-to-right)
    2, 4, 3, 5, 6, 1
    3, 4, 1, 2, 6, 5

  • Click the cave to enter

Three Doors of the Seasons

  • Step through the right door.

  • Rain

    • Collect a blue rose by the river.

    • From the puddle, collect a drop of rain.

    • Now click the stained glass window to fix it.

      • Solve the puzzle by clicking rotate to turn each piece upright, then clicking and dragging it to its spot.

      • Use the screenshot below for the solution.

      • Screenshot

    • You acquire a pear.

    • Click the signpost to return to the three doors.

  • Now step through the middle door.

  • Summer

    • Collect the banana and crab.

    • Use the banana on the monkey, then collect the crown.

    • Now use the picture of tiger (from the painter at the bridge of dawn) on the monkey and recollect the banana.

    • Move the rock beside the signpost and collect the ring.

    • Head back to the three doors.

  • Finally, go through the left door.

  • Winter

    • Collect the cape off the tree and the staff on the roof.

    • Use the knight's sword (from the bridge of dawn) on the ice.

    • Now use the crab (from summer of the three doors of the seasons) on the fishing pole to collect the shoes.

  • Use your map to go to the potion factory.

Potion Factory

  • Place the red gemstone (from the lily in Daniella's butterfly garden) on the left side.

  • Now follow the recipe for the Breathe Life in Stone Potion:

    • Orange fruit - orange (by the potion factory door)

    • Purple flower - purple rose (from using the butterfly at the bridge of dawn)

    • Rain water - drop of rain (from the puddle in the rain room of the three doors of the seasons)

    • Orange light - red and yellow gemstones (use the dials below the gemstones to rotate them)

  • Once everything is lined up, press the red button below the door and collect the red potion.

  • Use your map to head back to the bridge of dawn and across the bridge to the palace.

Sun Princess Golden Statue

  • Use the crown (from the monkey in the summer room of the three doors of the seasons) on the top of her head.

  • Use the cape (off the tree in the winter room of the three doors of the seasons) on her body.

  • Use the staff (on the roof of the left house in the winter room) on her right hand.

  • Use the shoes (fished out of the frozen water in the winter room) on her feet.

  • Finally, use the ring (under the rock by the signpost in the summer room) on her left hand to acquire the keys.

  • Now use the red potion (made in the potion factory) on her head to transform her.

  • Click the princess to marry her.

GOAL: Remembering What's Going On

Dungeon Maze

  • Solve the dungeon maze using the clues available on the screen.

  • If you make an incorrect move, you will be set back a few steps.

  • Hints:

    • Note that there are two sconces for torches, but they're not always both lit.

    • Also note that there are numbers above (almost) every door.

  • How to traverse the maze:

    • The torches tell you which door to go through. If the left is lit, take the left door. Same for the right. If both are lit, take the middle.

    • The number above the door tells you what to put in when you're asked for a code. I won't give a whole Roman numerals lesson here, so if you're unfamiliar with how they work, you'll have to google it (or check the full solution below).

  • Solution:

    • Head through the right door.

    • Now head through the left door and enter the Roman numerals for 497.


    • Head through the left door again.

    • Now head through the right and enter the numerals for 753.


    • Head through the middle door.

    • Now head through the right door and enter 985.


    • And you're through!

Imprisoned Vulture

  • Collect a stone strawberry, then speak to the bird.

  • Use the keys (out of the Sun Princess' hands) on the bird.

    • Match the keys to the locks by clicking the matching pattern on the right.

    • Use the screenshot below for the solution.

    • Screenshot

  • Head up through the grate.

Podium of the Wise Sage

  • Collect some grass off the bridge.

  • Speak to the sage and answer the questions.

  • pink, six, seahorse, necklace, five, orange

  • You acquire a yellow gemstone.

  • Collect the yellow rose, then use the carpet (pieced together by Maurice) where the sage was sitting.

  • Take the carpet for a ride.

GOAL: Helping Out the Witch

White Mountains

  • Speak to the snowmen.

  • Collect the small key frozen on the eave and the earthen pot in front of the girl snowman.

  • Click the lowest branch on the right tree to collect a frozen water drop.

  • Click it again to collect a drop of blood.

  • Speak to the goat, then feed him some grass (from the bridge at the podium of the wise sage).

  • Now use the earthen pot on the goat to collect a pot of milk.

  • Use your map to head back to the potion factory.

Potion Factory

  • Place the yellow gemstone (from the wise sage) on the left dial.

  • Now follow the recipe for the Prankster Potion:

    • Green fruit - pear (from solving the stained glass window in the rain room of the three doors of the seasons)

    • Green flower - green rose (from the slot machine at the golden mountains)

    • Red water - drop of blood (off the bottom branch of the right tree at the white mountains)

    • Red light - red gemstones (use the dials below the gemstones to rotate them)

  • Once everything is lined up, press the red button below the door to collect the purple potion.

  • Now use your map to return to the white mountains.

White Mountains

  • Use the purple potion (made in the potion factory) on the snowmen.

  • Collect the white rose.

  • Now enter the door.

Witch's House

  • Speak to the witch, then use the silver fish (under the lamp in Gabriella's library) on the fishbowl.

  • You acquire some cherries.

  • Speak again to the witch, then use the falcon claws (from Daniella in her butterfly garden) on the mulberry bush to acquire a jar of worms.

  • Give the jar of worms to the witch.

  • Now use the stuffed bear (on the railing in Isabella's gallery) on the beehive.

  • Solve the hexagon puzzle by clicking a hexagon to rotate it.

    • The goal is to match the colors of the sides of the hexagons that are touching, which should pair up the couples (faces).

    • Use the screenshot below for the solution.

    • Screenshot

  • You acquire a magic bow.

  • Collect a lemon out of the lower left basket and a drop of honey out of the hive.

  • Use the small key (in an icicle on the eave at the white mountains) on the cabinet.

  • Collect the mango, then use it on the window.

  • Use the pot of milk (from the goat at the white mountains) on the cat's bowl.

  • Now use the lemon on the milk and collect the cheese.

  • Use the cheese on the mousetrap, then collect the rat.

  • Finally, use the rat on the cat to acquire a white gemstone.

  • Head outside through the window, collect the snow covered mango, then use your map to go to the potion factory.

GOAL: Saving the Princesses

Potion Factory

  • Use the white gemstone (from the cat at the witch's house) on the right dial.

  • Now follow the recipe for the Enlarge Potion:

    • Grey fruit - stone strawberry (from the imprisoned vulture)

    • Blue flower - blue rose (by the river in the rain room of the three doors of the seasons)

    • Eight eye water - octopus tear drop (from the octopus underwater)

    • Pink light - red and white gemstones (use the dials below the gemstones to rotate them)

  • Once everything is lined up, press the red button below the door to collect the blue potion.

  • Now follow the recipe for the Grow Wings Potion:

    • Yellow fruit - banana (from the monkey in the summer room of the three doors of the seasons)

    • Yellow flower - yellow rose (left behind from the wise sage)

    • Sweet water - drop of honey (from the beehive in the witch's house)

    • Yellow light - yellow gemstones (use the dials below the gemstones to rotate them)

  • Once everything is lined up, press the red button below the door to collect the yellow potion.

  • Use the map to return to the witch's house, use the blue potion on the mouse hole, then head inside.

Rat Hole

  • Collect lumps of tar and a matchstick off the bed.

  • Use the matchstick on the side of the bed to light it.

  • Make note of the symbols etched on the wall, then use the lighted matchstick on the candles.

  • Solve the candle puzzle by clicking the candles in the correct order.

    • The order comes from the shapes on the wall.

    • The number of lines for each shape determines the order (1-7, left-to-right).
      5, 3, 1, 4, 7, 6, 2

    • You acquire a candle.

    • Collect the white gemstone that appears above the candles.

    • Click the chess pieces to assemble them.

      • Click the piece that appears on the right and drag it to the correct base on the left.

      • Use the screenshot below to see the order you place each piece.

      • Screenshot

    Use the yellow potion (made at the potion factory) on the knight.

Black Gates

  • To get past the snakes, you have to click the charmers on either side in the correct order. Clicking on a snake will give you the order for it.

  • Solution:

  • (numbered 1-6, down the left column, then right)

    • For the lower left snake: 1, 4, 3, 5, 6, 2

    • For the lower right: 5, 6, 4, 3, 1, 2

    • Top snake: 2, 5, 6, 3, 4, 1

  • Once all the snakes have turned into stone, collect the black rose.

  • Use your map to go to the witch's house.

Witch's House

  • Use the candle (from the rat hole) on the fireplace.

  • Now use the lumps of tar (also from the rat hole) on the pot.

  • Finally, use the cherries (given by the witch) on the tar to receive cherries coated with tar.

  • Travel to the potion factory with the map.

Potion Factory

  • Use the white gemstone (from above the candles in the rat hole) on the last spot.

  • Now follow the recipe for the Open Sesame Potion:

    • White fruit - snow covered mango (from throwing the mango out the witch's window)

    • White flower - white rose (from the snowman at the white mountains)

    • Ice water - frozen water drop (from the bottom branch of the tree at the white mountains)

    • White light - white gemstones (use the dials below the gemstones to rotate them)

  • Once everything is lined up, press the red button below the door to collect the white potion.

  • Use your map to return to the black gates, use the white potion on the gate and head through.

Wizard's Lair

  • Use the magic bow (given by the witch) on the dragon.

  • Now battle the dragon!

    • Play the mini-game by clicking the bow with colored gems that match the dragon's eyes.

    • His eyes will (randomly) change over time, so you only have a few seconds to click the right bow.

    • It takes about a dozen hits to kill him.

Caged Sisters

  • Collect a black water drop.

  • Click one of the cages and read the riddle to solve the weight puzzle.

    • Click a weight to put it on the scale.

    • Unfortunately, there's no absolute reference in the riddle, so it takes some trial and error.

    • Solution:

      • Left sister: value of 6 - 1 silver, 1 copper

      • Middle sister: value of 3 - 1 gold

      • Right sister: value of 9 - 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 copper

  • Click each sister to free them from the cage.

  • Use the map to head to the orb room.

Orb Room

  • Click the sun princess to solve the crown puzzle.

    • By clicking a circle (each of which represent the sun, earth and moon), you will cause the appropriate circle to orbit it.

    • The goal is to create a solar eclipse (moon between the sun and earth).

  • Now use the map to go to the potion factory.

Potion Factory

  • Follow the recipe for the Open Spell Breaker Potion:

    • Black fruit - cherries coated in tar (from dipping them in the pot of tar in the witch's fireplace)

    • Black flower - black rose (at the black gates after turning the snakes into stone)

    • Black water - black water drop (from the pool at the caged sisters)

    • Black light - white gemstones (caused by the solar eclipse done in the orb room)

  • Once everything is lined up, press the red button below the door to collect the black potion.

  • Use the map to return to the orb room.

Orb Room

  • Use the black potion (made at the potion factory) on the sun princess.

  • Read the riddle, then solve the orb puzzle by clicking two portraits to swap them.

  • Hint:

  • Consider which direction these portraits may be 'going' (to go with the leading/at the rear clues).

  • The solution:

  • yellow at top
    green, bear, red, orange, blue, snake, bird

  • You've completed the game!


popelady March 6, 2012 2:46 PM

Struggling with the birds, but I've got the well working and stuff. time to look at the video walkthrough i guess :(

kdausman March 6, 2012 3:32 PM

Bug: I was able to pick up two pots of ink.
Second problem: Got to the point where I was trying to repair the water source, was pretty sure I had found all of the gears, and yet it wouldn't let me zoom in to do the puzzle. Because of the doubled pot of ink, I worried that it had replaced one of my gears with the ink, so I started over, and made sure to not pick up another one. But it's still acting like I'm missing a gear. Does anyone have a list of the gear locations?


I need help with

The strange machine. I need to set fire to the wood, but nothing I use on it sets it to fire. Am I missing something? I have the statue head, pearls, a letter opener, missing pages, a rose, chilies, parchment, half a die coin, three pots, and the blue gem. Any help?



Go back to the old lady's cottage and visit the bird again. Check out the roof while you're up there.

Patreon Crew SonicLover March 6, 2012 6:33 PM

Oh wow. I'm stuck at what I presume to be the very last puzzle.

I can't remember which sister is Gabriella, which is Isabella, and which is Daniella. I've tried brute-forcing that part to no avail, so I assume I'm missing something else. Here's my logic:

"Sun is in the sky and sisters together" - The Sun Princess (the yellow face, I believe, since that's the only one with a crown like hers) goes in the top slot, and the three sisters (red, orange, blue) in the three bottom-middle slots in some order.
"The set is led by one with a feather" - The bird goes in the leftmost slot.
"Isabella is followed by her husband, the Bear" - The bear goes in the second slot from the right, and Isabella goes in the third slot from the right. I strongly suspect that the red face is Isabella, since she's the one holding the bear in the image in the review.
"Its young Prince Ivan, at the rear" - Prince Ivan (green face; I know it's him since it matches the bust of him in the lower left) goes in the rightmost slot.
"Daniella is the eldest and stays in the middle" - Odd, since the fish starts in the middle. But I'm sure Daniella (whom I suspect to be the orange face) goes in the bottom center. Gabriella (red face?) therefore must fall into the slot to the left. The fish goes in the second slot from the left, since that's the only one remaining.
"And thats (sic) all you need to solve this riddle" - So then why is my solution not registering as correct?

To review: my current setup has the yellow face at the top, then the bottom row has bird, fish, blue face, orange face, red face, bear, green face. Which apparently isn't the solution.

Patreon Crew SonicLover March 6, 2012 8:21 PM

Ugh. Got it.

The ending was a little underwhelming.

It was text-only. Not even a splash screen of the family with the cured husbands.

Oh, and the "CONTINUE" button at the end opens up Playtinum's catalogue of iOS games. Apart from their adventure games, they've got quite a few casino games like slots and poker.

DuncmanG March 6, 2012 8:36 PM

Careful - DO NOT RELOAD THE GAME if you have items in the potion maker. You will lose the items and not be able to make all the potions you need to beat the game.

Darrick March 6, 2012 9:09 PM

I'm stuck with a bug at the chess pieces. The pieces stick to my cursor and I can't place them. Sometimes I get all the way to the last one, and it sticks. If anyone has a secret to getting the pieces to unstick, let me know. Otherwise, I'm on to other games.



I've just made the yellow Grow Wings potion, but I can't find anything to use it on. The description says it doesn't work on living things, but I can't think of anything I could use it on and the raven is notoriously unhelpful about it.

Other than that, I've got all the ingredients I need for the Enlarge potion, but I suspect I need a white gemstone first. I've also got an earthen pot, frozen water drop, lemon, cherries, mango, white rose, and a magic bow.


Accidentally exited out of the browser window right when I was close to the end, and lost all my progress. I am not going through all that again. Fun game, but very long, has a few too many bugs, and no gosh darn continue button. :/

DuncmanG March 6, 2012 9:59 PM

@Darrick - I've had that before. Make sure to click *on* the chess piece before you drag. You can "select" it without clicking directly on it and then you get that error (I think).

@Jade - you need the second thing you mentioned before you use the first.

To get the white gemstone, you'll need to satisfy the cat.

Give him some milk first (you can get this from the goat).

Goat wants some grass, so pick some from the spot where the sage was.

After the cat has some milk, he'll want a rat instead.

So bait the mouse trap with some cheese. Remember, milk can become cheese.

Just add something sour


Normally I love long games like this, but there IS a reason why riddle-filled adventure games tend to be short -- with the problem solving and the finding things and etcetera, it takes a while. That's why making a long game such as this one NEEDS a "save" option. Most long games usually do come with one and due to the lack of a save in this game, I am now I'm being forced to rack my exhausted brain to look for all the little fruits and flowers scattered across thirty-three different places.



@DuncmanG Thanks for the tip. That did the trick!


@DuncmanG: Thanks! Now I'm running around looking for

some black water after making it night (though it doesn't show in all places...).

@Song: I thought this game autosaved by itself? I haven't exited the game myself yet so I don't know this for sure, but the review mentions an autosave function...

dylpickles March 6, 2012 10:29 PM

Not bad, but not the best either. I liked the potion creation and the overall story. Some of the puzzles could use better instructions though, especially the maze.

4 mushrooms.


Ah, finally got it and completed the game. I'd give it 4 mushrooms too: some of the puzzles were quite clever, but it was buggy in some places and there are some solutions that I would never have figured out if I hadn't tried using every item in my inventory with every clickable thing out of desperation, like

setting the parchment on fire or throwing the mango out of the witch house's window to get it covered in snow.

Callidy March 7, 2012 1:23 AM

I'm stuck at

Gabriella's library. I can't seem to figure out how to arrange the books.

The blue and black make sense, but "middle of red counts most of all" and "green starts with B and ends with E" don't really make sense. I tried to put the book with B on the left and E on the right but couldn't figure out what to do with the rest, and the red I'm lost on.



Take what you know about blue and black. There are two different ways to invert this, so to speak.

Think hills and valleys.


is a walkthrough in the works?


Yes, we're working on a walkthrough!


It bothers me a great deal that the opening screen has one cobblestone not colored in, making it look like something significant.



I got all the way to the

Bee Hive

puzzle. I closed the puzzle window to start again, but no amount of clicking will bring it back up. Of course I no longer have the


to get it back.

Any ideas anyone ?


I'm not sure how many mushrooms this game deserves. Yes, it's meaty, and yes, it has a wide variety of puzzles to solve, although the built-in hint system and some of the contrived puzzles are ridiculously easy, as though they were intended for kids.

The jigsaw puzzle and the quilt pattern come to mind.

Without even getting into the bugs I and others have experienced, and without dwelling for too long on the issue of "women exist to be protected and saved and they'll happily marry their rescuer just because" (On the one hand, it's the traditional fairy tale trope, but on the other hand, has no one read Marlo Thomas' re-telling of Atalanta? Google "Free to Be You and Me" sometime.) there is my perpetual pet peeve. As this is coming from me, it's possible one or two of you have already anticipated what I'm about to say:

Engrish is one thing. I understand the challenges of wrestling with a foreign language and being ill-equipped to judge your translator's fluency. But I believe that Playtinum and Abroy ("Games for Smart People"?) are based in an English-speaking country, and it bothers me that they don't care enough to make sure their product displays even a perfunctory semblance of professionalism. The punctuation and general phrasing look like they were written by an excitable teenager whose lexicon is bereft of the concept of "editor." I lost all hope when I read "ur sisters." Up until that point, at least the spelling and grammar had been (mostly) halfway decent.

I know that this is not the game per se, but has anyone seen the official Abroy video walk-through of the game? The person playing the game swings between preparing something before a player would reasonably know that thing was needed and being more stymied by some puzzles than I was my first time through.

For example, the player attempted to use the picture of the tiger three times in a row to get the monkey to drop the crown.

Good walk-throughs strike the right balance between puzzle fluency and not circumventing the sequence of discovery. This one was just painful.

My assessment of the game, therefore, is that while the gameplay itself is not bad, it suffers in my eyes from a lack of pride of craftsmanship and professional polish.


When a wise person says "ur", random cute creatures cry.



Not to mention that conflating "lectern" and "podium" is bad enough, but that was a bridge he was sitting on!


I must be the dumbest player here, because I can't even figure out what to do with the old key and I appear to be stuck in the same three rooms. I don't even know how to leave the palace. This game needs instructions.

robotpeach March 7, 2012 3:38 PM

Well, I got to the

potion factory

before realizing that I had long ago encountered a bug that made the rest of the game unplayable. Specifically,

I can't pick up the bucket of water in the old woman's garden. It is a full bucket of water, sitting on the well wall, and when I click on it, it just says "This bucket is filled with plain water" and won't let me pick it up. Super frustrating. Pretty sure I just wasted an hour of my life on a half of a game that I definitely am not planning to play through again, at least not until the bugs are all worked out.



It is okay there, you will use it later

@Kyh or anyone - any help on not being able to get the puzzle back with the item gone ?

robotpeach March 7, 2012 4:02 PM

Oops! I just assumed it was necessary at this stage for the potion making. My bad, thanks guys.


Ohh well I am ready to rage vote on that bug -

You should not be able to close a puzzle and lose the ability to carry on .. let alone near the end


stuck on

the birdcage. i can't figure out,even with the colors on the doors, how to put them correctly. i think this should have colorblind instructions.


hello? stuck on the

birdcage puzzle. is there an easier walkthrough to this part?

sonicscrewdriver March 8, 2012 12:25 AM

Bug: right at the end, the potion factory stopped accepting fruits. I couldn't make any more potions. I refreshed the page and reloaded (the save function does work). Only then my yellow rose had disappeared from my inventory.

This game would have been a lot better if it was 1/2 to 1/3 the length.

Bugs + longish game = not fun.

Nice art and relaxing music though.


I can't make any potions. Through trial and error I manged to put the blue gemstone in the left slot of the right gemstone wheel, and the yellow gemstone in the bottom slot of the same wheel, but I have no idea how to rotate it. I also can't remove the gems now that I have placed them. I feel like this should be simple, but I have no idea how this is supposed to work. Can anybody explain to me how to make potions?


Nevermind, for some reason it let me put a blue gemstone in the other gemstone wheel, even though it wouldn't before, and now it is working.

TheGreatDane March 8, 2012 6:04 AM

Did anyone get through this game yet?
I am at the very end, and I need help with

arranging the tiles. I can't tell who's who on the pictures

I love this game's difficulty. It's just difficult enough to keep you going. Even though it's not a perfect game, I really enjoyed it.

Patreon Crew SonicLover March 8, 2012 8:10 AM


I assume you're referring to the puzzle where you need to arrange the circular portraits in the Orb Room.

The Sun Princess is yellow. Prince Ivan is green. The three sisters (red, orange, and blue) are the same colors as in the review image. Note that the blue sister is holding the fish, the red the bear, and the orange the falcon. You got the teddy bear in a Gallery, the silver fish in a Library, and the falcon claws in a Butterfly Garden; put all that together and the solution should be yours.


I really enjoyed this game. Although I agree that it seemed some puzzles were geared toward much younger children than the rest of the game,

Jigsaw puzzle, anyone?

for the most part I think it was a good difficulty level -- easy, but not so simple it required no thought whatsoever. I didn't run into any bugs except one, and that one was fixable, so I suppose I was lucky.

My bug allowed me to advance without breaking the sisters out of the orb in the orb room, which meant that I couldn't figure out why I was expecting to find my sisters at their castles or whatever when I knew they were back in the orb room. I didn't figure out I had skipped that step until I was trying to do the final puzzle and couldn't click on anything because the orb was in the way!


i can'tg figure out the potion machine i placed

the blue gems where they went. trial and error on the yellow one. Then i put the pink rose,tear, and fruit where they go then pressed the button and it ggave me the things back. what gives?

Patreon Crew SonicLover March 8, 2012 12:51 PM

@luthy: I had the same experience with that bug during my first playthrough.

I kept thinking the sisters in the orb were just illusions.


Help, please. I've made it a little ways past the end of the walk through and I must have missed something. I've made it to Maurice but

I don't have any flowers so I can't make a potion to help him. I have an orange potion and assume from the clues I should use it on myself, but have no idea how. I have a gold coin, but no one to give it to.

Thank you in advance.


never mind. i didn't know the wheels moved. anyway,i just finished the

glass stained puzzle. which the screenshot had a 404 error.

please get some more of the walkthrough so i can continue. thanks kyh.


kyh i hope you have some more of the walkthrough written. I'm anxious to start where you left off.


I can't get past

the dungeon doors. I have no idea where I'm supposed to find the roman numeral code


Username March 9, 2012 12:46 PM

@JeffForesee, the Roman Numeral code is quite simple, it's

the number at the top of the door!


shoot. can someone help?

im used the bear on the hive but for some reason even though i followed the pattern on the picture, nothing happened. when i backed out, i could no longer go inti the hive. i assume i'll have to do everything from the beginning again? :(


I suggest everyone plays Cuboy, which is deliberately taste-challenged and yet made like they care about the gameplay.

Thanks for the walkthrough, y'all.


so it's both? i did what you had and nothing happened. everything was identical based on the pictures. dang it. it took forever to get that far. i hate to do this all over again :(

bk111231 March 10, 2012 9:34 AM

I am stuck in the winter garden. I don't have the sword for some reason. I never used it (I did obtain it) and now I can't get the boots. What should I do?


Hi , I am stucked and cant rid off maid in Isabela s gallery.

Problem is that I made puzzle, but nothing works after i submit it.

I checked it many times, tried to mirror it, and started from beggining also but nothing help.

I am postin screenshot, if any can find mistake I ll be grateful for help




counting from the top, box #6, is incorrect. if you check it now it shows Dark Blue at top, light blue at bottom, light pink on left, and dark pink on right. you have it light blue on top,dark blue on bottom, dark pink on left and light pink on right. hope that helps.


Thank you very much Paul, it worked.. I am not so good on shadeness of colours :)


Yeesh. Took me until the end of the game to figure out what that stone head was for. -__-" Other than that, it was an okay game, what with all the spelling issues and bugs.


Meh. Size of the game and artwork is nice. Bugs aren't nice, I had to restart some of the drag and drop puzzles a few times (stained glass window, chess pieces...)

Gamewise, well, not up to scratch. The construction part is fine, but the inventory interface is rather uncomfortable. I had to resort to the hints and, at some points, the walkthrough because, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out the logic behind some of the puzzles, like the books (how are you supposed to sort out the letters or the numbers even if you get the book heights ok), the painting (the end result doesn't look like the knight's shield) or the orbs (am I supposed to associate monochromatic generic cartoonish faces to random girl names?)

All in all, the overall feeling is one of disappointment, from the too crowded menu screen down to the "continue" button at the end of the game that tries to open what I think is an iTunes link. Hello, no iTunes in Linux, for one.

The authors have spent a lot of resources on artwork and plotting the story and the map. They really need to play a few more games, or run this game through some people that do, so they can fix all the gameplay awkwardness and turn this trainwreck into a good game. It shouldn't be too difficult, the foundation is there and is solid.

Best wishes for a 1.1 version, and thanks for sharing!

lololululala06 March 31, 2012 8:32 AM

I think this is a bug:

When you get the sword at the bridge of dawn, when you have to use it at the three doors of seasons, the winter one,to pierce the thin ice, I don't have it. (and I picked it up!)

If someone knows how to fix/avoid this bug, please tell me. (if it is a bug)


I'm pretty sure I found a bug that makes it impossible to finish the game. When I

unfroze the Sun Princess and tried to click her, absolutely nothing happened. I left the room and came back and she wasn't there. I tried reloading the game to see if that would help, but apparently it had saved after she vanished.

Is there even anything I can do?

inheritance.fan June 20, 2012 4:27 PM

The walkthrough for the bird puzzle is incredibly confusing and I cannot understand it.


I had a purple flower and it disappeared! Now I can't make the potion! So frustrated. I've spent a while on this game and now can't go forward due to a bug



I was trying to create the celestial discs and I put what I had into the strange machine and tried to create them but it took them and nothing happened. I don't have them now and am stuck at the drawbridge.
Is it a lost cause?


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