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Sentry Knight

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4.8/5 (321 votes)

Arrows, fireballs, glacial winds, and the unholy tortured spirits of the undead are at your disposal in this addictive and gorgeous but oh-so-grindy shooter defense game. Stave off waves of invading monsters and make use of extensive spells and upgrade trees... and a blacksmith on a turtle, because why not.

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Twinkie23 January 12, 2014 3:07 PM

Agreed, Dora. This game has SO much potential and I love so many aspects of it, but it could really benefit from more levels and/or the ability to keep $$ and XP from levels lost. Would love to see this updated by the developer in the future...


Hey! I'm the programmer behind Sentry Knight and I wanted to hank you for taking the time to review the game! We're getting such great feedback from everyone and we're happy people seem to be receptive to the game! With that said, it seems you guys still have an older version of the game uploaded!

I've been keeping tabs on Kongregate reviews and feedback and consistently updating our builds over there as well as Newgrounds. Looks like your review was based on an older version of the game, prior to the first major update we pushed! A lot of the issues people were vocal about were fixed! You can check the changelog with all the updates here: http://jwolfgames.com/changelog.txt

I'd like to send you guys the latest build so people over here can play the proper build instead of having to go to Kongregate or Newgrounds to do so! Please email me at [email protected] (yeah, I know...) and I can send you a new SWF with the latest content and updates!

Thanks again for the kind words! We appreciate it!


the changes justin wolf mentioned really do make the game play much better.

The only alteration I still wish to see is a method of stopping the arrow firing. For instance, maybe clicking could stop the firing. This opens up strategies like "hold your shot ready until you see something to shoot at", or more importantly "don't shoot the sheep you are trying to cast a spell behind". Its not a big deal, and by later levels there is so much going on its not useful, but being able to exhibit a bit more finesse at the early levels would be appreciated.


Oh .. my ... god .. if there's something I hate is that suddenly my progress is gone ?!? And I especially hate it when I love the game I was playing! I didn't delete my cookies or changed anything else.

What happened ?!? :-(


Me too Swoopie,

Dora is it something to do with an update ?
Did the file name change or something ?



Hey guys! The first update I ever did to Sentry Knight (approximately 4 or so days ago) required me to wipe everyone's data because I revamped the saving and loading system. So since you were playing the very first build of the game (pre-update) you unfortunately had your data wiped. All updates since then and all future updates will not require any data wipes. Apologies for that. Hope you guys have fun! Kongregate/Newgrounds will always have the latest builds for you to play, by the way!


Well, thanks for the explanation Justin, doesn't cut it for me though. Even though I really loved the game, I don't feel like doing 5 worlds and all my plugins etc all over again, sorry. A shame though, because I really wanted to finish it.

Wouldn't a conversion have been better?


Lol, did I really say plugins there? I meant upgrades, addons, powerups, something like that ;-) Still haven't played it anymore btw... but, to be fair, I'm starting to feel like playing again, because it was bloody fun!


Heh, although I think after a few days noone reads this anymore, still want to report that I finished the game and I absolutely loved it :-) Happy that I decided to re-do my first progress. It's still very nice to play, even a second time!

Well done :-)

Oh, and I loved the music as well, that worked very good in combination with the game.

Also found a bug, I think, the 'Killing machine' medal doesn't work. I didn't count them, but I cannot imagine I have NOT killed over a 100 enemies ;-)


Of course we read your comment Swoopie :)


Hehe Jeff, thanks for the confirmation ;-) I just have / had the idea that after a few days not much happens anymore in the comment thread.

However, that might just be a misperception. Almost at all medals for the game btw... ;-)

commanderlabelle February 21, 2014 9:16 AM

Hello everybody! I really like the game. What can I do about that "Live together, Die alone" medal, though? I finished the game, and apparently I was killed six or seven times (more than I counted). And to get the medal I need to finish the game with 5 or less deaths.

Is there any way to repeat a level where I died too often, to "correct" the mistake?



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