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Are you checking your RSS feed instead of working on something you really should be? Hummingbird Mind is a visual novel that wants you to cuddle up to your distractions and make peace with them. It'll only take you 15 minutes, so go ahead and click. Dooooo it. It's not like you have anything else you should be doing... right?

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Acidifiers August 10, 2010 10:21 AM

Just finished.

It was quite short. I'm unsure what to make of it, exactly, but it was a nice few minutes of... distraction.

*cuddles up with the game and forms big kumbayah circle with the others*

Ooh, this is fun...


Nice game


You can make the game darker or lighter by pressing the key above the Enter key, but below the Backspace key.


As with a few other games.. this doesn't seem to work so well via Mac/Firefox.. Safari works fine though.


LOL. The ending..

That was really fun :D


"Does the mail ever come?"

I am sitting at work trying not to hoot at laughter about the delay of the mail delivery person.


It struck me as odd that

the mail carrier would indefinately flee from the dog if you slept in the park, and would only do her duty if you were in the park and were awake to calm your dog. I mean, if I were a mailman, I would simply avoid the dog, or come back at a time when the dog wasn't at the park.

But alas, when do games make sense...

Axyraandas August 10, 2010 4:09 PM

Great game, and I loved how the kitten wanted the library card (That's exactly like me!)! I'd like some more games like this from you in the future- it's fun, surreal, and relaxing.

sunnylauren August 10, 2010 5:22 PM

I love visual novel games :). It's cool that this one was about

ADD. And that "Hummingbird Mind" is the name they're using for ADD. It's cute and I didn't expect it.


Lovely interactive novel =)
Has that old-school text adventure feel to it, plus matching old school graphics.
I'd like some more games like this from you in the future (2).


Little bit of VN, little bit of IF. I loved how actions you couldn't take yet were still listed, but blanked out.


I love this game from beginning to the end. I can understand the meanings and I love the creative dialogues. My favorite character is the little kitten.



Best part about it - I finally have a name for my condition that doesn't sound like I have some sick disease! The next time I'm accused of being ADHD, I can just say, "No, indeed! I have a hummingbird mind! So there!"


Choose your adventure games are fun. And the photo effect is interesting.


Fun little game, and not too long, either. I like games where I can't lose. I don't like it when games force me to miss some of the content because of time constraints... Anyway, back to being distracted by something else. :P

The Logical Ghost August 11, 2010 11:49 AM

Adorable. I loved the bit about

The kitten needing the library card, and your cat being all high-and-mighty.

Truly a beautiful little game.

"Quotation" August 12, 2010 5:39 PM

Strange. I usually think of people with "Hummingbird Mind" as being hyper (am I thinking of something else?) but this game was wonderfully calming. I was thinking that everything would build up to a big exciting moment, and I was disappointed when it didn't. It took me a bit to realize that even magic can be quiet and relaxing.


The background music/sounds were annoying. I would have liked if the sounds described in the text were played instead, like the running water, the air conditioning and traffic, and the barking dog.
For some reason, I couldn't choose the "There are no birds in the park" option in answer to the cat.
Otherwise, it was pretty straightforward, and I liked it. I wish that all of my distracting tasks somehow link to and help each other.

TheMusicGirl August 27, 2010 10:43 PM

What an unexpected ending! I quite like this one. Kinda short, it all on the first try. Gotta say about the music, though, could have been a much better choice. Something relaxing...or Xheia's idea sounds nice. Lovely.


I actually do have ADD, and so it was wonderful to see a game make an everyday occurence out of it. It's a funny quirk, and I loved the name they came up with. I relate to it completely, but even those of us without "hummingbird mind" have had days like this. 5/5, undeniably.


Quite a lovely, simple little game. I love games in which all you need to do is nudge the story in the right direction. :3


I love my attention deficit. Distractions are fun!


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