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Sneak Thief 3: Triple Trouble

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Point-and-click your way through the third installment in Pastel Games' Sneak Thief series! A brisk fifteen minute-ish diversion, this game will send you off into the weekend whistling. The titular thief finds himself in some kind of underground lair with a number of code pads and a safe. Will it turn out to be his downfall?

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Walkthrough Guide

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Sneak Thief 3: Triple Trouble Walkthrough

  1. Click on the video monitor to the right of the door and note the code at the bottom (28 3 80).

  2. Click the pile of cans and take the rubber hose next to the green can.

  3. Click the door to open it, and click again to go through.

  4. Click on the red box on the right and pick up a long firehose and a key.

  5. Click on the plant stand with cactus. Click on all the pots to knock them off, and then pick up the flower stand. Pick up the note that drops from one of the cactuses. Click on the cactus on the ground and pick up the red flower pot.

  6. Click on the three doors to zoom in. You can only open one door at a time.

  7. Click on the right hand door and go through it.

  8. Click on the under desk area. Pick up the gas tank under the desk and the burner on top of the stool.

  9. Click on the cabinet.

  10. Use the key on the cabinet door. Pick up the short fire hose.

  11. Click on the right side of the room. Pick up the projector.

  12. Go back to the three doors, close the right hand door, and click on the left door and go through it.

  13. Pick up the camera and the movie reels.

  14. Click on the desk and pick up the Nobel Prize and the mirror.

  15. Click on the pink code entry system on the back wall and enter in the code "28 3 80" (from the monitor) and take the security card.

  16. Go back to the three doors, close the left door, and open the middle door and go through it.

  17. Click on the pink code entry system on the wall and enter in the code from the small note (17 1 82) and take the security card.

  18. Click on the desk and place the Nobel Prize in the slot to reveal two card readers. Enter the two security cards into the card readers. Take the blueprints.

  19. Click the safe in the lower right of the desk.

  20. Combine the gas tank with the rubber hose, and combine that with the burner to get a burner with gas.

  21. Use the burner with gas on the safe to open it and get a glowing ball.

  22. Go back to the three doors and through the left door. Then enter the door on the left, the one marked "Testing Room."

  23. Follow the blueprints to build the machine:

    1. Place the flower stand on the X.

    2. Hang the mirror on the right.

    3. Place the projector on the right.

    4. Combine the camera with the movie reels and place on the left.

    5. Combine the flower pot with the glowing ball and place on the top.

    6. Use the long fire hose on the left and the short fire hose on the right.

  24. Click on the machine to start it going.

  25. You win! Sort of. :)


Good game, would like it if there were a indication that we leave the screen. Anyway it was fun, wonder what happens next.

Patreon Crew SonicLover March 18, 2011 8:32 PM

Interesting how our thieving protagonist always recklessly constructs and tries out every invention he discovers, whether it'll help him or not.

nerdypants March 18, 2011 8:43 PM

Ah, that's more like it. I had so many issues with the last installment, and it's really nice to see that none of those issues are present in this third game.

And the ending was... unexpected. I'm looking forward to Sneak Thief 4!


I did absolutely everything in the walkthrough but I missed step 1. Very close to doing it without the walkthrough. :-(


In the same boat as pesky. Worked on getting everything on my own just fine for a good 2 hours...then finally caved and checked the walkthrough. After reading that first bit, I had it.

(Kudos on the WT, by the way, joye!)

Venom112 March 19, 2011 3:12 AM

As always, Pastel Games introduces another fantastic point-and-click game (Bermuda Escape notwithstanding).

I also love the goofy inventions and art scheme here as was present in the House Escape series. I guess my only problem with Pastel Games is that it seems like they have 10+ series they are working on, but never resolve. I want the next installment of Fog. :(

Tomas Dias March 19, 2011 10:30 AM

Re: walkthrough step 1 - I don't see it.

Patreon Crew SonicLover March 19, 2011 12:39 PM

@Tomas: How do you not see it? It's not only in plain sight, it's in the screenshot!

Anonymous March 19, 2011 2:35 PM

Regarding step 1 of the walkthrough,

you have to watch the video. The code appears after a few seconds.

Anonymous March 21, 2011 12:29 AM

I don't see step 1 either. Not even after watching and clicking on the video for several seconds. Other than that, I got everything. Felt stupid to build the whole (spoiler) and be told I needed the (spoiler).


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