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Ever wonder what pigs would do if they could fly? In Kamikaze Pigs, a chain-reaction game from Monstro Games, you can find out. With one click, cause a big enough reaction of squealing pigs to clear the level. Earn stars to upgrade units to cause even bigger explosions. Fight your way through 40 levels, including bosses. Do you smell bacon?

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bearharry June 23, 2012 12:34 PM

saving money to get the achievement is too boring so i don' t finish the hidden boss


That was addictive. Finished with everything! Oh so many restarts with just one pig left. The hidden levels are very hard, but strangely zen experiences, being pared down to the basics.

The forest section with most available upgrades is dead easy. It's less puzzle and more 'see what you can do with these upgrades.' The other lands are more of a mix. You can easily remove/replace upgrades, with enough money.

Figure right angles with your 4 missiles, and you can knock out two stars at a time, or a star and a target.

There's something a little off about the subject matter, haha. Shades of satire. I get the feeling if it had come out thirty years ago, the pig aspect would be more off-color.

By the way, if you're not getting enough money, you're not upgrading the money section.


I went through this the other day. My only complaints are:

1. Income was too low (or upgrades were too costly depending on POV). And I was buying the money upgrades as soon as I had the cash and they were available.

2. The paratrooper upgrade is often more detrimental than helpful until you can get the upgrade where they explode when they hit the ground. And that upgrade is too far along the tree.


In my opinion you really don't need upgrades early on. It makes the game actually challenging instead of just making pigs go boom.

scrossley June 24, 2012 2:04 PM

Hey There! Thanks for the great review JiG!

Here's a few tips and tricks:


You can always sell upgrades. There is no penalty for selling an upgrade; you'll get all your money back. Sometimes evaluating what you are *not* killing to beat a level will give you an indication of what you might need to rearrange in terms of upgrades.

Specific Upgrade selection:

Sometimes an upgrade can be a detriment for a particular level.

This is especially the case with the 'Paratroopah' upgrade, which causes the pigs to bail from their planes with a parachute when the plane is shot or in a collision. The pig then floats down to the ground (shooting a rifle, which is great) but then is converted into one of the ground based pigs. You know, just like in real life :) This can cause a lot of paratroopah pigs to be left on the ground. Take away the upgrade, and the pilots will be casualties.


You get money by causing chain reactions and killing the piggies . The more in a chain, the better the money.
When you play a level, the next time you play it you'll get a decrease in money earned. This is not so much of a big deal if you're replaying a level with better upgrades and therefore a better combo count.

Gameplay Strategy:

The first time through a level, you just want to get the kill meter's flag to raise which opens up the next level and gives you the opportunity to buy upgrades.

There will come a point where you'll perhaps be unable to complete a level. This is when you can try shuffling around upgrades or start replaying previous levels for more cash and more stars.

You will notice on the map screen some levels blinking at you. These are levels where you have obtained the minimum number of stars, and are probably worth investigating again.

As you get more upgrades, levels that were hard the first time through are now not hard. The challenge now comes in getting all 6 stars (3 stars in the game area and 3 stars for killing all the pigs). This means you'll have to play with a little bit more finesse and strategy. The game is presented this way to try an prevent mindless grinding. By changing the goal for playing a level(trying to collect all stars) we hoped it would add a lot more fun. And if you don't get all the stars, you'll still be getting more cash which will help in purchasing upgrades.

Final Boss, Baconator 2

The final boss is *supposed* to be hard. He's a mega boss. It's reminiscent of some of the older console games where the final boss was going to be really hard...but you got a sense of accomplishment when you beat it.

A player has to have gotten 6 stars on every previous level before you can even get to this level so the player knows what they are doing.
Most upgrades at this point should be available. Definitely have the "Rump Roast" upgrade.

Don't be afraid to restart the level. Because the piggies are randomly place on the stage, sometimes you'll see a few piggies to the right of Baconator. This will make the level harder (not impossible) so maybe a restart will give a better chance of success.

Some people have said the level is impossible and unwinnable. That is definitely not the case. Because it is a night time level, sometimes there will be a plane floating in the background that you don't see.

This is one level where using the "Roast 'Em" as soon as it's charged is a very good idea. It will fill again quickly. Usually I can get 3 full meters, which allows me to roast 3 times, thereby letting me drop the big bomb on the boss 3 times as well as get any lingering stars.


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