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Polygonal Fury takes the basic chain reaction gameplay of Boomshine and adds a number of bells and whistles to it. Ultimately, it's a skill-based game, and the balance is perfect to keep you playing for just one more level, until you've finished them all.

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Does anyone have a non-Kongregate link for this game? Since they redid their chat system a few months ago, it crashes my entire browser every single time.

Fuzzyevil June 10, 2009 4:26 PM

That's odd, what browser do you use?

Also, I love triangles. Delicious, delicous triangles.


Zack - we've managed to work out most of the bugs that cropped up with that release. If you're still having issues with the new chat, please email me: KongQA at Kongregate (dot) com. I'd be happy to help you and try to figure out what's going wrong. :)


AnthonyP: I talked to your support desk when it first rolled out. I'm on 64-bit Linux with the beta Flash plugin, and, while this is *less* crashy than the available alternatives, it's still bad. The odds are that it's not something you can fix, although if you do come up with a fix I would be quite happy. :)

JC Lisbon June 10, 2009 4:55 PM

I was completely addicted through most of the game, until the last level. The previously mentioned bug where clicking will hit the shape BELOW the one you're after made that level impossible. Make the game beatable and I'll surely go back to finish it up.


Warning: Insane 2 is an order of magnitude more difficult than any level that precedes it.


Zack - it was probably me who you talked to. Unfortunately, that's indeed one of the only issues we've been unable to fix (the 64-bit alpha release of Flash player for Linux). However, if they've gone to a beta release we'll have to re-examine it and see if we can get it working. We were just primarily hesitant to do too much work to an alpha release of an application. I'll talk with our developers and see if it's at a point that we can move forward with supporting it. Thanks for letting me know. :)


For anyone who needs an alternate link, I've set one up here:



Is there a reward for getting all gold medals? I thought it said something about that after beating the Insane levels, but nothing happened (and I don't want to play through the game again to see just what it really said).

At the top of the level select game, there's a link to the Reaction Chamber. It's pretty hard to notice, because it just looks like some random heading, not something clickable. -FunnyMan


What an insanely addictive game. The upgrades just kept me going--always going back to previous levels to see if I could better my score and get more upgrade points.

The insane levels are quite a leap in difficulty from the hard levels, but I eventually managed to get gold on every one.


AnthonyP: I see no bug in Kongregate new game display system but just wanted to tell you that since you use this system I just ignore any game on it.
I have children and the last thing I need is an obligation to be net-connected to play a game.

I don't care with adds inside downloadable games, but you won't get me let play my children in such a way they need to be "on the cloud" to play, even worse next to a chat.

Internet is NOT a place for children.


Oh, $#@^, only gold levels are needed for sandbox mode? I thought you needed the highest score possible (0) on all maps to get sandbox mode. Protip: Do not do this, for getting 0 on Insane maps is all up to the RNG, and you will likely go crazy trying to do it. Even if you don't go crazy, you'll loathe every minute of it, so just don't bother.


Bad interface, kept accidentally pressing "option" or worse still "back" buttons located on screen.

Some confirmation window or putting it somewhere else would have saved me from aggravation.


This seems like a good expansion of the boomshine concept. Navigation is tricky, but I'm relaly looking forward to diving into this.


Just got to insane level 2 and got completely stumped. And help on what order to upgrade?


Franp - I'm glad to hear that you're keeping an eye on internet usage of your kids - I think a lot of parents aren't aware of the risks online, and that's scary. While I disagree when you say that the entire internet is not for kids (there are indeed some safe places, like Club Penguin, and software, like Net Nanny, that you can use to help keep things safe), Kongregate.com is certainly in no way intended to be accessed by children. We don't allow anyone under the age of 13 to register for the site and we make it clear that we are a PG-13 site. Perhaps when they grow up. :)


By the way, I feel bad not posting on topic at all here - sorry 'bout that! I've actually played Polygonal Fury a lot (accidentally went to sleep an hour later than I intended one night thanks to this game) and it is indeed quite awesome and addicting. I was skeptical for the first few levels, and then found myself getting drawn in deeper and deeper. I'm currently stuck on Insane 4, but I've golded almost every other one (except for Insane 2). Looking forward to (hopefully) finishing it. :) Well done DogInLake!


The jump from Hard levels to Insane levels is just plain too much. I've earned gold on everything up to Insane 3, and Insane 4-6 are still up to the whims of the random number generator.

Everything up to Insane 1 was fun; after that, it's like pulling teeth. :-(

Night Stryke June 11, 2009 5:37 PM

For the Insane levels, you'll want to try to get gold on all previous levels to maximize your chances of success (you can get by with a few silvers, though).

The trick to the first three Insane levels is that they omit one shape, so redo your upgrades and put them all into the two shapes present; of course, luck still plays its part - on Insane 2 I went straight from failing a dozen times to getting a Gold. The rest of the Insane levels are mostly luck, though it does help to look at the numbers of each shape in the level and redo your upgrades to best suit it before doing it.

And don't worry about getting a Gold or even a Silver on every Insane level your first time through, as once you beat all the Insane levels you get 52 extra upgrade points to help you.


How do you get a reaction started on the last insane level? I got all golds through the first three series, so I have upgrade points to throw around, but I just cant get anything to start!


It's hard, TAE. My strategy is to try and find two super-circles and set them off near each other. Hopefully a few other shapes will get caught in both blasts enough to set them off, and that'll start the reaction.


Best game of it's kind, took me a while on insane 2 till I realized you can reset your upgrades...
Now that I've got gold on all levels, having fun trying to crash my browser in the reaction chamber. 50 of each type of polygon takes a while but no crash yet. I'll increase by 10 each and come back with the crashing amount :-)


The Reaction Chamber is *almost* worth the price of admission (to so speak). Lots of fun.

(Once you're fully upgraded, it's interesting to see how many levels you can 100% (0 polygons remaining) in just one click. I'm up to Hard 6 or 7 so far...)

Birdieball June 16, 2009 3:58 AM

Loved it. golded all levels easily.

DogInLake July 22, 2009 10:13 PM


I just wanted to thank you for this positive review. I realize this is over a month after the fact, but I was really overwhelmed by the response to my game when it first came out, and since then I've been hard at work with non flash-game related projects. Polygonal Fury was just about the first game I've ever made (just about, I've participated in Ludum Dare under the handle Gilvado).

I'm going to be starting on another project soon, and I hope that you'll enjoy it as much as you did Polygonal Fury! As for all the other (non game critic) people that enjoyed the game -- I'm glad that you did! You enjoying the game is the biggest motivator ever, and I'm dead set on continuing to make better and better games for you guys to play.

Johannes Pauw


DoginLake, let me just say that this was a terrific game. I loved watching the last Insane level once I got it to take off. I'm not sure how you could improve on this game, but if you find a way, I'd really like to see a sequel. :)

For those of you having trouble on the Insane levels:

You'll need all the points you can get- make sure all the Easy, Medium, and Hard levels are gold scores. You'll most likely have to customize you upgrades for each level.

And for Insane 10:

I hugely recommend these upgrades, in order:

-Click double damage, and maximum number of clicks. This is pretty much a given; even with double damage, you'll have to use two clicks on the first shape.

-Super circles, with the largest blast radius and chance of double damage. Completely upgrade the circle.

-Triangles need to be at maximum damage. Get a few super triangles if you think you need to.

-Squares: Maximum penetration.

After that, spend whatever points you have left developing the Squares and Triangles as you see fit.

It is crucial that you start the level by clicking on a super circle (twice). It will likely be double-damage, weakening surrounding shapes. Then, quickly find a nearby super circle, and activate it. You may need to try this a few times; luck and timing determine the outcome of this one.

There are over three hundred shapes in this level. The advantage here is that once you set off a good chain reaction, the level will pretty much unravel itself. You'll have to be very careful not to click on overlapping shapes, though.

The bronze cut-off is in the lower thirties, and you have to get zero for gold.

Following this strategy, I set off a chain reaction that obliterated every single shape on the last level. It was immensely satisfying to watch and listen to.


Stuck out at insane 4. All previous levels except Insane 1 and 2 CLEARED! Insane 1 and 2 completed on bronze.


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