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NoName Games 1&2

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4.2/5 (44 votes)

NoName Games are a couple of games with no name, simply referred to as NoName Game #1 and NoName Game #2, created by MadMax of Poland. An action avoidance game of hand-eye coordination, the games are similar in design to DR3I and Reverse that were previously reviewed here.

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how do i play this game, i typed my nick then it says min 15 blah blah blah all i see is red ball at start i click on it and nothing moves ???help!!!


Whoa... no #2 is nigh impossible for me.


Elvis - the red will not move when clicking on it if you don't type in a nickname in the box provided. Once you do that, clicking directly on the red dot will cause it to move with the mouse.


I'm Livance.
I'm a kind of Thai gamer.
I'm here to tell you that...
I added your blog into my favorite list(in my diary)

I like your blog cause it've many kind of games.
Every games are as fun as you present.{^_^}

Kipling April 7, 2005 5:50 AM

Agggghhhh! So annoying... but fun, so I'll keep trying!


I love this game! I won both of them finally. Yall should invent a #3.


It was pretty fun... I pwned DR3I on small and max speed so it was pretty easy. The second took some patience.

The only flaw is that when you die it says oops and you have to wait and wait and that started to piss me off....


G3KO - there is checkbox that allows you to turn the "oops" off. =)


... RRR I wish I had known that earlier that dang thing was getting on my nerves :)


I keep finding myself searching for ball revamped 3, and scrolling back to here. WAY OFF TOPIC-
if you hold your arms together so your hand is level with your shoulders and put your elbows under water and SLOWLY open them, there will be a bubble in your elbow!


Dojo - lol!

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whenever i click on any of the links, it goes to http://barada.pl/ and i can't find it in their games list.

kiddragon August 15, 2005 3:29 PM

what does fps mean

kiddragon August 15, 2005 3:49 PM

it wont let me start i put in my nick name but it says it needs 10 fps min jay help me!!!!!!!!!


fps means "frames per second" and it is the speed at which your computer is able to render the game's animation. Since this game is played in real-time, as opposed to turns, the gameplay is dependent on the fps.

If your computer is not able to render at least 10 fps, then the game recognizes it and prevents you from playing, since it probably wouldn't be much fun for you.

Short version: you need a faster computer. =)


Phew beat #1: 1min 20 secs #2: 2 mins 16 secs


Probably one of the most addicting and aggravating games ever. Good find.

NoOdLeS May 10, 2007 1:54 AM

Ha. No Name 2 was ridiculously easier for more than the first one.

i_love_my_daisy_puppy May 20, 2007 2:48 PM

so cool! there should so be a #3. i could play for hours!


harry, you know what is creepy? your time was 2mins 16 secs= 2:16 = 216 and 216 is 6*6*6

TheMusicGirl November 2, 2009 8:43 PM

Boy, I really wish I could play this, but the site's down.


It keeps saying server not found! :/

[Thanks for the note. Links fixed! -Jay]


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