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Come, take my hand, and frolic down the brightly lit path of retro arcade gaming in this 2D side-scrolling shooter featuring a flying fox! No, not THAT one! Despite only having three levels, three bosses, and four weapons, Merubyiusu is a fun and frantic tip of the hat to your favourite console games of yesteryear, with just enough difficulty to make it worth your while. Just remember not to cry when kids these days ask you what a "Gradius" is.

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For those willing to give it a shot, but without much experience with shmups, I'd recommend watching the enemy bullets more than you watch your character.

Forget about killing things so much as you worry about not dying. It's kind of the first step to getting good at them, and it's a little less frustrating that way.


Ah, an oldie but goodie. I thought I had found this one here actually, but apparently that is not the case.


An enjoyable bit of retro nostalgia :)
Quite challenging until you...

Collect one of each weapon orb. Then every upgrade orb becomes a power icon. This gives you a full power gage for a while. Usually enough time for the next upgrade bot to appear.

So just blast with the green homers till something hard comes your way and switch to the laser cannon.

If you ever get killed in the middle of a level, especially level 3 you will probably have to continue from the start to collect enough orbs before it gets very hard.

It seems that the weapons could be much more balanced.

Homer - Tracks enemys. Bursts from this will take out any small enemies easily. Very useful

Laser - very powerful. Goes through most enemies. Moves with your ship even after firing, can be used to shoot around corners.

Starting Gun - quite powerful, quite wide beam at full power.

Spread - three shot spread. Very weak, no real use for this if you have the homers.

Looking forward to more levels, and more challenging and varied boss fights.


It was really up until the spider-crab thing on the second level.


Extremely bad game. I get hit once which leads to a second hit and then a third because there is no invincibility after being hit and I lose control of my ship. So basically the 3 lives mean nothing because being hit once makes a chain reaction. The game window is too small and the graphics, even for "retro style" are bad.


Enjoyable game.

If I wasn't still trying to beat Life Force on the NES I'd probably keep trying until I beat this one.

Graphics are gorgeous. The weapon system was a bit of a let-down, though. Rather than watching your ship gradually become more powerful, you have to switch weapons.

Getting the mega powerups for having all four weapons is a nice throwback to Gradius, but not a really forgiving one. As stated above, having three lives is more of a formality than anything else: the moment you lose the first, you have lost a weapon AND the screen has even more enemies and bullets due to three seconds of you not killing things. So, the extra lives only really help in some situations.

Otherwise, an excellent game for those into shmups, but one less hardened players may wish to avoid.


Grasa Total November 17, 2009 10:04 PM

The power-up icons and enemies look *very* familiar. Are we sure this isn't just a port of some older arcade game? (I'm not sure where else I would have played it. And it's true a lot of games in the Gradius/Lifeforce/R-Type style were very similar. But this one feels unusually so.)

autobot685 May 31, 2010 11:28 PM

I've got a problem.


A bit silly if you ask me.
No offense but why take me to the main menu of the site?

I wish to play it. It looks fun!

That's all for now.

[Thanks for pointing that out. I checked the site we originally linked to and the game doesn't appear to be there anymore. So, I'm hosting the game here at JIG until I can find where the creator moved it to. All the links in the review above have been updated. Cheers! -Jay]


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