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In this room escape game by Nanchette, find a box of crayons and put them to use around the room building shelves and drawers, keys to unlock doors and other assorted useful objects. Scrawlings on the wall and floor transform into the beautiful creations you always knew you had in you, but Mom just couldn't see (Sheesh! You'd think she'd appreciate your amazingly affordable home redecorating.) Graffiti 2 is oodles of chromatic fun for the puzzle-solving interior designer in all of us.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Graffiti 2 Walkthrough

First Wall: Crayons, Desk, and Key

  1. Take the orange box from the niche in the wall: CRAYON BOX.

    • Click outside the grey item window to put it into your inventory.

    • Highlight the box in your inventory list then click "About Items."

    • Then click twice on the edge of the box to open it and remove the crayons.

    • You'll have four colors; they're spread out in different positions on your inventory grid. Maybe there is a method in that.

  2. Use the green crayon on the green square on the wall.

  3. Use any color on the "?" box under the niche to make a DESK.

  4. Open the desk's rightside drawer.

    • Use the red crayon on the square inside.

    • Take the EGG.

    • Back out.

  5. Open the desk's leftside drawer.

    • Make note of the clue.

    • Back out.

  6. Click on the blue box on top of the desk.

    • You'll need a 3-digit number.

    • The hint seems to be: blue, green, yellow.

    • Back out.

  7. Turn left twice.

Third wall: Birdie and Dotted Cabinet.

  1. Use yellow on the yellow square on the wall to make a CABINET.

    • Make note of the colored buttons on the cabinet. Where else did you need three colors?

      They spell out: 7 - 0 - 5.

    • Click on the middle drawer of the dotted cabinet to open it.

    • Take the BIRD.

  2. Use any color just right of the cabinet to make a table with a bird perched on a branch.

  3. Turn left.

Facing the Door: Blue Shelves and a Pyramid-Topped Pedestal

  1. Use the blue on the blue square to make BLUE SHELVES.

    • Click on the middle drawer of the blue shelves.

    • Take the eraser.

    • Note the grey code box... but there is nothing you can do with it right now.

    • Back out.

  2. Use any color on the square in the middle of the floor to make a small table.

    • There is a heart locked up in a glass pyramid on the pedestal. You need a key.

  3. Turn left twice.

Second Wall: Cubbies

  1. Use any color on the wall to make CUBBIES.

  2. Click on the uppermost right corner.

    • Use any color there (the color you use determines what figure is made). Back out.

  3. Click on the middle cubby door.

    • Use the eraser on the white rectangle.

    • A clue is shown:

    • Notice how the boxes on the grid correspond to your inventory grid....

      red = 2, blue =3, green = 5, and yellow =8.

      ...first green, then yellow, then blue, then red. Giving you this number:


    • Back up.

  4. Click on the grey box in the upper left corner.

    • Make note of the illustration; it's a clue. Back out again.

  5. Time to solve some puzzles. Turn right.

Opening the Blue Box

  • Use the clue from the dotted cabinet:

  • 705

  • Press yellow button.

  • Take the RED BULLET.

  • Back up and turn left.

Green Key and Heart Button

  1. Click on the upper right corner of the cubbies.

    • Place the red bullet on the figurine.

    • (If there is no figurine there, make one with any color crayon)

    • Back up and then click on the grey box in the upper left corner.

    • Now both green lights are lit. Press the pale green square button.

    • You'll hear the sound of the bullet being fired.

  2. Turn back to the wall with the desk and green key.

    • Pick up the GREEN KEY from the floor.

    • Turn right.

  3. Use the green key on the glass pyramid.

    • Take the HEART BUTTON.

    • Open the pink egg in your inventory.

    • Put the heart button on the pink egg.

    • Take the BIRD.

Leaving the First Room

  1. Click on the door on the blue shelves.

    • Enter the code from the cubbies:

    • 5832

    • The cubbies will hover and disappear.

  2. Pick up the blue FISH KEY.

    • Use the fish key on the door.

    • Open the door and enter the next room.

2nd and 3rd Room: Exploration and Gathering Items

  • Use any color crayon on the "?" box.

  • (The color you use determines what kind of door and third room you get. Try them all!)

  • Go through the door to third room.

  • Pick up another BIRD from the shelves down there.

  • Note the black strip on the wall next to a yellow square...but there's nothing more you can do here for now.

  • Go back out to the first room.

Four Birds' Secret

  1. You should have three birds in your inventory now:

    • one from the dotted cabinet

    • one from the pink egg and

    • one from the shelves in the third room.

  2. Zoom in on the mini-tree/log on the table next to the dotted cabinet.

    • Place all three birds on the left branch.

    • Take the FORK that appears in the middle of the log.

  3. Go back to the second room.

Orange Glass and Exiting

  1. Use the fork on the orange glass to get a BLUE BALL.

    • Put the fork into the blue ball to get a LEVER.

  2. Go back into the third room.

    • Put the lever in the black strip on the wall.

    • Pull the lever, get the RED CANISTER.

    • Notice that the four letters are colored (with six colors to choose from).

    • LOSS can also be turned:

    • 5507

    • Think about clue from the dotted cabinet.

    • 7 is blue, 0 is green and 5 is yellow.

    • Enter that code into the canister:

    • L=blue, O=green, S=yellow, S=yellow

    Colorblind instructions:

    1 click--6 clicks--2 clicks--2 clicks.

  3. Take the BLACK CRAYON from the canister.

  4. Go back to the second room.

    • Think about the clue from the left drawer of the desk:

    • Use the black crayon on the wall to make a black door.

    • Exit through the door.


The End!


Hmm, this one is a toughie for me so far. I've only been able to open a couple things, and now I'm stumped, where's grinnyp when you need him/her?


Aha! I just figured out one more puzzle and now I have a key, at this rate I'll be the one writing the walk through.


I could use a hint on the

1-14 chart thing with the colored dots below. I know it relates to the 4-digit code for the blue box, but can't figure out how


I'm to the point where I have a couple birds on my log, and not sure what to do next. I think I need to throw my "bullet" at something, but so far there are no good candidates.


Why thank you, I now have

a heart shaped button

that I don't know what to do with....back to the game I go....


Almost out, I think, but 2 issues:

Why can't I pick up the orange juice-looking thing?


I think I need a black crayon but no clue where to look


Disregard that last one, oops. Now I have another you know what on the you know what. Time to figure out the next step.


Thank you! Now, of course, I'm stuck with this

heart button and stupid pink egg

and no idea what to do in the

second room (s?)

! Sigh.


And I'm out! Yay, thanks for the help elle!


*facepalm* Thanks, Elle, I was sure I'd tried that already.


I have no idea what to do with the

Thermos at the end LOSS, 5507, the colours from the drawers? What does it mean!!!


Almost done i think, but i just Need ONE more thing!

i've got the blue ball thing dunno what to do with it


Thank you very much elle, just managed to finish that last little bit :D Thank you again!


When I

open the dotted cabinet, there is no bird at all :(

Cyberjar88 November 22, 2011 5:31 PM

@elle: my red canister has six (6) colors, not four.


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