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Global Player

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Global Player is a Flash game designed to test your skills at sorting packages and routing them to their proper destinations. Everything in the game is color coded, and each level consists of a system of conveyor belts and switches. These give way to multiple destinations where transportation awaits to receive each package and send it on its way.

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It looks like a fun, nonviolent game. I just kind of wish that, for a German game about making the trains run on time, you hadn't picked and image in which the roads are shaped like a swastika.


Oh boy. I sure didn't see that connection when I posted the entry last night. I just changed the screenshot of the game in hopes no one is offended by it.


This is a really fun game, but I can only get to level three as I am colourblind. Yargh. I wish everything wasn't colourcoded. They should have a shape or a letter on them instead.


ha =D I grew so addicted to this game but I finally beat all 10 levels. now I don't have to waste any more time with it


Agreed, grant0. Same here :(

Jason Rizos May 9, 2005 7:06 PM

If I ran a shipping company, I'd make every applicant play this game. If they beat it, they get to be the boss. I lost level 7 four times by about 5 seconds each time. It's a fun concept, but needs some more flavor. I admire the German efficiency.


Great game. I wish it had a sequel.


i wish you could start over from the level you just died on... are there level codes that i am missing?

aznph8playa July 24, 2005 2:23 PM

Wow what an addictive game! Finally I beat it with a score of 13,514. How'd everyone else do? and does anyone know what "Damit zahlen Sie zum erlesenen Kreis der Most Valuable Global Players!" means?


The babelfish translator outputs this for that sentence...

"Thus you pay Players for the erlesenen circle of the Most Valuable global!"

Hmm. Maybe it simply means that you play to get on the high score list? I dunno. =/


> "Wow what an addictive game! Finally I beat it with a score of 13,514."

I got 13932. Gonna try break 14k now ive got it down pat.


This is a great game. I wish that you had more time to review the situation before the levels start, though. Otherwise it's great fun, excepting the problem that colorblind people have been having.


Great game. I come back to it often.

Level 6 tripped me up for a while; I kept running out of time. But I got it eventually. 13950 is my best score now. That's all 10 levels, no misplaced boxes. I wonder if it's possible to break 14000. I can't tell if there's a bonus for finishing each level more quickly, because there is probably room for improvment in my delivery routes.


Man, I love this goofy game & I still haven't beaten it yet! I've made it to level 9 once and level 8 a couple of times, but usually the wheels come off my little cart during level 7 when I run out of time. What I really wish was that once you screw up that you could try that level again rather than start all over.

commander January 8, 2006 4:51 PM

pretty nice!
my best score is 13953.
one box must two turns more. (i think -3points)
but 14k is a frontier for cheats.

JaimeeMfer January 14, 2006 7:27 PM

Awesome game!! My best is 13.898 but after Level 10 it still says "Game Over." I see from other posts that there are only 10 levels, but should it still say "Game Over" or is that just a German thing?


my best score is 13,961. that is with everything done perfectly in the most efficient way possible. anyone claiming 14k is a cheater.


13,961 is the best possible, like Angel said it's all boxes in the fastest time.

For those asking for a translation of that one sentence ("Damit zählen Sie zum erlesenen Kreis der Most Valuable Global Players!"), it more or less means: "This makes you a member of the exquisite circle of the 'Most Valuable Global Players'."


I keep coming back to this game time and again. I've only managed level 8 (with 3 seconds to go, and missed it). But you know I'll keep trying. I don't think I'll ever do it as efficiently as anyone above. My mind just doesn't go that fast apparently. :) Thanks for the link to a great game.


C'est trouis bien. Nice, i mean. Thanks!


I love this game!!!!!

I wish there were another 10 levels.... or more!!!


this game is awesome!! i wish you could restart levels though

Thrash2kill October 25, 2007 12:07 PM

Nice game, but it defintly needs something else to keep you playing, I gave up after loosing a few times on level 8.


Great game, wish there was a password system or something, though.


I love the game, really challenging. just a little to hard I think.


This game is so amazing! 3 years I have tried off and on to beat it. Finally I became so irritated that there was no save button I opened 6-7 windows and brought all to level 9, so that I could finally learn from my mistakes and change immediately. I won yay. This is a true time waster.

MaybeLater_x June 24, 2009 1:33 PM

It won't load for me. :(


Broken link.

[Edit: Thanks, Fixed! -Jay]


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