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Moxie 2 is a solitaire puzzle game where you try to create words by modifying or adding letters to existing words. Each letter has a different point value, and larger words earn you more points. Earn the most points by forming special Moxie words, based on animals, vegetables, or minerals. A simple concept with surprisingly deep, addictive play.

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I'm just sad there's a "thicky", though there isn't a "chicky".


Hmm, who is this reviewer fellow; I daresay I haven't seen him before.

Anyhow, I must say, this game is nice and addicting.


Oh never mind, I remember that name.

The dictionary in-game is odd to work with. As far as I and Google know, "gid", "dites", and "bates" aren't words (though gid is sometimes used as a short term for some geometric shape, apparently), which makes it seem that maybe it takes some misspellings and Ss and Ys added to the end of a word.

I'm a little peeved it won't accepted "blop", which to me is a perfectly acceptable word.

I managed a score of 1200.


J-Witz is a new addition to the review team here at JIG. So are Brad, Cory, Tricky, and Chiktionary. About a month ago we announced that we had freelance opportunities available, and we accepted these five fine folks into the fold. Treat them well. :)

Regarding the dictionary, it seems the dictionary is always an issue of contention for players of these small 'portable' word games. If you look at it more as a constraint than a shortcoming, I believe you'll enjoy it more.


Hello review team! We come in peace. *gingerly lays down tray of freshly baked muffins*


The daily challenge would be more compelling if it was the same letters in the same order every time so you really go for the highest score.


Forgive my ignorance: how am I supposed to get a three-letter moxie word if the first words presented to me are four letters long?
On another subject: Congrats to the five new reviewers on being hired to work at the most awesome game-reviewing website ever. May you all enjoy a long and fruitful career at jayisgames.

sandylouise September 28, 2010 12:19 PM

Why doesn't my score show on Global Scores?


Blue Nina: If you play a regular game instead of the Daily Challenge, the board starts blank. This isn't immediately clear because the opening screen doesn't contain the whole menu; "Start" throws you into the Daily Challenge and only then can you access the menu to start a new game.


Why does everyone have to do youtube these days?
The help would be more accessible if it were just put on a splash screen. Grrr


Um. It tells me INDIANS is not a word but BUSS is.

Anonymous March 26, 2011 1:42 PM

Can someone please explain the "Daily Challenge"? Are you suppose to use just those spaces? How do you get extra points playing the daily challenge?


Any ideas for words to create after spelling Donkey & Monkey? That row becomes a dead zone once I get those two words built. Thanks!


Some words are rejected when they shouldn't be, eg mung which is a word- ever heard of mung beans? Rua is a word too and is a type of potato. There are others. It is very irritating when these are rejected!


Too bad 'pony' isn't an animal!

Iamaremnant May 10, 2012 12:06 AM

After Donkey and Monkey, I played Dinkey for 138 points. I don't get how to play the challenge board either. I guess it's supposed to be harder w letters already on the board.


No Moxie game shows up anymore on this site. What happened?

mischief May 14, 2015 2:32 AM replied to lorino

Why can I not not receive the moxie game totally blows


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