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Reverse 2

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An updated version of the original Reverse game (previously reviewed on JIG), Reverse 2 is a very simple point-to-move-the-block game where the basic rule is that the mouse input directions have been reversed, so pushing the mouse up pulls you down, and so forth.

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I was surprised this game was tolerable. Honestly when I saw that the twist was that the controls were reversed, I figured I was just gonna get angry on the first level. It wasn't bad though, I made it to 22 or so before I got bored and tried (and succeeded) to cheat :(.

If you're curious (cheating):

Right click

Then left click where (relative to your right click, and in the reverse direction) you want to go


Grah, made it to 14 and couldn't take it anymore. These precision cursor movement games irritate me; I can understand being precise in some places like in a shooting game where one pixel up, down, left and/or right can mean the difference (at long range) between a head shot (dead) and a body shot (alert and ready to mow you down), but games like this are crazy. Ah well, different strokes for different folks.. or some such.

Mickey Wheelspin September 12, 2006 4:07 PM

I fount it quite easy after...

I turned my mouse upside down :)


I have one bug-type complaint: The "start" button is too large. Often, right after you click on it, you'll instantly fail the level because you're already in contact with a wall. For example, try clicking anywhere to the right of the last "t" of the Start spot on the first level. You'll immediately get "You Failed".

Hassle Free September 12, 2006 4:44 PM

779.917 Wow that is a lot more difficult than it seems. I would say that level 25 is by FAR the most difficult! It took me over 20 trys to get that one right. 15 was also a difficult one, but just because you had to be fast in order to finish it.
By the way, anyone looking for help on 15 and don't want to cheat:

you have to go down, and then around and up to the top left corner, then to the right into the top-right corner, and finally down into the finish.

hahaha and after that game I have lost control of my mouse!!!


Hmmm, so the only way to make this more difficult is to have a cat like mine who likes to chase stuff on the screen. Hahaha, she was just going crazy over some of these levels. Not to bad of a game though.


w00t... 668.328

the actual reversing isnt so bad once you get used to it.. its when you get the silver keys and your mouse is made normal again that i get disoriented...


I got 1400...or something like that.
I finished this game and realized that I didn't have any fun while playing it...oh well (And I DIDN'T cheat at all! :)). I agree heartily with Geer's comment about the Start button, and also how you start as soon as you click it, instead of moving the mouse to the dot/square as you would with most games of this type. I found myself constantly restarting levels because I would press start and promptly move my mouse over to the other corner where the little square was...which of course doesn't work.
...Also, level 25 was an easy one for me...I just lined up the square with the top of the little fence in the middle and dragged my mouse across very quickly when the opening appeared. It took me 3 or 4 tries to get it right.


1112.342 :D

but 22 was by far the hardest!


This is in some ways like a poor man's version of "Ball revamped".

I also hate the "start" button. About 20 of my "failed" messages were due to me clicking too far away from the middle of the button.

The game has a nice idea, but it's a bit unpolished. The invisible blocks were quite a stupid addition in my opinion. Also the game is too easy when you turn the mouse upside down, or better yet, have two mouses in two USB ports, but that's a bit of an overkill.

P.S. Don't you just hate this flash games high-score lists? I'm yet to find a legitimate one...

Ffirebranderz September 13, 2006 7:41 AM

ahhhhhhhhhhh those of you who have a mouse to do this dont know howlucky you are!!!!!! i gotta pad on my boyfriends laptop and its only small!!! good game though also playing this game while on msn doesnt work quite a few times ive come really close to getting to the end and one of my friends pop up, anyway wicked smilexxx


436.231 is my score :P


there is a way to go through thin walls

you roll the mouse really fast the way you want to go


dude this game is addicing it ends at level 31 i thouhgt level 30 was extremely hard other than that no trouble!!


yo this is a fun game but to beat lvl 30 once u start right click then move your mouse to the left side of screen then click then move your mouse into the top left hand corner quickly.


here is lvl 30 code or its lvl 31 i forget:


i got 2100 or something like that... i hate level 25, that took me over half the time btw 2100 seconds is like 45 min

Anime Vixen May 11, 2007 3:31 AM

lol ya so this game is pretty frusterating....my time was 5732.513 seconds

FH_Shadow_Fox August 22, 2007 9:19 PM

334.27 woohoo...kind of easy on windows computers because of

ctrl alt shift 2

awesome guy December 14, 2008 9:23 AM

694.197 YEAH, it was kinda annoying wen you fail, that noise that sounds like an old printer or fax machine, that really made me want to stop, but I didn't, instead, I found an easy solution to the game;

I turned my mouse around

it still was kinda hard because

when you get the silver keys it turns back the other way

it was still hard my way though, I died mostly exactly when I pressed start. I dont like this game.


This game isn't there.

Eric Zubyk May 31, 2010 12:10 PM

Because of my Reverse 1 Success, I got up to Level 30 in Reverse 2. But how is it possible to complete? I need tips! NOW!


i made it to the final level but the black squares block my way ¬¬


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