Kill Time

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Kill Time is a short and cute Flash game in which you must keep the mouse cursor from being caught by the little guy. There is a variety of methods he will employ to grab it from you, and most of them are quite amusing. This one might not keep you busy for long, but it's a unique little game worthy of a few minutes of your time.

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Very much fun :)
Sadly no highscore there.

Corruptor July 20, 2005 8:27 AM

this game is very amusing. ht eonly problem i had with it was that my score reset every time i reached about 500. no idea why, it just reset to zero. anyone else notice it?

Zengief July 20, 2005 9:44 AM

My score reset at a much lower value, like around 250.

So far I have seen:
-jumping across the screen
-a falling column
-a launched exploding ball
-a remote controlled rocket
-a thrown/spinning column

What else is there?

Zengief July 20, 2005 9:55 AM

I would like to add:

-he sometimes teleports and then jumps
-the balls that get launched are different colors
--red is one big explosion (stay in corner)
--green is one in center followed by one in each diagonal (if he is on one side stay towards the center of the other)
--blue is lots of explosions. First set go in the four cardinal directions. Another set later goes on the four diagonals. good luck dodging


-he jumped and turned into a fire ball
-a rocket he launched became 4 times the size

--a multicolored flashing ball that was death and destruction across the entire screen simultaneously

oh and the score resets when you go off the edge to the left and right


... I dont like that little guy. Where is the little aimer? And the different weapon choices? An entertaining, yet sadly dissapointing game, due to the lack of firearms.


wow. 5 games on one day, that's like a record. keep up the great work, jay.


Awesome. I've seen him do a teleport jump, a teleport where he reappears in three FAKE spots, and a fourth one zips across the screen to nab you..

How do you dodge that column!? I've tried to sneak across to the other side, but he turns around!


my high score is 614, this game is addicting!

Captain_Duck July 20, 2005 4:13 PM

how do you dodge that rocket ? o_o

Zengief July 20, 2005 4:18 PM

Which column are you referring to?

The one that simply falls to either side- stay in the upper corner, preferrably away from where he stands.

The one that is a triblade propeller thing that moves up- generally staying to one side works but you can also dodge by following one of the moving beams

The long one that he throws and maybe remote controls to chase you- I have no idea. I die.

I have also seen a rocket that is a dud and simply pops up a flower.

Face at end changes at 100, 500, 1000, 1500

My high score so far - 1972


What a great game.. cute cute cute... Thanks Jay! :-* Now I hope my boss don't catch me playing it...


For those posting earlier: your score also resets to 0 if your mouse touches any of the sides, presumably to make things tougher.

scramble July 20, 2005 10:51 PM

For the rockets that do successfully come after you: just keep dodging it. I was able to do it quite easily by circling the rocket in a medium-sized circle -- its turning radius got wider at one point, it sped back to me, I circled it a couple more times, and it flew off. Just keep at it, it'll go away eventually.

My high score was 754. Hope that tip on the rocket helps.


Cute, I liked it. But the guy creeped me out.


High score: 1331.


Wow! What a fun and original game!

Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the author of this game? Sadly, I can't read Japanese; but if I can find an email contact I can get a translator if needed. Thanks for any help you can provide.




to dodge thecolumn, you must move your mouse off the BOTTOM of the screen, and off the applet and move it around to th top. if you are not quick enough, the column will kill where you left off the screen


I believe the link Jay has used in this review is not homepage of the game author (and it contains some 18+ material).

The real homepage is here:
If you play the game here then you get highscore table and you get more fun games.

For example the Drilling Into Earth is something I have never seen before. Well, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how it works because I dont understand Japanese.


Thanks, Tonypa. I have updated the links to the site you referenced.


Jay! I've been waiting patiently, but why can't I add this one to my favorites list? It seems like you're caught up on all the ones above it, but this poor guy is one of my favorite games, and I can't add him to my lovely little toolbar.

Fix it! (Please, pretty please?)


As you wish, Jarod. And thank you for using the Favorites feature, it's good to know you appreciate it. =)


Awesome times infinity. This is a game I spread to my coworkers (so I don't have to feel bad about playing games at work, when my managers are playing it too..)

Jay, you've made me "linkmaster" at work. Thanks!

Silverwing August 14, 2005 2:48 PM

My high score was 5000 something. The higest was 10000 or something.


I hit 3600 or so I think...

I bet I'm pushed off the 200 by now though. :(


I've made it to 899 so far, but I plan on trying again. =p Number 3230. w00t! This is really an adorable game. Play can be quick if you only have a minute, but it's totally worth it. To avoid the column AND not have your score reset, just go to the upper corner, furthest away from the guy. Other tip: Just keep moving. =p

The link to play is the top one in the game - it says 'asobu', meaning 'play'. If you want to look the game up on google, you can type "himatsubishi". One warning though: if you have a filter, the main game page has comments at the bottom that may trigger an alert. =p


hehe im so wiked at dis compared to u newbies.


hehe again


Woah... that weird little guy really creeps me out. very addicting game except the little shivers that go down my spine when he lunges at me with that face.... eeeer...


High score is 1917.
One thing that I've seen is the little guy will go to teleport, then blink back in two places, and for a moment, there will be TWO little guys grinning at you from the screen! Then one disappears.


awww.... i love this game its soo cute and funny!!!
love ur site jay
julia xxx


This is a great game because I identify the cursor as really being "me" so much more than I would if it were a little animated character.


Cool! I'm still going! I can't wait to see what he does!


This is a fun little game. I have finally passed the 2000 barrier -- one that I was not able to pass until now. 4570 is the new top score -- I love that look on the guy with the bead of sweat, at least I got him to work hard. Sadly, I have yet to escape the ball of destruction (blue, green, and red), which explodes at all angles.


Before I discovered, my friend showed me cursor snatcher. Cursor snatcher is a extremely close game to Kill Time. You can find it by searching on google. Anyway, I'm just wondering which was created first, and therefore the "original". The only difference I've seen so far is that Kill Time has the thing do a lot more "power moves" such as the flashing bomb.


The multi-colored ball isn't that hard. I got past it the first time I saw it. I just moved to the bottom right corner. My high score is 799.


this game is so good

stay in the corner wen the guy throws a ball or a stick. avoid his remote controll thing and say away from him. keep your mouse on the screen.



I noticed something nobody mentioned. When you stay on for a few minutes, he will make two of himself for a few seconds and both jump at you. -MANAX

bite_size_crayons January 28, 2006 3:36 PM

yay! im 4975 on the high score list!


For me he launched one of the rocket thingies and then it suddenly turned into a massive one


A small walkthrough of his attacks:

Basic Attack: Jumps toward your mouse. Very predictable.
Teleport Attack: Teleports, then jumps toward your mouse. Easy to dodge IMO.
Double Attack: You dont know when he does this, and can be hard to dodge. Can become triple, and even quadruple.
Multiple Form Teleport: When he teleports, on reappearance, he creates 1 fake, to confuse you.

Missle Attack: He takes out a remote control missle that chases you. DONT TOUCH IT! On a side note, the missle sometimes explodes on the guy.

Wall attack: Either spins, or he swings. Get as far away from the guy when he uses it.

Bomb attack: The first form of this is easy to dodge. When there is multiple explosions, hide in the corner for the first blast, and right before the 3rd blast, run to the center of the first explosion.

Duckers May 12, 2006 1:05 PM

Yeah! That game is awesome. Really good.
Any ideas on what his facial expressions mean, at the end? I would be grateful if someone told me.

Thanks, for another great game, Jay.


Eep...cant get past 875. Im totally suckish at these kinda things but, boy, do they make time fly during a physics lesson when you should be doing coursework xD


1st comment here!
just curious but has anyone gone to an extend where he's attacked you with the homing missle 3-4 times and when he tries again, the tip of the missle opens and then a flower pops up?
it made me laugh quite hard that he grabbed my cursor with a single jump!

happy playing people!


so far I've seen:
red cannon ball
blue cannon ball
green cannon ball
falling pillar


so far i have seen:
the man jumpind about
false teleports
big rocket
he lights the rocket then it turns in to a fower and dont work
broken/falling piller
three linked pillars
blue ball
red ball
green ball
and the bomb with all the different coloured explosions...
non stop jumping about
it has fire infront of the little man
ummm.... and i think thats it, ill keep u posted if i see any more


Ooh I played this a long time ago and I'm glad to have found it again. Very fun. The weapons are really amusing. :3 Got 4887... Stupid blue bomb! ;~; Oh sweet. 91st place. The guy who got 50,051... Crazy! That game must've lasted at least an hour!


Can someone please write a guide (containing ALL the weppons and attacks). I would do it but I can't get passed 500.


YES! 1104!

Here is a hint:

hesitate and die!

bobby01987 September 8, 2006 6:01 PM

Has anyone else noticed that the score doesn't reset unless you are actually holding down the mouse button? Just sharing.


AAAAhhhh this game is freakin creepy.


i know how to beat the dangers!

falling grey pole-move the cursor out of the screen lickity-split.

bombball-hide in bottom right corner

homing missile- move in circles.


guess what! the guy columned me,i dodged it and it restated my time omfgomfgomfg


oh.. i have seen:

jumping across

3-way column

wildly thrown column

falling column

homing missile

teleport jump

climbing on walls

red ball

green ball

High score-200 someting...?


It looks like the site has been reconfigured slightly — the game is now at, not


yay my best score 927!


jay isnt there a diffrent game like this in english?


1091 on my third try. great little game/toy, I'll bet it turn into some nintendo wii game...I'd like to see that happen...anyhow, great thing, loved it, highs score 1091...and that's it :^)


you just need to right click and go on page info and it should say translate


A helpful strategy is to play the little dude at his own game -

When you go off screen, your score doesn't reset unless you hold the button down, so move your cursor off the screen. This is not a disadvantage, as although he can kill you at the point of exit,you can move round the game outside the screen, then place you cursor on another edge,teleporting as he can.

This is particularly useful for rockets.

haleyjoyr June 12, 2007 9:49 AM

great game

high score: 1545


I have seen:
•jump(of course)
•teleport jump(teleports then pops out of nowhere)
•quadtruple jump(teleports into 4 3 fake 1 real to confuse you)
•falling pillar
•rocket with a flower popping out of it
•red bomb
•blue bomb
•green bomb

By the my high score is:



broken link, jayman.


Thanks, fixed. ^_^

Lynni Baker December 11, 2007 11:20 AM

This little dude is apparently set on ruining my day :( i hate it when he turns into the little bird and just flys all over and dives at the same time :( he is evil and he is ruining my snow day!!! I quit this little game! Its very extreamly hard for me :(


Actually, the score only resets if you move your mouse out of the game screen.


it resets the score every time your mouse leaves the blue area.


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