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My Little Army is clever strategy fun that wears its real-time nature on its sleeve, made from cutesy graphics and carried forward by purely-for-decoration storylines. You might even be fooled by thinking that this makes the game easy. See if you feel that way when a giant Jason is stomping your Khan Kong's face.

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The 500000 achievement is horrible.

I had like 300k after I beta the game and the max star missions.
I remember reading about soft reset and how some of the story missions gave good gold for relatively no work.

So I start a new game, and kept all of my items, but no upgrades or gold.BLAH. Give a better warning if you are going to have such a thing in your game. It makes no sense

Patreon Crew SonicLover May 2, 2011 3:49 PM

Thank God this game has nothing to do with ponies.


I played this some weeks ago and found it to be lots of fun but with a significant number of issues that could be improved.
* The quality of the writing/language is borderline, such that I got the gist of the plot but it didn't motivate me to play to the end. I think this is the single most important area that the developer could work on.
* The player is mostly left to figure out how to navigate the menus to properly set up an army.
* Good variety of skills, characters and weapons.
* It would be nice to have empty slots in the menus blanked out somehow so you can see exactly how many classes etc. there are and which ones haven't been unlocked.
* Some weapons and characters never appear in the shop and make very few appearances in the game missions - unless you are lucky to be awarded one when you complete the relevant story mission, you won't be able to collect them.
* Frost attacks are overpowered - once the appropriate weapons are unlocked, you become practically undefeatable. Add to that a poison weapon (does damage as a percentage of enemy health) and all the bosses become easy.
* Similarly, one of the early achievements you can get will award you a high-damage melee weapon that makes you undefeatable for the early- and mid-game.


That clowny "woohoo!" is really grating after a few times.

What does D.Strike, D.Ice, etc mean? Is that defense or damage? I assume higher is better, since mages seem to have higher fire/ice/thunder and negative melee/slash/pierce. I thought I might have missed something in the tutorial, but I can't find any information.


Link ain't working for me. Im on IE8. Getting a 404 message. Any help?

[Link fixed. There was a stray single quote in the tag. Thanks for the note. -Jay]


I was worried because I couldn't find a save option, but it autosaves for me; maybe there's been an update?


Mmmkay. I figured it out. D. element is % damage reduction vs that element. For example, Mike T's take drastically reduced damage from strike-type attacks, notably fists and rocks, especially if they're in the fighter class.

cinder calhoun May 3, 2011 6:14 PM

The game is fun, but the dialog / writing (translation?) is quite atrocious. It couldn't really tell what was going on other than they were fighting over balls.

There was actually a line in the game where someone says "You need my balls more than I want yours!"


Anonymous May 3, 2011 9:34 PM

I enjoyed the customization feature of my units a lot, but the game as a whole I found poorly balanced.

Unlike most of these "2d send your units to the other side" games, this one has a rather tight unit limit, and most of your units are pretty much expected to survive all the way the end. The distance to the boss is also rather long, and any unit you send to reinforce/replace will take quite a while to get there. This (along with the fact that you can basically wait til your mana pool is full before deploying anything) makes the mana costs of your units largely irrevelant. The poison spell is incredibly strong esp. later on with its % based damage and only a very few units can resist. In fact with full mana upgrade, you can solo basically anything with just poison alone. Without, it becomes A) very boring with bosses having tens of thousands of hp, B) survivablity largely depends on whether or not you can keep a unit permanently frozen or have a unit that can basically ignore the enemies attack (like a Mr. T tank against strike units).


Well, I loved that game, but I agree with some comments. Basically, you just have to get the Crystal Spear ( which freezes any ennemy ) and make 8 cavalry unit attack. Even on the hardest mission ( Oh Snap!! It's Greg! ), on hard mode, it works.
Anyway, I think My Little Army was really good, even though some issues were quite annoying and pleasure-breaking.


I find it annoying that I can't sell anything in the shop... I don't need 5 wooden swords, why can't I unload them? Unless I'm missing something somewhere that allows me to do that?


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