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Icy Gifts has you freeing frozen presents using chain reaction explosions. It doesn't have a huge challenge or innovate in the genre, but it is a solid package. The visuals are slick and the soundtrack is pleasant. There's enough variety and objectives to keep a completionist busy and a causal gamer entertained. Consider this a late Christmas present.

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I can't play the game because it is off-center in the webpage it loads on! You can see only part of the game.

sandylouise February 3, 2011 4:33 PM

That was a blast! Cool game.


Off-center here too. Google Chrome dev channel on Mac OS X.


I had that issue myself in Chrome. It went away after I reloaded the page. Make sure you don't tab out while the game is loading; remain in the game tab until the main screen pops up.


Pretty easy but lots of fun making stuff go boom :) Upgrades and achievements made the completionist in me squeal with delight.


What a blissful game! It should have been released a month and 9 days earlier. :) My only complaint is that it's short, way too short.


Off-center in IE9 and Google Chrome for me. All of the intro banners are OK, then the game is wrong.

[I can't reproduce the issue in IE or Chrome. Try reloading the page. -Jay]


I got it to come up in the center the second time I loaded it in IE. However - a "New Game" option would be nice - I took a while to figure some stuff out, and I would like to start over. Even after clearing all caches, I still have the game as finished, including upgrades.


Same issue with it loading off center in IE8. Hit F5 and it refreshed properly.


For the people getting off-center play:

Try right-clicking the link and selecting "Open in New Tab", rather than the default action (which, in Chrome at least, is a new window).

If this doesn't fix it, refreshing the page (with F5) should do the trick.

Aquilegia February 3, 2011 8:54 PM

Woot! I like the gifts, the gifts that go Boom! I do agree, though, a "New Game" button would be best, otherwise there's really no replay value. And I was into the idea of replaying it.. :(


Surprisingly addictive.


Off-center in Firefox 3.0.5 and IE7 (on Vista). Tried refreshing, not tabbing out, opening in new window and new tab.

I seriously doubt the game is that great to make it worth the effort to make it run :/


Vitaliy of Silengames is looking into the loading issue. Sorry for the trouble.

If it doesn't load correctly for you, check back tomorrow, hopefully there will be a fix for it.

[Update: I believe the issue has been fixed. Vitaliy sent a new version that's uploaded and online now. -Jay]


Fun game! Casual gameplay at its best. Just needs more levels!


Completely pointless, but fun nonetheless.

Now, if it only had *a bit* of strategy to it...


Does anyone know how to get three stars in level 16? Only one click for 20 Icy Floe... And no Additional Click...


Nevermind, I just did it... Finally got all achievements!
Very good game by the way. Really fun!


YAY! A "clear saved data?" button! Time to go blow things up again!


Aw, I wish there were more upgrades. I wanted to earn the final achievement by having a gigantic click ratio and everlasting acid, not just finally get it by luck.


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