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Arm yourself with the experimental Omega cannon in this hybrid defense/shooter/resource management game as you struggle to defend your base from hostile invaders. Gather what you need to bolster your defenses, and unlock new technology to help combat the threat. From typically high-action developer Lucidrine comes a slower and more strategic title set in the great beyond.

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TaintedDeity May 3, 2010 1:31 PM

After the dialogue box saying something like "Our scientists have taken the data etc" the game just freezes. Bolts stop in mid air and only the pause button works.
What's up?


The second paragraph has the following sentence:
"A warning siren will go off whenever enemy ."

Anonymous May 3, 2010 6:26 PM

Just to say I've got through to level ten but don't seem to be able to upgrade any of my armaments past level 2...despite having researched them higher than this.

Seems to be a bug, unless I'm missing something obvious!


Hmm... I really don't know why this wasn't just another "link dump friday" entry. Only 10 levels, unimpressive gameplay, etc. There isn't anything "wrong" with this game, but there really isn't anything that stands out about it that calls for a full review.

Sometimes there are games that are put into the link dump friday batch that have a lot more going on than this one.


Does it say how to get the Warships to move, and I just skipped over it? Pushing Esc did nothing, and the warships just float there over the base, sending fighters to swarm anything that only attacks in the direction the warships are stationed, starting to head back whenever their current target breaks. If they could move, they'd be good for softening up incoming targets; if they're stationary, then they're sort of a last-ditch defensive option.


Oh, also...

"The warship is not equipped with weapon systems", instead of "is not equipment with...". Though it does give the game a slightly humorous, Zero Wing-style feel for that stage.

Anonymous May 4, 2010 5:39 AM

Gar: You can use buttons 1-4 to select the particular warship - this is then under your command and you can direct it to wherever you like by clicking on the appropriate spot. That's the limit of your control though, you can't give it orders or control the fighters' targets.

Pressing escape then reverts your control back to the cannon.


Minor warning for English nitpickers - this game is full of glaring grammatical errors. Nothing game-breaking at the slightest, but it can get annoying.

You can move warships by pressing 1-4 (or by clicking the warship icon on top left) [switch back to gun by pressing ESC or gun icon]-> this allows you to select the warship, and it will move to where you click your cursor. Mind you that warships have pretty bad armor at the beginning, and as noted has no weapons whatsoever (fighters have low level gattlings), so it literally is a last ditch defense.

To upgrade, you need to make sure you have enough $$ and power (for the upgraded structure!). If you don't have enough of both, then upgrades remain locked. I upgraded my gatling guns to lvl 2 by stage 4 and to lvl 3 by stage 6 (and by golly I need it!)


Maxiumum power lasers are way overpowered compared to any other weapon. I stopped firing my main laser as soon as I got two or three level 10 lasers online until the mothership came. Way overpowered.

Anonymous May 4, 2010 6:57 PM

Not being able to upgrade anything past level 2 was definitely a bug for me :-( Plenty of power, money, and sufficiently high research but once I upgrade anything to level 2 any further upgrade remains locked.

Makes the final level somewhat impossible!

Simone Manganelli May 5, 2010 1:52 AM

Having the "impossible to upgrade past level 2" problem here, too.


You don't need to upgrade anything to finish last level...

just surround your base with 32 lvl 1 missiles. They'll destroy everything except the final boss without any help from gun/slow-cloud etc. Make sure you've got max Temporus cloud tech for when final boss comes to keep her slowed though, and put like 8 or so missiles between her and your base to start working on her as she approaches.
When I did it I only had 35 power coz I maxed the warships but it was plenty. Maybe upgrading the gun would be better, but I'm lazy to aim everywhere, or even move the warships actually. :)

I tried lasers too, and TBH the lvl 1 missiles did just the same job, and were a ton easier to use coz they're cheap and don't need to be upgraded or require a lot of tech points.


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