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Get ready for the ultimate hybrid of addictive genres in this new game from Arkeus! Originally created in just 48 hours for Ludum Dare but already being improved, Glissaria combines tile-matching, resource management, tower defense, and RPG elements with a vaguely retro flair for one impressive bit of gaming that has enormous potential.

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Oh please please only do clicks for everything. Shifting things with the mouse when the rest of the game is clicking is really hard on the fingers. Take a cue from Corpse Craft -- https://jayisgames.com/archives/2008/07/corpse_craft.php

There's no point making cool graphics if your player can't look at them. I can't enjoy the main screen if my attention is divided by the match-screen. The controls for the matching have to be the simplest of the whole game.

Otherwise, wow, really ambitious. This could be good.


I agree that there's just too much happening at once.

I would much rather see there be a set time between waves when you would focus on matching, and then you would then spend those matches during the next wave.

Balanced and scaled, of course.


Well I think they could still keep the four-pane format, but everything has to be cued and controllable within the fewest number of tutorial steps. For instance, I could use a better sound cue when new items are available to me, and it would be nice if they were separated into their categories. Whenever attention should be shifted, there should be a cue and there should be no hunt-and-peck delay after that.


Along with Shudog's comment, I would add SINGLE clicking would be preferrable. Having to double click and then drag is extra time consuming. Otherwise, I like the game a lot, but the double click issue is making it tedious.

Stig Hemmer September 13, 2011 12:37 AM

Just remember, when the sun comes up, it is time to take a break.

This thing is SERIOUSLY addictive.

Made in 48 hours? That is some mad skillz your got there!

I personally don't mind the franticness much.


I agree wholeheartedly with the comments by Shudog and LWK.

I would also like to see the custom cursor dropped. It slows down mouse movement just slightly for me, and with so many small things to click on (and drag moves that need to be precise, though I hope those go away too), having a delayed cursor is frustrating. Even more so because I'm playing on a track pad.

I hope to see these changes, because I can tell there are great things going on here. But as is, I lost interest before completing even the first level.


Hello there,

congrats for this awfully cute and fun game :)

While the mechanisms of the game worked perfectly for me, I found it to be a tad too easy. I tried only Hard difficulty, and did all the levels in a row. Some kind of Super-Hard difficulty would have been enjoyable :)

PS : 48 H to do this ? 0_o This is awesome !


Interesting so far. I agree with some of the comments that is it really hard to keep an eye on both the resources and the battlefield, so we don't get to witness all the pixel art beauty.

Also, the game straight away reminded me of King's Guard, which I thought was quite fun in a grindy sort of way. I'm loving the new integration of match-3/5 games with rpgs, turn-based battle, etc. Best of both worlds.

All in all, amazing that this was put together in 2 days and then just refined/tweaked.

One more thing: if you need a leg up,

Grind resources, especially chests and experience stars, on the tutorial (first level). Trey's equipment and levels carry over.


There is any way to remove equipment from the inventory?


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