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Slip, squish, and slide your way through this gorgeous little physics platformer as you explore a mysterious asteroid. While a bit more polish would have done it good, Huje Adventure still manages to delight with a bizarre narrative, gorgeous environments, and all the squelching sound effects you can handle. And we think that's quite a bit.

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The last Huje game was basically the same as Tower of Goo, and the comments called it on that point. This game is much more patform orientated and it excels because of it. It still holds on to the same humour as ToG but this time it takes what 2DBoy did and turns it into a workable game alongside it, rather than trying to occupy the same space.

The visual effects are some of the best in a flash game that I have seen and for once you have a blob that can jump properly.


I like the game. My laptop can just about run it and there seems to be a few bugs but it is a good enough game to keep at it.


excellent game and graphics!
but you really need a fast computer for this one, I gave up after the first levels.

MmeTurbulence January 19, 2010 4:33 PM

The first couple of levels were cute enough, but the game kept hosing every browser I tried it in. I didn't like it enough to keep trying to find a way to get it to run.


Great game so far, but is it just me, or do the links to games (including picture links) not "do anything" when clicked recently on the site (last day or so)? I'm in Firefox 3.5.7, but need to middle click in order to open in a new tab. I've observed this with Huje Adventure, We the Giants and First Person Tetris though haven't tried any other games yet.

Not a biggy, but seems like there's something wrong somewhere...

[Edit: Have you changed how Firefox treats pop-ups? All image links on JIG use a Javascript pop-up window to display the game. All the games you mentioned behave as usual for me in Firefox 3.5.7 -Jay]


Seems like a nice game, but I keep hitting a bug on level 2. As soon as I find the spiky ball, I get stuck going right and jumping. I end up dead-ending against that tall wall just to the right, and all I can do is restart the level, only to have the same thing happen again. Frustrating.


What's the name of the first one?


alaira - on level two you need to go high to get around the pit with Bob (the spiky creature). There are a set of red blobs and then an ice cube to use to get you over that pit.

The game also has a memory leak which means each level played (including reruns) causes more and more memory to be used until your computer runs out. I can just about manage two levels before I need to restart the game so as to avoid this issue. Those having problems running the game at all probably have machines with only a small amount of memory.


If you want to play the bonus levels then you need to play them on the bubblebox website. On my machine at least this means playing through all 20 normal levels again and I can't be bothered.


i like it, i really really do, infact, i love it!

its like a completly original subsection of the "towery goo balls connecting to make a tower like thing" genre

Markonite2 January 20, 2010 1:47 PM

I haven't tried this yet, but I will.
I just read the review.
One particular part seems uninformed to me.
The comment about the slow time not being useful because it slows you down too?
Have you ever heard of bullet time?
Have you ever played Free Rider 2?
Since when do you expect slow motion to not work that way?

Maybe in Braid. :D


@MdB - I know that, but my problem is that my jump and right keys get stuck after I come back from that screen that shows the picture of the spiky thing and his name, so I don't have the ability to aim in order to land on the ice cube.


Not amazingly creative and original, but it combines familiar elements in a interesting and fun way. I like it :)

Someone 64 November 7, 2011 3:56 AM

gish + world of goo= huje adventure! ^_^


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