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Pool Cocktail Escape

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4.5/5 (207 votes)

No matter where you are, it's always TomaTea time—time to settle back in your lounge chair, dip your feet in a cool blue pool and gaze up the halcyon sky to escape from whatever stresses might be bringing you down. Point-and-click around, gathering tile pieces, helpful objects and clues to solve puzzles until you find the exit key. It's the perfect blend of thinking and relaxation as you encounter the familiar puzzles and pleasant atmospheres for which TomaTea can always be relied on.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Pool Cocktail Escape Walkthrough

Exploration, Gathering Clues and Collecting Objects

  1. When you start out, you're facing a mural of dolphins leaping from the sea.

    • Seal that image in your memory for future reference.

  2. Click on the water to dive into the pool.

    • Notice the unusual tile design on the pool's back wall?

    • There's also something at the bottom of the pool. Dive a little deeper:

      • Get the TILE PIECE (1/9)

      • and the TONGS.

    • Then, back up twice.

  3. Did you notice that, when you hover your cursor over the grate, to the right of the pool, it lights up?

    • Zoom in on the grate.

    • Use the TONGS to get the paper stuck down below the grate:

      • Open the paper for a CLUE.

      • --2-

  4. Back up.

  5. Turn to your right to face the lemon tree and two lounge chairs.

    • Zoom in on the lemon tree...

      • Pick up TILE PIECE (2/9)

      • and pick a LEMON off the tree.

    • Back out then zoom in on the chaise on the left...

      • Lift up the cushion to find another TILE PIECE (3/9).

    • Back up again.

  6. Before looking at the "puzzle wall" of lockers and towel cubbies, turn around twice to see the umbrella-canopied table.

    • Move closer to the table to see what's on it:

      • Take TILE PIECE (4/9) from the chair on the right.

      • Ignore the two martini glasses but grab the pousse-cafe (deep, long-stemmed) COCKTAIL GLASS.

    • Back away from the table and zoom in on the latice-work gate area:

      • Pick up TILE PIECE (5/9) by the potted palm.

      • Look at the picture to the left of the gate and make note of what it's showing you.

    • Back up again.

  7. Turn left to face the other end of the pool, some towel cubbies and lockers...

    • Zoom in on the lockers on the right.

    • Grab TILE PIECE (6/9) from the towel on the middle shelf.

There are six lockers, each with a different code. Two are available to solve right now...

Dolphin Buttons

  1. Examine the middle locker to the right of the tile picture.

  2. Click on its lock to start the puzzle:

    • There's a left button and right button. Click them in the correct sequence then click the smaller button to unlock the door.

    • The dolphins on this lock are your hint.


      Look at the dolphins on the wall mural; which way are they facing? Match the direction the dolphin is headed to the images below each corresponding button. That's the order in which you click the buttons...


  3. After inputing proper sequence and clicking the little button to enter it, the locker door swings open for you:

    • Get the bottle of GALLIANO,

    • a KNIFE,

    • and TILE PIECE (7/9).

5x5 Grid Design

  1. If you're at the lockers on the right side of the tile picture, you can click the left edge of the screen twice to move left.

  2. In this way, examine the middle locker to the left of the tile picture and zoom in on its lock:

    • Here is a 5x5 grid of buttons. Click to select a button and it will darken slightly.

    • Your goal is to create the correct pattern on the grid then click the little gold button to unlock this door.


      Recreate the image that's underwater on the pool wall...


  3. After entering the proper design and clicking the gold button, the locker opens...

    • Get the bottle of BRANDY,


      • open the box to get a COCKTAIL PICK

      • then look under the lid for a clue.

      • Colorblind Help:

        Blue Star, Red Heart, Green Diamond, Yellow Circle

    • Lastly, get TILE PIECE (8/9).

Colors and Shapes

  1. From the left side of the lockers, click the right edge of the screen twice to move to the right side of the lockers.

  2. Then, examine the lock on the rightmost locker door...

    • This has four colored buttons. As you click through them, they change in color as well as shape...

    • Colorblind Help:

      As you click the buttons, they change colors four times before changing to a new shape. The colors go in this order...

      RED (0 clicks, 4 clicks, 8 clicks...etc)
      BLUE (1 click, 5 clicks...)
      GREEN (2 clicks, 6 clicks...)
      YELLOW (3 clicks, 7 clicks...)

    • The goal is to change the buttons to both the proper color and the correct shape. Then, click the little gold square below to enter the solution.


      Note how the arrows on the picks point to certain spots? That determines the order for the shapes and colors...


  3. Once you unlock this locker, it opens up so you can get:

    • a bottle of GRENADINE syrup

    • and the last TILE PIECE (9/9).

Jumbled Tiles Picture

  1. Slide left from the "Colors and Shapes" locker to lay your eyes on the incomplete tile picture.

    • Take the 9 TILE PIECES and place them on the board.

  2. Now, arrange the tiles until the picture is complete.

  3. When the picture is complete you get another clue:

  4. Pay attention to where the blue letters are located on the tiles...

A 4-Letter Word

  1. From the tiles picture, move left and zoom in on the leftmost locker.

  2. Two clues are needed before you can access this puzzle:

    • One is in the completed tile picture.

    • The other is gained by using the TONGS.

  3. Unlock the door by entering the correct 4-letter word.

    • Change the letters by clicking the arrows above or below the letters.

    • Click the smaller button on the bottom to "enter" the word.


      Use TONGS on the grate on the right side of the pool while you're facing the dolphins mural to get a PAPER. On it, notice the numbers on various spots of a 4x4 grid. Coordinate those numbers to the blue letters in the completed tile picture. You probably guessed what the word is already...

      C O L D

  4. From inside this opened locker you can get:

    • a bottle of CREME DE MENTHE

    • and a STRAW.

A 4-Color Code and a Cocktail

  1. To get the code to the last locker on the left, you need to make a cocktail.

    • Here are the items you need before you can begin:

        a LEMON
        KNIFE, to cut the lemon
        a STRAW

        (The last item needed to complete the apertif, a tiny parasol, is obtained by opening this locker).

  2. Now, start making the cocktail. The tile picture provides the recipe.

    • Follow the recipe 'til you get the four needed colors...

      • Open the COCKTAIL GLASS in your inventory so you can pour in the ingredients....

      • First, use the GRENEDINE

      • Then, add the CREME DE MENTHE

      • Next comes GALLIANO

      • And, last, add the DARK BRANDY

  3. When you get the cocktail made, you can access the puzzle for the third locker on the left:

    • Change each square to the correct color, then click the input button below to unlock the door.



      Colorblind Help

      The colors go in this order...
      YELLOW (0 clicks and 4 clicks)
      RED (1 click)
      GREEN (2 clicks)
      ORANGE (3 clicks)

  4. When the locker opens...

    • get the PARASOL.

    • Also, take a look at the picture of the cocktail taped inside.

4-digit Number for the Exit Key

  1. Now that you've seen how the completed cocktail should be presented, add the last items...

    • Open the LEMON in your inventory and use the KNIFE x2 to cut it into a slice.

    • Add the LEMON SLICE to the FILLED GLASS

    • Then add the STRAW, COCKTAIL PICK and PARASOL.

  2. Move right and examine the first of the lockers on the right side:

    • You need a 4-digit number to unlock this door.

    • Use the hints from the completed cocktail and from the picture by the lattice gate to figure out the code.


      The picture by the gate tells you to count the red sections on each item in this order: lemon, straw, cocktail pick, and parasol. That gives you this number...


  3. Input the correct number and click the little square to enter it. The door will open:

    • Get the KEY.

  4. Back up, turn right, and zoom in on the latticed gate:

    • Use the KEY to unlock the gate.

Great success on your poolside escapade!


Is this a recycled Tomatea escape? It seems awfully familiar for some reason.

BTW, I don't mean did you guys recycle it, did Tomatea?


Haha I looked at the comments - just to see, it has the feeling of a film I have watched before.


...and out.

Either I'm getting better, or TomaTea made this one slightly easier. Took around 5 minutes.

AND Elle beat me... again. Next time, I'm just going to do the escape. Work can wait.

unblinkered February 13, 2013 7:26 AM

Nice, quick escape although I kept on

looking for the puzzle that the folded towels were a clue for. Sneaky red herring clues!

george bailey February 13, 2013 7:44 AM

How old is this one!

ttyler1999 February 13, 2013 8:54 AM

I sure do love Tomatea, they are my favorite! Although the criticism of the navigation is fair as that is a little bit awkward in this one. Also the

paper hidden in the grate was very tricky and had me stumped for a while!

xxiloveroomescapexx February 13, 2013 9:00 AM

And out.

A nice little game, and a great way to take a break from work.


@ttyler - that is actually why I remembered this game specifically. That little tidbit was the only part that I had to turn to the walkthrough on.

gebruikbuiten February 13, 2013 7:12 PM

It's actually a july 2011 game, and I'm pretty sure it was on JiG, although it's not in the archives anymore. Apparently the designers didn't come up with anything new this week.

[It wasn't featured here on JIG before now, but you are correct: when nothing new and fabulous is available for our Weekday Escape, we'd rather look back for something older that we missed earlier. -elle]


There's a weird tan and orange bar across the bottom for me that's partially covering the two buttons on the bottom right.


I don't have that capability from here, but I now know that it's the loading bar which didn't properly clear off. And if I refresh the page the bar goes away the second time.


Hi all...

I think I played it before as an attached link.
Easy and nice anyways...

Paris : cold and sunny

wildflower12 February 18, 2013 1:55 AM

I don't know if it is just me, but there have been quite a few games on this website that when they open in the Casual Gameplay page, you can't see parts of the game that you need to see - I have used two different computers and three different browsers, so I know the problem is not just mine. Any way to fix that guys?


Every time I have seen this complaint in the past it has been due to the player's browser being "zoomed".

Flash games don't usually display properly with a zoomed in browser, thereby cutting off parts of the game window.

To reset the browser, try the "View" menu, then select appropriate option to Zoom the view to Actual Size, or Reset. On Mac OS X it's CMD-0 (command-zero). Try CTRL-0 if on Windows.

HammyJay March 8, 2013 1:53 PM

Got it...with no help! Not always so fortunate! Pretty straightforward. Tomatea does it again. However, I didn't need one of the clues for one of the doors, but it made me go find the clue before opening the door.


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