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4.6/5 (200 votes)

IriySoft delivers a gorgeous and easily accessible real-time strategy title with just the right amount of depth. Seize territory back from the invading armies of the undead as you balance the defense and maintenance of your own structures with aggressively leading assaults on captured buildings to add to your own forces.

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Great production values and visuals, but too slow paced for me, even with speed up, it takes forever to do something, and controlling units is awkward.

rookwings October 28, 2012 8:00 PM

I love this type of game with the little people, even though I dislike fighting games - I don't have to do any of the actual fighting.
I prefer the buildy ones where the accent is on the construction, but they all get too fast for me and I give up after a few levels.
This is one of my favourites because the pace is slow enough for me to last out a bit longer than usual.
I suppose it's a good game for newcomers to the genre, or calmer people like me, who play games to relax!
Give that adrenalin a rest =D


For an interface that's supposed to be easier, the selection area is a nightmare! I would love being able to box up several units at once if the active area of a unit weren't so tiny. If I want to send a unit somewhere, it often draws that box. If I want a unit to retreat back to its fortress, the fortress (a whole huge chunk of stronghold!) has such a small selection area that the unit has already auto-engaged and can't be called back. I have archers randomly stopping to pick their nose after I send them to a gold chest. I keep trying to get units out of rebuilding strongholds -- to attack the main objectives -- only to find I didn't select them fully, or they auto-attacked the place and just want to bed down.

This is a fantastic game (and would be so cool on 2-player), but if you're going to build around massive multi-unit skirmishes *and* functional realtime, those little bugs need to be play-tested out. Especially in a memory-hog like this one.

This could be so innovate and cool. Instead it feels a few stages from finished. Art comes highly recommended. If only I could click on it.


Everyone else nailed it. The overall pace for me is too slow. Don't read that as "it takes too long", because some of the greatest RTS games have levels that will last an hour to complete. Rather, the time it takes to move a unit, and the slow pace at which they march and fight, and the time it takes to capture a city. You can have 3 battles and a city siege take 15 minutes.

And Shudog nailed it. I don't know if its a browser issue (sometimes I have the worst time with flash games lagging, doesn't matter which browser I use. Full disclosure; my computer is old, only dual core processor and mid-line graphics card for the time), but trying to grab multiple units was a nightmare.

michaelgjames November 13, 2012 7:52 AM

This is a very sweet looking little game but suffers from a fatal lack of balance. There's no ebb and flow: if you get ahead early on you'll generally triumph, but once you're on the back foot you're pretty much done for.

This lack of sophistication means that--as with a lot of games--the player is faced with a lot of strategic options and choices relating to upgrades and troop options and spells that don't actually mean very much in practice. Ultimately it boils down to getting there fastest with the mostest and zapping away with whatever you have to hand.

Compare this to Kingdom Rush, where the outcome can hang in the balance until the final seconds, and where defeat can provoke a complete rethink of your in-game strategy and a rebuild of the upgrade tree from the ground up.


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