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A somewhat steep difficulty curve can't hide the polish and enchantment of this interactive art/hidden-object adventure. Young Sellar Dore runs away from home and the constant fighting of her parents, but years later, news of a devastating earthquake prompts her to return home... as long as she can earn the money for her ticket by tracking down the important items other people have lost in this surreal fantasy world.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Memohuntress Walkthrough

General Tips

  • Many objects are hidden behind something and only can be seen in the peripheral view as you move to the right or left of it.

  • Some items can't be seen unless someone or something moves, so watch the animations.

  • Rather than looking for things in relationship to where Sellar is, scrutinize all the details of a scene while you use the arrow keys to move (i.e. ignore Sellar...she sometimes gets in the way.)

  • "Hint" will tell you what direction to move but, because of the shape of the environment, won't often point directly at an object. Follow in one direction until it starts turning down or up…then you'll know you're right under or above something…you can move away if you have to in order to see it… the arrow will lead you where you need to go but may never land directly on it.

  • Sometimes only a portion of an item can be seen; clicking anywhere on it will pick it up.

  • Talk to all the secondary characters for clues...they'll often give you a general area to confine your search. For example, at the Rose Inn, all the keys, roses and music boxes are downstairs while other specific objects are only located in a particular guest room.

  • For "catching" swimming fish in the last level, staying still or moving very slowly in the general area where they swim makes it easier to click quickly as they approach.

Hardcore Hidden Emblems

One: Floating Forest

Go up the three stone faces and cross to the middle of the bridge where the white creature is cramming his mouth full of raspberries (top middle of the game map). The emblem will be in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Screenshot: Floating Forest Emblem Location

Two: Rose Inn

Go right, all the way down the stairs, toward the southeast corner of the game map. As you move right past the sleeping girl who has "Kick Me" and other notes stuck all over her, you'll see the emblem next to her, in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Screenshot: Rose Inn Emblem Location

Three: Fantastic Factory

Go down to the inner workings of the factory, where the harlequins are eating the berries as they come down the conveyor belt. As you move toward the westside stairs to head back up, you'll spot the emblem in the bottom left corner of the screen. It's under a row of tarts and a couple spaces lower than the tall grey castle near the stairs.

Screenshot: Fantastic Factory Emblem Location

Four: Emerald Sea

Swim up from the starting point until you're in the middle of a long stone coil... Move east until you can see a green guy sleeping with his legs propped up against one of the rock pillars. Stellar will disappear behind the foreground, but, on the left side of the screen, you will find the last emblem.

Screenshot: Emerald Sea Emblem Location

Searching the Floating Forest

Forest Item Locations

  • PLASTIC ROSE (x6) - get one from touching the blue bird's tail (by the bouncing bush creep); one is by the talking tree (in the northeast corner); another is next to the two bunnies eating mushrooms (drop down from the talking tree, move right); one is on the east side of the large tree stump with its tongue out(bottom level); the last is next to the red-beret-wearing bunny and ninja (climb to the top of the large stump).

  • FAKE SNAKES (x3)- all three are blending in with leaves in the forest trees.

  • BOX OF SEEDS (x3)- are strewn along the ground of the forest floor.

  • SILVER LIGHTER (1) - on the rocks carved with faces (southwest corner). This is the item the talking tree hints about.

  • CAMERA (1) - by the bush creep (southeast corner).

  • VIOLIN (1) - On the bridge, in the lower portion of the screen, blending well with the color of the wood (see screenshot of the emblem).

  • BOOK TRUE LOVES KISS (1) - on the east side of the large tree stump.

  • DAGGER (x2) - one's next to the bouncing bush creep; the other's on the bridge, seen when the raspberry-munching creature moves away from the bushes.

  • FLARE GUN (x2) - one is on the bridge, as you move right (after the purple mushroom man** runs away); the other is on the forest floor behind a tree.

  • SECRET MAP (x6) - one is on the forest floor; two are by the ninja and beret-wearing bunny (stand on the large stump); the last three are on the bridge's rafters (spaced evenly from left side to right side).

  • Hardcore Hidden Emblem - see screenshot:

  • Screenshot: Floating Forest Emblem Location


  • Talk to the worm's friend then move east, further down the hole until you come to two meanies who are poking the side of the worm. Click on them until they run away.

  • Talk to the worm's friend again; he put "your reward upstairs."

  • Go left and jump onto the slope heading up; the WALLET is a little more than halfway up.

**To make the purple mushroom man move out of the way, first talk to him then click on the red mushroom at his feet.

Searching the Rose Inn

Room Keys

According to the girl at the desk, all the keys can be found downstairs. The following screenshots show where each key can be found:

Screenshot: Key to Room 1

Screenshot: Key to Room 2

Screenshot: Key to Room 3

Screenshot: Key to Room 4

Screenshot: Key to Room 5

Screenshot: Key to Room 6

Other Rose Inn Item Locations

  • SPECIAL SOUVENIR (x9) - The "special souvenir" is a long-steamed red rose...they're all located downstairs:

    • One on the restuarant menu.

    • Another is by the left chef.

    • A third is next to the booted feet of the hunter at the middle table...

    • ...and there is another one behind him (move to the left slightly).

    • Two are on the west side of the restaurant: one's under the wanted poster by the man in the black top hat; the other can be seen as you stand next to the jester at the back table...under the bearded chin of the card player on the right.

    • Three more are on east side of the restuarant behind the girl with the pink-pigtails, behind the guy in the sky-diving gear and under the table at their feet.

  • GOLDEN MUSIC BOX (x6) - they are also all located downstairs:

    • On the top left corner of the menu board

    • Under the left chef (by the "R" of "Rose Inn")

    • On the east side of the restuarant between the moving arms of a laughing guy in a brown hat

    • And three are on the west side of the restaurant: two are under the table of the person with his face in spaghetti (move right to left to reveal each) and the last one is under the legs of a dracula-looking fellow on the far left.

  • GUEST SLIPPERS (x5) - are strewn along the stairs and landings leading up to the guest rooms.

  • DIPLOMA (1) - in Room 1

  • Seen when the neat freak moves his broom).

  • LOVE LETTERS (x9) - in Room 2:

    • Before you enter (stand behind the "mad girl" poster) it's just to the right of the doll in the poka-dotted dress.

    • Above the "Beauty Girl/Cute Girl" posters by the door.

    • One's behind the kissing knight and another's behind the kissing princess.

    • Another can be seen by a bunny's ear, on the right side of the screen, when you stand behind the kissing princess.

    • In the garland on the ceiling.

    • Below the big penguin's wing.

    • Under the big-headed crying girl's bed board; on the bottom right drawer of the dresser.

  • CLEAN SOCKS (x6) - Room 3

  • One is just outside the door before you enter, the other five are inside (the hardest to spot can be seen if you stand behind the TV, it's partially obscured by a big pile of clothes on the left).

  • DIAMOND RING (1) - Room 4

  • Stand behind the "M" of "Me" and you can see the ring in the bottom right corner of the room.

  • ALBINO BAT TOY (4) - In room 5

  • Three are evenly spaced along the "ceiling", one is underneath the dad.

  • PEN KITS (x5) and GOLD CHAINS (x4) - In room 6.

  • GOLD CHAINS - one is on the "Hug Me" mannequin while another is behind it; there's one behind the "fox" mannequin; and the last is behind the photographer.

    PEN KITS - stand behind the door ("Truce" sign) and you'll see one to above the right shoulder of the "Hug Me" mannequin; another is behind the green "frog" mannequin; one's above the white-and-red longcoat; one's on the shelf above the model; the last is to the right of the model's fox tail.

    Hardcore Hidden Emblem - see screenshot:
    Screenshot: Rose Inn Emblem Location

More to come...


Very cool! I love the perspective. Having trouble finding one of the

clean socks at the hotel

but I expect I just need to keep after it.

I definitely agree with the recommendation to zoom in--the quality handles it nicely and it feels like a purchased game. I'm blown away by this kind of thing.


it is incredibly frustrating that one of the items in the list is behind a 'more games' link. it makes it impossible to

get it to give you that green arrow telling you where the item is


Can't find what the tree in the first level wants, but I think I've identified the 'bush creep'.


First level, what is the tree thing telling me about fire, shiny objects, and rocks?
I'm still missing one plastic rose.



i'm looking for a plush fox toy that, according to the green arrow hint thingy, should be near the right hand jester in the factory. ANY help would be appreciated.



walk down the little ramp until the jester is almost no longer in view, and keep your eyes on the trees.

merchantfan February 27, 2012 6:09 PM

OK, I managed to get up onto the other side of the factory past the mine entrance, but it is really hard.


I really enjoyed this - it was a nice challenge. It wasn't always easy to find things but perseverance does pay off. Slowly moving to get a better angle often helped getting those difficult to reach ones.


Do you get anything extra for collecting all 4 hidden emblems?

[Besides the pride in knowing you're an extra amazing item seeker? :D, no. ~elle]


Absolutely enchanting!


This is a really spectacular game. Love the soundtrack, especially. The plot was so-so, but each place was so amazingly detailed.

My only complaint is that I can't go back to each place after I've found all the items. I wish they made it so that you can go back to look for those darn emblems, even after finding everything you're supposed to find. I only found two out of the four, and I was hoping that finishing the game would mean being able to revisit those places but...

I agree that it would make the game a touch unrealistic, but let's face it... some of those creatures...


I can see others liked it and that a lot of time has been put into it, but it feels like platforming and HOGs are 2 genres they should never be mixed.

I guess someone had to try it.




Agree with Song - would like to revisit places I've been to locate the Emblems, but, alas, I have to start over (which really isn't so bad 'cause it's easier the second time around). Otherwise, absolutely stellar!


Those... fish in the last level look like something dreamed up by a Ghem-lady for a competition. Either that, or something available custom-order on Jackson's Whole.


Two items in the Emerald Sea are eluding me:

The last sea shroom and the last criddle.

I know that without my being able to say which ones I have found, it would be rather difficult for anybody to point me to the remaining ones.

Salinthrous February 29, 2012 1:34 AM

I am having trouble finding the hidden emblem for the Emerald Sea. Can anyone give me a hint where to look?

Salinthrous February 29, 2012 1:46 AM

Thanks elle! Somehow, I missed that part of the walkthrough!


Wow, I love the slightly surreal landscape this game creates, as well as the amount of emotion conveyed even in the minor NPCs you can talk to. Makes me wish more games had this much imagination.


Hey elle, the room 4 screenshot is actually room 6. Thanks so much for the meticulous work!


Absolutely enchanting, poignant game. There's a lot of unrequited and misunderstood love flying around, not to mention the wordplay. Needs some spellcheck, though. Also the animations are amazing! Dare I say, kawaii. I loved the top-left room in the factory.

Memory hog ahoy. The saving / replay oddities mentioned may be its biggest weakness.

Some of the sea shrooms

are in the extreme, extreme foreground. Think extreme closeup. And usually on the stone rings.



Yeah, I eventually gave up and used the hint system. I was trying to avoid using it as much as possible!

[Don't tell anyone but...It took me three play-throughs to get the coveted Sellar Dore status. (And because Ninjas are awesome, I went through a fourth for that one.) ~elle]

crashlanding March 1, 2012 5:56 PM

So, the game itself was mega cool, but the story was... uh... well, I coulda done with out.
It would've been nausea-inducingly melodramatic if it weren't so TOTALLY random.
but hey. cool game.

Also, did anyone else find the factory level INCREDIBLY CREEPY?


I actually really like the Emerald Sea. But then again, I spent a copious amount of time in it to hear the music looping over fifty times, so I might just be dealing with some sort of game-related Stockholm Syndrome.

The fact that I'm back here really speaks volumes about how I feel about this game. It's really something.


Wow, that was wonderful! I enjoyed this game immensely and found out that I'm quite good at it. Are there other games like this someone would recommend? Clicking the "hidden-object" tag yielded me no results. :(


Wow, elle, thank you for your quick reply!

Well then, if Memohuntress ever comes out with a sequel, I'd be all over it in a heartbeat! I'll check out those games and tags you recommended. :)


This game has compelled me to do a bit of research on the developers to see if they've done anything else noteworthy. While I couldn't find anything quite like this, I did find a collection of charming short films by Andrew Kerekes, who isn't listed in the credits, but seems to be in some way connected to this game (I found a trailer for Memohuntres under his name). There's mostly flash animations, much like the one on the TV in the factory level, and they're all cute and lots of fun to watch. Look him up on NewGrounds if you're interested (username SpikeVallentine).

[Andrew Kerekes is Aaron Abel in the Memohuntress credits. Yes, he's an awesome artist! ~elle]


Weird, but enjoyable. Love the use of parallax.

jcfclark March 8, 2012 11:06 AM

may be a bug in the game, but was unable to mute the music - the controls are there, but they didn't work for me.


This game was thoroughly enjoyable... UNTIL I had to leave, and when I came back to "Continue" my game (after completing the second level and properly exiting the game), I was put right back on the first level.

And then I played through and was stuck on Level 4, where I had FOUND all of the critters and items, but my touchpad somehow would not click the swimming fish, even if I sat and waited for them to land on a specific spot so I could click them. I quit that level very upset that I could not get the last five fish to register as "found" and let me progress to the end, and grabbed some food, and then reopened the game to "Continue"... and was on the first level again!!!

Very very very very very frustrating that 1) my progress was not saved and 2) my Macbook touchpad would not seem to work for every fish on the last level. It was such a great game too, but when I make it through without any walkthrough help, finding ALL of the emblems, and then am caught up just shy of completion because five fish in motion don't want to register as clicked... sorry, it ruined the whole game for me. All of that accomplishment of tediously clicking and searching for absolutely everything without any hints was shot. Horrible way to end this game for me, and I will not be coming back to finish it--which kills me, because I want to know what happens at the end.

Czaerana March 10, 2012 4:27 PM

I liked everything except the Emerald Sea. I was using a touch pad,too, and clicking on those moving fish was difficult.

Zanoushe April 20, 2012 1:47 PM

I adore this game. True, the Emerald Sea was ridiculously frustrating (my attempt at not using hints failed there), but the music was great. It was one of the few things that prevented me from rage-quitting when, after twenty minutes of looking, I still couldn't find the last two Diamamoths and Sea Shrooms.

ff02130 June 30, 2012 4:39 PM

I may be a few months too late for a response, but I'm having trouble getting Sellar to jump and land on things. It seems almost random when I'm successful or not. I'm stuck in the forest trying to get up to the bridge, but it seems like each jump, including ones I've made before take multiple tries. I don't see that anyone else has had this problem, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something about how to do this? Up and over arrows a particular number of times? Putting Sellar in the exact right spot each time?

If it's a matter of repeated trial and error each time, then it's really not worth playing, because it's very frustrating. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

Elmo Rogers June 30, 2013 2:16 AM

GEEZ - teddy bears are s'posed to be cuddly & cheering - who'd manufacture one with a voice that seems ready to break into tears at any second?


I love this game. I don't usually like hidden object games, but the way the background and foreground move around and get in the way make this one a little more interesting and unpredictable. Collecting the emblems can be a bit relentless, especially because no one gives you hints as to where they are the way they do with the other items, but it's not as though you need them for anything.

Also, Sellar is adorable.


Hey guys, I’m just getting into this game out and I’m finding the ninja stars impossible to find. And the walkthrough on here only goes up to level two. Can anyone help?


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