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Werewolves, dragons, and mermaids, oh my! LittleGiantWorld puts you in control of every monster ever, but the goal is less world domination and more sweet moolah. Gather new creature DNA to create and manage a zoo/expo hall/what could possibly go wrong facility for the customers to visit and bring in more money. Despite some repetition, it's a cartoony, appealing little time management simulation worth a look.

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Nice game, though I agree that it does get a bit tedious. However, does February have thirty days in the future? Huh.


normally i love complex management games like this but i was lost before i finished the tutorial. it just seems like a sequence of menu screens, with no context

i'll give it another shot later


Does this game actually load for anyone else? It's stuck on the loading screen for some reason.

I'm running ie 8.0. Is there anything I can do?

[Sorry, the game appears to be incompatible with IE. You'll need to use a different browser to play. -Jay]

LittleGiantWorld September 28, 2011 10:05 PM

If you got stuck on, please clear your browser's cache, and then try to refresh it again. Sorry for the issue.


Pretty neat. A bit too simple maybe.

The lack of multi-buy really gets in the way... Buying items one by one is, in a way, this game's version of level grinding...


Creating monsters costs close to nothing, so selling monsters is a great source of income.


The final mission (get 3 halls full with monsters) didn't get marked as completed for me. I had 3 halls, full of monsters, and all the furniture. I created and exposed each monster at least once. If there is something I'm missing, I don't see what.


I always love business games like these xD I especially like how detailed the mythology and type of monsters available are!

Haha, it took me a while to understand why I wasn't able to generate some of the monsters I bought from the store until I looked over the Monter Info page again.

But for some reason, even though my Hall 1 has some nice furniture and is almost full of monsters with max employees, my guest keep showing angry faces. Is there something I'm still doing wrong?

What are you talking about lol, I thought the intro and gameplay was pretty simple and easy to understand. ;)



nice little game here. I love the pixel art !

I experimented a bug that ended my game, by trying to buy a hall from the "begin of a new month summary", then by trying to hire a hunter : the hall got mixed with the location picker, and I couldn't go any further. :(

Also, the gameplay becomes a bit frustrating, and the mixture of clicking and drag-n-dropping doesn't feel quite achieved. As a previous commentator pointed out, the absence of possibility to buy several similar items is disappointing.

Overall, it is still a good little game, worth playing :)


uh...jay i had a little problem going to your website. when i accidentally forgot to type the s in games it directed me into a spam

[I'm sorry, but that's not something I have any control over. You might want to bookmark us and use that to visit us instead. Or, if you're using Firefox, you can just type "jay" in your address bar and press [Enter], usually we're the first link you'll see. You may need to type "jayis", though, depending on where you're located in the world. -Jay]


agree with the review, at the end it just gotta collect them all-- though I did enjoy it. And it is not that hard either considering you could just spam-grow the monsters. Combined that you can buy everything including fame needed, well.. it just money farm. If just the lab limited to three creatures at a time :) .

I don't have any problems with angry visitors. My popularity seems never diminish at all. I just have to make sure that the number of staffs equivalent with number of beasts in single hall. Also disappointed that you can't get DNA / special DNA from hunting.

Some of the creatures animation are interesting and long is my favourite monster here. A few like the hydra and leviathan looks a bit awkward but it is ok.


Angry visitors are due to high ticket prices.


Ha ha, this game's English is so funny! :) It makes me smile every time an information box pops up.
The scrolling function gets pretty annoying though.


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