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Raiden X is an excellent Flash shooter game that is a lot of fun to play, though it was a bit easy for me to complete on Normal difficulty. The trick is in the power-ups, which are many. Tons of enemies and larger boss-types in this game. Excellent Flash work by a talented, young (age 13!) game developer.

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Deathbaron July 1, 2005 3:32 PM

Raiden has been my all time favorite arcade game ever, ive said it befor jay, i love forward srolling shooters!
actually, this game was on ebaums last week, and ive allready beat it 3 times (working on my 4th) on hard mode.
the only difference between the modes, is the enemies' health, so in hard mode they are just harder to kill.

the purple beam is the easyest one to use, especially with the guided missles.
i use the blue beam and the normal missles, because they both are the most powerfull but also the hardest to use

my current score is over 14 million.

this game is well done, in the fact that i know how long it would take to script everything needed for raiden. if you have played raiden before then you will find out that you can actually use the same strategies as before.
if some of the aspects in the game, such as the backround, werent drawn in the paint program, and if the beams where a bit more acurate and constant, this game would be a very good recreation of the original.
o and the frame rate has to be at least twice what it is now, because its way too easy!


this is one of my favorite games ever posted here, jay and that is saying a lot. The fact that the kid is 13 just blows my mind though.

I wish the screen size was a bit bigger though, thats my only complaint though.


I played this game before reading the description and thought it was a pretty enjoyable game. Anyway, after learning that it was created by a 13 year old I was a little shocked. Very impressive work.


Craig - I just now made the window resizable so that you may enlarge it if you like. The problem with that is you are likely to experience a drop in framerate the larger you make the game window.

But the option is there if you want it. =)

Stefano July 4, 2005 1:00 PM

Damn you, 13 years old developer! :)
*swings fist*

I like the frame rate as it is, as I'm not the most agile crayon in the box. In fact, I guess it is appropriate to say I'm as agile as a crayon in a box! hehe.

Excelent game!
My compliments to the chef.


totally addictive!


What I find amazing is the fact that he bothered to actually recreate every boss from Raiden II!


I beat level 5 and thought it was over because of the rainbow and the animation of the ship going off...




I like the "OMG, you rule!" at the end :D


Guns... fighting... explosions... shiny lights... HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

72 stars out of 10!


Wow... the maker of this game was thirteen? Wow, I would never have believed it. This game is SOOO much fun. Truly amusing


To fight effectively you will need one "spread hitter" and one "heavy hitter"
Spread hitters:Purple beam, Homing missiles
Heavy Hitters:Blue beam, Nuclear missiles
The red cannon qualifies as both, in a way. It spreads over a huge distance but deals decent damage.
Noob combo:Purple and Homing. This guarantees that you will hit everything but deal very little damage. Bosses take way too long.
My favorite:Red and Nuclear. The hybrid plus a side order of explosives.
Over-focused:Blue and Nuclear. You'll find it impossible to take care of enemies, paticularly the high speed jet that appear at the edge of the screen.


The problem with the purple "homing laser" is that it's incredibly weak, it takes forever to down even the easiest boss with the heaviest purple laser.

My favorite combo is red with homing. The decent spread and damage, plus the homing missles give you just a little added punch, and with the hyper upgrade you can do wonders with it.


i win it long ago. i love violet weapon

Darkreaper June 24, 2007 8:05 PM

I personally like blue with homing. Before I preferred purple, but after comnparing it with blue I saw how weak it really was.


When I played this in the arcade, I always always had to choose the purple beam because it looked so dang-nabit awesome hot stuff. This was the only game I would play and I would play for hours on like a dollar until it burned up and they took it away.

Now that I've grown up I realize there are so many better shooters, but you can't beat nostalgia in some things.


link is no longer working....


the purple beam is the easyest one to use, especially with the guided missles.i use the blue beam and the normal missles, because they both are the most powerfull but also the hardest to use

another quote=haha
I beat level 5 and thought it was over because of the rainbow and the animation of the ship going off...

Deathbaron, we have something in common. Both of us use the blue weapon and heavy missiles. It's really not that bad. Just move left to right and you'll have a killing spree. Also, for the enemies that fly near you, if they simply go NEAR the heavy missiles (almost making contact) they die.

Haha, what combo did you have when you beat level 5? I first beat it with blue and homing but it simply bounced me back to the main menu. However, when I beat it with blue and nuclear, a clip showed my fighter flying into space and I made it to level 6, "meteor shower".

Patreon Donator deftwitch March 31, 2011 4:12 PM

I have this setup on a forum I run... is same game but the link you provide runs at HYPER speed... makes things MUCH more difficult later on...

[Seems all versions of the game available anywhere run at hyper speed now. It's an old game, created during and designed for a time when CPUs were much slower than they are now. If you have a version that runs at normal speed, please share it with me and I'll update our hosted version. -Jay]


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