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The shadows and your wits are the only things keeping you alive in this clever stealth-based physics puzzler. Navigate your way through a series of increasingly challenging (and deadly!) obstacle courses, avoiding lasers, turrets, and more, by figuring out how to use the environment, moving shadows, and even the light itself to your advantage. Originally a simple prototype back in 2010, Shadow Drifter shows how to expand on a much-loved concept and provide a polished, engaging finished project without losing anything from the original.

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I played through the first several stages and got a little frustrated at times because of the controls, but it wasn't enough to make me quit. However, when I got to the last levels, it got just plain dumb. Wonky controls should never decide the difficulty of the game. And this is coming from someone who thought the controls in Kodachrome were pretty good!


Sorry to hear you had problems, Juxta! I encountered no control issues with this game whatsoever, so I'm not sure what you mean by "wonky".


I'm not sure 'control issues' is quite the right phrase to describe it, but having just rage-quit on level twenty-whichever..

the one with the big block you have to push over to the rotating cog on the left before pressing the cyan button that releases the little blocks, which may or may not be kept in play by the big block - something over which you have no control

.. I think I know what Juxta means.

It's a great game, and I will probably calm down and go back to it..

but levels that present as unwinnable due to no fault of your own are annoying.

Of course there may be something I am missing.


Bizarre, this one -- played it earlier today and liked it -- but now it won't load...??


"Controls" - not as in player controls (left, right, wasd, etc.), but physics controls. The review did a good job describing it, but it felt like there was a lot more "THROW THIS ACROSS THE ROOM" and less subtle nudging or "careful pressure" as you get to later levels. This probably has more to do with the fact that you don't have any time to gently nudge anything or move slowly in the last levels. That is where it seems "wonky" to me to the point that it determines the difficulty of the level.

I loved the game to start (first stage-and-a-half or so), then got just a little frustrated (but that was perfect for a high-difficulty game), then just felt like it was a "gotcha!"-type situation and stopped.


I remember playing the prototype. I'm so glad this came out, can't wait to play it. :D


Played it. On levels such as 20, it's really REALLY frustrating to play, because it shows the obvious flaws in the game.

Lots of the later levels are severely harder to play just because the game itself feels clunky, not because of human error.


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